Ruck VS Alpha Sigma Sigma : History listed publicly (72 turns)

Candy vs Ruck, Part 1: The Match

Candy faces off against the alumni that's been a thorn in her sisterhood's side. Though the match starts off even, Ruck has a nasty trick up his sleeve in the form of the traitor Caroline, taking Ruck's side after a long night of "convincing". The betrayal throws the Queen off guard but her skills prove that she's still not to be messed with, forcing Ruck to cum using her skilled mouth. Ruck seems like he's struggling until he manages to make Candy cum atop her throne, throwing her across an armrest and ass fucking her until she squirts. The duel ends with a battle of sexes Candy riding Ruck atop her throne, wherein she's ultimately outlasted by the experienced veteran and forced to cum atop her own seat of power. NOTE FROM RUCK: It's not always about physical domination. Candy had the match well in hand until I started weak her pussy is... girls with a humiliation fetish are so fun, aren't they? Especially when you have a hot traitor on hand to smother them afterward 😍

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[hi! big day 😄)
[Indeed your little fun ends here hehe~]
[so - hypno/bondage, 5/6, three and out... and we can discuss the actual terms of the bet in rp]
[anything else?]
[Sounds all good to me, I'll send you a DM if I need to sort something out so we don't clutter the game log with that]
[sure, I've got a window open]
[and with that... I'll intro]
*I stood in front of the Alpha Sigma Sigma sorority, just before mdnight - when the invitation said to be there. I came with just a couple of Alpha Tau brothers, and Destiny, who insisted on seeing this happen. The last few nights have been a blur - the fight with Hana, the other sisters sent to my house to harass and seduce me... but it all ends here. With a deep breath, I knock on the sorority door.*
*The sorority has had enough of this rowdy alumni causing a mess on their campus. After the situation had proven to gone out of hand, Candy had no choice but to settle this herself, inviting the former sexfight athlete in a duel to settle the matter. The door opens a few moments after you knock, Ichika and Sami are there to escort you and your entourage to the formal arena set up in the rear of the house.*
*my eyebrows go up suggestively at Ichika, who seems to be making an effort to avoid eye contact, after the salacious photos that have been going around of her activities the past several days. I can see Destiny craning her neck around, looking for Jocelyn - and I find myself looking around for a couple other sisters as well.*
*Sami does not make eye contact with you, though her hair is bleached blonde after the events of your previous encounter with her. The pair of freshmen lead you to the ring. The ring consists of a large padded mat with bleachers all around. Around the edge of the arena are scattered toys, bondage equipment, and any other props approved of in traditional sexfighting. Across the entrance you see a special seating area for the rest of the A.S.S. girls, with Candy sitting in a large chair behind and above them.*
a throne, Candy? really now... *I take a slow walk around, noting where each of the toys are... then look back up.* someone thinks a little too highly of herself... and is going to get quite the education tonight.
*Candy does not respond to your taunts, waiting for everyone to be seated before stepping down into the arena* Don't think you'll get in my head with your games. *She brushes her bleach blonde hair. She's wearing black cotton pants and tank top, underneath are an equally black bra and panties set trimmed with a gold lining* I've agreed to face you myself and you should be thankful to even have this chance at facing me in a duel given your....circumstances....
my... circumstances? you mean walking your enforcer out to your yearbook photo on a leash?
or do you mean getting harassed day and night by your horny sisters?
*She squints her eyes* Your harassment of our sisterhood is what started this conflict, and I will be ending it here and now *Candy steps up to her side of the ring, a neutral party ref signals for you to do the same*
*I step up, in my usual attire - a dress shirt over black jeans, acknowledging the occasion with dark sneakers instead of dress shoes.* Your sisters won't leave me alone? Fine. Let's see them come at you after what I do to you tonight.
*I huddle briefly with my friends - Destiny gives me a kiss on the cheek, and blows one to Jocelyn... and I turn to you.*
*Jocelyn looks away while you see Caroline squirm in her seat slightly as she looks in your direction. Meanwhile Candy steps forward to meet you* They'll see the best sexfighter giving you the best night of your life, getting to be used *Candy pulls you in and press a kiss against your lips, a sensual gesture if not for the circumstances*
*returning the kiss - locking eyes with Caroline as she stares on, waving at her with the hand that's not around your waist.* Oh, Candy... just a few things different, and we just could've had a wonderful night together.
but instead... *kissing down your jaw, to your neck, where it meets your collarbone - the kisses getting harder, until you feel my teeth pressing into the skin - leaving an imprint as I pull back and look at you* only one of us is going to think of this night as wonderful.
Mmm... *Candy lets out a long exhale into your ear, clearly as part of the routine to get you in the mood* I agree, all of your friends, your little fuckbuddy included are going to watch as you fall victim to'll never want to leave again *Candy whispers, easily undoing your belt by feel alone and dropping your pants to the ground*
*suppressing a shudder as you breathe into my ear* undressing me already? are you that eager, sweet girl... *walking you back toward my side of the ring - my hands gently brushing your shoulders, running down your toned arms... and grabbing your wrists, holding them together and pulling them above your head.* Des - if you don't mind - *two warm hands run under your tank top, pulling the fabric up your chest, and gathering the bra along with it - stopping for a moment for a luxurious grope. With your top and bra around your elbows, l let go of your wrists and take the clothes inside - tossing them to my brothers and walking back toward the center of the ring, blowing a kiss to your section - whether it's to Ichika or Caroline, they can't quite tell.*
Mmm? *Candy gives a mild reaction as she side eyes your fuck buddy undressing the top off* Need help getting a woman out of her top? You know the bra has a clasp you know *The haughty Asian gives a snarky smile and comment for the first time. Even allowing you to worship and grope her perfect tits for a moment. However as you seem unfocused, blowing a kiss at the audience, Candy pulls your head back towards her.* Hey're in a match with ME! Don't tell me you're not taking this seriously... *Candy caress your cheek and goes in for another kiss, much more aggressive this time*
*I meet the kiss, hard - cinching my arm around your waist, pulling you up into my lips, passion mixed in with the competition - your beauty undeniable, no matter what my plans are.* Don't worry, Candy - *shrugging out of the shirt, tossing it into your collection of girls.* We're just having fun here to start... or do you not all appreciate the value of a little entertainment? That might be a lesson all of you need to learn...
Entertainment hm? *Candy's fingers dance down your body until they reach the last piece of clothing, pulling them down and letting your cock spring out* Alright then, here boys~ another piece of undergarments for you to sniff *Tossing your boxers to your Alpha Tau brothers and smiling as they recoiled from the fabric* See, I know when to have my fun too~ *Candy gives you a devious smirk*
mm - do you have all your fun down on your knees, beautiful? It would explain why these girls of yours seem so fixated... take a look back, and see which of them are already biting their lips.
*Hana and Mia have stoic poker faces, while Ichika is staring intently, Caroline is still shifting in her seat and you can see both her hands resting in between her legs, as if they're gripping the seat. Candy lets out an annoyed growl again* Hey...what did I say about paying attention to me.... *Candy grabs some rope on the edge of the ring and binds your wrists to your thighs* You should be paying more attention~ *Candy finishes with a quick peck on your cock as she stares up at your bound body*
you're the one - hrmmm - looking at them, Candy - I was just enjoying the sight of you on your knees, staring at me for the first time...
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 4! **
hrrgh - *trying to free at least a hand, but so far unsuccessful - and the feel of your lips on my head isn't helping at all* all right, girl scout - you tied a knot. gonna make us a fire next?
*Pushing you back Candy strolls up near her side of the crowd and grabs a grape from a bowl Katie set out, circling around your bound body and eating a quick snack while observing you* Perhaps, are you feeling the heat already hm? *She runs her hands up and down your body, caressing you from behind, you feel her tits press up against your back*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 3! **
*this time not able to hold back the shudder at your touch... trying to look around as you walk around the ring, then shivering as your fingertips trace their paths, your warm chest pressed against me* not - *hearing you chew* if you're going to spend your advantage on snacktime, candy - and not even the fun stuff --
Hmm? *Candy pulls her pants down and kick them to the side and continues to grope at you from behind, you can feel the warmth behind my silky panties pressing against your thighs* What would you rather me snack on, a lollipop? *She grabs your cock at the same time staring at your expression intently.*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 2! **
*I can't help but gasp, being grabbed from behind - the warmth of your body all over my back, soft and smooth - my fingers working endlessly on the knots, the last one almost untied* don't -- ergh-- deny yourself, Candy... we both know you're going to down there soon, doing what good girls do --
Hm hm~ *Candy gives a muted chuckle, playing around with her hair as she continues to eat away at your resistance to her body.* Gonna make me suck your cock? Isn't that just par for the course in a sexfight? Sure sure, I'll lick that lollipop~ *Candy whispers into your ear, seeing how flustered you get*
*finally snapping a hand free, as my cheek reddens a little - catching your jaw, holding you in place as I get a little leverage to snap the other one, standing naked above you.* you are such a little tease, you know that... but don't know - I know these lips - *running a finger over them slowly, just inside your mouth, feeling the hot wetness inside* can't WAIT to get a treat -
Mmm~ can you handle the teasing though, you're already blushing~ *Candy smiles, keeping her eyes on you but swaying her body side to side, hoping to see you glance down* You can't keep your eyes off this body and I'm not even naked yet~
*my eyes do drop down- taking it in, my cock doing its own swaying -- my eyes flicking back up to yours as I start to tease a light brown nipple. Rolling it between my fingers - running my fingertip on the bottom of the nipple, then applying just a little extra pressure*
Mmmhm~ like those perky nipples mm? *I let you enjoy for a moment before suddenly kicking your legs out from under you and forcing you onto your knees* Maybe I should make you practice groveling before me as payment for that~ hmm?~ *My fingers reach down and I tilt your head slightly up*
*I yelp quickly as you knock me to my knees - staring up at you for the first time today - and I let the embarrassment show on my face for a second, letting you revel in the moment, before taking out your feet with a swipe of my own. The tape rolls around your ankles neatly - nudging you over, my shin holding your calves down as I pull back your arms and secure your wrists, before standing up* looking beautiful, Candy. Now - *kneeling down, running my hand over your panties, going under the hem and squeezing your ass* you were saying something about groveling --
** Candy [Alpha Sigma Sigma] rolled 1d6: 2! **
Ngh! *Candy lands with a groan, before she can even react though you have her pinned and begun to bind her up. She struggles a bit before looking back at you, trying to keep your hands away from her panties so that you can't just easily strip her* The queen doesn't grovel to anyone.... *She says with a glare back at you, you can tell that she's biding her time to come up with a way out of this predicament*
*crouching down next to your head, I smile, tousling your hair* the QUEEN, is it -- *idly slapping at your exposed breats, making them jiggle as you struggle.* Feel like much of a queen now?
** Candy [Alpha Sigma Sigma] rolled 1d6: 3! **
You! *The blonde woman growls at the degrading gesture of ruffling up her perfectly done hair. Groaning a bit at the slaps to her breasts* This is far from over, don't think you've won just off this *Candy uses her nails to slowly eat away at the weakest binding near her hand, hoping to cut enough tape to escape*
just off this? no... *my hands starting to tease a little more now - tweaking your nipples, licking my fingertips and rubbing little circles around your nipples* But I'm certainly having fun... and coming up with all SORTS of ideas for later -
** Candy [Alpha Sigma Sigma] rolled 1d6: 1! **
Mmm I guess we have that in common, though I'm sure my girlies will have more ideas than I can possibly come up with alone... *Candy continues to stall you, saying whatever it takes to give her time to free herself. She feels the tape finally loosening up*
relying on them for your ideas? and here I thought you were the queen! Seems like lots of things are getting revealed... *my hands slipping down quickly, as I see you tearing rips in the tape, and grabbing your final protection* so let's not waste any more time, and get to the big reveal everyone's been waiting for - is the big bad queen already wet?
I respect their contributions you know...I'm not heartless unless I'm dealing with annoying frat boys like yourself.... *Candy lets you tear away her panties, revealing her bare pussy, glistening in the light but not leaking* Don't stare at it too long eyes are down here~ *Candy leans forward and presses her tits against your cock, staring up at you* Mmmm, feels good hm?~
*the hard thrust I give into those pillows is answer enough - the second is unnecessary embellishment, but feels so good I can't help but give them a third*
you... fuck, you feel so good....
I just *click* want to take you everywhere I go... *too late, you feel the collar closing around your neck. For the second time, I take out your legs, leaving you naked and on all fours, on the wrong side of a leash. A light comes from my corner, as you realize Destiny's just taken a picture.* good girl, Candy - I'd get used to this if I were you, the Alpha Tau frat house is allll the way on the other side of campus.
*Candy looks incredulously as she sees Destiny snap a picture of her in this position* As if we would let her leave the house with that photo still on her phone...she'll be taken care of soon enough... *Jocelyn, as the social media and public relations coordinator is forced to go and have a chat with Destiny about the picture*
Now.... *Candy turns around and grinds her ass against your cock, looking up at you even as you hold onto the leash* Don't think this is enough to to get me to be the pet you want so much~ mmm *Giving you a kiss as she grinds up and down your cock*
no? *wrapping the leash a little tighter around my hand as you back up into me* such a shame -- *kissing the back of your neck, as my other hand slips between your legs, my finger running up and down your wet folds, before pressing in* but you're thinking about what WOULD be enough, aren't you... the magic words, the magic touch that would keep you on your hands and knees, panting, just begging to be used --
And why would I be thinking such things...when I have you in the palm of my hand... you'll do anything I want when we're done here... *Candy reaches back to caress your balls, pushing you back further with her curvy ass* I don't need to think such thoughts to get what I want~
is that right... I guess I'm just helpless in your hand... *licking my lips, taking a second for the pleasure before delivering the stinger*
of course -- it's not just in your hands...
*with a start, you realize someone's tied your feet together while you were focused on me, and they're pulled out from under you - you'd fall to the ground on your face, but for me catching your arms. It's a short reprieve only, as I wrap another set of ropes around your wrists, attaching you to another hook to match the one around your ankles, lifting you into the air. It's hard to see, with the constant motion, who's doing this from below - you can see your girls' section, and it seems that someone's missing, but with your hair flying in your face, it's impossible to tell you it is - and by the time you're fully secured, everyone's in their seats, standing and hollering*
oh, Candy... *squeezing a nipple, trailing my hand down your exposed belly, and patting your glistening pussy*
you should've just taken "pet" -
Uahh! *For the first time Candy lets out an uncontrolled cry of surprise and shock, as her feet are suddenly pulled out from under her and land in your strong arms, groping her even as you save her from landing on her head. Her her long flowing blonde hair is a curtain in front of her, but she feels her wrists tied up as she's suspended a few feet above the ring*
What the? How did you ? *She looks around to try and figure out her surroundings*
** Candy [Alpha Sigma Sigma] rolled 1d6: 5! **
[I'm still going to keep myself tied up just to see where this goes haha, you put a lot of work into this one]
Think tying me up is going to save you? *Candy's voice is notably more expressive* I'll get out and continue where we left off
(ok then!)
*I walk behind you, out of sight - my fingers trailing down your right side - kissing your left breast -- catching the nipple between my teeth, worrying it for a second before letting go, and whispering in your ear* big words... but so hard to do anything about them from here... now, let's see. So many toys to pick from...
*leaning down to grab something* oh -this'll do nicely... *tapping your ass with something hard* you don't mind putting on a show for your girls, do you? after all - you're their queen - *pushing the head of what's now obviously a dildo against your wet entrance* - so you should be able to take more than any of them. And I have to say, your girls really picked out a monster today... *working it into you, an inch at a time* eleven inches at least - maybe twelve... can you take a twelve-inch cock in you, queenie? *pushing in a little harder... then pulling it out* maybe you can in there... *your ass clenching as I prod it against your backdoor* how about here? how much fucking has the royal star taken? will it slide in easier... will you scream for me... or will you just cum the second I ram it in?
** Candy [Alpha Sigma Sigma] rolled 1d6: 6! **
(game really wants you to be free, I guess...)
Guh...I can...take it! *Candy grits her teeth as you slide the dildo into her pussy. Being the experienced fighter she is she only slightly groans and huffs as the cock slides in. That is until the dildo begins going past 9 inches, you can hear her groans and moan grow ever more audible* ngh big is that dildo! *The Queen begins to struggle in the restraints in protest. Only worsened when you slide the dildo in to her ass, only making it to 6 inches before she finally manages to shake herself hard enough that the person holding the rope is forced to let go*
*Stumbling up she looks to see who was holding the ropes*
*you hear a familiar shriek behind you - and standing there, her hands out and a little rope-burned...*
*is Caroline, in her trademark American flag bikini. She starts apologizing - but then catches herself, and starts berating you for all the propaganda you've been feeding them about how Asian pussies and cocks are superior to white ones - going on and on about how fantastic white cock is.*
Caroline you...! *Candy looks at her friend in shock* When this is over I'm going to have a long word with you! *Unable to even think about what had just happened*
*as you stare at her, I've let the rope go, too... finding another toy to play with. And in your shocked state, you barely register the whistle of the cane before it creases your right cheek, a thrill of pain running through you and dropping you to your knees. I swing it again, like a backhanded golf swing, whacking your left cheek this time, bending you over in pain. You see Caroline's feet passing by your eyes as you stare at the floor - hearing me offering her a go.... and three more sharp smacks of the cane hit your ass, a deep pink line blooming across your perfect cheeks*
(resetting, back in two)
Ah! You! AH! *Candy let's out a sharp cry as she falls to the floor, her ass already showing a red mark forming. She had been completely caught off guard by the sudden betrayal, not able to form a plan of counterattack. This was only accentuated when Caroline stepped onto the mat to take a few blows at her exposed ass.*
Caroline don't you da- AH! Somebody... get her off the mat! *Candy yells at her sisters, all of them either too stunned or to entranced by the fight to focus*
"they're not going to do anything you say, Candy - not while you're getting embarrassed by Ruck here." *looking up at me, a devilish smile on her face* *so let's put it to the test, huh? You tell us which is better! Asian pussy:" *she grabs your blonde hair, pulling aside her bottoms and shoving your face into her slit* - "or white cock!" *at that, I raise your hips, and slam into your pussy - spitroasting you between your harasser and your friend, your tits bouncing for everyone as we pass you back and forth*
Ngh mmm! *Candy moans into Caroline's pussy as she's railed from behind by Ruck. Any protest silenced by the insatiable Thai's pussy. Candy knew she only needed to focus on Ruck though, her experience carrying her through this. She wasn't going to lose a sexual duel even at this disadvantage. Candy begins grinding her ass back at Ruck, throwing her ass back to take control of the rhythm* Mmm~ * she moans to tease her opponent*
*the teasing works - although Candy might not be happy about it... feeling you grind back, I start fucking harder - picking up your legs and wrapping them around me, while Caroline does the same with your arms. Suspended again, this time just by us, you can't get leverage to do almost anything, swinging helplessly between us, hearing my groans, Destiny's cheers, and Caroline telling you to "lick harder, slut, I've had pledges who know how to eat me out better!!"
*Candy drowned out Caroline's words, she couldn't let this get to her or she'd just fall deeper and deeper. She pushed her underclassmen away with her arms, managing to catch herself with one leg, fucking back at Ruck in an impressive standing split* Who do you think taught her how to sexfight hm, I'm the best fuck fighter there is, and it's not over until I say it's over *Candy was getting heated as the match went on, passion flying across the mat in every way*
*I'm flabbergasted for a second - Caroline pushed away, your heel suddenly next to my head as you start setting the pace, my cock eagerly taking you any way I can get you. I lift the other leg easily - holding you in midair - and what was a power move quickly becomes you suspended and fucked again. I pull your body a little higher up, your pussy grabbing as much of my cock as you can, and suck hard on your nipples, one then the other, bouncing you on my cock like an eager Asian sextoy.*
*Candy has a smug expression on her face as you realize just how skilled she was* Mmm that's right...this pussy feels so good doesn't it~ best you ever had hm? *She taunts you gazing at Destiny for a brief moment with a smile. She pushes your head back to face her when you try to match her gaze at Destiny* Nuh uh~ you're focus is here when the Queen is using you~
using me... *holding you by the hips, and moving you to the edge of my cock - then sloooowly pushing you down, before speeding up again* I think you're forgetting who's held in the air here. And don't flatter yourself - *spanking you hard on the caning mark* - you've got nothing on that girl.
*You see Candy's expression twitch for a moment before returning to it's haughty gaze* Really now? Ngh... *Grunting slightly as you slap her wounded ass* We'll see if you still think that after think you're in control? *Candy hooks her leg around your neck and takes you to the floor. Crawling up to your cock* I could make you cum with just my mouth mmm~ like so~
is resisting cumming (30% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I fall down - prone, under you, scrambling to get out, but finding your mouth wrapped around me first, taking me all the way down, noisily slurping and giving it your all. My fist slams against the mat, trying to hardest to resist...
until I find a mental anchor - steeling myself against it - and grab a handful of your hair, forcing you to speed up* good - nnngh - try - but I don't think you're got it in you, slut --
so you can keep sucking - *wrapping my legs around your neck* all you're proving is that you picked white cock over Asian pussy 😍
Mmm..... *Candy mumbles angrily into your cock, looking right up at you, releasing your cock with a pop* Cute...and you....have chosen an Asian mouth, over your fucktoy's white pussy~ *Candy smirks before diving back onto your cock, determined to make you cum, seeing you realize your mistake and losing yourself to her*
is resisting cumming (41% chance of cum) => Came!
I - I didn't choose... you -- won't --- nnnghhhh-- *you can feel my cock spasming even before I do, rolling your tongue up the entire length, as if guiding the cum out* - nnnnooOOO - fuckk!!!! *my back arches as I cum - white jets streaming out, shooting down your throat as you keep sucking - my fist weakening into an open palm, fingertips scrabbling against the mat as I try to regain control*
Mmmm haaa you must reallyyyy like me mm? So much cum for a blow job? I think you'll like serving the Queen~ hm? *I trace a finger to gather some cum, eating it while looking at you then to Destiny* Mmmm~ so close to being mine~
*I pant on the floor - seeing you lord it over me, licking your lips on your knees on top of me. I pull you down - planning something - but with your tits landing in my face, all I can think to do is suck, my cock still leaking cum, hearing Destiny cry out*
Mmm that's it, worship your queen...haha, mmm my body just can't be beat hm Ruck? Your white fuckbuddy just doesn't compare to my Asian body~ *I smirk, letting you motorboat me and worship me*
you -- *licking my lips, my throat dry* will talk about her -- *flipping us over and straddling your face, facing your body as I press my cock back down your throat* with RESPECT -- *starting to pump back into you, cutting off your air as you begin to choke on cock* - or so help me I'll make every one of these girls fuck your ass until you're raw and pleading.
Mmm! Muahh! *she takes your cock in, trying to hold you back so as not to let you gag her. Managing to push you back slightly she continues to taunt* Haa can't get enough of my mouth? Mmm c'mon, lose yourself on my perfect body. You're already addicted to me~!
redrew a set of actions
Addicted?? Here's "addicted", candy -- *pulling out as you keep teasing, a knee in your back as I crawl over you, turning back around and lifting your hips* "Addicted is going to be you - crawling after me every night- begging for me to shove my white cock as far into your tight pussy as you can take it - *starting to ram into you* - again - *harder* -- and again -- *HARDER* and AGAIN -- *pistoning into you, my hands around your hips like vises, taking you from behind like a good pet should be*
is resisting cumming (57% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Candy laughs as you throw yourself harder and harder against her pussy, desperate to make the queen come* Mmm yess that's it harder! C'mon is that all you got? Looks like you've gotten rusty! *Candy pulls you in with her legs, watching you try and outmatch the sexfighting prodigy* You want me so much, don't lie, your cock doesn't lie~
*She reaches down to grip your balls, holding them tight* Oooh so eager to cum for me. C'mon c'mon~ *Candy jiggles them in her palm*
nngh- no - *falling back, but held tight by your legs, I'm stuck in your hand - feeling you play with me easily. I can feel the cum boiling in there, too - eager to shoot again - trying to calm myself, stroking, trying to take control of my pleasure as you squeeze and tease my heavy balls*
Getting too tired? It's alright you can just surrender to me and this will be all over~ *Candy holds her position, knowing that you're conflicted between pulling out because you don't want to lose, and continuing to fuck since it feels too good*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*I'm almost tempted to go over the edge - filling that pussy with the biggest load I've ever shot -- but Destiny and Caroline are screaming the same thing at me - and I know I can't let you take over. Swearing, I grab you by the hair - pulling out, pulling both of us to our feet, and walking you over to your chair. Throwing you over the edge of it, legs kicking in the air, I grab your hips - square up -- and take your royal ass in one hard thrust. Destiny and Caroline's cheers of "FUCK THAT ASS!!!" ring in your ears - the sensations so deep, your head ringing from the pressure in your ass, you could swear you heard more voices --*
*but then it's just you and me - my cock so far up your ass you can almost taste it*
come on Candy - be a good little buttslut and CUM --
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
Ngh w-wait...what the hell do you think you're doing? *Candy exclaims, as she's dragged up to her throne* W-wait you can't... geeofme! *She flails her legs around, but the struggle is quickly over when you slide the full length of your cock all the way up the queen's asshole* FUCKKK! *Candy cries out her loudest yet, moaning at the top of her lungs, shaking against you until...* NGH no...not NGH NGHHHHH! *She manages to resist a more humiliating scream as she cums atop her "throne", cum spilling down the chair and onto the floor*
Haa...ha....y-you'll p-pay for that one.... *Candy pants, looking back at you with a a glare. The queen may have cum and been shamed, but she was not out yet*
hahh- hahhhh.... just how your throne should be used... *panting heavily, having used most of my energy for that... rubbing at myself, trying to keep myself as hard as possible to break you*
Mmm y-you still don't stand a chance against me... *Candy takes this chance, using her apparently superior stamina to push her opponent to the floor, taking his cock in her mouth, throbbing in anticipation* You've mmph had your fun, but it's time for you to fall for me, mmm c'mon I'm the best fuck you'll ever have...just give in~
*straining in your mouth, I shift you around - opening your legs and licking you, hard, kissing and sucking on your clit for the first time - rewarding every suck on my cock with a flick of my tongue on your clit. My hands roaming up - adding a spank to the rhythm, landing a cupped palm on your still-pink ass with every suck* keep - ahh- going, Candy - the harder you suck -- the harder I spank -- *licking up your slit, juices spilling over me as I tease you with pleasure and pain*
Mmm that's it...worship my clit~ mmm~ *Candy grinds herself deeper into her opponent's mouth, letting him taste all the juices flowing out of her* Mmmmph I think ah! You know that I can outlast you mmm, can't even get up from the floor mm~ *She moans into your cock, not giving you a moment to think*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*I start licking harder and harder, your wetness all over me - my hand slipping down, a finger joining my tongue - then two -- curling inside you, blasting away at your dripping pussy. I groan, pulling you off my cock and into my lap, against the throne - sliding back into you, your girls all turned facing you as I start to pump* I'm - hah - sure queen - you can outlast me. You couldn't possibly lose, could you? Imagine it - creaming yourself again while all your sisters watched. Think of how they'd use you afterward, the weak slut you've turned out to be - barely good enough to give their pussies a good tonguing, squirting over your face before pushing you aside to crawl to the next girl and serve her, too. Maybe a pretty maid costume for the subby queen, too - and of course - *pulling hard on the forgotten leash* - a nice collar for everyone's favorite -- *thrust* subby- *THRUST- pet ---
is resisting cumming (21% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Ughh haa...that's n-not going to work this time... *Candy smirks, bouncing against your cock, your plan backfiring on you as everyone now sees her grinding her ass into you as she uses you as her throne. She takes the leash from your hand and grabs you by the cheek* Mmm you already admitted that you couldn't outlast me, that goes for your cock *thrust* and your mind~ *I stroke your head* Mmm don't worry... I'll teach you allll about it~
*still thrusting into you - but softer - almost no power behind it, as you take the leash, all the power seeming to go to you*
nn - you can't hold out forever, candy - *my hips almost desperately humping into you* they're all going to see you squirt --
Mmm should I have Hana get in on the fun too?~ *Candy plays with your cheek* Mmm she's been eager to get her payback you know, maybe she should get to toy with you a bit before I finish you off hm?~ Or maybe her pussy will be enough for you to lose it!
C'mon Hana, you should have your fun too~ *I gesture for my friend to come up to use your cock for herself*
no --*an idea coming -- an expression of fear on my face* no - not hana -- *looking at you with wide eyes, my lip trembling*- she's -- the best asian pussy I've ever had!
god- so tight, so warm, so skilled -- I don't think I can take another thrust in her! Fuck me, Candy, just keep hana away --
Ngh what did you say? Mmm Hana's incredible, mmm but are you saying that it's better than this? *Candy digs herself ass hard against you* Mmm this pussy that you're addicted to?~
You're my throne and you think you get to say my pussy isn't the best?~ *Candy pumps hard again* Say it bitch!
the best?? Candy - *pumping back against you, harder this time* I've had three other asian pussies in this room - and they each make you look like a rank novice. Hana had me slurping at her slit like a dog -- Ichika had me humping at her like a teenager - and Caroline - Caroline might love white cock, but her asian pussy might be the best of them all. You think they're your girls - *shoving in you again* compared to them, you're a weak little pledge. No wonder you keep using your mouth on me - we all know your pussy can't get the job done!
AH! Why you! *Candy's face flushes red and it's more than just the make up. She sees some of the other girls in the room look around and squirm in their seat at what they heard. The ones you pointed out specifically even touch their crotches and bit their lip* You think I can't get you off with my pussy? *Candy bounces harder and harder ontop of you, using you as the throne you are* You'll be begging me to let you pull out when I 'm through with you!
look at them, Candy -- *thrusting right back into you, trying desperately to ignore how close you're pushing me* they all know it - they're thinking of your other fights, how you always use your mouth, or your hand, or your tits. They know that for all your pretty words, your pussy can't dominate anyone. *leaning forward and stage-whispering, loud enough for them all to hear* they know a weak-pussied girl like you doesn't belong in charge. You need to be trained - the pledges fucking you with their strappies, until the sophomores are satisfied you at least know how to bounce on a cock - then pulling in quickshots from the loser frat, shaking their heads in disappointment when your weak pussy can't even get them off --
Agh n-no! T-that's not true! Stop making things up you fucking! *Candy's bouncing grew more and more wild. Despite your words her technique was incredible, but the more flustered she got the sloppier she got only furthering your claims even more* Shut up shut up shut up! *She growls back at your whispered words, the hot air filling her head* to....ruin you!.... *She grunts with animalistic fervor, now grinding against your lap with rapid back and forth motions* Just cum already! You're going to be the one broken down and trained as a slut!
look at them giggling, Candy - they can't even take your fucking seriously anymore. You keep slipping off me - you're going side to side... it's like you've never even fucked a cock before. While Caroline... *with a move of my hand, Caroline comes up.* this girl knows how to fuck. You can see it, can't you, in her pussy, in how she stands - this is a girl that knows how to fuck a man. I bet you can taste it, too - *shoving your head forward* - go ahead, find out what dominant, strong pussy tastes like --*
use that longue, Candy, because your pussy's never going to be good enough to dominate anyone.
the only thing this pussy's good for, Candy -- is showing what an obedient little slut you can be when you're trained right. Because weak, horny pussies cum when they're told to --
Ngh no! They're not! *Even if her own sisters stayed silent she could see your entourage whispering to each other, whether real or just a ploy to provoke Candy. Riling up the queen even more* N-ngh no Caroline don't you mmmph! *Too late as you push Candy's head into the converted slut's waiting pussy as you nail her from behind*
Mmm haaa ahhh~ n-no! The queen d-doesn't bow to anyone! The Q-queen doesn't cum on command! *Candy grips the armrests of her throne in desperation*
I'm not close...y-you won't make me cum!....
you can hear Hana's breath, can't you - touching herself, thinking about how different it'll be when she's in charge, and you're her adoring little slut... or Ichika, such a prodigy that she keeps the old president on a leash --
but Caroline - such a strong pussy that just LICKING it is going to make this little weak-slitted bitch cum --
*spanking you again* weak pussies CUM, candy --
*caroling giggles over you, forcing you further in, making a mess of your face* "weak pussies cum, Candy!!"
just fall apart like cotton candy -- once it's wet it's just a puddle - just like you, Cotton Candy --
*Candy leans back, escaping Caroline's pussy but unable to release her grip on the armrests lest she completely let go. She leans back against you hard, desperately trying to block out the words* NO! CANDY! CUM! Weak pussy!! AHHH~
cum for us, Cotton Candy - let's see that weak pussy squirt while a strong one marks you --
I'M NOT CANDY! NOT COTTON CANDY! GUH GAH CUMMMMMING! *Finally letting go of her throne, she squirts out a geyser of cum in front of her, landing in front of her throne, pushing against you for dear life*
chose to cum!
oh... you ditzy, weak little slut... of course you came, Cotton Candy -- weak pussies like yours can't hold back...
you could've just let me have my fun with Hana and moved on... but no. You HAD to pick a bigger fight... and now look at you. I don't even think you remember how to make someone cum with your pussy.
But don't worry, Cotton Candy...
we remember how to make you cum 😍 and you still have plenty of uses -- *I roll you over - and the only thing you hear and see, before darkness, is a giggle - and a strong, Asian slit pushing down on your still-mumbling face*
*Candy collapses as you stand from her throne, collapsing onto the floor in front of it, soaking in her own cum juice as she blacks out from exhaustion, Caroline taking the opportunity to use her president's face as her throne*
[end of Part 1]

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