Sunny the Fennec Fox VS Eggo, Karina's Love : History listed publicly (50 turns)

Two Foxes One Egg

Sunny and Akane are simple folk. We don't want much out of life. Good food, good company, and to prove we can be stronger than a single egg. Noble goals, and more importantly possible only when we are together. Read on to see how we fall apart at the touch, getting so close to our victory, and how we fall... The egg is our want. The egg is our need. The egg owns us.

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Here I be
Hey big booty
Oh am I wrong?
Hmphh you just want us fighting over you e.e
Yes, yes I do
How perceptive~
alright, so light rp, i start
Sounds good, though I may struggle with light seeing as I have to interact with two people
And you may also struggle, for playing two people
*You were invited by Sunny to her Shrine for a "surprise", or something like that, as she said. Once you knock on the door, you didn't find Sunny's usual bright smile welcoming you, but instead, a grumpy pout.*
*The red haired kitsune looks up at you, then starts inspecting you head to toe.* And who you might be? *She mutters in a low voice.*
*I find myself surprised at Sunny's expression, given the urgency and excitement the letter suggested. Turning to Akane, I look her up and down, before offering her my hand.* I'm Eggo, a friend of Sunny's. I didn't expect from the letter that I would find myself in such fine company
(the grumpy face was Akane's not Sunny's xD sorry i wrote that bad)
(Ahhhh okay)
(I'll rewrite)
*Confusion spreads across Eggo's face as an unfamilar one greets them. "I thought I knew everyone at the shrine" I think to myself. I take out the letter addressed to me in Sunny's handwriting and pass it to the woman standing before me.* I am a friend of the Shrine Maiden Sunny, she requested my presence for some kind of surprise*
*Akane grabs the letter, reading through it before sighing* Yes, I suppose you're right. *She steps aside, gesturing to you to go inside.* Sunny's in her bedroom, waiting for you. You must sure know the way, don't you?
Thank you *I say softly, smiling at the Kitsune.* Eggo is my name, I didn't catch yours. *My head turning from side to side down the corridors, I blush a little and turn to say.* Actually, I don't... Sunny and I have never spent any time in her bedroom
*She sighs once more, walking past you and showing you the way to Sunny's bedroom* Ohh really? I would've bet one of my tails that you two slept together. *She still looks grumpy, even when she giggles.* Akane, by the way. *She simply mumbles while opening the door of Sunny's bedroom.*
*Sunny is laying on the bed with a little smirk on her face, looking at you with hungry eyes as soon as you enter the room. She slowly takes off the top of her kimono and throws it at you, sticking her tongue out in a playful way* Oh, hello Eggy tehee!
You still have a chance to bet it if you dare. *I join her in giggling, walking by her side, trying not to clumsily press against her as I try to follow. Hardly do I have a chance to look inside before being hit in the face by something, blinded by it.* Hello my old friend. I haven't seen you since the waterfall
*You hear Sunny's clear giggle, and as the shirt falls on the floor you can now see her wearing a rather sexy lingerie set. She pats the spot next to her on the bed, as to invite you in* Did you like my surprise? Tehee!
*As you walk further into the room, you hear the door being closed behind you. You tilt your head just to check, and find Akane inside of the room as well.*
*Leaving the kimono top outside of the room, I step towards Sunny, undoing the top few buttons of my shirt. Instead of sitting beside Sunny, I rest my foot on her thighs at first, separating them as I slowly push my foot higher, pulling out just before touching her panties. As I nudge her chest with my foot, I can't help but let out a little laugh and sit next to her.* This is a very welcome surprise, but I can't help but notice you have brought a friend. Is this you telling me you want to be cucked again?
Huh? Cucked? *She pouts a little, but still lets you do whatever you want with her, in a quite submissive manner, as her face gets progressively flushed.* S-she's just here to watch, and who knows, helping me to defeat you *Another clear giggle comes past her lips.*
*The other girl takes a couple steps, stopping only when she's behind you. You hear her low voice whisper into your ear.* Already fantasizing about me, sir? *She murmurs, as her sweet lips caress your lobe*
So you admit you need help? *I giggle, not bothering to mention how I had never cucked Sunny before. That line had only been for Akane's benefit. My skin tingles as Akane speaks.* Give me a reason to and I'll tell you exactly what the fantasy is~
Until then, I just want to see this cute little fox blush
*The fox leans in to nibble on your ear, you can feel her pointy fangs poking your skin, her warm tongue licking a small portion of it as her hands move around your chest, hugging you from behind*
Me? Help? With all the good stuff I already have at my disposal? *She smirks, cupping her own breasts with her little hands, making them jiggle* Tehee! Not a chance! I just wanted to see if you could handle two foxes at once hehe!
Oh... mmmmm..... I have some ideas of how to handle you both. *I bend over, teasing Akane with the sight of my peach as I smirk at Sunny.* If the two of you are willing to play along that is
*Sunny would lean towards you, smiling with a little mischievious aura around her. She goes in for a kiss, pushing her sweet lips on yours, all the while wiggling her butt as she lifts it up in the process, just to tease you.*
*Akane promptly follows Sunny's moves, kneeling next to you while her hands move towards your pants, caressing the fabric while moving upwards, her tail swinging slowly behind her*
(Perfect timing for this move)
*I lean down to caress Akane back, gently playing with her chest over her clothes, slowly pulling her top further and further down until her breasts are exposed.*
You'll do well first *I smirk, clamps coming out from my fingertips over each of her nipples. As my attention turns to Sunny, the chains of the clamps extend, and as my lips press against Sunny's, the other ends of each clamp latch around her nipples. The two girls connected to eachother by two chains, two chains that are slowly shrinking.*
*Sunny moves immediately to get closer to Akane, in order not to have her nipples pulled by the clamps, crawling on her knees towards you.* D-dirty tricks as usual... but we know some as well... *She smirks and looks at her fox friend.*
*Even as Sunny moves closer, the chains continue to shrink*
*Akane nods towards Sunny and pulls down your pants and underwear, as the two of them move in closer, beginning to play with your tip with their warm lips*
That's an alright trick *I chuckle as the chains each reach a length of only an inch. I moan softly, to make sure you both know you are doing a good job, as I rest my hands on your tits, softly pushing them away from eachother*
(If you want to pick 1 or 2 I can help)
(yeah if you could help for 2 it would be nice)
*To tease the two of you even further, I focus on both of your panties, though only able to find a single pair between you both. As Sunny's panties begin to vibrate softly at the touch, the air in and around Akane's pussy seems to vibrate intensely*
*Sunny begins to slide your cock past her soft warm lips, playing with her tongue around the tip, coating it in saliva and muffling little moans as she feels the vibrations of her panties. She swings her legs closed, trying to resist the sensation* M-mphhmmm!!
*While Sunny's focused on the tip, Akane begins eagerly licking the rest of the length, occasionally chomping on it with her lips, saliva beginning to drool all over it. She soon feels the vibrations reach her as well, but her reaction is more muffled and composed than Sunny's. She just blushes and pouts at you, still softly chomping on your length.*
Oh Sunny, you have brought someone strong. *I chuckle as I turn the dial up on Sunny's vibrations to match Akane's, putting more pressure on each girl to see how they break as I smile and let myself fall back into the pleasure they give me. My legs spread wider for them*
*Sunny lets the tip of your cock slide out of her mouth, panting a little, before leaning in to give you a soft kiss on the lips, whispering onto them* You have no idea how strong she is... hehe... but not more than me, of course *She sticks her tongue out and then licks your lips before resuming the kiss*
*As soon as Sunny's lips leave your cock, Akane takes her place, beginning to suck gently, yet eagerly, bobbing her head up and down while her hand strokes the rest of the length. Both the girls seem to squirm a little from the intensitiy of the vibrations, but they're not giving in just yet.*
*I decide to overplay my part, using Sunny's kiss to muffle loud moans as I pull her in closer, and thrust back to Akane's rhythm, my body begging out for more*
You knew just what I wanted Sunny... *I let my magic begin to shorten the two clamps again*
*Sunny gets pulled into your passionate kiss, returning it with the same eagerness, coiling your tongue around yours, her hands resting on your shoulders as she pants a little, before letting out a small squeak as the chain linking the clamps gets shorter than before. She looks into your eyes, and you recognize that look on her face: she can't wait anymore.*
*After a while of sucking, Akane gets up and lifts Sunny up, sliding her panties to the side with her soft fingers. She begins to move Sunny's body to make her slit grind against your shaft, then her other hand guides your cock inside of Sunny, as she starts licking and nibbling on her neck, not before letting out a little moan by the pull of the clamps*
*I lift my torso up until my chest is pressed against Sunny's, the clamps pulling her tits to each side as they become as short as can be. Lifting Akane's chin, I kiss her over Sunny's shoulder, moaning into her lips every dirty movement that Sunny makes against me. With a hand on her neck, she can feel something begin to lightly constrict around it.*
*Sunny can't help but moan, rolling her eyes back in bliss, as she begins to ride your cock slowly, her pace still controlled by Akane's hands on her hips. She feels her neck getting wrapped by your hand, and she lets out another soft squeak, keeping to move at a slow pace, her walls squeezing you tightly*
*Akane gives in to the kiss, letting your tongue explore her mouth, as she tries her best to keep Sunny's pace slow and controlled. She gently bites your lip, while one of her hands shifts down to begin tease Sunny's clit, making her squirm and moan.*
*I let my cock begin twitching wildly inside Sunny, though my moans to Akane are all genuine at this point, as my hand slips into her clothing only to be assured she did not come wearing panties. I try my best to copy her movements on Sunny, teasing her in hopes of feeling her moans on my lips.*
*Sunny pants and huffs, her moans becoming more and more high pitched as she becomes needy and begins mumbling, asking for more.* N-nhhh... f-faster... g-give Sunny more... kyaa... *She whispers while tilting her head slightly to look both at you and Akane, giving her best desperate puppy look. As she feels your shaft slide in and out, more and more love juices drool all over you.*
*Akane keeps moving her fingers slowly, gently flicking Sunny's clit, rubbing it, simply teasing it. As your hand slips in between her legs, she gives you a little sly smirk: she did not wear panties, in fact. As your hand moves on her slit, she barely lets out a little moan, but nothing more: she seems harder to please, or to break, than Sunny*
*I hook my feet around Akane's legs so that I can lift my hips from the bed, turning Sunny's slow thrusts into a desperate grinding. As if ignoring Sunny's cries, I kiss the tip of Akane's smirk and smile.* It seems like you're built differently Akane, I like that. I'm sure we could both make Sunny very desperate together, what do you say?
*Sunny seems to whine more at your words, worried that you two might team up together against her* N-nooo... Akane be Sunny's friend, not yours.. nghhh... *She pouts while breaking free from Akane's grasp and beginning to bounce wildly on you, growing more and more desperate for that sweet friction, trying to please herself as much as she can until you let her do so*
*Akane stares into your eyes, licking her lips.* Ohh... you said it, though, I'm built differently... so that also means I'm not easy to bribe. What do you offer, Eggo? Why should I turn my back to Sunny? Look at her, so desperate... so needy... why should I deny her what she wants? Just because you think it's fun? *She tilts her head, staring right through you*
(Well if that's what you want...)
(Let's GO!)
(Two feet for two pussys)
(Sigh, where's Kara when you need her)
(In another universe xP)
Well, I never said we would deny her the fun, just show her what she is missing out on. And isn't a rest exactly what she wants. To tag out so that I can get closer to orgasm, so that I can be defeated? We just lay you down on top of her, and she can enjoy every noise and every expression you can muster...
(Where's Sunny's mum when you need her...)
*Akane stops to think for a second, her hand still on Sunny's hip as she bounces relentlessly on you, more needy than ever.* Well... I wouldn't sacrifice myself for her, that's for sure. But you're welcome to try me, if you think I can't handle you. *She smirks once again.*
*I stop Sunnys hips, wiping the precum from my tip over her clit as I smirk at Akane. * Very well, stand up and face eachother, Sunny with her back to the bed.
*Sunny whimpers, whining as soon as you stop her, looking up at you like the most desperate puppy.* N-nghhh... nhhh... nooo... *She mumbles grinding herself against your cock, trying to get more, begging you to resume* Please....
*Akane slowly pushes Sunny with her back against the bed, kissing her to muffle her whining and begging, resting with her boobs pressed against Sunny's. Then, after a long sloppy kiss with the fennec, she tilts her head backwards, giving you a challenging look* Your turn, Eggo. *She simply says, before resuming making out with Sunny to quiet her cry*
*I begin to tease Akane's hole with the tip, only pushing in just enough to stretch her the smallest amount, as I create another link between the pair: Two clit clamps with a very short chain connecting them. All of the clamps begin to vibrate, to the level of how desperate the other person is.*
I'm interested to see how the two of you will compare. *I smirk, pulling Akane's hips into the air to reach more easily, bringing Sunny's hips up by the clamp too. I bring a single index finger lightly down Akane's spine, before pulling her hips hard into mine, and give her the hard fucking that Sunny wanted.*
(Sometimes a move takes a lot of set up :P )
(lol no worries xD)
*Sunny suddenly grabs Akane's face, cupping her cheeks with her hands to pull her into a lewd kiss, moaning and whining in her mouth, their tongues dancing together into Sunny's mouth as both their hips are pulled up. She wags her tail furiously, breaking the kiss with a rope of saliva still linking their lips before descending towards Akane's neck, beginning to lick it and nibble on it, trying to please her and return the favor*
*Akane muffles a moan into Sunny's kiss, her hole twitching a little around your cock, her hips springing up as soon as you pull her onto your cock. You couldn't see that, but her eyes rolled back just slightly, as she lets out a little pant onto Sunny's lips, more and more juices leaking from her pussy, but her moans are not nearly as loud as Sunny's.*
(I find it interesting that Sunny is moaning so loud, when she is being vibrated to Akane's desperation :P)
(Sunny is a noisy one xD)
(And perhaps Akane is more desperate than she is letting on)
(You'll never know owo)
*I keep the rhythm going, forcing Akane's hips to move with me so that the chain between the girls clits is always pulling tightly in new ways.* Tell us Sunny, does Akane look like you should be jealous of her?
*Sunny's desperation grows more and more, as she sees Akane getting the fuck she deserved in the first place, a tiny bit of jealousy kicking in as well as she gives you a little pout* Y-yes... s-she does sir... nghh... NGHHHH!! *She suddenly shoves her head into the pillow behind her nape, gritting her teeth to muffle yet another loud moan, her ears pointing down and twitching while her face turns completely red.*
*Despite not letting anyone realize it, Akane is quite enjoying it, slightly moving her hips towards you each time you thrust back, feeling Sunny's desperation send shivers and jolts of pleasure across her body. And as Sunny lets out that loud moan, a whispered one comes past Akane's lips. She promptly starts fondilng Sunny's breasts, playing with her nipples in order to distract her.* Hush... *She whispers onto her lips*
*I smirk as if I have something to hide, while my thrusts begin to slow down. My cock begins to twitch like mad inside of Akane, throbbing with every movement as I ask.* And Sunny, how strong would you say those vibrations are?
*Sunny seems to be quite distracted by Akane's skilled fingers, her stiff nipples sending little tingles of pleasure. She shakes her head, trying to focus on your question and answer without being interrupted by her own moans* U-uhh... n-nghhh... v-very intense... nhhh.... kyaaahhh...
Tell me again in a moment. You'll know when. *I slap Akane's ass in approval, then slowly begin to thrust into her again. But something is different this time. Something is poking into her ass hole too. Something just as big. Just as wide. Soaked in lube. And stretching her wider than she might ever have known before.*
(Last part open for artists interpretation of course)
*Akane's eyes widen as she grabs the bedsheets and let bites hard on her own lip not to scream, squinting her eyes while both her holes shrink, her body tensing up, her tail stiffening.* G-ghhh..!!
*I stroke Akane's stiffened tails as she gets used to the sensation*
*Sunny would suddenly scream in pleasure as you take both Akane's holes, digging her fingernails into her back and panting hard* KYAAAAHHH! S-SO INTENSE! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! NGHHHH! *She begins squirming under Akane, wrapping her legs around Akane and behind your back, pushing you even deeper inside of her*
*Akane starts to relax a little after a few seconds, still panting hard, pressing her forehead on Sunny's*
*Giving Akane a few more seconds after she relaxes, I keep stroking her tail softly.* There's a good girl, let Sunny express all your need for you. *I smirk, before holding onto the tail tightly, using it as a lever as I take Akane hard and deep with every thrust, expanding my cocks further to the point I think is her limit.*
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
(What did you hope for?)
(Or are you saying you are sad?)
*Sunny doesn't stop squirming for a second, pushing you with her legs behind your back to further increase Akane's pleasure and desperation, and so her own pleasure. She pulls her into another kiss, using her hands to pet her ears, playing with them as they twitch, little moans being muffled into her mouth.*
(a special ofc, i rolled twice xD)
*Akane's pale cheeks turn red in a matter of seconds, as she continues holding back her moans and pants, but her body doesn't lie, nor does Sunny. Her pussy and ass twitch and convulse around you, she just gives in to Sunny's kiss, drooling in her mouth and panting in it while she lets you use both her holes as you please*
*I stare down at the two girls, wondering what it might take to finally break Akane's tight lips, when an idea comes over me.*
(Option 1 would help the rp, but it's down to you)
(I was going for it anyway)
(my turn or you still have to type?)
(Your go, I really didn't have much to say this time)
*Sunny slowly slides her hand in between Akane's legs, beginning to move her fingers along her slit, teasing her clit gently, with circular motions, still not breaking the kiss, moans and squeals muffled into her mouth.*
*Akane promptly replies to Sunny's move, sliding one of her hands in between her legs as well. As her soft fingers tease her eager hole, she slowly slides them inside, beginning to move them in and out while still panting hard onto Sunny's lips, her tongue dancing with hers, the kiss getting way more sloppy and passionate than before as the sounds of their making out come to your ears*
(You know what, it is actually perfect)
*As Akane fingers Sunny, she feels her hand be pulled to the side, and to each of Sunnys holes a slight pressure forms. Two cock pushing against her, stretching out her entrances ever threatening to go deeper but never pushing in*
*I look down expectantly at the back of Akane's head, seeing if making Sunny this desperate will finally part Akane's lips in earnest*
*Sunny widens her eyes and begins moving her hips more eagerly than ever, her pussy spitting love juices and forming a little wet spot beneath her on the bed, her desperation skyrocketing as she cries out breaking once more the kiss* P-please... please... please... Sunny begs... Sunny be a good girl... please... beg.. please.. Sunny begging... imploring... please please please...
*Akane feels a true shockwave of pleasure as soon as Sunny starts squirming underneath her, having her holes teased. And so she tilts her head back and arches her back, finally giving in, finally screaming from the bottom of her lungs, in pleasure, her holes tightening to the impossible around you*
*With Akane finally broken, I thrust deep into the two of you, all four holes at once. I moan gutterally, becoming an animal as I show Akane just how hard Sunny likes it, with rough hip breaking thrusts.*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
*Sunny cries out, totally lost in pleasure, gripping onto Akane's shoulders, as she doesn't seem to resist more than a bunch of seconds, due to the previous stimulation, and ends up squirting all over you and Akane, tilting her head back and curling her toes, her tail stiffening, her loud screams echoing throughout the Shrine*
*Akane, not much differently from Sunny, begins sobbing in pleasure, still a little more quietly than Sunny though.* N-nghh! Ahh... nhh... oh g-gooood... *She mumbles among the moans and little mewls of pleasure, lasting a little more than Sunny, but surely reaching an orgasm just as powerful as her fellow fox, if not stronger. Her body begins shaking and convulsing, she arches her back as her tail stiffens similarly to Sunny's, before she collapses over the passed out fox as well, panting hard.*
*I leave my cocks in the girls as they ride out their orgasms, feeling the aftershocks flow through them both, before I pull out and watch the two cuties pant, slowly regaining their energy*
Such sweet little things... *I say, still admiring the two of you, walking around the bed to see both of your satisfied expressions.* But I can hardly let you rest for too long. After all, you both have a master to serve now. *I smirk, leaning in to kiss you both together, hit with a pungent smell of sweat from you both.* Now, where were we? *I ask rhetorically, walking back over to your hips and filling every one of your holes again. Though neither of you can be sure, it feels like each cock has grown another inch in both length and girth.*
*Sunny seems to be totally passed out, mind blank, drool leaking from her lips, as her tongue hangs out loose from her slightly parted lips, her cheeks flushed, her eyes closed. Only signal of her being still alive is her heavy breathing, her chest going up and down. Once you push inside of her once again, her body squirms, a little squeak coming out of her lips as she weakly opens one eye to look at you with a begging expression*
*Akane doesn't look at you, not even when you kiss her, maybe too embarrassed, or too proud to admit she had been defeated. She simply rests on Sunny's chest, panting against her breasts, her tail swinging somewhat happily behind her, only to stiffen once more when you push back in.* N-nghh... *she tilts her head towards you, giving a little shy look* c-cum... inside... *she whispers*
I can only assume you speak for both of you Akane. *I say smirking, my cocks all genuinely twitching now as I feel you both clamped down on me.* But how does it feel Akane, knowing you will be full of my seed. Feeling it drip down onto Sunny. Would you let her keep it? Would you want to?
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
I... *Akane blushes a little more, deciding in the end not to reply to your taunt, turning her head back to Sunny and resting her cheek back on her chest, just patiently waiting for you to do as she asked you*
*My moans only grow louder by the second, cocks stiffer and stiffer as I hold on for as long as I can, panting, grunting, groaning for it not to stop here. With a deep thrust pushing into each hole I finally break, unable to hold in the impending orgasm, and feel each cock explode at once. My seed shoots and overfills each hole as I fall forward onto Akanes back, satisfied for the moment*
*Sunny's eyes open wide back again as she feels her womb and ass being flooded with your burning hot seed, she lets out yet another weak moan, wrapping her legs around you and her arms around Akane, her body left without energy, still shaking slightly and occasionally*
*Akane moans as her holes clamp on you, milking every single drop of cum out of you, before she, as well, ends up collapsing on her friend's body, panting, mumbling senseless words, her eyes staring into the void as she's fallen into a blissful paradise, her insides finally full of your seed*
*Leaning over Akane's shoulder, I pull the three of us in for one long, tender, slobbery kiss, half in a moment of quiet satisfaction and half to show you both that I still have the energy to take you both on should I need to.* Mmm girls, is this what you expected when you ambushed me?
M-mphhm... *Sunny gives in to the kiss, letting your three tongues interwine, tasting both of your flavors in her mouth. When the kiss breaks, she looks at you with a little smirk* Y-you think we done? Hmph! You're damn wrong! *She jumps up sat and pokes Akane, still laying down exhausted* Righ? .... Right?
*Akane doesn't really reply to Sunny, too lost into bliss and satisfaction to play along with her silly games. She just looks at you and gives you a little grumpy pout, grabbing your hand and bringing it to the base of her tail, lazily* Scratch... *She mutters what looks like more of an order, than a request*
*I take the order as a request, softly stroking her tails before eventually landing on the spot that she wanted me to scratch, slowly giving her what she needs.* Seems like Akane is out of commission for now Sunny, and you might just be trapped. Even if you weren't beneath her, the two of you are attached and I don't think you'll be able to get her to move no matter how much your nipples pull on hers.
*Sunny pouts a little, still trying to poke Akane's cheek to wake her up, with little result.* Well.. Sunny's thirsty after all of this... *She snaps her fingers and a bottle of saké and three cups appear on the bed. She pours a generous amount of alcohol into each of the cups, offering one to you* Little recharge before we resume our merciless attack!! *She smiles brightly, beginning to gulp down from her cup*
*Akane relaxes under your hand, her tails swinging slowly, as she lazily reaches for her cup, bringing it to her lips to have a little sip. Then, she returns to her peaceful rest, giving you little side looks from time to time.*
*I nod, sipping at the drink as I let the accidental movements of your hips do the work for me, slowly making me hard inside each hole again. I scratch at Akane's tail more, and in a moment of curiousity put down my glass and scratch Sunny in the same spot to see what she does.*
*Sunny's tail stiffens a little as she jumps up, shivering in pleasure, her face melting in a blissful expression* Nghaaaa... yeeeeessss... thereeeee... *She mumbles, relaxing under Akane and snuggling in her arms, letting you do all the hard work while she rests.*
*Akane seems not to appreciate sharing your attentions with Sunny, her tail wraps around the hand that is scratching her to pull it away as she gives you a little pout, still not saying anything*
*Feeling Akane wants more attention, I begin to scratch her with both hands as my hips begin to move slowly and absentmindedly. I'm not even really aware of it as I look down at the two sweethearts and feel my heart warm. "I could get used to this." I think to myself*
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Sunny does feel immediately that your hips resumed to move, she starts reciprocating the motions with her own hips, letting out soft little moans* Nhh... Eggooo... so nice... ahhh... *She mumbles as she keeps moving towards you, enjoying every slow thrust*
*Akane seems to notice a little later what is going on, too much relaxed from your lovely scratches, but then, as mindlessly as you, she starts moving her hips to match your slow thrusts, not making that much of a scene as Sunny is, but surely enjoying it*
*I look confused at Sunny, before coming to my senses and realising my hips were still moving inside them, gently pushing more cum out of each of their holes.* The two of you are just so sweet girls... I could stay like this forever, couldn't you?
*As soon as you think this slow, gentle lovemaking could last forever, Sunny glares at Akane, giving a little tug to her tail.*
*Akane seems to come out of her sleepy state as Sunny tugs on her tail, the two exchange a look.* Alright, I guess it's time... *She sighs and before you could notice it, Akane's hair is white, her tail has become a full nine tails frame, her eyes glowing of a red light. She simply pushes you down, dragging you over the bed. She then climbs on you and presses her clawed hands on your chest, leaning down to sensually whisper in your ear* Ready to get a glimpe of paradise?
*Sunny promptly follows Akane's lead, hopping on you and starting to ride you as fast as she can, her tiny holes twitching around you and squeezing you to the impossible as she giggles and moans, grabbing your hips to move them against hers and make them clash*
*Akane drags you into a lustful kiss, her claws slowly caressing your skin. While Sunny's riding is fast and needy, Akane seems more controlled. Her riding is hard, yes, but she makes sure that each time you hit the back of her holes, you see stars from how much pleasure she's giving you. So much that you're not even sure you could handle the two foxes' assault* Now... give in, dear. *She keeps whispering into your ear, her voice sweet like honey, but still demanding.*
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Came!
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*I lay back and enjoy the worship, not realising it would quickly become my demise. Growing three extra cocks means that all three add to my pleasure, and at this point all four are beginning to fail me. Hearing Akane's words, I pull her down by her collar to look her dead in the eyes, not making a sound as she had tried earlier. My hips begin to take over their rhythms, pushing back until either girl need not move at all. With 6 simple words -* I can do this all day. * - I smirk at Akane and dump my loads into them once again, my hips not skipping a beat as I continue to thrust long after my orgasm fades.*
*As soon as Sunny feels your pleasure making you throb inside of her, she can't really help herself but give in to another orgasm, her whole body shaking as she arches her back and pulls her head back, squealing and moaning loudly, her tail stiffened as she lets you fill her to the brim. She keeps crying out in pleasure as you overstimulate her with your next thrusts, unable to get off of you, but too tired to follow your motions, simply laying on Akane as you keeps going, cum leaking from her convulsing holes.*
*Akane's eyes widen at your words, and for the first time during all this long night of lovemaking, you see her falling into total submission, staring at you with her face twisted in pleasure and bliss, her tongue slightly hanging out from her lips, drooling over your neck as you pulled her closer. As soon as you cum and keep thrusting, some rather cute moans escape her lips, even a squeal! Her ears point down as she continues riding you, giving you a shy, submissive look while she reaches the orgasm as well, before collapsing along with Sunny over your chest, exhausted, filled up. You came first... but did they win really? Who knows... probably not~*
*Even with the two collapsed above me, I do not stop. My mind is awash with ideas for the pair. The two tied together, being forced to watch only one have pleasure while the other remains untouched. Having both crawl across the floor to drink from bowls as I recover between blowjobs. The three of us sharing a bed together, good times, laughing and holding hands? No wait, what was that? The two should be good little servants. Each thrust conveys all these ideas through the night, until several hours, and several more orgasms pass, and I finally find myself needing to rest as the two are resting now*
(Ahhh, the image that inspired this whole adventure)
*After a long night and several more orgasms, Sunny's compeltely passed out, laying by your side, quietly breathing while her arm is wrapped around yours, her head resting on your chest, her tail occasionally swinging as she feels completely happy and satisfied, safe with you, glad to have shared this adventure with you. While she dreams of the many more adventures that await the three of you, she snuggles in, the moon projecting its rays on the little smile on her face as she sleeps*
*Akane ends up being the one who totally gave in, spending the next hours begging and crying out in pleasure as you don't stop for a second fucking her. But once the passion fades, she reveals to be quite the cuddly type. She snuggles up to your chest, from the opposite side, rubbing her cheek on you and planting little kisses on your skin, still making sure that your hand is giving her scratches in that special spot she showed you. As she falls asleep, she does wonder if she has finally found a worthy opponent. Thinking about the great times the three of you had together, she smiles in her sleep, a genuine smile, similar to Sunny's. And as the three of you sleep together, you feel that nothing could go wrong, not until they're both in your arms, not until they share a special feeling for you.*
(Aaaaand scene!)
(And what a scene it was)
(Now all can talk
(*chat unmuted*)
(That was fun to watch )
(*clears throat* As always, thanks to everyone coming in to watch, we do love our audience, I'm grateful to have y'all around here!!)
(Yup, we just didn't want chat to be clogged up as we played)
(Yep yep)
(That's understandable.)
(Hats off to Sunny, for playing two characters so well)
(Fun to watch you all ^-^)
(*rubs back of her head* Tehee >//< i tried my best)
(Very very hot~)
(Thanksie everybody >w<)
(Back to the regular schedule programming, ie fucking in freefall, soon!)
(*crawls back to her slavery corner* yes sir qwq)
(Take Akane with you)
(With the holiday vacation I'm getting I should be able to be around earlier)
(And that's all she wrote folks, hope you all had a good time)
(*nod nod* Cya around lovely people! Closing da room! uwu)

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