Heartbreaker Alice VS Oriana : Geschichte öffentlich aufgeführt (62 Runden)

A rookie and a Queen...

An enthusiastic newcomer by the name of Alice challenges the Queen of the Ring, who always enjoys rolling around the ring with the rookies. Surely Ori should be able to handle this little fun, flirty and fabulous "Heartbreaker" on her debut, right?

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Heyyy "Heartbreaker"~
How’s it going?
Good~! Better now that I can get my hands on you~ ;) How are you?
Good thanks and anxious to make the Queen bow down and be my new comfy throne:)
Hehe, so many have tried to do the same thing...some might even have succeeded! But more have just ended up as the throne~
Not that there were any complaints about that either
I’m ready to take you down!
And I'm ready for you to try, rookie~ *blows kiss*
Let’s go! I’m gonna make you mine!
Oof...Ah, the energy and enthusiasm of a rookie~! *traps you between my thighs* And the ring awareness of one too~ *boops you on the nose, giving just a lil squeeze*
Ugh….let goooo! Squirms In the squeeze
Awww, but why would I do that, I like you between my legs~ *hands travelling lower, they peel away your top and squeeze at that squishy boobs underneath* Honk honk~
How about I try to split you open instead! See how you like it! Maybe you can squirm for a rookie!
MmM! *bites back a moan, not expecting to find fingers inside me so soon!* A-awfully forward of y-you! *I just about wriggle free, making sure to get some distance between us*
Come back here Queenie. Here you can see how you handle my cute tits!
*My eyes can't help but be drawn to them, silently pulling my own top and bra aside to press them up against them, gasping ever so slightly*
Okay, okay~ But how about I return that fingering favour~
Ooooo you know that’s not bad but maybe I need to get a closer look at those titties! Starts sucking on your left nipple
Ahhh~ *a lusty gasp escapes as you feel the nipple start to stiffen in your mouth, my only response to try and pinch at yours!
Yeowwww! You’re so mean! How about I give that nipple a little lick!
Ahhh~ *That same lusty breath as you start licking. Momentarily tempted to just let you continue, I instead manage to pull your head away* Don't worry, I can be soft too~
All the places this tongue can be~ *I whisper in your ear after licking up your cheek*
You lick up my cheek as I moan a bit and as you are taunting I slide my hands up your thighs yanking for those panties….gimme these and suck on this!
Mmf!! Pwah! *I blush a little forced to taste my own panties and aim for yours once I manage to remove your gag*
And you were complaining about *me* being mean~!
I just need a second to stretch out!
Uh huh, uh huh~ All that rookie excitement running out of energy so quickly~ Let me help with that "stretch"~! *yanks a leg with one hand, rubbing between your legs with the other*
Biiiiiiiig stretch~!
How about instead we introduce you to the ropes a little bit! Oooh nice booty here let me get in closer and you can meet my tongue
Heyheyheyyyyooohhhhh~! *complaints turn into moans as you start to use that tongue again~*
*I'm just about able to roll you over, freeing myself so I can pin you in a similar fashion and use my tongue, though irritatingly with some clothing still in the way*
Mmmmmm….heyyyyy not so fast! That was totally lucky. It was my shoes! Let me get these out of the way!
You think I became queen through luck~? *giggles, watching those shoes kicked away* Well, I'm just show how lucky I can be then~
These panties are getting wetter by the second~
I hear your claims of being Queen and such as you work me over and I try to turn the tide fast by bring my fingers into that pussy as I lean in for a kiss. “Maybe the Queen needs to be overthrown!”
Ohfu-mmmf~!! *I barely have time to moan from your intrusive fingers before it's muffled by your mouth, the entire thing catching me so off-guard that I just...go along with it, not resisting you*
My panties bunching up as I try to stay with you and I take my hand back fixing them as I moan with you
*As you sort yourself, I strike, pouncing n you with a grin.* Have to admit, rookie, you've got some skills...which is why I need to pin you down while I enjoy you~ *I start sucking at your tits, giving equal attention to both*
You pounce on me giving me some credit and you start sucking my tits as my legs slide back and forth as I start to remove my skirt
Only those pesky panties left~ *Continuing the pin, I slide up and sit myself on your face, riding it and getting you all messy*
Get used to this~
My legs kicking into the mat as you slide up and start riding my face as my hands push at your thighs…..mmmmffph
I think you like it there~ Here, let's finally get rid of those panties~ *peels them away while you're kicking*
As you peel my panties away I reach up at you and try to slide your pussy against mine
Ohfuck~! *There's a spark when our pussies meet, one that I am *more* than happy to go along with for now~
Grinding my pussy against yours as I take a deep breath and try to recover
*Similarly needing to recover, I place my hand between us, and instead try and cool off by gently rubbing*
Alright enough resting! Wrapping around your neck and rubbing your pussy. “Let’s keep you warmed up!”
Shitshitfuuuck~! *I choke out moans as you hold me and rub*
*With enough struggled rolling about the mat, I eventually manage to get free by pressing you into the corner...but I'm so horny at this point I just grind against you* Y-you're g-good, n-newbie~
You grind against me as I feel myself being pushed into the corner and we both moan as our pussies continue to grind against one another
*As we grind away, I grab your head and force you to look at our pussies, making sure to thrust against you that little bit harder*
Trying to push back into you looking to roll you over and push into that ass of yours…”you wanna get pounded Queen? That push says yes!”
*It doesn't take much for that to happen either...and I can't find a way to deny it...In fact, the only thing I can do with my face pressed into the mat is taste myself on it while you have your way*
“On your knees Queen!” Let’s get you fucked properly as I yank your hair and push hard into you
Oh fuck, fuck fuck~!! *I blush hard as you handle me less like a queen and more like a submissive slut.*
*Fortunately, my control of energy is still better for now, using it to turn the tables and make you look again, though considerably more flustered than before*
I stay in position for a moment as I’m panting a bit and I lock eyes with you as we continue this battle
*Before long, I'm doing similarly, silently starting at you, full of desire and lust*
I take some breaths before charging in and trying to use your hair to toss you on the mat and lock the legs across the head as I push my fingers in the wet pussy….”ooooh someone likes this”
*One step behind again, I'm caught between your strong legs, trying to claw free, moaning while your fingers have free reign with my pussy...*
is resisting cumming (96% chance of cum) => Came!
Fuckfuckfuck~ *I curse and moan at a rapidly increasing rate, my hands now flailing grantically to try and stop yours...*
*But - with nowhere to go and unable to stop you - it doesn't take long for my resistance to crumble, and those hands that were there to stop you are instead helping you to push my over the edge to a shuddering climax* ALLLLLIIIIIIIICCEEEEE~!!!
*All I can manage in the aftermath are gentle twitches and spasms* H-holy f-fuccck~
Mmmm now that’s a good girl. Was that so hard? Teasing as I moan and lick my lips after your body shuddering orgasm. “That’s a good girl. I’m your Queen now!”
S-shush~ *I blush hard thanks to your teasing, recovering as best I can until you get just close enough. When you are, I desperately push you into the corner* M-my turn~! *I pant out, before licking at your pussy with a frenzied tongue, needing to return the avour, purring as I taste you directly*
is resisting cumming (80% chance of cum) => Came!
Mmmmmmm, attagirl~ *I grin, as your honey flows into my mouth, not stopping licking until you're done for now.* Told you you'd enjoy the places this tongue could be~ *I say, mouth still very much stained by your juices*
Catching my breath after what seems like hours as I shakily get to my feet and my pussy dripping as now I try to push you into the corner wanting after that pussy as I push my foot into your face….”now I’m gonna get you!”
Grrk~! *I choke out, my moans cut off at the source by your feet, all while the blood rushes to my head. Before it ends up much worse for me, I manage to use my feet to almost toss you away, taking a moment to check everything is in proper working order before going on the attack again*
*Sliding my legs between yours, I look like I'm going to trib you but instead a slide three fingers inside you* You're r-relentless, a-aren't ya~?!
You push me away and now I’m on the defensive again as you push those fingers into my still wet pussy as my leg slides and my hands digging into the mat as I grit my teeth…..
*Wanting to keep up my advantage and make sure you ever adjust to anything, I toss you into the ropes, sliding a strap inside you easily and bounce you between me and the ropes* I should tie you up in these, and maybe that'd teach ya~
I get pushed into the ropes as they push into my chest as I feel the strap inside me and hear your taunt. I grab the ropes and push my body back against yours before turning and trying to get you on the mat….”now I’m mad! Gimme that weak pussy!”
*Stunned by how easily you pushed free, I'm easy prey for your fast fingers, only able to gently paw at you as my pussy quickly finds itself getting wetter and wetter...*
Both needing to rest as my chest heaves up and down as I’m covered in sweat but focused on pushing to victory loooking for an opening
*Needing to strike now while I'm still capable of it, I push you down and start frantically pounding and rubbing at your pussy out of desperation*
I have to go for broke now as you start pounding my pussy. My feet up as I try to shove you hard in the chest and push you away hoping to stun you briefly as I feel the wet pussy. I try to get you in the corner frantically going for that pussy
is resisting cumming (92% chance of cum) => Came!
Now I got you Ori! Cum for your new Queen! Scream my name!
No...no...nooo...*I try to fight you off, but it doesn't take long for your fingers to find their destination, with nowhere to go behind me...*
O-okay r-r-rookie, y-you've m-made your p-point, y-you can s-stop n-now~! *I try to plead without moaning, trying to hold my hips back from thrusting against your fingers*
*But, of course, your fingers don't stop and eventually I can't hold back any longer, hips chasing every movement your fingers make with wilder and wilder abandon until...* ALIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEE~!!! *The inevitable happens, you get exactly what you want as I scream your name in orgasmic bliss, squirting half way across the ring as another humiliation*
I get the orgasm and the moment I’m looking for as you begin to squirt and I remove my fingers gripping your hair and tossing you to the mat as I plant my foot on your face and flex…”There’s a new Queen now!
Hnn~ *I weakly crumple into my own squirt as you toss me down, still pulsing in the aftermath of that extremely strong orgasm as you show your dominance*
I push my toes along your mouth and my foot on your face before sliding the foot off and sitting down facing your feet as I push your nose between my ass and grind back and forth….”it’s my new throne!”
Mmmf~ *I weakly huff against your peachy butt when they first press against me, but in this state I'm in, I can't help but still out a tongue as you ride...*
I ride that face and ride it hard as grind and grind as my ass abuses your face. Finally I grab my nearby cell phone and hold it high. I flex my free arm and shoot so you can see your eyes barely visible under my ass and I make sure to tag you on social media with the headline “Conquered Queen”
(That was a lot of fun...even if the result didn't go my way :P)
(Enjoy your debut~?)
I did. Hope you had fun too
(I did 😁)
(Oh, by the way, once we both leave the match, would you want to make the log public, or keep it just between us?)
It can be public, that’s ok
Heh, it'll be good advertisment for the new rookie who just beat a queen 😳😝
Mmmm you like my foot and ass? Hehehe
Heh, I suppose I can't complain about either~
But for now, I've gotta go off and get a drink after all that~!
Hope for a rematch sometime
Bye for now, and I'll be more than happy to try and get revenge sometime~! 😘

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