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Jackal's Nest Pub

A lower-end pub that manages to maintain a cozy atmosphere, despite it being a little rough around the edges. ![pub](

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Casey extended his hand, pushing open one of the doors to the pub. He stepped through, flagging down the bartender with a wave of his hand before shoving it away in his pocket. Casey slid onto a stool on the end of the bar, pulling out a few bills from his coat pocket and spreading them out on the counter. "Usual, please," he requested, offering a nod to the bartender who gave him one in return before fetching a bottle of liquor and a single glass to go with it. Casey popped the cap off of the bottle, filling his glass as he watched the bartender snatch the bills away from the counter. Casey cleared his throat before raising the glass to his lips, taking a quick look around the pub as the booze burned a path down his throat.
*Inori was sitting on one of the stools in front of the counter, a glass of liquor in front of her as she kept tracing the edges of her cup with her finger. She looked quite bored, and even a little sad, if one would've looked closely. She raises her glass, already a little tipsy -it was her second, that night- before bringing it to her lips and taking a sip. Would it be by chance, her eyes fell on the newcomer, for a brief moment. She looked away, returning to drink her cheap liquor. Then, a little itch started tormenting her head. Did she know that guy? Where had she seen him before?*
Casey's own eyes fell on the lady across the bar from him, remaining on her for only a moment before he too turned back to his drink. He could've sworn she had just been looking at him, if only for the split-second leading up to him getting a look at her. He squinted into his glass, swirling the remainder of the booze in it around as he couldn't shake the feeling that the lady snuck a look at him. He lifted his glass again, managing to snag another peek at the woman before taking down another sip of booze.
*The girl resumed playing with the border of her glass, while thinking. She couldn't be sure of that, but that man sitting across the bar was somewhat familiar. She took another sip from the glass, before trying to peek at him once again, just to be sure. Better safe than sorry, right?* ... huh...? *Her eyes met his, they stared at eachother for a couple of seconds, Inori's eyes the ones of a deer stuck on an oncoming bus. She saw him. She knew him. A flow of terrible thoughts started flooding her mind, she remained paralized for a bunch of seconds. Then, quickly, she downed her drink and left some cash on the counter, standing up and hastily shifting towards the door. But he had seen her... She needed to think fast, her heart started racing into her chest*
Casey knew something was wrong, or that she was bad news, or something along those lines. She'd stood up so fast that if Casey didn't know better, he'd wager there was a colony of fire ants on the stool she had taken as her seat. Casey ditched the bottle he paid for, frustrated he wasn't able to get anywhere close to his money's worth for it before starting off after the woman. She was spooked by something, and she'd know soon enough that he noticed, so he figured he might as well kick it into gear from the start. "Yo, lady! Hold it!"
*Inori froze in place upon hearing his voice calling for her. She tilted her head just slightly, one more look to be totally sure. Their eyes met once more, hers looking frightened. Yes, it was him. Casey Clarke, 2-C division. Suicide mission. He should've been dead. She began running through the dark alleys, holding her bag close like she was being chased by a criminal wanting to rob her, trying to change direction pretty often and make him lose her tracks.*
Casey swore under his breath as he gave chase to the woman, realizing how the unfortunate circumstance made him come off as the bad guy here. Not to say that the woman was, but the look in her eye made it seem like she knew something that Casey desperately wanted in on. He kept an ear out for her footsteps which, to her credit, were rather quiet despite her pace. He followed the signs of disturbance she left behind, whether that be recently bumped-into passerby or spooked clusters of pigeons. "Hey! Fuck's sake-- WAIT!" He kicked hard against the pavement, trying to launch himself forward a little more with each bound in pursuit of the lady. He wasn't able to catch a good enough look at her at any point during the chase to try and figure out just why on earth she seemed so familiar.
*The chase continued through the slums, she swiftly sneaking into every little alley she could find, before eventually she found herself in front of a dead end. She stared at the wall, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, before slowly turning around with her hands raised as a surrender display. She didn't utter a word, just looked at him, still trying to catch her breath.*
Casey quickly cornered her in the alley, prepared for her to lash out like a trapped animal before seeing her gesture of surrender. He eased up a little, taking a moment to catch his breath as well before beginning to address her. "...Hey. Why..-" He fumbled with his words a little, still confused as to why she had seemed so frantic to get away just at the sight of him. He squinted at the lady, looking her over intently before realization struck him. "Fuck, you're that woman I keep hearing talk about. The one that was in bed with the company head. Yeah... colored hair and everything." He jutted a finger out at the woman, nodding his head as he confirmed his accusation. "There's a big fuckin' APB out for you. He's pissed that you bailed on the company, offerin' big-time compensation for your return." Casey furrowed his brow before shaking his head, backing off a little to try and ease the tension. "But I don't plan on collecting on it. At least not until we talk."
*Inori's gaze turned cold as soon as he mentioned the "share a bed with the boss" matter. She felt the adrenaline racing throughout her body as she panted. Then, she took a step towards you, finally uttering a single word.* Funell.
*Immediately you feel some weird sound coming from behind and before you can realize it, you feel an electric shockwave across your body, strong enough to incapacitate you or at least make you fall on the ground. The little machine that did this to you dashes behind Inori and when you look back at her, she's aiming a gun at your head.*
"Shit... easy, now. That whole bit about you being in kahoots with the company head is just some string of rumors floatin'- that *were* floatin' around my unit." Casey tried his best to focus on Inori, his vision all fuzzed up and jumbled from the electrical shock he just received. "Let's not get violent, okay? I didn't have any intention of hurtin' you when I chased you down, and-" Casey nodded at what he believed to be the gun she was holding. "-given the gun, I sure as hell don't now. It'd be a waste of a bullet and a lot more heat on your ass." Casey wanted to appear genuine, twisting his face into as good of a fearful expression as he knew how to do. Part of him was still scared--dying isn't exactly pleasant--but the other part that wasn't needed to pipe down right about now. No need to lay his cards out on the table just yet. "Suppose you'll be asking the questions now?"
*She simply nods her head, making the gun click to load the shot.* Inori. *She says, in a low voice, glacial.* My name. *She continues, staring down at you not flinching a tiny bit* Casey Clarke. 2-C Division. State why you're here. And why aren't you dead. *She doesn't move her eyes from you, waiting for a single wrong move to shoot.* Yet. *She adds then*
"I'm here for a drink, and I'd have to ask you to elaborate on that second bit." Casey's vision refocused, prompting him to adjust his gaze and try to get a read on Inori. "If you're askin' why I chased you, it's because you took one look at me and tore ass outta the pub. I figured there was a pretty damn good reason for that. Is it so bad I wanted to find out what that reason was?" Casey held still, taking great care to push his scared facade along. He kept his breathing quick and sharp, along with a slight tremble in his words.
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*She remained glacial, pushing the gun on your forehead* "Here for a drink", huh? You're far away from the base. Much far away. Give me a better reason than "wanting to have a drink". *She emphatized her last words, always speaking in a low monotone.* Speak up. *She applied pressure on the gun, her breathing getting heavier as she felt the tension of the moment weight on her*
"They *told me* to come out here." A flicker of anger crossed Casey's face, with it being more genuine than Casey would've liked. "They didn't want me at base after I got back, and why would they? I was shaken up, I.. I lost my fuckin' unit, and they had me come here to cool off." Casey shut his eyes tight for a bit before letting his anger roll off of his shoulders, so to speak. He opened his eyes again after he let go of the tension, staring up at Inori again. "That a good enough reason for you?"
Gai sent your unit to die. Why you're in front of me, breathing still? *She said bluntly. The fact that she called your boss by his name let you intend just how close they are... or they were, if she's here now. The little robot behind her shifts closer in, making some weird sounds as if it was scanning you..*
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"I got fuckin' lucky, what else? And you're full of shit. Why would they send us just to get us killed?" Casey's eyes darted away from Inori for a bit, his tone making it clear that he was actively trying to get himself to believe in what he was saying. "That's a waste of people, we didn't do anything to deserve that. Things just... just went wrong. That's all it was."
*She kept staring down at you, not moving by one inch, before the robot started beeping, sharing the data it collected.* "Casey Clarke, male, no recent injuries found, all data about him from the Black Dove's archieves have been deleted by the admin." *Inori tilts her head towards the bot, sighing.* "Dead." *The bot finally states. Inori's eyes come back on you, as she pulls the gun away.* You heard Funell. They wanted you dead. And you are to them, now. Gai used you. And you whole unit.
"No. No, no that's- that's fuckin' sloppy. No goddamned way." Casey couldn't be any more in denial by the looks of it. "What, you plan on verifyin' those fuckin' records? Do it then, you shit." Casey suddenly lunged forward, wrapping one hand around the slide of the gun and the other around Inori's wrist. Instead of forcing the handgun away, he pressed it harder against his own forehead before gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes. "FUCKIN' TUG IT ALREADY!"
*The robot was about to move and send another shockwave through you, but Inori stopped it with a gesture of her hand. Despite your sudden outburst, she still looks cold and focused.* Gai said that your unit wasn't necessary and could be used to make the enemy waste important resources in a false ambush. They planned to send another attack the day after you left. *She held still, not flinching, again.* He said your unit's sacrifice was necessary for the purpose of the next mission. *She finally said, before adding.* I'm no enemy. Gai is.
"Yeah? Well *fuck you* then." Casey suddenly switched his grip around, forcing the gun to the side and using his position to pull
Inori closer. Casey swung his head forward as he tugged Inori down, the brunt of his forehead connecting with her nose. Casey then slammed his elbow into the gun, knocking it out of her grip and sending it skidding along the pavement as he kicked off of her and stood himself back up. "Fuck the *both* of you. Seems like either side of this just wants to screw me over. You're a rogue operative who can't be trusted, and they're a bunch of fat bastards who toy around with human lives." Casey readied himself, squaring into a crossguard stance in the event Inori tried to retaliate.
*Inori didn't seem to oppose any resistance, not that she could have anyway, but the intention wasn't there in the first place. She let out a small noise from the pain just received, yet she didn't move. She remained still in the position you pulled her into, while her nose started bleeding a little.* ... so what's the plan now? *She asked, still in that irritating monotone, as if nothing could really get her angry, unlike before, in total control over her emotions.* Let go. *She just said, without making any physical effort to struggle.* You have a chance for a peaceful life away from war. And so do I. Now, let go.
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*After backing off she put a hand to cover her bleeding nose, shooting him the same glacial look as before* I mean no harm. If you're not with Gai, I won't need to kill you. Especially since it was in his plans to have you dead.
"Oh, *now* you don't mean harm? Prick." Casey took a few steps backwards, his guard failing to hold form as his arms started to droop down. "Won't need to kill me, huh? You won't get the fuckin' chance either way." Casey stared at Inori before shifting his view to the handgun, grabbing it off of the ground and slipping it into his coat. "I'm taking this with me. Fuck you." Casey began to backpedal again before turning away, rounding a corner out of the alleyway and sprinting off through the winding city streets.
*The robot was once again about to attack, but Inori stopped it and just watched Casey leave, crouching down towards her metal friend.* Gather more informations about him, hack the database if necessary. *She whispers as the head of the little bot moved in a sort of a nod. She then stood back up, picking the little bot in her arms, beginning to walk out of the corner she was sent into and taking the opposite direction of the man. The city couldn't be anymore silent, the only voice the one of the wind... wind presaging a war...*
** Casey Clarke left the game (definitively). **
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