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Music Studio: Kara's Surprise Visit

On this special edition of the Music Studio... rockstar Aleda was in the middle of decorating his music studio for Christmas, one cold December night, and who shows up? None other than the goth Kara! They do a bit of catching up... NOTE: Contains references to past lore between the two.

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--Will be listing music here I'm listening to irl.
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*moves around the room setting up Christmas decorations as music plays over the stereo*
*kicks the door open*
I swear if you're a repor--oh? *blinks in astonishment* Oh... shit~
*lights up a cigarette* Hi, sucker
And you're a sucker too you know~ *huggles you and kisses you on the forehead since there's a cig in your mouth*
*smirks and hugs you back* Missed me, rockstar?
Wow... at least, I can tell you're not a reporter from such a weak ass question~ *chuckles* Well, of fuckin' course, Kara!~ Haven't seen you since... that random visit in September
Been busy. Shady business. *grins at you before dragging from her cigarette, holding the smoke inside her mouth and pulling you in for a deep kiss, releasing the smoke into your mouth*
Heh... sounds like something you'd be involved in, but... hey, you're here now *As we kiss, I exhale some of the smoke you send into my mouth through the tiniest gaps, but most of the space is sealed off from our lips touching like this after so long. My hand strokes the back of your head and traces along the scarf that I gave you months ago*
*She grabs you by the shirt and pulls you even closer, enjoying the taste of your mouth, kissing you almost wildly, in a way you would recognize to be hers and hers only. Then, she pulls back, the signature rope of saliva still connecting your lips after that sloppy and wet kiss* Heh... missed this, as well.
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*This... this feeling... this action... this kiss... it's almost nostalgic from how long it's been! Even if my eyes were closed this whole time, I could tell it was you just from the almost animalistic nature of the kiss. It eventually ends at some point with the signature evidence present--that wet rope that connects our mouths. I slowly blink as my tongue reaches out for it, and then I smirk afterward* Well, some things remain constant, yeah?~ *My eyes are drawn to the scarf* Wow! It's in very good shape~
((Don't worry, I'll hold back from getting too carried away lmao))
*Cigarette still in her hand, she brings it to her lips, dragging and puffing out a little cloud of smoke, secretly trying to calm down her increaded heartrate.* We could say so. *She grins, giving you a nice look head to toe, before you change the subject.* Of course it is, it's a gift after all and i have to treat it well.
*I poke a finger into the small cloud of smoke and whirl it around as if trying to see if it will turn into something akin to a whirlpool just for shits and giggles. You inspecting me wasn't too obvious, and I also gave a you a good glance over at the same time with silent approval before...* Well, I'm you'll be glad to know I've been keeping your uh... special thing~ In good shape as well~ *I tug my scarf off a bit to the side and you catch a hint of something shiny underneath... it's part of the choker you gave to me during that rather... rough... encounter a long time ago*
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*She gives you a toothy grin, walking over towards you and sliding her hand under your scarf.* Ohh, I'm glad to hear that, of course. Who knows, maybe one of these days the idea of attaching a leash to it will caress my mind. *She stares deep into your eyes and grabs the choker around your neck with two fingers, pulling you one inch from her face.* So things didn't change, huh? *She pauses for a moment, even looking away* Between us, I mean.
*I curiously watch as your hand itself sneaks underneath my scarf and then I blush and stammer after hearing a certain comment of yours* K-Kara? You. Um. Uh. Leash? W-what? Uhm. *This slightly humorous pattern continues even as you look intently at me with those almost ghost like eyes of yours, and then I'm slightly returned to reality as you yank me closer to you... almost as if we could kiss once again. I blink in slight confusion from your words and your face turning away* Wha--Kara! Are you annoyed or some... shit? Besides seeing you that one random September day, we had that uh... intense night at the radio station just before you left. What's your deal?
*She looks delighted at your reaction, your flushed cheeks making her giggle as she shoots you a look that could almost let you intend the intentions behind her comment, even more detailedly. Then, her expression changes again, she sighs.* I... I just mean... You and I. Maybe it's not the best time to talk about this, but... What are we, exactly? Aside from you being my pegging slut and me your mistress. *She would chuckle at her own joke, trying to make the discussion less heavy.*
*After listening to what you have to say, I take a few deep breaths and calm down a bit* Ah... I see. *My eyes dart away for a brief second...* So, basically, you're saying you're a... yandere?~ *I look at you in a brief awkward silence before gradually letting out a soft chuckle that seems to compliment you chuckling at your own joke just now as well* Heh~ Hey, Kara~ *One hand of mine gently caresses your cheek* If there's something you feel we need to talk about, we can always do so. I don't know if it's something you want to talk about here, or maybe later at a bar or something, but we can certainly do that. I will say this though... when I said I love you the night before you left... I meant it, and I missed your presence even though I knew you had a personal quest to take care of... *I let out a sigh and softly smile at you**
*She closes her eyes for a moment as you caress her cheek, a little smile curving her lips, painted in black lipstick as her usual. She would listen to everything you have to say, nodding her head slightly.* Well... you should already know that... such feeling is mutual, no? But I feel like we should talk about it to make things clearer, maybe we can meet at a bar or whatever... *her phone rings, she grabs it out of her pocket and briefly glances at it.* I should go now. But I want to talk about this. You're free to decide when and where, you just have to inform me when you have decided so I can be there... As for now... *She leans in to your lips, planting a kiss that has a bittersweet flavor.* I should go. *She lets go of your choker and turns around, simply walking out of the studio, her scent only thing left of her to you now.*
*I nod at your response* Of course, my dear Kara~ *I smile as I play around with your hair before you plant a kiss on me that has quite the distinctive flavor* Well, you're a busy one, so we'll meet up again at a later point~ Bye for now, love~ *I say as you're almost completely out the door with your scent flowing toward me*
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