Phoebe Sunrise VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (64 turns)

A surprise surprise visit

You would think that when dabbling with new magics, you would practice them on easier targets. Phoebe, however, seems to have a different idea, and yet, it ends up with..... well, that's a spoiler how it ends up....

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*I giggle as the elevator dings, slipping the now empty vial into my purse as I half-run down the hall, skidding to a stop in front of your door. I feel the potion kick in just in time, skirt tenting up as I quickly knock on the door, eager to surprise you beyond just my sudden appearance*
*I open the door, just light shorts and shirt on me, having lounged about on a lazy day with TV on some show, face immediately brightening up as I see you* Oh hey, Phoebie, what's the case for the surprise vi--sit? *at the end of sentence noticing the tent in your skirt, chuckling and beckoning for you to enter with a more sultry tone* Aw gee, don't tell me you wore that strap-on all the way from your home~
*A wide grin and a slight crouch are the only warning signs you get before a missile flies into you, tackling you down and laying on top of you, face hovering above you as a hard throb is felt on your thigh, stiffening even more against you* Even better~
*I bite my lip and groan a bit as I feel and feel your hot body press into mine, a throb and a tent pushing back against you as well as I roll you over, chuckling, still not fully aware of it as I hold and rub you about everywhere* Oh?~ How so?~
*I grin even wider, my tail starting to smack against the floor as I feel that familiar length press against my stomach, taking your hand in mine and pulling it to my crotch, letting you feel my newly grown (and temporary) girlcock as I lean up and press my lips onto yours, looking in your eyes with a fire burning behind them* Because its the real deal~
*You feel my own hidden surprise twitch even harder against your body as I feel up the challenger in front of me, grinning after the kiss, licking up my lips* And someone had to come to one of the biggest nymphs of the town to brag about it?~ *teasing you a bit as I give a light flick just over that tent, to tingle it but not hurt*
I just figured I should let the cities top girlcock owner know that her position is no longer needed~ *My blush deepens as my cock twitches after your flick, hands coming up and tearing your shirt open with a claw, adding a tiny "I'll get you another one" as I stare into your now exposed cleavage, licking my lips*
*as the shirt falls down, it ends up acting like extra padding for our stiffies to rub against each other, rolling my eyes at your words as I try to keep you pinned down, hands reaching over to hold yours* Really?~ You think a magic trick or whatever you did to get it can beat out the actual actual real deal?~
*A coy smile sneaks across my lips, holding your hands tightly* You're well aware that I know my way around a girlcock or two Lin, I think I'm plenty qualified~ *A shift is felt beneath you as I roll my hips up, slipping and pressing my own cock against the underside of yours through our clothes, frotting against you*
*the rubbing elicits a satisfied purr as you see me lick up lips again, before pushing off you and leaning against the sofa just away from you, my booty wiggling, almost as if inviting you* Oh I've seen and felt that first hand, no doubt, but you sure you can handle one of the city's top buttsluts too?~
Ah yes, Phoebe Sunrise, notorious for not bending over for cuties across the city~ Remind me how we met again~? *I slide right underneath that shaking ass, pressing my face up against your bulge and licking across, even if licking your shorts knowing the mental effect it will cause*
Someone being really horny and needing someone to alleviate that need, masturbating right outside this building~ *I tell it with no restraint to see if that gets to blush you, gently rubbing my girlcock against you to 'help' you out as well as get a bit more pleasure myself, reaching over to stroke your own rod over the skirt, wrapping the fabric to see its size proper* So I guess I need to do that yet again, huh?~
*A soft groan leaks out from underneath you as your hand wraps around me, you able to get that measurement, roughly around 7 inches with a lot of girth, unable to stop myself from taking a deep inhale of your crotch as you rub it against me, twitching in your grip at the smell* I assure you... this will not end the same way~~
No?~ Are you sure that whatever magic trick or what not you did hasn't put any other effects on you?~ You do know a certain sensitive spot can be felt up here if reaching deep enough on cocky partners?~ *I'm sure you know it, but I still feel the need to educate on the full anatomy and pleasure of a body when you got a girlcock, testing if the magic did the full job or not as I reach over with the other hand under your skirt, a wet finger slipping past panties and digging inside your rose for a funbutton to tease*
*A squeak melts into a moan as those searching fingers find what they were looking for, a damp spot forming on my skirt at the tip of my girlcock as I quickly realize the position I'm in is less than favorable* I'm well aware, it's what I'll be pounding against later when I bend you over this couch~ *I reach up, a quirk of the positioning being the unfettered access to your girlcock, hand slipping into your shorts and pulling you out of your leg hole, tongue starting to lick around and against the sensitive back of your glans*
Oh no no no~ *you can hear me giggle and feel yourself flipping over as I reach down for your waist and spin you about, turning about myself to lay down on top of you, that sprung out girlcock now wedging up against your ass as I reach over to mangle your tits, squeezing them all about* You might get me for a moment or two, but once I start going, I can't stop~ Surely you don't have the stamina to keep up~
redrew a set of actions
*As I'm flipped over, my skirt is caught against the carpet and comes off, your cock pressing against my panties as my tail quickly wags against you, freezing for a moment to catch my breath and stabilize, feeling that rock hard girlcock twitch against me as soft moans leak out, my sensitive tits assaulted by your hands* I h-have plenty of stamina~! There are upsides to getting to make your own potions~
Uh huh, uh huh~ Tell all you want to yourself~ *I nod and try to put you off with my nonchalantness, rolling you over yet again to once again frot our girlcocks against each other, only to add my hand this time now that I can grab the two more properly, the stroking focusing more on yours than mine* Doesn't seem like you mixed for a lack of sensitivity, though~
*Indeed I did not, my face colored a deep red as more soft moans spill out of me* Of course not~! That would be less fun, why would I want to feel less good~?! *I look down, seeing my shirt had ridden up and exposed my midriff giving me an idea, leaning up and hugging you only to roll over once more, slinking down your body in a smooth motion to trap your erection beneath my shirt and between my breasts, pressing down and both stroking you with my tits and rubbing them against you, you able to see your tip through my neck hole* I think you've gotten a bit overconfident already, don't forget what I'm capable of~
Ghoooooaaaghhhh~ Fair fair, it would indeed be less fun~ *A mixture of moans and chuckles comes out of me as I lean into you, not letting go of your cock as I keep jerking it in sync with your titjob, trying to mimic your actions as I press my forehead against yours, wide smirk on my face* But you can't be too confident then about easily taking me over then, right?~
*I get comfortable, resting on my knees as I continue rubbing my tits around your shaft, staring into your eyes as my tail wags faster than ever behind me, ears twitching as I very subtly thrust into your hand, not even realizing I'm doing it, the instinct having snuck into my body with the potion* I'm far from overconfident Lin, I'm at my best when I'm on the fly and bathing in that pleasure~
*I don't see the need to shift about either, aroused and excited just as much as you even if I had no tail to wag to show that, only the needy eyestare and twitchy rod and bitten lip telling you all that needs to be told* Well, and that's why _I_ am acting confident - gotta have that selfconfidence and act upon it~
That's the thing, all that self-confidence is meaningless if you give in at the finish line anyway~! *I quickly slide up your body, freeing your cock only to have it slip in and trapped underneath my panties, resting between my cheeks as I straddle you, squeezing you softly as I wink from above* So be a good girl and give me a real fight, kay~?
*I lean back against the sofa as I look at you squeezing me, chuckling and squirming lightly* Oh please, when do I not do that?~
*I toss my shirt and bra aside, baring my chest fully and letting my tits softly bounce as I grind back into you, my own girlcock tapping against your tummy with my sliding hips* You always do, just let me be cute and say a good line~!
*I snicker at that, pushing up to grind against your fluffy tail instead, thrusting into it as I tried to push you off* Alright, cyooooooooootie~ *I rolled the word, a bit of mocking tone mixed into it*
*I pout at your teasing, resisting your pushing as I sit firmly, suddenly pressing my tits into your face and whispering in your ear as I activate a small charm* You know thats rude right~? Why don't you ~behave~~
(playing with dice or not?)
(That was what I assumed *nodding cat emote*)
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 5! **
*I _still_ had your girlcock in your hands, and so it wasn't hard to squeeze right on the tip of it to throw you off that charm, rising taller over you and pushing my own chest into your face, one of the boobs popping out through the collar to shut you up and give you something to suckle as I kept stroking you* I think the word you were looking for was 'playful'~
*The loud moan caused by my tip being squished indeed interrupts me, a slight panic coming over me before my face is filled with your breast, leaning in automatically and sucking on your tit, needing the break after my charm got interrupted, definitely not just wanting to be stroked with tits in my face, that's what I tell myself anyway*
*As I keep caressing and pleasing you, I lean towards your ear, as much as I can without breaking your suckling, licking the top of it and whispering* Think you got warmed up enough~ *waiting just enough for you to realize what I meant, my hands clamping much rougher on that split second and thrusting you into the sofa, as I waste no time to press behind you and thrust inside, hoping that the precum and fingering earlier was enough to leave you open enough for me*
F-FuuuAHHCK~! *I only realize what you meant the moment your girlcock penetrates my ass, moaning loudly, echoing through the apartment as I'm filled, precum dripping off my own girlcock, realizing just how much better anal feels with a prostate* Liiiiinnnnn~~ *I slump into the couch, knowing how much ground I'm giving but not caring in the moment, going with the flow of pleasure and opening myself up to being plowed*
*your melting only drives me on, pushing you all the way to go over the couch and lay down on it prone, starting to plow your ass proper just like you want it, making sure to go deep enough with each thrust to graze against that p-spot, huffing and moaning as I press against you, letting you feel my heart pumping while my hips go wild, my voice shifting into yours as I whisper in your ear in that perfect mimic* _let the cities top girlcock owner know that her position is no longer needed_, huh?~
*I groan even louder, leaking against the couch as you fuck me prone, that girlcock pushing in deeper and deeper as I feel my insides re-arranged, pushing my hips into you as my tail half wraps around your tummy, still wagging slightly* J-Just shut up and pound me~ You're feeling just as g-good, no~?
*instead of answering, I grab the tip of your tail and pull it a bit more to reach for my crotch, making it wrap about my girth into a tiny, fluffy onahole as I keep thrusting in you, slowing down a bit as you start squeezing on me* Yes, but you're feeling.... *liiiiiiick on your ear again* betterrrrrrrrrrr~
*I blush even harder at your teasing, my tail wrapping tight around your base and my ass squeezing your length tighter than even before, clenching my muscles as I slowly try to put up an offensive, knowing you're right, my tail slowly starting to stroke your base even as you thrust* F-Fucckk~! It's... sooo much better.... with a cock...~~
*And yet instead of stopping me, it just makes me go yet harder, trying to break through any resistance to leave you fully melted under me, your challenge having spurred me on to go all out on you and leave you my cuddly doll underneath me, wrapping you tight in a bearhug, my tits smushing hard into your back as my hips continue with slower, but deeper and heavier thrusts in you* Take it as practice and just enjoy the ride then, I guess~ *another smooch on the tip of your ear*
is resisting cumming (43% chance of cum) => Came!
*My moans grow louder and louder, your slower, deliberate thrusting grinding across my insides making sparks fly through my body, balls churning heavily as I start panting, trying to hold back* W-Waiiit... f-fUCK~! *I try to clench all of my muscles to hold back, but doing so only presses your girlcock harder against my prostate, making me cry out as cum spurts out of me onto the couch, spasming around you as your cushions try their best to absorb my load, a seemingly endless amount spurting out of me*
Might have wanted to aim for an easier target for practice, I think~ *I bury my shift in you and just leave it there to grind and throb against your pummeled prostate, continuing to cuddle you, my fingers once again groping and squeezing tits, mangling them lightly as I bury my head in your neck and smooch all over it, holding you and not even giving a smallest illusion of wanting to let you go*
(shaft, not shift...)
*I mewl underneath you, orgasm slowly calming down, a puddle of cum formed on your couch, the ease at which you made me spurt making me doubt my prior confidence, but feeling oh so perfect with you cuddling on top of me* M-Maybe...~ A-Also... sorry about your c-couch... I uhh... c-cum alot... with this potion...~~ *Even with my half admittance of defeat, I shift my hips underneath you, stirring you inside me, clearly not quite finished, having not lied about the stamina*
If you think you're the first to cum on it, oh please~ *I flick your temple as if you said the dumbest thing by apologizing, finally relieving your ass out of the filling feeling as I pull back and roll you around yet again, your body seemingly fully under my control with how much I keep doing it, facesitting you, a light sack pressing right against your mouth as I look down on you, my cock wagging right over your head* Magnificent though, right?~
(small note - I have a meeting for 30 mins in 1.5h from now)
*I giggle a bit at the realization, almost like I forgot who's apartment I was in, going with your turning and blushing at your sack pressing into my mouth, leaning up and obediantly licking and sucking on your balls, though the worship does have me feeling a bit... needy, my cock twitching in the air as I pull back* Very magnificent... though y'know what else tastes amazing...~? *I side eye you, blushing, half asking the question* I've still only felt your hand~
*I wag my finger at you, lifting up, looking like I was about to get off you and slink back, only to thrust my cock into your mouth once its at least a little bit open, slowly fucking into it, not too deep to make you gag or even cough, just the tip for now to lick and suckle on* Oh I know, but you gotta make me~ Or are you admitting defeat already and letting me have fun with _aaaaaaaall_ your body?~
*I blush, eyebrows furrowing even with the taste of your girlcock on my tongue, only taking a ~couple~ moments to suck on you before I wrestle you underneath me, dragging my hips up and putting my knees on the sides of your head, putting you face to head with my thick girlcock, pressing it down against your lips* I didn't brew a potion and take a bus downtown just to be stroked Lin~! I wanna feel everything~~
*while I might not laugh out loud with your cock down my mouth, you can still see my shoulders wiggling up and down as I chuckle, bobbing deeper onto your cock in an attempt to overwhelm you, wondering if you happened to also have a shorter period of sensitivity after just like me after an orgasm*
*If my overly loud moans are anything to go by, absolutely, a combination of not being used to the sensations and my prior spurting making your mouth feel heavenly, shaking my hips down into you with your bobbing, eye twitching as my mind races, if this feels this good, then...* F-Fuck Lin I need you~! *I scramble down your body, flipping you on your hands and knees, my brain putting you into doggy style on its own as I press into you from behind and slam my hips in, almost passing out from the overload of pleasure from bottoming out inside you instantly, moaning loudly in your ear as I start slamming my hips in, instinct completely taking over my body as I stretch your ass wide and pound into you with abandon* Why... did nobody tell me... cocks feel... so fucking gooooooodd~~~~
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
*even if you weren't going on my like a hungry beast and my body wasn't pushing out my butt for you to enter me as easy as possible, craving to test that cock just as much, I would have probably yielded and came with how horny and distracted I was by now. But with your desire plowing me down into the couch, it took no time for me to widen that cum puddle heavily, spurting just as much as you did as I broke down into yowling, not stopping for a long while as I writhed under you*
*my only hope was that my rod was still keeping it in mind for you, swinging back at some point to rub against your thighs as you pushed down in me* Phoooooooooiiiiieeeeeeeeebiiiiiiieeeeeeeee~~~
*Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my brain was on a complete one track mind, completely overloaded from the insane pleasure my girlcock was sending me, my thrusts only grow more intense, knocking you prone and lying on top of you, your girlcock becoming sandwiched in the tangle of our thighs as I slam in even deeper than before in this position, panting in your ear as my cock throbs inside you* Liiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn~~~~
is resisting cumming (17% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*just as (un)fortunately, all I did was lay down and beg for more and more of it, head buried in the couch and limbs smacking all over the sofa from just how great I'm feeling, until I feel your hand graze against my face, catching onto it and suckling on your finger, needing anything to save me from this overwhelming "crush"*
*My insane pace slowly creeps down, not from holding back an orgasm, but from my actual stamina itself, my body exerting far to much for far too long even with my cock pleading for more, deep, shuddering breaths filling your ear as I heave on top of you, my thrusts turning more to grinding deep inside you, giving you a moment of reprieve, if having an overloaded dog girl laying on top of you, stretching your ass and grinding in deep was that*
redrew a set of actions
*I use that moment to finally buck you back on the opposite side of the couch on your back, slowly turning about and laying down onto your crotch, my tits trapping most of your girlcock while I kiss over the tip of it, looking up at you with a smirk* Fuuuuuck, certainly works and tastes like a real dick.... Your own talent or Sadu taught it?~
*Any need building up from my desire was quickly quenched as my girlcock becomes submerged in your breasts, a heavy throb coursing through it as I pant, hips bucking into your tits softly, my obsession with titjobs going both ways* F-Fu... f-fuck...~~ N-Nocti... actually...~
Well, compliments to her just as much, even if all I heard about her are legends~ *I push my tits harder into your cock, smushing your own length down, leaving you dazed just long enough for me to squeeze in between sofa's backrest and you, sliding into you from the side, jerking and fucking at the same time as I once again had all of you under my control, smooching over the other side of neck than before* Certainly is a new, exciting experience~
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Came!
*If being fucked in the ass with a cock felt amazing before, feeling your hand wrap around my length and thrust into me at the same time almost makes my mind give out, melting like putty into you in an instant as I mewl, moan and cry out, only a couple minutes of being stunned by the pleasure before the build-up of slamming into you pays off, as my back archs off of you and my ass clenches around you, ropes of cum flying out of my tip into the air and back onto us, shaking as the ropes slowly turn into an ever-flowing ooze running down your hand as you stroke*
*Deep breaths causing my tits to bounce as I catch my own cum in my mouth, swallowing it down instantly*
*it probably also doesn't help you that I have my toes running all over your soles as I keep thrusting and grinding in you, once again keeping you stuck with me, not pulling out too soon and ruining anything, letting you ride out your orgasms in full with your new addition* Just to be safe - I'll not be held responsible if your mind melts too much for mine~
Y-Yus...~ J-Just... m-more~~~ *I nod, drunk on pleasure by now, my hips slowly thrusting up into your hand and pushing back down onto your girlcock, the shocks of pleasure after my orgasm from both ends feeling beyond heavenly, fully into a puddle on top of you*
What did I tell you?~ *I chuckle as I hear you say that, my voice mimicing... my own voice* _You might get me for a moment or two, but once I start going, I can't stop~_ *wanting to prove my words, as well as open your eyes on just how much I can melt anyone like you in this spot, I shift about, rolling your legs all the way back to your shoulders as I press into you face to face, my belly trapping your cock tight against our bodies and making it jerk between, our tits smushing in against each other, while my face hangs just a touch away from yours, two hearts looking at you as I tease you for a kiss, just a touch out, my cock continuing to keep you mushy and melty, once again back to slow, but deliberately heavy and deep thrusts, as if a battering ram breaking down the last wall in you*
is resisting cumming (20% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Every slow grind of your girlcock inside me, feeling of our breasts pressing into each other, tummy's trapping my cock and rubbing from all sides, all of it causes my brain to collapse completely, hearts matching yours staring back as words fail me, moaning into you as I press up and catch your lips with mine, starting to deeply make out with you, my ass slowly wringing your cock out inside me, tightly squeezing, rubbing, pulling you in and not letting go, feeling you leak precum even deeper inside me, wanting to know what it feels like to have you explode in my ass with one of my own*
*I slow down for a moment, in truth getting a bit tired and taken by my own lust, but trying to fake and hide it a bit by reaching down for your tail, acting like I was having trouble to wrap it around my length once again to be a soft extra to this whole pounding and fucking deal I was giving you* Not being too much for you, Feebs?~ *I check in, that moment giving a moment of clarity to make sure you're okay under me*
*I take slight note of what you're doing, helping you my moving your tail and wrapping around you myself, another layer of clinging around your girlcock, but catch your finger in my mouth, much like you did earlier, gently sucking on it and nodding, feeling beyond okay, over the moon at the feelings you're giving me*
*the suckling on my finger does make my next motions sluggish, feeling that tiredness all the more as I shudder against your nipping, inadvertently purring to how pleased it makes me*
(30 mins)
*I suck slowly, taking notice of something behind you, winking as you suddenly feel a familiar tip against your rosebud, right in your moment of weakness that length presses into your ass, deeply and slowly thrusting into you, red hair splaying out and filing your vision as I capture your lips once more, completely filling you with pleasure, front and back, inside and out*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
Nuh f---------- *my voice cuts out as I get pushed into your lips and held there, exploding near immediately down in your ass as I melt to that all too familiar girlcock that has melted us both on multiple occassions, just as much as we have done same to her, my head eventually sliding down the side past yours and crying out into sofa's cushion, any strength that might have been in my body suddenly leaving me*
*THe moment I feel you cum inside me, my insides slowly stretching to take your loud, I moan out, my own cock erupting between us an making a sopping mess of our stomachs, the bottoms of our tits covered as well, slow grinding in from behind you until you receive your own filling, her pulling out after she finishes and giving your ass a small tap before she departs, leaving us both filled, covered in our mess, and tangled together*
And not even a word said~ *I mumble into your neck, softly cooing as I feel no desire to move at this point, even if I could, too comfy on top of you to let you go, intent on using you as my body pillow for a nap*
*My legs and arms wrap around you, happily trapping you inside me, the sticky mess between us making the cuddles slick, before you can slowly feel the length between us disappear, a soft moan and some shifting beneath you as the potion wears off, everything in its right place once more*
and also... I think your position... is firmly held...~
Was there ever any doubt?~ *I chuckle, even if technically I was the one to crack under 'pressure' first, casually ignoring the fact*
Well technically... But she showed up... Eh~ *I slowly pet the back of your head, nuzzling in*
*I shake my head, too much to think through as well as I doze off on you*
(think a good spot to end on)

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