Destiny VS Ruck : History listed publicly (60 turns)

Ruck and Dest's night out

As part of the follow-up to another game, Ruck's invited Destiny out to the fanciest restaurant in EF City: Wolfgang Fucks. She didn't think he'd gotten the reservations, but they're ushered straight inside. Except: the dinner only comes after providing some “entertainment” to the other diners…

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Well, look at that~
*kissing you on the cheek, outside the restaurant* you look stunning, as always...
didn't I promise you I'd get us in here?
This looks fun~
(I'm going to write a quick description)
(go right ahead~ beat me to it actually)
take a seat, get comfortable. Welcome to the show~
A show like this, I dare not miss~
grab a table! literally
Go Destiny!
*pulls out my pipe while watching*
*With the invitation still in my hand, I take another glance down at it before my gaze shoots upwards to the aforemention meeting spot. It would appear you had gone all out, getting myself a brand new dress and everything for this night. The sleek black dress was my size, a perfect combo to my tanned skin and contrasting pink hair, but I had to make some... alterations to it. Standing beside Ruck, arm around his waist, the dress hugs my body perfectly. Puncuating every curve, a few inches cut off from both the top and bottom, allowing a better view to not only my thighs, but giving anyone who looks a ample amount of cleavage to boot.*
*Putting the invitation in my purse, I gently brush a way a small strand of hair behind my ear, my pink hair done up in a fancy ponytail as I turn my head back over to Ruck.* I have to admit.. you've proved me wrong. I didn't think you could get us in. You need to usually pre-book months in advance... HOW did you do it?~
wow. you.... *taking you in - giving your hip a little push so you spin for me.* wow, Des... and here I thought I'd picked out the perfect dress, but you've just made it...
*kissing your nose, pulling you in close* you really are the best, aren't you.
who let Laura in this restaurant?!?
or is she shouting at us from a street corner?
Psst Laura, I got a table! We'll smoke and watch lol
*With your guidance, I spin around on a foot, letting you get a proper view of me in this fancy dress, before wrapping both of my arms around your neck as you kiss my nose.* Well, when you go through all of this effort, I've gotta look my absolute best~
I...*licking my lips* it's a surprise, Des. I promised you a night you'll never forget, and... we'll both remember this a long, long time.
*my hand back around your waist, reaching to open the door for you, before a couple of stunning people in their early 20s, one male, one female, swing the doors open for us. They usher us in, and straight to the maitre'd, a bright-looking young woman in her early 30s with a very similar looking ponytail. She greets us both by name and tells us - gushes, really, about how thrilled they are to be hosting us tonight.*
(uno momento. keep going)
*she turns to you, and asks* drinks first, Miss Destiny? We have some of the finest bottles anywhere in EF city. And - would you like the chef's special addition? Most of our special guests find it makes the night especially memorable.
*My head can't help but look back at the crowd of people patiently awaiting their table to be ready give a quizzical look as we are usher'd straight in, and hearing how the maitre'd is thrilled to be hosting us specifically does intrigue me as to why it is. But I pay it no mind, simply nodding my head before speaking.* A glass of your finest red wine to start, and if the chef's special addition is that good, how can I say no?
Excellent! *she chirps, as she signals to another impeccably dressed, striking young man, who guides us to a table just on the edge of what appears to be a dance floor. As we walk there, we pass the bar - and for a moment you could swear you saw your face on a TV, in one of your more frequent fighting outfits. But you're swept by quckly, and soon you're seated, where moments later the sommelier is there with the bottle, decanting and explaining. Just as he finishes, our server reappears witn an amuse bouche for each of us - a small whipped topping on top of a fancy piece of bread, with a smell coming off it that's just... intoxicating.*
*as he serves us, he says* it really is such an honor to have you both here tonght. We're all big fans. The staff is... I've never seen such interest in the pool.
(just give us a few more minutes, folks, I need to full embarrass myself and piss off this lady)
(well i mean you don't HAVE to)
(go nuts)
(you wanna just have dinner? 😂)
(well it is free after all 😂)
*As we're lead into the main hall, the very quickest of glances at some of the TV's around the reception area and I can allllmost see what appears to be me on them, but I'm pulled away and practically guided into my seat. The server pours my glass first, and just as I'm about to take the first stip, what he says has me... a little confused.* Wait, hold on I'm sorry. "Fans? Interest in the pool?" I'm.. afraid I don't quite follow...
yes, for the... *his polite smile never leaves his face, but it's plastered on for a half-second, as his eyes flick just a hair in my direction. He straightens slightly, and then with a slight bow, excuses himself.* Enjoy, miss.
*I hold up my glass* to a beautiful night out, Des
*my eyes follow the server's as he looks to you, and before I look back he's already gone.* ...okay, I think you owe me an explanation here Ruck.
*I set the glass of wine down, resting my arms on the table as I stare into your own eyes, a concerned, annoyed expression on my face.* didn't actually make the reservation did you...
It’s… it’s nothing. Really. Just – enjoy the wine. Enjoy the night. I never thought I’d be in here…especially not with you. *taking a sip myself* oh – Des, you’ve GOT to try this --
*a drop of sweat forming, just behind my ear, and slowly, slowly making its way down to my collar*
Ruck... just *how* exactly did you get manage to get us in here..
*sighing deeply* ok – I did make the reservation. I did. Except – the kind of reservation we wanted…. *biting my lip quickly* it’s six months at LEAST. And even then it’s no sure thing. But.. there IS another kind of reservation you can make. It’s for the tasting menu – all nine courses – and it’s free!
I would.. REALLY hate to dump all of this wine on you.. So unless you tell me what's going on
..a.. tasting menu? *I have to do a double take, as my look of annoyance turns to one that is simply flabbergasted.* So, let me get this straight. You couldn't actually get us the reservation we wanted, so I'm all dressed up for a TASTING??
Nothing is ever free Ruck, so just cut the bullshit... What's the catch?~
It’s just… if the restaurant does something like that for you…
You, um… kind of have to do something for the restaurant.
*at that - the lights start to dim...*
(and a free tasting menu! What a deal!)
And... just what exactly are we going to be do- *the lights start to dim.. and things start to click in my head. From how excited the staff seemed to be to see us, to briefly seeing someone that looked like me on a t.v in the main hall.* ...oh for fuck sakes..
umm... happy date night?
...why can't things just like, ever be simple...
*a man steps out onto the open floor, with a microphone - a man, with a sinking feeling, you recognize as an emcee from some past entertainments*
*as he starts to talk, pieces of the floor are flipped, and furnture is brought in, including 8 men bringing in a king-sized bed. A cabinet emerges from the floor, with devil-red stripes on it*
I... might have that wine, Des
but I promise- the best dinner of your life is on the other side of this
uh, and the chef's addition. They say it helps --
Ooo dinner and a show? How lovely^^
something tells me I think I'm gonna need it... *With no further ado, I take the glass of wine and down everything that's in it quickly, practically slamming the glass down. Even taking the piece of bread with the amuse bouche and eating that rather quickly as well.* Let me guess... some sort of.. enhancement?
(just in time too Isa, happy to see you~)
*half-smiling, apologetically* and a bit of a -- *as I'm talking, the spotlight hits us, and our names are announced to applause. The two staff who ushered us in take our arms and lead us down to the middle of the floor. As we step on, you noticed it's padded, not hardwood*
*the woman lets my arm go - but the man stays with you, and the woman takes three steps over and joins him at your other side. They both look at me, waiting patiently.*
I... sorry, Des. One more thing.
Even for this kind of reservation, there's kind of a wait. So I had to negotiate a little... ah...
*I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment, open them, and nod. The man grabs your arms and pulls them over your head, as the woman pulls your dress up and off, revealing every bit of the nothing you wore under it. The crowd is stunned - I'm stunned - staring at your perfect, naked body -- the only sounds a waiter overfilling a glass, and the woman lifting each of your calves and slipping off your heels.*
The show's just beginning :)
we like to start with a bang
(thankfully the game gave you a really good option to start)
*Sips wine* Just start with one?
and build from there!
(yeah this should advance the plot a bit 😂)
(I saw that option 45 minutes ago and thought, yup, definitely starting with that)
*as you speak, seeing both the man and woman standing next to me, I had a inkling that something was going to happen. And sure enough, arms up, dress follows suit, and the entire restaurant gets to see me standing in all my naked beauty. No underwear to be seen, as you had so 'sublty' mentioned in the invitation. But, I don't find myself ashamed or anything. In fact, quite the opposite. A shiver shoots up my spine, having all those eyes upon me makes me proud.* You know what Ruck, I think you were right.. the chef's addition certainly did help..
They have an amazing cast lined up for the show today too it seems
*Without wasting another moment, I slowly saunter over towards you, my hips with an extra little sway as I stalk towards you. Hands reach down and slowly, tauntingly, unclip your belt and pull it free. Undoing the button of your pants and slowly shimmying them down your legs.*
If I have to be naked Ruck... you better believe you're not keeping any of those clothes on either...
*i give a shiver of my own, feeling your hands so close to me again. The hundred or so people watching don't bother me at all - or if they do, it's certainly not showing, as the bulge in my boxers shows. I pick you up to your feet, scoop under your legs, and toss you lightly on the bed, crawling up after you by the foot of the bed, and planting a soft kiss on your toes.* come on, des - should we show them why the staff was so happy to see us?
*I can't help but roll my eyes, not making a move to stop you as you lift me up and toss me onto the bed. My hands join together as I lift them above my head, stretching myself out for what is going to be a lot more of a busier night than I was expecting.* Oh, I think we already know why Ruck.. They're just happy to see me.. *Blowing you a kiss, I sit up a bit on my elbow, bringing a hand to my lips as I gently bite down on a finger.*
to see you, sure... but to see you what, des? *kissing up your legs, my hands following slowly - running up and rubbing your sole, along the top of your foot- kissing your inner thigh as my hands run up your calves, kneading idly* to just see you lie there? *kissing up your thighs to your belly, my hand resting just above your slit* or to see you wracked in orgasm?
*feeling your lips and hands roam all over my legs has sent shivers up my spine, goosebumps crawling all over my skin. My hands quickly slide down to my breasts, two fingers pressed on each nipple as I gently pinch the sensitive nubs.* Mm.. well, I suppose that entirely depends on my partner.. isn't it?~
*walks in, immediately feeling flustered* ooof it's hot in this room
(that is the goal India~ 💋)
*takes off my evening jacket, handing it to servant bobby*
*licking my lips unconsciously as you tease your nipples - crawling just above you, higher up your body, until my lips are just in the crook of your neck* it does... and that might be good news for both of us... *kissing your hard, just above your collarbone, then nipping at your ear* because it's you and me here tonight... and your webcam audience knows just how flustered you get when we start to get rough...*biting again, harder, then slipping off to mock your casual pose, the red mark already visible to the front tables*
*waves, waiting until my mouth isn't full* hi india!
*waves at ruck excitedly* 😊
*Raises an eyebrow, wondering what Bobby plans to do with India's jacket*
(probably sniff it)
May I join your table, isa? 😊
*hands the coat to someone outside* have fun, but you might want to disinfect it first
*Sips more wine as I watch the show.* Sure thing, India~
*my breath catches in my throat as I feel your teeth sink down into my neck. My legs shifting in a unstable manner, you and I both knowing damn well that you're absolutely right.* Mmph.. you and they both know how I like things.. *Rolling off of the bed onto my feet, I bend down and look for something, giving the front tables a perfect glimpse of my naked ass. Pulling up a bottle of massage oil, I pop the bottle open and squirt some of the liquid down my back, turning back to you as I shake what my momma gave me, letting you be entranced by that now oily booty of mine.*
*seats myself delicately, as Bobby has disappeared and won't pull my seat out for me*
(it's his first day here, don't be too harsh on him!)
*I take my glass from the table setting, selecting one of the many open bottles and proceeds to pour myself a glass, raising it to clink gently against isas*
*Looks around* Hm, the servers seem to be uh.. *Looking at a Waitress with her hand down her pants, clinking my glass to India's.* Busy...
mmm... *staring despite... despite nothing, men were put on earth to stare at that ass. I crawl to the edge of the bed, kissing your shaking cheek, grunting and then smiling as you shove them back into me. my hands find your hips, and twirl you around again, a little less romantically than the first time - that side of the room getting a perfect view of your ass as I keep kissing, from your belly button down - soft, fluttering kisses -- down a bit each time - getting closer, and closer...*
such dereliction of duty!
she hasn't read the code of conduct
*my eyes roll as I witness bobby humping a chair unashamedly *
*returns to the main eating area, and comes over to the table with Isa and India* sorry for the Delay in service, It's not everyday we have such a delightful show lined up
a customer who notices a server losing their composure is entitled to an hour of that server's full and undivided attention, for whatever the customer may desire
the restaurant can't be having servers enjoy the show, or else nothing would get done
*My hands reach down, sliding down under your arms as I guide you up to your feet.* Ah ah.. not just yet.. you are still too overdressed.. don't you think?~ *With a giggle, I push you onto the edge of the bed, letting you take a seat as I drop to my knees in front of you.* So what are you waiting for... *Leaning my head in, tongue sticking out, letting it run along the length of that hardened bulge in your boxers.* Get this bad boy out why don't ya..
Please? For little ol me?~
*snaps my fingers at bobby impatiently*
*turns head towards India and flashes a smile* Yes madam
how can I assist you
ohh Des - *The decision almost made for me, as my cock starts to grow out of the boxers, the tip poking through the flap* I've got an advantage on you, baby - and I'm not- *your tongue finding the tip, teasing it* - going to -- *a soft suck draws a quick jerk, and another inch pokes out* - oh fuck - get them off, baby --
*with a sweet smile and a hushed tone, leaning over the table, my low neckline revealing, I say* I would like some... Table service please
*You're the first to see my big ol happy grin as you did exactly as I wanted, freeing your erect cock from your boxers, the tip lightly slapping against my mouth.* There it is... *Both hands wrap themselves around your shaft, spitting some saliva onto your cock as I get your cock lubed up slightly. My eye catches a big t.v above us, giving those in the back tables a better view of the action, before my gaze returns to you.* Mmm Ruck.. you have no idea how much I love sucking.. your big fucking cock.. *To puncuate this point, with my lips parted I slowly guide your cock into my mouth, working inch after inch before I start to slowly bob and stroke you.*
*softly spoken while keeping light eye contact I say* Absolutely, is there anything or... anyone... on the menu that has caught your attention
*clears my throat, leaning towards your ear, almost whispering* I mean... Under... The table
(want to be on the bed doing this, or on your knees)
(on my knees, looking up at you)
(good girl)
*Giggles and crosses my legs, still sipping the copious amount of wine I've ordered.*
(mhm~ 😘)
*a slight blush runs along my face as I keep a calm smile* Ah, yes, if you just open to the back side of our menu, you'll see all of our "Special" packages
*i open one of the neatly folded menus, turning it around with a sly smile*
I will have the...
I'll begin with the foot massage...
And I will also have....lets see...
The 'happy ending, no mess guaranteed'
And I will have the same for my friend, please 😊
*the first suck is just heaven. As you take me in, your tongue running around the edge of my head, teasing any last softness away, I look down at you and my knees nearly buckle. I stroke your hair, hearing a sultry coo – how do you coo with your mouth wrapped around me?? – and look up at the crowd, and at our table – where I see my little addition still sitting there. You suck harder, completely lost to lust, and the moment hits me – we’re naked in front of this entire restaurant, grunting and moaning for their amusement. I look down, blushing as you take a second to lick my balls- look up, seeing the crowd cheering and the monitors showing your lips swallowing me again – and try to look anywhere else, settling on your feet just behind you*
*a smirk arises on my face, as I watch you open the menu, and review your options and state your desires* Wonderful! You have great choice. *turns head over towards Isa* And you're also happy with what has been selected?
(the restaurant, obviously, is Wolfgang Fucks)
*I nod my head.* Mhm, my feet are quite sore you know...
(tehe I should come here every week)
(should we do a residency?)
(Don't ask what's in the Crème Fraiche)
*Pulling away from your cock with a 'pop', a strand of saliva connecting your tip to my lips, I can't help but blow you a kiss before I dip my head in again. Tongue out, I let it run along one side of your cock, my eyes never leaving your gaze before licking the other side.* You know.. I was almost mad at you for arranging this whole thing up.. *Slowly standing up, picking up that bottle of oil again as I pour some onto my front this time, rubbing it into my skin so now that every part of me is glistening under the spotlight.* But now.. I'm mad you didn't do this sooner..~
Splendid, and just give me one quick second to prepare the list of servers who will be more than happy to fulfill your order, Selection of server is obviously included in the packages you've selected
*inquisitively scoops some off a half eaten dessert Bobby has neglected to clear* mmm... Its... Salty... And sweet...
(oh is this going to become a sort of common occurence is it?~)
*panting, as you pull off - my tongue never making it back in my mouth as you slather yourself again* God - you shine like an absolute goddess --
*Grins a little guiltily* So uhh... I may neglected to mention... exactly why it was so easy for me to get a table here... you see I AM a supplier.
Of a -um
certain product
Oh... Senôr mesero... I was hoping you... Personally... Would serve me...
Ah, you know me Ruck.. I do aim to please..~
So perhaps I ought to have warned you about the desert
*Sips wine*
Especially so soon after kicking your habit
*returns with a booklet filled with different servers names, and their pictures*
*walking over to that red-striped cabinet, and opening it - every toy and trick you've ever seen hangs in there, in black and red. My hands run over options, and pick up a roll of bondage tape, hefting it in my hand and turning back*
Ah... you wanted me to.. handle... your service
*Grabs the booklet, flipping through the servers names and pictues.*
Yes, sil vous plait
and you can't kill a goddess - but my favorite myths were always the ones where they fought - and a goddess might be tied up - *wrapping it around your wrists, kissing the hickey mark*
--sometimes for years -- *nudging you onto the bed, and wrapping your ankles just as tight. With you properly secured, I do the obvious thing...*
*walk back to our table, pop the chef's addition, and wash it down with a half a glass of the wine*
(suppose would be a good time to discuss. 5/6 to break, are we setting a limit of turns you're in? or just letting fate decide)
*sips nonchalantly*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 5! **
I... uhm... *I look a little bit flustered, and slowly start to squat down as another server comes over and pats me on the shoulder, and says* Sorry Madam, this server is still new, and hasn't been cleared for... practical training quite yet
(well, not like it matters this time at least 😂)
(I'm going to bed pretty soon, and I don't want to leave things hanging)
(I would let fate)
(ah, feeling spicy?~ no limit it is. Roll until you break.)
*you toss me to the bed, and unfortunately whether it because the tape you used isnt the best, or because you're rusty in your tape job, when I hit the bed the tape kind of just.. falls off. Stretching my arms and legs, I sit up and give you a quizzical look as the audience laughs.*
(that's OK 😊)
I kinda feel bad, you set that all up only for... that to happen.. *Scooting to the edge of the bed, reaching back under the bed as I pull out a 7 inch red dildo, rubbing the tip right up against my folds before slowly pushing it inside, causing me to softly moan out.* Mm.. guess you'll just need to try *harder* next time.. *Blowing you a kiss, I slowly begin to pump the toy in and out, the screen getting a up close view of the toy sliding in and out of my folds.*
*sighs* I really wanted that one
I guess I'll just have any of the others
*swills back half a glass in one large gulp*
*blushing for a second, the addition not yet kicked in* it was a roleplay prop, I think, not- *the sentence trailing off as you start to work the dildo in, the audio system really picking up the sloshing.* As I watch, that same shiver you experienced runs through me, and i'm freed to do exactly what I want to this stunning girl in front of me*
*the other server, looks around, for a moment, before turning her attention back towards you* We are very sorry for the inconvenience, especially to a guest of one of our more generous suppliers *she flashes a soft wink in Isa's direction* any server hmm...
don't let the plastic have ALL the fun, Des - *I crawl up, but as you spread your legs and move the toy away, I push it back* no - keep going -- *making sure my hips thrust into the back of your hand, shoving the dildo further in, I crawl up to your face*
Blow me one more kiss, baby -- *and when you do, I smile back.* God, you're so fucking beautiful -- *shoving my cock back between your lips, feeling your shoulders still working the dildo, and timing my thrusts to your own, giving you control of both cocks using your pretty holes*
Allow me to bring over someone immediately *she says while flashing a swift smile, before sauntering away from the table into the backroom*
(If anyone wants to pick up from there, feel free, I'm exhausted and heading to bed, Night everyone, Enjoy the rest of the game ^^)
(night night Bobby! Thanks for coming~)
*Whatever was in the appetizier and wine has certainly kicked in by now, cause I make no effort to stop pumping that toy in and out of my folds, nor to stop you from guiding your cock back inside my mouth. My moans are stifled by your dick in my mouth, but I keep both of our thrusting in a steady pace.* Mmmph.. mmm mmmmmm...
(sleep well booby! 😊)
night bobby!
*after staying like that for a few moments, I pull the toy out of my folds and set it on the ground, hands reaching up and gently pushing you away from me, allowing me to roll free from underneath.* I think.. it's time to crank things up a notch, don't you think. *Taking your hand in mine, we slowly walk towards the end of the bed, before I bend over at the waist and press my butt back to you and the audience.* These people want to see to it, you know you want it...
Can a man get a fruit punch
(help yourself~)
*He walks over and grabs a glass of fruit punch before sitting down next to Isa*
*looking at your folds glisten, both inches away and on the big-screen monitors, there's almost nothing I want more than to plunge inside and ravage you until we're both too cumdrunk to think. But it'd be shame to waste the OTHER toy I took out of the closet, when you were cracking jokes about the tape... and as you bend over, I lean over and grab it. The ponytail makes it easy - no hair in the way as I click the slim, black and red leather collar, in place, and tighten the leash around my hand.* The people do want to see it, Des - especially those a little further from the monitors... so let's give them a close-up, hm? come on, baby - those girls over there having been eying you all night --*walking you toward India and Isa's table*
(They can rp from the crowd if they want to, but let's keep going)
*Standing up straight as I hear the clicking of that collar around my neck, my gaze following the leash that you've got in your hands. There's no sense of shame, my arosual through the roof as you speak.* Ever the people pleaser, aren't you?~ Fine, fine.. off we go.. *Dropping down onto my hands and knees, I crawl after you, my hips swaying from side to side as we reach the aforemention table. Not giving you a chance to react, I take your cock into my mouth and start bobbing away up and down your length. A hand gently rubbing your thigh, as the other reaches up and gently starts to massage your balls.*
*Nods at Ethan as I sip my wine*
hnnng - *the table getting a great view of my spasming cock - at least, the part not down your throat. The leash almost drops from my hands, but I catch it in time, pulling you off to our mutual disappointment, and bringing your ass closer.* when I put you on this leash, Des, it was to play with you however I liked -- *running my hand over your oiled ass, finding your lips and pushing them apart, gently - two fingers running slowly up and down your slit, lightly pushing in and out, feeling your arousal drop onto my fingertips* this is a much better position for a collared pet, don't you think?
You know, you really should use this form more often
And why is that?
*My hands instinticvely wrap themselves around your neck, face pressed into your shoulders as your fingers easily find their way in between my wet folds, eliciting another shiver up my spine.* M-mmm... if the pet was obedient.. maybe.. *With a hand I reach back, pulling your fingers away, the other pushing you down onto an empty seat with one of the patrons so kindly has offered up. Climbing into your lap, the two of us holding my leash together, pressing my pussy right up against your dick before I start lift my hips up and down, grinding my folds against your length.* But you know me.. you've got to earn that level of obedience...
(cause it's hot as fuck)
*clears throat*
who said that?~
I feel like it suits you more than the horns, but maybe that's just me
Also, have you seen Carla around?
Hm? Someone said something? *Looks around, spotting a figure in the shadows.*
Carla? No I haven't in fact.
I happen to like the horns quite a bit, also. That's why I sport them so often. Being a bull feels so much less encumbered than this stuffy office attire.
*my hips jerking, twice trying to force my way into your teasing pussy, but you dance away each time. At the feel of you, I groan and close my eyes, feeling a bead well up and drip from the tip of my cock.*
(well, simply just take the office attire off~)
*kissing your neck, and dropping you from my lap* so you need a little obedience training, mh? *letting the long leash sag - wrapping it around your hands, then back around your neck and pulling back - forcing you down on my cock, this time setting the pace myself with every tug.* I think everyone here would call you obedient right now - and poor now, not even hands free to rub yourself when you hear it --
(that last gif was fucking hot as hell)
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 5! **
(i never roll this well...)
(I, um - I don't think the blowjob's ending anyway...)
*Forced down onto my knees in front you, hands bound together by the leash as you forcibly guide my head up and down your length for a few moments, choking and slobbering on your fat cock as I get my bearings. With a shimmy of my hands, I slip free of my make shift restraints, a hand reaching out and wrapping my fingers firmly around your balls, giving them a hard squeeze as I start to suck you at my pace. Still moaning and slurping on your cock, but as you look into my eyes, you see me give you a cocky little wink.*
(yeah, you're right~)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
(stupid system)
(Hii Wolfie~)
*this time, I moan long and hard as you squeeze and suck. I can't keep you down - and as you twist and slurp, I realize how close I am to being milked dry in front of everyone. I look down again and see that wink, and have to change something. I pull back - this time seeing a little trail of pre dangle from your lips - and turn you around, bending you over so your tits are on the table right in front of Isa. I trail my cock around your dripping slit... pull back.... and force it right up your tight ass, leaning my full weight forward until the table shakes*
purr for me, Des - finally getting just what you wanted.
(Hiii *kiss*)
(Hiiii *kisses back as tail wags*)
*the drinks shking, nearly tipping over, as I start to thrust - your shining tits a perfect centerpiece for the table*
*Forcibly pulled up and shoved onto the table, my tits pressed right up by the drinks of our esteemed guests, they're the first to see my cocky smirk immediately change into a almost pained cry as you forcibly shove yourself into my ass.* AHH FUCK! *My hands reach out in front of me to grab the end of the table for support, each thrust causing my breasts and the table to shake underneath me.* F-fuuuuuuuuck... Oh my fucking god... T-took you long ennoouuugh oh my FUUCK!
(will need to swap to my phone in a little bit)
(Hope you are doing well, wolf wifey~)
(I'm doing well~ Hope you are too~)
*pulling back on the leash, arching your back and showing off your rack to that whole side of the room. I reposition our hips to get a little more leverage, and start slamming into you - drinks truly falling over now, the tablecloth bunching up under you and starting to drip with more than wine. Your tits bounce lewdly, but only for a moment, as an audience member can't take it any more, running forward and taking you in her mouth, and seconds later her date is there, too, sucking as you're railed from behind.*
*my moans are quickly silenced as a unexpecting cock is pushed into my mouth, the patron showing no restraint as he pumps out frantically down my throat. My gargled, choked moans continue to partially escape my lips. My eyes flutter for a few moments, before they close and let the pleasure wash over me, letting you continue to pump away at your own pace.*
(be right back)
(Am here, take your time)
(Hope you two gorgeous beauties are having a good day/night~)
(Mhhhmm, it's been a nice, relaxing night for me so far~)
*I wouldn't stop even if you tried to stop me - the tablecloth starting to rip from the pounding now, your untouched pussy rubbing against the fabric and leaving its own trail. The patron, unfortunately, is no sexfighter - and as your eyes flutter and your lips wrap around him, he groans and cums - a small load, hardly worth even swallowing - and slumps down to the table, your breasts bouncing on top of him as he almost dreamily starts sucking on you*
(Mhm, just nice to relax and watch after a lot of fun the last week or two.)
*with a few drops of that patrons load going down my throat, im free to groan and moan to my hearts content as you continue to pound my ass.* God yeeesss.. God you just.. fucking LOVE my ass don’t you… *speaking through gritted teeth, I finally reach back and shove you away, letting you see my ass stretched out before I turn to face you. Grabbing your hands, we rush back to the bed as I push you onto your back, laying on top as I trap your cock between my thighs.* But I know… you love this more…
(And also.. *snuggles the werewolfie*)
*grinding on top of you, squeezing your dick with my thighs, stroking along your length.*
(Heehee, lots and lots of fun. Like almost a couple days worth. ^^)
(Always good to take a break every now and again. Glad to be your entertainment this evening~)
(Mhhhmmm... *snuggles back happily*)
(Yes, it is. Quite an interesting restaurant~ ^^)
mmmMMMMGFFF - GOD , des -- -my breath catching as you trap me, those soft thighs and soaked pussy driving me absolutely wild. My cock starts to throb, and I'm afraid I might cum already - so I use a free hand to pinch your clit, sending you rolling off - then rolling you back, swinging on top of you* AFter all that time showing these off, Des - *running my cock over your oiled nipples* - I had to try them out. *sliding between them - both of us moaning as my head pops out from between them working back and forth - both of us thinking how it would look to finish like this*
*with my tits pressed together, we both watch as your cock disappears into my cleavage, the tip occasionally poking it’s way out with every thrust.* Mm.. yeah you.. usually neglect this… nice.. isn’t it..~ *lifting my hips up underneath you, two fingers work their way inside both of my holes as I slowly pump them in and out. Trying my best to keep a straight face, but the squelching noises completely revealing what I’m doing.*
(First time here, it’s… definitely wasn’t what I was expecting ~)
(Mhm, unexpected but quite nice ~)
*I can hear it - the whole room hears it - and the faster you pump into yourself, the faster I go. One hand braced on the headboard, the other right next to your face - a thumb caressing your check as we look at each other, smiling through the lust, recklessly pushing ourselves closer and closer*
(Wolfgang Fucks has something for even the pickiest and most delicate palate.)
(you think you've enjoyed the night so far... wait until the tasting menu!!)
(*giggles a bit as fluffy wolf tail wags*)
*a hand leaves my pussy, one hole neglected as it comes up and rests on the bottom of your shirt. Quickly, while clumsily fumbling with them, I undo a couple of buttons on your shirt, before my fingers dive back into my folds.* mmm… shirt.. off.. now..
*I let you strip it - not missing which hand you let slip up, and pulling back, my hand resting on the fingers playing with your ass, and starting to help.* Take away all your inhibitions, and it's no mystery what you want, huh... *gently turning you over, lifting your ass in the air - your greedy fingers still going... and then, on one pump out, pushing them aside and shoving back in, stuffing you agian. I pull back on the leash hard - your hands leaving the mattress, choking for a second, as I whisper* - don't worry - I'll keep you nice and full, baby -- just keep grinding and moaning, and leave the rest to me --
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 6! **
(hottttttt tonight)
(Some good rolls here^^)
(wanna roll again for a better result? 😉)
(I like to thank my shit day at work for that)
(aww, poor Destiny, let me fuck your brains out and make it all better)
*the moment your cock is plunged back into my ass, yanking on my leash to force my gaze up at you, you see my eyes roll into the back of my head for a few moments. The pleasure threatens to swallow me hole, but I snap back to reality and pull you out of my back door.* unngh.. god.. what I want.. *spinning around on my stomach, cock right by my face, both hands around your shaft as I give you fast, intense strokes.* what I want… is for you to cum…
(Ignore the vibe)
*I jerk under your stroking - my legs shaking as you work me over, before forcing a grin and saying*
is resisting cumming (16% chance of cum) => Resisted!
oh, honey - your heart's not really in the stroking, is it? seems like such a waste of cum, when it could be shot down your throat, or filling your ass, or splattered across those tits...
*annoyingly I click my tongue, before looking back and giving you a smile.* or my thighs… or on my ass… or in my pussy… can’t blame a girl for trying~
(Mhm, feel like I've barely seen anyone trapped)
(Well I don’t want to change that really! Thank you very much~)
just think of it, Des - *a hard tug, and you're pulled past me - facing a new part of the audience, like the professionals we are.* cum streaming out of your ass, while it's still quivering from the orgasm rocking your body - *working back into you, hearing your soft moans* a girl like you deserves to be stuffed - *my fngers finding your clit, playfully teasing as I slowly rock into you, then speeding up on both ends as my grip gets tighter - rolling more and more of the leash around my hand, holding you up by the collar as the pounding increases, the murmurs from the crowd rising --*
is resisting cumming (39% chance of cum) => Came!
(what fun is hypnosis when I can rail Destiny all night long)
(Need to be aware and remember the night ^^)
(need Des to be squirming more and more in her bed)
(is that where I'd say hihi? 😉)
(Mhm 🥰 it's nice to remember, to look back on stuff)
(*giggles* I would say so)
*it’s hard to say what exactly it was. Whether it was those sweet little words you whispered in my ears, apart from my growing moans. The way the audience all looked at me like a piece of meat, or the fact that you were giving me all the pleasure I could handle, I was in heaven.* Oh god YES YES! Right there ohmygodohmyGOD!! *with a few more thrusts, a few more rubs, I scream my climax. Legs quivering against you, juices spraying out onto your hand and the bed/floor below.*
(I only think that...'cause there were a couple times where there are some gaps in my memory, still trying to figure it out 😋)
*the crowd erupts - and at the first cum, dessert menus start coming out, the smell of whipped toppings and chocolate starting to fill the air, along with your lovely squirt*
(*tail wags even more in response*)
(Wonder what all that could be about 😋)
(A wonder indeed 🥰 )
*gently crumbling down onto the ground, letting my body ride out the last waves of my orgasm, I slowly stand up with wobbly legs before sitting on the edge of the bed again.* ….fuck… *its all I can say as I chuckle to myself, reaching behind me and undoing my ponytail, letting it fall freely as I look over to you.*
oh no - *laughing and cuddling you* - the hair is down.... *reaching into the bedside waters they've provided, fishing out an ice cube and running it over your sensitive chest - holding you tight as you react, rrying to pull away, and running the cube over your nipples until they're rock hard again* mm - but these are still very much up...
*in fairness my nipples were always as hard as diamonds, the ice a nice contrast to the scorching feeling of my entire body. Nonetheless the sudden ice caused me to shiver in your grasp.* S-shut up Ruck… *my lips press against yours, as both hands grab onto your cock again, stroking you as fast as I can go.*
nngh- *my cock spasming, your soft lips so nice* I - hahaaah-ahhhhh- told you that - wouldn't --
is resisting cumming (42% chance of cum) => Came!
w- uhhrrr- fuck - YES - YEs, destiny - keep - yes-- FUCK!!!!! *I pull you in for a harder kiss, and moan as I explode, cum shooting between your bodies, painting our stomachs as we kiss - your hand still going as my moans soften, turning to satisfied groans* mmm.... god, every way you do it is SO good...
(What I really wonder is what fills those gaps)
*I let out a happy sigh as I feel the first rope paint my stomach, the roar of some of the female audience echoing their support of me.* i would be.. a very bad goddess if I wasn’t good at this…
*moving you up my body, little spanks on your ass as you shift up, until you're right above me * - let me say thank you - *and sitting you right on top, my tongue darting in, kissing your clit and rolling it around my tongue, your juices starting to run down my chin*
*taking a breath in between licks* bad or good -- every goddess needs worship --
(Don't know...Before those gaps, I could recall...seeing...something)
(But then my mind goes all fuzzy as I try to think further)
*my hips buck into your awaiting mouth below me. Slowly grinding away on top of you as my juices start to coat that face of yours.* M-mmmph~ You certainly.. know how to worship… *wanting to return the favor, lowering my head my tongue runs along your cock again, cleaning up any bits of cum left before I slip it back inside my mouth.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
agngng - *squirming as your tongue laps around me, then sighing into your pussy as you take me back in. I kiss you once more, hard, on the clit before rolling out, leaving your empty mouth pouting* worship later... when we have a winner, maybe. For now -- *kicking the bed, restrained popping out of the headboard* we need to send you screaming over the edge. and I know you too well, Des -- fastening your hands in, then lifting your hips* - worship's not the way to get there. *I tap against your sore ass again, watching you wriggle,.. and then take your pussy for the first time tonight, shoving in in one thrust. The leash is perfect again, pulling you back and bouncing you, your tits swinging in a puddle one of us made - that amazing feelness of fullness, of being taken, washing over you again*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 4! **
(hmmm perhaps we'll have to figure out what it was you saw....)
(^^ Thanks~ With your help, I'm sure we'll be able to....)
(oh no - bound and fucked in front of everyone)
*another disappointing groan as your lips leave me wanting for more. The headboard coming out and turning into my now makeshift bind wasn’t what I was expecting. Arms tied infront of me, helpless as you finally stick your cock inside my pussy.* S-shiiit fuck that’s good… *I can only look forward as you start to thrust, the cameras showing how effortlessly your cock slides in and out of me.*
(Knew it was too good to be true)
Well this is a nicw show herw
(Well I’d wave but, hands are bound)
hey jacqueline
Hi ruck
Lets see who i stand for
** Jacqueline flipped a coin! Heads! **
Destiny! You got this!
mmm - finally, caught my goddess in something -- *letting the leash out longer, getting a good length of leather in my hands* tricky - to fuck you, and not - ngn - cum... but I've had practice... *weighing the leather - planning the location REAL carefully... and bringing it CRACKing down on your ass, just as you bounce back into it. The first shot's hardly faded when another white-hot line CREASES against your ass, your hips wildly shaking, bouncing down harder on my cock*
yes, she is definitely about to win
Who knows maybe now you misclick and lose
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 6! **
(Whhooo~ 6~)
(and her one miss was a 4. Destiny's dice are hot!)
(and her ass. and her tits... and her pussy....)
( she is hot , just hot)
*a sharp hiss leaves my lips as the first whip against my ass has me silently cursing silently under my breath. Then the second one hits, and that gets a louder reaction.* FUCK! You have… certainly picked up a few things…
*with a few wiggles of my hands, I free myself from the binds and push you away, whimpering as your cock slips out of my folds. Swivelling around to face you, hands on your cock as a big strand of saliva leaves my lips and lands on your cock.*
fuck! for a high-end restaurant, this equipment leaves a LOT to be desired... *leaning forward, my fingers curling into your pussy to find your special spot* alright Des - no more tricks, then... *both of us starting to rub, the whimpering obvious* just you and me, and someone's submission --
(Is it flattery or just the truth though?)
(Could be both^^)
( yea)
Oh shit… y-you know me… that just d-doesn’t-… *my words quickly evaporate as your fingers brush up against my g-spot. I grab your cock again, stroking in rhythm with your fingers in my slit. The two of us race to get the other off, the camera honing in on my collar for a few moments, potentially a sign of things to come?*
(Well if you say so.. *Kisses "both" of Amelia's boobs and cheeks*
*peeks* Hawwo ^-^
Mhhhmmm.. *Blushes and moans from those kisses by Isa*)
(*manages a waves* Mhhhmm..H-Hello, Yoi~)
(Hihi ~)
aamhmgg- *a word's lost in nonsense as you stroke, my lips blubbering something that could've been a threat, a tease or a prayer. But the tug on your leash is unmistakeable, and as you're pulled to all fours - now facing the loudest part of the audience - you know what's coming even more my cock drives back into you. The collar pulls tight again, your tits heave, and your pussy drools around me.* Des-- Des, you're the main attraction here, you always have been - give them a show, baby- give them a cum they'll never forget --
(*can't help blushing from collar use*)
great for bad girls, better for good girls - the collar!
(*Tugs gently at Amelia's collar as she blushes*)
is resisting cumming (43% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(*Lets out a few morw cute grunts,moans, and blushes from Isa's tugs*)
(*Bites at Amelia's ear and blows softly at it, letting out a soft, low growl*)
*my whole body quivers as you yank back on my leash, forcing me to look ahead at the biggest part of the audience. Your cock pounding in just the right spot, your hips slapping against my ass causing it to jiggle for you.* God yeeess… Ruck… fucking pound me… make me forget my name.. pound me until I scream…
*Realizes I missed saying hi to Yoimi* Heya Yoimi^^
*there was already a smol pout growin on Yimi's face*...hmph...mornin >->
(*Gives off a few cute shivers from the bites on my ear and the soft air blown at it, the soft, low growls making more of those shivers erupt*)
*Hugs Yoimi and gives her a bunch of kisses as an apology* Sorry^^'
My vision clouds - I just see you, shining in front of me, bouncing and moaning, and that's all I need to know. I growl - the leash forgotten for a moment and my hands around your hips, barbarically slamming you back into me, the mics catching loud clap as your ass hits my hips. We're bound together - fucking without end until one of us breaks - but we're already broken for each other, unable to draw away, unable to do anything but fuck -- and moan -- and CUM---*
*Also hugs Yoi with fluffy Werewolfie hugs*
*the pout melt away under the kiss, give the lovely bull and sweet woofie some kisses in return* ^-^
is resisting cumming (68% chance of cum) => Resisted!
She's good^^
*Peeks in.* You both are doing great ^^
*kisses Yoi's and Isa's cheeks, followed by some cute giggles of mine* ^^
hi vanni..
*my chest drops into the bed, letting you pound away into my needy hole. My body reacting like it should, toes beginning to curl into my feet, cries getting louder and louder…*
*waves* Heyo Vane..*notes a cute nickname*...Vanni ^-^
*blushes cutely under more kisses and hearing those lovely giggles*
*Blushes from all the sweet kisses and smiles, keeping a finger hooked under Amelia's collar, tugging just enough to apply a bit of pressure*
Hii Ruck 💚
*and then with a push back you’re out of me. Rolling onto my back for a breath moment before I get up to my feet. Taking your hands in mine I pull you up and drag us both to the side of the head rest, pinning your back against it as I pin your cock between my ass cheeks. A hand reaches back and holds your neck, grinding fast and intensely into you.*
*loves seeing Yoimi's cute blushes*
Hiiiii Greenie! 😘
Hii Yoimi~ can’t stay long ^^
Hii Destiny~ you all are doing well 💚 Keep going cuties
*also loves the blushes on Isa, letting out another cute moan from the gentle tug on my collar*
Will do my best 🫡
ohh - goododdddd Des -- *I've given it everything I have - and it's not enough - you're still grinding - holding me down... in charge... I try to move, but you have me stuck - and I know how this ends... I can't fight- god, you feel InCREDible - I need - to rest -- to cum -- can't fight...*
*I can feel you twitching against me, aching, BEGGING, for that sweet release, and I am going to do my best to give you exactly that. Taking a step forward, dropping onto my knees as I give you one last wink, before I take your entire length into my mouth. Feeling your tip press against my throat, i bob my head in a slow, but steady pace, moaning and slurping around your cock. Looking up directly into your eyes…*
*it's my turn to have my eyes flutter - half-conscious, feeling you slide down - it's perfect -so perfect- and I just want to cum, to be yours...
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Came!
*my head sags back - defenseless against you - and I moan one last time as you slurp the fight right out of me. A tremble - a whimper --- and a flood of cum shooting into your mouth, my ball completely emptying for you as I fall, limp, across the bed, trembling in pleasure*
*with the first rope of your cum hitting the back of my throat, I pull away and let some of your load paint my face, stroking you through that orgasm as I don’t stop until you are spent, completely drained and exhausted on the bed.*
Congratsies Destiny ^-^
*the whole place erupts in cheers, the two servers from before come out from the back, handing me a tiwel
A towel * and helping me too my feet. Wiping your load from my face, and my sweat/oil coated body, before laying on the bed next to you as a hand gently stroked your thigh.*
Thank you, thank you ~
*I tremble again - but move into you, shivering when you touch my sensitive cock but otherwise trying to burrow into you*
*reaching down, gently stroking your hair as I give your thigh a few loving pats.* you are so taking me back here again in the future.. *a glance to the two staff members.* make sure you get him back up and running. Take good care of him ~
*standing up from the bed, I strike a pose for the audience as they award me with rapturous applause.* Hope you all enjoyed the show~ Now, if you excuse me… I need a nice hot shower…
*they offer you a robe and escort you to the back, while they pull on either sides of the sheets and create a makeshift hammock, dragging me off in another direction*
and what happens next... is for another night :)
(Not gonna lie I almost hit cum on that last test you hit me with)
Aw boo, I turned up *right* at the end
(But you know me, gotta make you earn it 😘)
(the ahegao choice was so perfect for your rp!)
(yup. such a shame.)
I... now have to have one of those 3.5 hours of sleep nights everyone's talking about. They're all the rage 😂
Hey I got 5.5 hours before I wake up!
and fight eva in... 5 hours? jeez
Let’s go! Being irresponsible!
the perfect prep!
woo! *smacks ass*
Sorry Ori 😘
ok really going to bed
the best... as always
I will see you in my dms
night des...
Perfect, as always ~
night all!
Night night 😘
Thanks for coming everyone! But bed calls
Sweet dreams! Love y’all 😘😘

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