Oriana VS Jada Terrell - ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ : History listed publicly (72 turns)

Two women enter... one woman leaves. The LWR Mastermind takes on Jada Terrell in a cage!!

Regular Game Light to medium RP Private match - (Listed as public after) NO Double Teams Allowed Caged Ring in an empty warehouse No crowd No Ref Cage opens when remote official determines full submission via closed caption screen Stakes - Winner dominates loser at their apartment in a public Classic mode match at a later date Rules - We each have three skips that we can apply after any regular move. Jada - 0 left Ori - 1 left If either one of us cums we have to skip our move (Orgasm recovery exception)

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(Now that I'm here...)
(Hi uber sexy babe! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹)
(Ori... holy fuck!!)
(Hehe, glad you like~ ๐Ÿ’‹ Just so happened to find it between planning it a while back and now and thought it fit nicely~)
(Not a good sign that I am edging already. Now about to be locked in a cage with THIS!?!?!? Gah!!)
(updated details... we good on the rules?)
(Yupppp, and glad they're there, because I'd almost certainly forget without 'em :P)
(shall I get us started then we break?)
(Sounds great~)
*I have been waiting for this chance for over a month. Heavily negotiated... agents... lawyers... Oriana is so tricky... so devious... delays... teasing... but now we are here.*
*The warehouse has been wired to let us into the cage then lock. Video cameras will monitor the fight. The cage will open when one woman can no longer continue. The stakes of the match alone are huge... but public humiliation added... by that dirty bitch... I had no choice. I want this chance... and I am willing to put it all on the line*
(Ah, just realised I had to refresh :P)
*I arrive at the dingy dusty warehouse... long overcoat as there are no dressing rooms. The coat hides an all white ensemble... white top, bra with black zipper, white panties, knee socks... and white Nike grecco-roman wrestling boots
"Mastermind, ha" *I though to myself, still enjoying that little title Jada gave me. "They're usually a little more...behind-the-scenes than in the midst of things, but I suppose it still fits me well, what with all the muddying between the initial challenge and now. Here. Ready to rumble with that pesky Jada again, with a lot on the line...
(the break is perfect with this stupid refresh bug. see you in 30 minutes or so.)
(There we go, hopefully the bug has gone now too~)
(It seems not! ๐Ÿ˜…)
*Of course, I dressed appropriately for such a role. All black everything, seductive black top and shorts, with frilly bacl underwear on underneath. Even some black lipstick for that little extra touch to finish the look off. Straight into this deserted warehouse of all places.*
*Our eyes meet as I ma standing just outside the cage and ring* "Wasn't sure if you were going to show up!"
"And miss out on such a wondrous opportunity to get my hands on that smokeshow of a body of yours~? Not the mention the promise of showing you off again in front of a crowd...Wouldn't miss it for the world..." *I stroll in laughing, but that stops when the cage catches my eye.*
*I start to untie my coat... ready to enter the cage*
"You think this is your opportunity? You have put me through hell... unleashing that Alice doll on me... this is my opportunity, sexy bitch!"
"Oh, come now, as if you didn't love all that with Alice~" *I giggle, trying to exude confidence. Trying to not think about the dangerous structure...*
*my face gets a bit flush. Partially from the flippant response but also the truth. Alice devoured me... and though humiliating... it was pleasurable too*
*I let the black coat drop and I sway my ass up the 4 steps through the cage door and into the ring.* "Why don't you come in and play?" *taunting you*
"Ah, see, there it is~" *A devilish smirk flashes across my face* Don't worry, I'm sure you'll enjoy what I do to you just as much~
*I eagerly watch you step in, eyes on that gorgeous booty all the while. But I'm not one to be outdone, swaying my hips just as much as I step in. Making sure you get juse as good a view of my ass as you gave me, shaking it in your direction like a matador to a bull*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
(...are we past the bug and don't need to refresh?!)
"That ass is going to be mine, sexy slut!" *the door closes automatically behind you. We are locked in... one on one... alone*
*A slight jump as I hear it snap shut* H-ha! Bring it~
*we circle... we both eye the cage... as we bounce a bit... we both grasp the gravity of that cage door slamming shut. The lock snapping. We lock up. Twisting... pushing... I get a hair pull... bringing you down. My legs clamp around your waist and I get right to it* "Let's work that tight mastermind pussy!"
*There's all sorts of huffs and puffs as I try to avoid it, but eventually I'm restrained by your tough legs. Gritting my teeth as your fingers don't take long to strike* G-get out of there~! *I growl, but one that is already tinted by a hint of lust*
*In a show of strength, slowly but surely I lift the pair of us as I stand on my feet with you still attached.* "I said get off!" *I shout before slamming you against the turnbuckle to finally get free from you.* "Consider it a kindness that it was not against the cage. You may not get another~"
*it wasn't against the cage but the cage shakes and sounds like a tamborine* "Ungh!!!"
*I drop to my knees and you grip my hair. I pop up grasping your hip straps pulling up your panties wedging that tight mound*
"mmm that must feel nice... " *i give you a spank*
AHHhh~! *There was no-one else to hear the squeal echoing around the warehouse, before a further yelp following your spank.* "AHHHhh, stop that!"
*I giggle* "Only one person here to stop me" *teasing*
Grrrr~ *Growling, face flushed, I grab to stop you. I grab you in a similar hold between my legs, but instead of going straight for your pussy, looking for sensitive spots to tease aside from the more obvious targets.*
"Ungh!!" *gripped in your powerful legs I strain. Trying to control my breathing then you tease me with your fingers* "gggrrrrrr!!!"
"That's it, gimme those grrrs~"
*I buck... saliva spit showing on my mouth* "I will fucking get you... " *but the bucking fails*
*I start to thrash side to side... flailing... the weight transfer breaks me free and I press on top of you.* "Payback bitch!"
*my mocha tits drip tantalizing you*
"Ahyoufuck!" *I curse as you manage to reverse the control. You on top. Those perfect tits looming over me, even with clothes in the way. I can't resist such a juicy target and reach out with my tongue to try and tease them*
*my head arches back as I bite my lip. Your touch is disarming to my sensitive tits. A gentle gasp* "uhhh"
"Heh...did I hit a sensitive spot, Jada~?" *A devious little wink as I focus on them even more*
*I groan forced to break off as we get back to our feet.* "Fuck... you are dangerous... but I got this." *I loosen my arms and legs to reset*
"Well, I am "The Mastermind" after all~ *I pay special attention to that title I seem to delight in while getting in a little stretch of my own. I quickly pounce at you with a gleeful grin when I catch you* Let's get those terrific tits out, hmm~? *I yank at your white top, briefly giving me a look at the mocha goodness underneath, something that makes me smile all the more*
"aaaaahhhh!" *I cry out as you catch my nipple with a pinch*
"Somebody's excited~" *I sing mockingly, hearing that reaction*
*I ease my hand to your crotch and give it a pinch... breaking the hold. We scramble for control ending in my ass at the small of your back. Ripping back.* "Let's quit playing around, shall we?"
"Ow!" *A yelp at the initial pinch, before becoming a mess of grunts as we fight for control.* "OWWWWWWW!" *A much louder yell as you wrench back in your position of strength.
*I try to copy that same idea, rolling side-to-side, backwards and forwards...but all it accomplishes in this different position, this different showing off more of my body. To an audience of none.*
"you hot cunt!!" *I taunt as I pull back*
"Fffffuck youuuu!!!" *I scream, no reason to hold back with no-one else to hear us*
*I let you go and your face smacks the mat. I pounce on top of you. I wipe the sweat of the contest into you as I face palm you dominantly* "MMM... mastermind has a temper... you made a mistake coming here!"
"Bluhhhh" *I groan as you rub some of our mess so far across me.* "Y-you dirty bitch!" *Perhaps proving your point, I react rather passionately to the taunting. But, it does have a benefit, the force from the frustration enough to push back until you are flat on the mat, where I perch myself atop your face.* "Maybe you should sootthe this temper by licking like the good little slut you'll be then~
(appreciated, I find it can *maybe* work at the right time...but I wouldn't have said that was it regardless)
*stuck beneath your warm cunny... I squirm and flex. My tongue works your pussy... a dip in to your folds... a circle of your clit. Trapped beneath you... muscles straining.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
"Haaaaaa~" *A smug gasp of pleasure as you do as you're told.* "That's it, Jada...worship the mastermind~" *As I do, I work on peeling away more of your all-white affair, managing to sneak away the white pants, before yanking the panties underneath much less stealthily. I make a show of bringing them to your eyeline before taking a sniffing of them and tossing them aside* Smells like slut~
*Finally able to come up for air... panting* "No!! No!!" *as my pants and bottoms leave me*
"Oh, you won't be needing them, don't worry~"
"Or perhaps you'd have preferred to cum in them~? A more permanent reminder of your inevitable submission~" *giggles*
*growling again with my face flush I pounce* "You hot bitch!!" *I grip your bottoms in a wedgie and work your pussy fingering you*
*my pussy exposed... I lust to make you moan*
"OWwwwahhhhhhh~" *The initial pain of the wedgie soon gives way to a lust-filled gasp as your fingers tease my pussy once again*
*While your fingers work away however, I have eyes on a different target, wriggling until I can grab your legs. When I can, I lift them into the air, positioning myself away from your dangerous digits. Holding your legs with one hand, I make a show of getting the fingers of the other nice and slick* I think for now I'll skip that pretty pussy~ *I say, right as I press a couple into between your cheeks, building up a rhythm in there quickly*
"Taking these real easy, Jada~" *Another taunting wink*
"OOOOOOO.... oh fuck... fuck... FUCK!!!" *the screams echo the empty warehouse as my ass is finger fucked*
"I'll make sure to fill it properly with a nice strap soon~"
*I grip the mat... I groan as you work my ass... increasing the pace. I wince occasionally in between moans* "NNgghhh... uhhh... fuck... mmmm... uuuuhhhh.... "
"Ori!!! OH god!!! Fuck!!!"
"Mmm, Jada, just keep giving me those sweet moans~"
*with a grunt I finally buck you off... my pussy is drenched and my ass is gaping... I stumble to my feet.. another reset... less confident than the last*
*I just saunter over to the ropes, resting against them as I wave with the fingers that were just inside. Making a show of enjoying licking each one immediately after*
*with another growl from me... I charge at you. You giggle a bit because you feel you are getting to me but then I get a hold of your legs taking you to the mat. A knowing look at you* "Time to put us on equal footing, honey!"
*I roll your panties down your leg. Your luscious cunny exposed like mine*
"Ah!" *A sudden squeak as you take me down. The sounds of struggle before the whine as you win out peeling everything away from my lower half* "W-well, for a minute there, I thought I was going to end this completely clothed~" *I try to act confident again, but the ease of which you were able to suddenly strike tinges it with a little doubt*
"hmmm ... these are nice... what is a slut like you doing with these." *I taunt with your panties in hand*
*I reach back, grabbing for anything. Eventually I manage and then kick you away* "How dare you~?! Those are the panties befitting a queen! And a mastermind!" *I answer, strapping myself in. Instead of pressing into either hole fully, I tease both with this new strap*
"Ask nicely and I'll push in~"
"uhhh... mmmm... fuck... " *panic in my eyes*
"Yes, yes, I know you want fucked, but I said ask nicely~"
*the tease of the toy on my folds increases the wetness... I am gushing. Fight or flight is the questions... I choose fight*
*I smack the toy away and we grapple. In the tangle the strappy you employed breaks free... left on the mat. I grab and grope at your tit getting behind you* "You ready, slut!" *I finger blast you*
*More sounds of exertion. Lewder as the match goes on. My eyes following the strap as it breaks free giving you the perfect moment to strike.* "Fffffuccccckkkkkk yooooouuuuuu~!" *I curse you again, but this time it's filled with much more lust and need, thanks to your doubled amorous assualt*
*I smirk as you curse* "You fucking love it you dirty hot bitch!!"
*My breaths have turned to pants. I need to escape or I'll be the sexiest putty in your too-capable hands. An errant flailing leg is enough to knock you off balance fortunately, and I waste no time, dragging you to the corner and frantically humping against you, holding onto sides of the cage for extra leverage* L-like you aren't, you sexy slut...
"Uhh.. uhh.... " *my moans intertwined with the sounds of the cage as you pump me in the corner*
*My pussy already slick... leaks... gliding effortlessly against yours. There is no doubt I am getting edged...but your own pussy as a weapon has to have a toll on you as well.*
"uhhh... fuck.. fuck.. you pussy!!! UHHH!!!"
"H-haaaaa~" *I laugh like I'm dominating, but this move has clearly effect on me too*
*the ropes shake as you grip them.. wrecking my pussy with your own. My eyes roll back... struggling as you pump me* "UHHH... mmmm... nnnnggghhh... ORI... oh Ori!!!"
"G-gooo onnn...G-giiive innnn~"
"no... no... I can't.. nnggghhh.... "
*I thrust my hips into you.. I snap back out of an edging dream then drill you with my fingers when I kick you back. We stumble slightly against the cage... I finger you... your soaked cunny taking a power pumping. Your back against the cage.* "Moan... you bitch... you dirty bitch... moan!!" (using my 1st skip here on you)
"O-of course you caaaaaan~" *I try to act like a Siren, singing you towards your demise* "AHHHHHhhhhh!" *But that spell is broken when you push your fingers into me and cause me to suddenly moan. Bringing forth more when you trap me against the cage.* "Stoppppppp~" *I moan, trying to weakly kick free but it doesn't work to slow your furious fingers*
(I updated the rules with how many skips we each have left)
(Yeah, I figured :P)
*My tits jiggle as I stroke your soaked pussy. My fingers and hand glisten in the warehouse lighting as I pump you*
"Your pussy has had it, babe... you are a soaking mess!"
Shitshitshitshitshit~ *The curses flow thick and fast as you continue pumping, honey quickly coating your invading fingers. Nowhere to go but through.* "AHHHHHhhh~!" *I moan as I have to push on your fingers to push you off, freeing myself when we tumble down to the mat. I don't waste a second, sitting my slick pussy on your stomach and attempting to return the favour with multiple fingers* L-looks like somebody's just as soaked and I've not been in here yet~!
(Skip~ ;P)
*I gasp ass your ass drops on my abs... then I moan out... helpless soaked and leaking like a faucet. My pussy almost free use in this position.*
(too many asses ๐Ÿคญ)
(Hehe, can't blame you for thinking about it~ ;P)
"Uhhh... mmm... nggghhh... " *I slap the mat. No ref here to check. Trapped in this lustful hold*
*I just laugh watching you tap the mat as I don't relent with my fingers* Bet you wish there was a ref here now, don't you~? *As I taunt you, one hand focuses on taking away my heels and tossing them aside* Let's make ourselves comfortable~
*groaning... twisting... sweating. Your words taunting me... in my squirming my wrestling shoes come off too.*
*My attention is momentarily taken hearing your shoes fall away too.* Well, now that we both are...let's get back to it, shall we~? *Hy hands turn into a blur as they focus on pistoning in and out, making all sorts of wet noises come from you*
"Holy fuck!!!" *My hand pounds the mat and I grip it writhing under you as you power fuck me with your fingers*
"Get ready to cum, Jada, my mocha minx~"
*My bra pops free... I play with my tits... absolutely enthralled as you ravage me under the warehouse lights... locked in a cage*
"uhh... mmmm... oh my fucking god... uhhhh"
*I can't help but be *slightly* distracted by the final piece of your clothing falling to the wayside...especially as you start playing with them.* "Oh right, I was wondering why I was feeling a little hot~" *Still fingering away with one hand, the other slowly but surely takes away my black top to reveal the frilly black bra underneath*
*the slight distraction of your temperature discomfort gives me the opening I need. I battle back... your fingers leave my pussy. We grapple in a sweaty mess... I catch your throat...guiding you on your back. I thrust my cunny into you... the sound of skin slapping* "Uhh...UHhh...uhh... take this... you whore!!"
"Crap!" *I try to fight back, but our sweaty bodies make it more difficult, and when you manage to catch my throat you easily take over, pleasure pulsing as we slap together* "Fckk...youu!" *I moan through the the choke*
"You hot fuck... mmm."
*I blush bright red, a mixture of the choke and the...sort of compliment, before flailing more frantically to get free. I finally push you away to catch my breath and gather up the strap from before. I pin you down with my foot and finally slide it in, pounding away with fire*
OOOO!!! *the strappy enters me... then your foot presses on my head. We have reached another level of wanting and lust. My pussy takes the toy... my moaning provides you my status*
"UHHH... mmm... nnnggghhh.... " *another slap of the mat* "uhhh...mmmm... fuck!!"
"There we go...this is where you belong, Jada~ Where so many other gals would crave to be...under my feet...being ~fucked~ by me"
*I slap the mat again... lustful agony... pleasure and pain.*
*the toy destroying my soaked cunt... helpless under your feet. I feebly try to reach back... my fingers come back dripping in my own juice*
*While I continue to thrust in and out, my hands strip the final piece of my clothing away* "Good girl...rub yourself for me~" *I purr as I sink down into you, pulling my foot awayfrom your head so I can choke you with my bra, pulling you back hard onto each thrust* Submit to me~
"aaaahaaahhhhhh!!! Ungh!!!" *my head is ripped back. I gag... struggling to breathe.*
"Giiiiive innnnnn~" *I sing that Siren song again, trying to get you while I'm at my most dominant*
*my hands come right to the bra... straining to make space... I start to drool. I arch my ass... desperate to dislodge myself in any way here*
"Fuck, that sexy ass looks so good for me~" *I lick my lips watching you move~*
*I slink beneath your legs... our sweat helps as our skin in contact is slick. You fall forward enough that I am able to rise up. Chaos, panting, and desperate for air... I lunge... stumbling my mouth into your slit. Once there... I eat you out... a sweaty drooling mess*
"Shit!" *I wasn't paying attention to just how slick we'd both gotten, a separate shout as I tumble* "Fuuuccckkkkk~" *A moan as I forget where I am for a moment, your tongue feeling so good on my needy pussy*
*after a significant session of this match has been at the mercy of Ori... there is this sense that I have to press the action... something bold. I lick and lap then roll you on your back... I mount you... fingering your cunt... soaked... wet... then making you taste your own juice* "Cum... Ori... CUM!!!"
is resisting cumming (55% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(rule reminder...If either one of us cums we have to skip our move (Orgasm recovery exception))
*With the way your tongue is making me melt, it's too easy for you to get me in the position you want me.* "FUC-MMM~!!" *I barely have time to react to your fingers being inside before they're in my mouth and I can taste myself on them, the humilation of such a move turning me bright red*
"Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod~!!" *This is the first real push of the match, and it shows as I struggle to hold back, a struggle that gets harder and harder with each push of your fingers*
*I groan...desperate to bring the climax forth*
"Give, Ori!!! You sweet slut!! Give!!"
"AHHHHHHHH~!!" *I yell lewdly as I threaten to do exact what you want...but I manage to hold back, riding the edge as I buck you out and away*
*seeing my failed attempt I cry out* "Fuck!!!"
N-nice try b-bitch~! *I pant breathily with a grin, striding back towards you, strap attached* "But you need better than 'nice' to beat me~" *With us both on our sides, I use this new position to slide into you and hold you, thrusting hard and fast and letting this new angle do the work*
"Ungh!!! No... no!!" *I slap at you but I overworked myself in my climax attempt. You fuck me hard and deep. My moans mirroring the thrusts and depth.*
"I think you mean "Yes, yesssss, fuck me Mastermind~!"" *I tease, trying to put on my best imitation of your voice*
"God dammit... fuck!!! You dirty bitch!!!"
"H-ha, it's your moans echoing around the arena, slut~"
*I grip your hair as you fuck me... focusing my gaze on you trying to ignore the toy that drills my soaked pussy*
*I tug at your hair... anything to distract you... you respond by pounding me harder. I cry out then the strappy breaks... it falls free... your hips thrust into me twice before you realize. Leveraging my grip on your hair... I reverse. Still a sweaty mess... I bite your nipple fingering you desperately for a score in this brutal fuck fight*
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Resisted!
"Uhhh..mmmm.... mmmm" *moaning into my nipple tease*
"Ahh! What the fuck?" *I look down to see the strap broken* "Stupid piece of sh-fuck!" *Caught off guard, you put me in another predicament, fingerblasting again while this time your teeth are at my tits*
"I am going to break your pussy like you broke that strap in my cunt, bitch!"
"S-s-stoppppppppppp~!" *comes the long, panicked moan as your fingers continue unabated*
"Nononooooooooooo~!" *I feel my resistance slipping away fast, moans turning lewder and lewder as I approach the brink...*
*But the reminder of the broken strap is enough to plant a desperate idea in my head. Quickly unstrapping, I use what's left and whack it against you, managing to get you tangled and pull you away before you an make me cum*
"what the?!?! Fuck!!"
*frustrated* "I will take you down, Oriana!!!"
"Not if I take you down first~!" *I gesture at you all worked up* "T-that was c-close...T-too close~!" *I pin you to the mat, spreading your legs and meeting soaking pussy to soaking pussy* "T-time to drain that fight out of you~!* I start to scissor you, not holding back for a second* "Cum, you sexy, stubborn slut~!"
*your hand to my throat before I can even react. Your incredible resisting pussy thrusting into mine. I swirl of vanilla, mocha, sweat, juice, and lust*
"You've proved you can 'fight', now you must learn to submit~"
*and I am drowning in it. I moan... gasping... trying to wrap my head around how I can ever defeat this mastermind bitch*
is resisting cumming (98% chance of cum) => Came!
"UHHH!!!" *in a thrust... my head arches... my eyes close... that lone gasp... the break of the dam... my climax rushes forth*
" oh fuck... fuck... MMMMMMMMMMMM.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"
"" *I start to gentle slap those bouncing tits, an added shock to the system, ready for you to burst*
*in my release... the energy drains out of me... as quickly as the squirt that sprays into your cunt as you milk me*
"Fuck.. fuck... NOOO!!!! Fuck!!!"
"YES!! THAT'S MY GOOD SLUT~!!" *I shout to the heavens feeling you spray against me, slowing down so I don't take myself over the edge with you*
*While I slow down...I don't quite stop, gently continue the scissor, your cum splashing between the pair of us, as I learn down and take you in an impassioned kiss*
*I moan into the kiss... you pussy so dominant... in this moment I give in... the pleasure is too much to hold off. The drip of lusty squirt on my thighs, the mat... glistening in the warehouse lights*
*I stare into your eyes... my biggest rival... wondering if I have enough left to somehow turn this caged fuck match around*
*What you see back is a stare full of lust...desire...need...passion. All of which are shown between our lips as I continue with my deep kiss, craving more*
*we make out more lustily then you pull off of me... you rest... watching me wearily try to pull myself off the mat. Cum drunk... still lustful but unfocused... ripe for another strike from the mastermind*
*Grinning, I watch you try to stand, clearly struggling. I give no respite however. No rest for the wicked after all.* "Aww, let me help ya~" *I grab hold of you just as you start to stand, and toss you into the corner where you slide back down again. I make a show to no-one of rubbing my butt in your face, sliding a hand between your legs so I can tease your pussy too* "You look great like this, Jada~!
"MMMFFFF!!!" *drowning in your ass as your twerk on my face. The cage shakes as my limp body is humiliated and humbled.*
"Get used to this, you should always be coated in my honey~"
*I grip your ass... my strength waning... the touch is probably more pleasurable then a counter. My pussy... leaking still... in a perilous spot*
*The more I rub my ass and pussy against you, the more I...need.* Fuuuck~ *A raspy breath escapes as my hand joins in, rubbing myself slowly. Telling how close I am by how slick it is*
*still pressed against the corner... a tight grip on your left cheek. I lick and lap... anything to distract of bring forth a chance.*
"F-f-fuccccckkkkk~" *I'm panting as you lick away, legs starting to tremble as I'm just about ready to burst. Whether it's to try and get you to stop, or to spur you on further, the hand that is between your legs slides to your ass instead, as I push a finger into that chocolate ass again* "S-slides i-in e-easy~ *I try to taunt*
"OOOOO!!! You nasty... bitch... uhhhh...."
"S-says t-the sl-slut whose ass o-opens right u-up~!"
*You finger my ass and I squirm a bit more... still cum drunk when she was working my pussy... the stroking to my ass has given me a burst. I push you off... you tumble... I lurch forward... more momentum than movement... I tangle my legs around your thighs then split you open* "Fucking cum... devil mastermind!!"
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
"F-fuck~" *A breathless gasp as you split me open. My pussy more than happy to welcome you in.* GodddddddDDDD~ *My voice already showing the struggle to resist*
*my tits draped on yours... sweaty... slick... dripping... I finger fuck you at pace... with any energy I have*
"Fucking fuck... cum... Ori... CUM!!!"
*One last valiant struggle - a stretch with all my limbs...fails. From there, I can resist no longer, hips following your frantic fingers, moans lewder, breaths quickening*
"FuckfuckfuckfuckFUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK~!!" *I scream as my body finally gets the release it has craved for what seems like forever, squirting all over and past your fingers, drenching the mat*
"yes!!!" *I cry out... it may be a small victory in a losing battle but I feel that at least this devil bitch will walk out of here knowing I gave her everything I had*
*The intensity of the climax has wiped me almost completely, squirming between you and the mat as I try to recover even slightly*
*I milk you... enjoying the moment... I suck on your tits... you slap back but I get to toy with you a bit. Your salt sweaty nipples a pleasure to my taste* "Not over yet, Ori" (skip)
"N-n-no, stoppp..." *I try to bat you away, but in this state I can't hope to stop you from teasing my sensitive body, my stiff nips sending pulses of pleasure with each flick and suck, mind melting a bit*
*the powerful climax has you at my mercy... my energy is low but I continue to toy with your swollen clit... I lick your nipples some more then move to a deep kiss. My final stand... is my assessment... a final seduction... slim chance to pull it off... but with nothing left.. I have to try* "Just a little bit more, my gorgeous mastermind!" (skip)
"F-fucccckk~" *Try as I might, my mind can't tell my body to fight back. In fact, my hips chase your fingers. My mouth accepting yours, melting into your kiss*
*I gaze at you... a little smirk... I have the slimmest of chances and I am convinced it is now or never. I use a burst of energy with my fingers on your clit. I need you frozen in a post cum edging state*
"AHHHhHHHhhhH~!" *A mess of a scream erupts from between my lips...unable to move.*
*I release you only to grab a fresh strappy... I pull you up by the hair*
"Let's see if I am the only one in this cage who likes a good ass fucking!"
"N-noooo~!" *I weakly shout, now trying to wriggle away, but you have me held easily*
*I put you on my lap... I ease the cock into your ass. There is enough lubrication in sweat juice and saliva that the cock enters easily.. I pump you with some thrusts... then hit a rhythm... I grope your tits as you bounce on my cock. Your ass gaping* "Submit, devil bitch!!"
is resisting cumming (26% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Between...everything my ass takes your strap real easily.* "NononononoO~!" *The now customary lewd yell as you use my body how you please, pleasure building with each thrust and touch you make*
*I know she is not ready... for another... I am banking on the slimmest chance that the remains of the previous climax can break her. I try to goad her... to coax it forth* "C'mon... release, sexy bitch!!"
*I frantically shake my head, but my entire being shivers with each movement, the ultimate moment of confliction*
"Do it, bitch... let it go!!!"
*almost begging for the lottery ticket to hit*
*My toes start to fingers gripping the mat tight. If I don't move, I'm done for. With all the strength I can summon, I push with my feet...* "AHhhhhhhh~!" * works~! Leaping at just the right moment, I escape without cumming, riding an edge as I lie on the mat*
*and with that push away... it is over... that was my chance. I start to laugh as I see Ori panting. She sent that devil doll to strip my of my LWR title... and all I could think about was revenge... consumed by it.*
(Not gonna lie, that would've been the hottest shit every if it had worked)
(I am not going to lie... you are a treasure! Thank you for this. Now put me away... mastermind!)
(๐Ÿ’‹) *Now safe, the confidence starts to stir, rising to my feet with more energy than it feels like I've had since I stepped into this cage. I yank away that strap and skilfully strap it around my waist* "I'll give you're one determined hot piece of ass~" *I laugh as I roll you over onto that taut stomach, sliding the strap into your pussy.* "And I'll give you what you deserve~" (skip)
*yanked around and rag dolled... my fate sealed... she enters me... I bite my lip hard. She fucks me hard... a payback... I took my shot... and now she will make me pay. She fucks me deep... powerfully... making me into a puddle. The whole ring shakes... the cage rattles... with the sound of her hips blasting into my ass from behind*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*My grin turns positively predatory the longer I thrust in. Knowing that I should win. Of course I do. I'm the Mastermind, after all. But I don't want it to end with a toy. No, this has to be more direct. More personal. I pull out with the strap and lift her to the ropes. My body splitting hers, intertwined as I press her against the cage.* "You're mine, you sexy mocha menace~" *My final words before I dominate her mouth. Fingers weaving their way to her dripping pussy. Building into a rhythmic dance that she surely cannot resist*
is resisting cumming (78% chance of cum) => Came!
*the journey here flashes as she intertwines that incredible body with mine. Ori broke me in public then fed me to the crowd. A fateful day in my young sex wrestling career. A title reign... a challenge by the bitch that fed me to that crowd...a win for me... but a monster... a mastermind created. I moan as the visions come forth*
"UHHh.... mmmmm... oooo... fuck.. .NO...NOOO!!!!"
"YES~!! This is why you wanted this match. Right here. Right now. No escape~!"
*My eyes roll back... then another vision... Alice...Rose... a doll commanded by the mastermind Ori... sent to destroy me... take my title that she could not have.... it worked... left broken on the mat. Ori watching with delight. I continue to moan out*
UUUUHHHH.... this can't....noo... NO... not like this... fuck... fuck... Nooooo!!!"
"Yes! Every little move you made has led you to this. Ready to cum. For me."
*all that leads to this moment... I begged her... I wanted this cage... this trap. So sure that right defeats evil masterminds... but I was wrong... so wrong. Now I pay... I pay with my soul... sucked out of me like this cum she is demanding... she is taking me.... she has won. I scream out* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~!!" *A screech of elation almost as loud as when I climaxed leaves my mouth when I feel your resistance fade in this most wonderful way.* "You are mine~!"
*I take the moment to enjoy the taste of you on some of my fingers, before smearing the rest over your face, ensuring you can smell and taste this defeat.*
*I flop my arms out. A broken... over fucked sweaty mess. A buzzer goes off... the cage gate opens*
*I turn towards the door...before a last idea strikes, body flowing with adrenaline. I squat over you, and frantically start rubbing and fingering my pussy.*
*The domination, the beautiful, broken sight underneath me, my expertise with my own all combines to working me up quicker than I even thought possible* "YESSSSSSSSSSSS~!!" *I screech again, erupting all over the upper half of your body.*
*I groan... helpless.. destroyed by the mastermind... at her mercy. She is free to go but chooses to leave me with another lasting memory... one that I will not forget*
*After my own moments of recovery - which seem almost instantaneous in this situation - I start to dress myself, getting as proper as I can.* "Time to go, slut~" *I laugh before lifting you to the air, and taking us out the cage, more than ready to leave this place and deliver you to my apartment...*
*in that moment I am reminded that this is far from over... the other bet... the deal... a further dominating humiliation in public. My fate sealed here... another terrifying door opened. Complete submission... in public... to the mastermind*
(Phew! That was an epic! ๐Ÿ’‹)
(I have to run off.. but this was incredible. I will make it public.)
(Thank you, Ori... you are a phenom! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹
(we will discuss part 2... in your apartment. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹)
(And likewise, always such a wondrous delight to get my hands on ya~! ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹)
(Hehehe~ ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜)
(Bye for now~! ๐Ÿ’‹)

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