Amelia, Bull Concubine VS Cariel Drache : History listed publicly (49 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

Horny Wolfie's Playtime with Her Dragon Pet

It's been a while since Cariel found herself ensnared into the thrall of the Labyrinth, courtesy of her wolfie girl mistress. This time Amelia insists that her cute dragon slave go through it again as part of special training....though it's probable the Concubine to the Minotauress has ulterior motives for this! (pausing the game for now since we have gone to sleep, we're continuing later)

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Hi again~
Heya once again mistress~
Guess I'll do the description stuff first~
Sounds good mistress
hey Isa
Amelia as the boss \o/ Have much funnsies you two :3
Thanks Maxime
Would you like for me to start or are you starting mistress?
I would love it if you started!
Sounds good to me mistress
*Cariel had been working at the labyrinth for quite some time now, and the dragoness had grown slightly more accustomed to her role as a slave, although she still needed more training after she horribely failed to get through the labyrinth when Isa, the lord of the dungeon, had put her on that duty. After spending a month locked in a glass case of endless torment by tentacles, the dragon girl had finally been freed and placed back in the working force of the labyrinth. She had been on cleaning duty when she received a message from her mistress demanding for the dragon girl to come and see her. Upon hearing her mistress's request, Cariel rushed back to her owner's room to receive her command and orders* Yes mistress, what are your orders for your loyal dragon slave~ *Cariel asked as she bowed down upon entering the room before kneeling down in front of her mistress who was sitting down on her throne*
*peeks* Have lots of fun!
hehe, thanks Yoimi
*Amelia was thinking to herself for quite some time now since the time she started off as a captive of the Labyrinth before finding herself thrust into its very halls where she was made to be tested by both it and the Minotauress who she became enamored by...before making it to Isa's bedchambers after the rather challenging encounters and ultimately became the Bull's Concubine in the aftermath... At a certain point, the Wolfie girl decided to enact her own plan of sending a letter to her hot springs with the intent of luring her loyal dragon pet over to "free" her but was really a plot to ensnare her as well so she can keep Cariel nearby. There were some amusing moments to the wolfie when the lord of the dungeon, Amelia's beloved bull, last sent the dragoness into it. Something that resulted in said dragon girl trapped as a nice decorative art piece made of glass and filled with tentacles...Something that left something stirring in the wolf before she freed Cariel on the eve of Christmas. Eventually, she found herself brought out of her thoughts once she hears a familiar voice and the dragon girl kneeling before her. Without saying anything at first...she places her feet atop the head of her loyal pet, treating her like some stool.* Hehe~ I was thinking...I could help you out with some training...After all, that last result was less than ideal, tehehe~
Thanks~ ^^
But of course mistress, my previous results in the labyrinth had been underwealming. I've always failed to get through the labyrinth, which has resulted in my punishment. Getting some help from mistress with my training would be very appreciated. *Cariel held back her urges as she felt her mistress's feet using her head as its foot stool. Just being in so close proximity of these marvelous feets were enough to get the dragon girl horny, thankfully though the dragoness had a pussy and not a dick, which made it less apparent when she got excited. Albeit her mouth still couldn't resist drooling with saliva as she was being used as the wolf girl's stool. It had been a while since the dragon girl had last been capable of playing with her mistress's feet, her tongue missed the wonderful texture and taste of these feets. To suck on her toes and clean off any dirt or dust dirtying these precious feet, it was a job that the dragon girl lavished in doing. Luckily for her, her mistress also seemed to like having the dragoness licking her feet. Although lately after her last failure, Cariel had been mostly demoted to the role of stool and she was not allowed to lick her mistress's foot. Luckly for Cariel this time, Alva was renovating her chapel and the slime lake was on a reproduction crazed, deeming it too dangerous for anyone to come close for the time being. These two rooms had caused her downfall previously, but this time Cariel was certain that she could succeed* I will follow your guidance for what you believe would make the best training course for me mistress and if there are any restrictions you think would work greatly to help me train better~
*Those furry wolfish ears were twitching about with a subtlety that nobody could really spot. It seemed quite mysterious as a result....though one could simply pass it off as the wolf girl just loving the fact that her dragon girl was once again at her feet...being used as a glorified fixture for her wolfish feet and there was no denying that she loves the attention being lavished upon her feet with that eager tongue of her most loyal dragon pet... A certain glow was resting upon those eyes of crimson as she stares down into not only the eyes but the face of her servant...noticing the clear signs of her fighting urges to just latch upon her feet and worship them with her tongue. Deep chuckles were coming from Amelia as she couldn't help being amused at the obviousness since Cariel was practically drooling after her feet like this. Deciding to show Cariel some mercy, she shoves her feet upon the dragon girl's face and ordered.* Hehehe...then you may show off the tongue to your most generous mistress! My feet have been missing you and your tongue...confident you've been missing them as well! Consider it a little gift....
and incentive...a motivation.... to actually make it through this time, hehe
T-t-thanke you very much mistress.... I deeply appreciate your immense generosity for your pathetic slave... *Cariel couldn't hold back the moment she hear her mistress give her the command to lick her feet. The dragonness's tail wags in excitement as she pulls out her tongue and starts licking her feet. Cariel felt excitement through her body as she was finally being lavished and allowed to play and clean these gorgeous feets that her tongue missed oh so desperately. The slave felt like she was in heaven each time her tongue made contact with the smooth skin of the feet. The dragon girl always made sure to clean every spek of dust as to ensure that her mistress who walked around barefoot wouldn't get her feet too dirty or feel too much discomfort. But it wasn't possible to have a perfect cleaning, which is why Cariel would then lick her mistress's feet clean from any dirt that got on it. As Cariel was enjoying herself with these wonderful feet, she felt them being pulled away from her face as her reward was now over* Yes mistress... this was... an amazing motivation... for your slave~ *Cariel was still in a state of ectasy from the experience of pleasing her mistress's feet, after all as a slave she was only allowed to play with her mistress's body on rare occasion, with her feet being the only exception to the rule*
You' pathetic yet extremely loyal slave, hehe~ *Amelia chuckles with great amusement as she watches the dragon girl practically glowing from this before pouncing onto her feet like the thirstiest individual who just happened to stumble upon the life-giving properties of some much-desired water... Slight moans and pants were escaping the devious mistress's lips as she feels that oh so wonderful tongue of Cariel caressing every and crevice of her feet.... Those wolfish toes were practically twitching with excitement at having finally feel this once again after so long. In addition to this, there were amused chuckles flowing out of her at how eager to please her pet was in this moment. Eventually time was up as Amelia finally decides to pull her feet away from the dragoness's grasp...Those words of gratitude stirring the wolf even more...As she gets up, her tail latches onto the waist of the dragon as she tugs her along into the halls of the Labyrinth. It was quite an ornate hallways...with its intriguing designs and ornamentations. She was humming to herself along the way before they finally reached the intended destination. An entrance along with some gear...designed specially for this journey~* I've been thinking of what you just said...And I have decided on a good option...if the option involving feet is available...flip a coin...if it's are compelled to use it no matter what regardless if it's optimal to do so or not... I wasn't pleased...that you have found yourself enthralled by Alva and her feet once again...Maybe this will help serve as good training for that~ Mhhmmm~
(are we going to use rp mode or no mistress?
Do you have a preference? I was thinking we could play it regularly~)
(I don't mind, it's just that in rp I can tie myself up for extra challenge if we desire~)
(Tying yourself up so like your bound while making the trek through the labyrinth?)
(Just want to make sure I'm reading it right^^')
(yes, that could limit my option to like only pleasure moves and no moves that reduce enemy health since the health option is always the better option)
(Okay, that sounds basically the wolfie binds your hands and ankles that your options are limited~?)
(Yes, or you can order the dragoness to do it herself)
(Okay, I love that idea a lot^^)
*Feeling herself gettin tugged along by her mistress's tail, not sure wheter she was allowed to stand up or no, the dragon girl followed behind by crawling on all fours, giving a nice spectacle for her mistress to watch on the way. Reaching the entrance, Cariel stood up as she started to examine the gear that her mistress had provided her with. The dragon girl had been provided with some of the basic equipment such as a spellbook and a dagger. Her outfit was the usual skimpy outfit designed to be as easily reproduced as possible if its deatroyed with clothing barely covering her body, but Cariel didn't mind that. What surprised her though were the lenghts of ropes that had been mixed in with her equipment.This made the dragon girl confused at the inclusion of this* Mistress, if I may ask. Why do I have rope in my equipment? Isa strictly told me that I was forbidden from restraining the inhabitants of the dungeon since I'm inferior in position to them, so why include those? *Cariel's tail wagged in curiosity as she finished preparing herself to dive into the dungeon, the beacon attached once more to her ankle to allow her to traverse the labyrinth in a way that her mmistress desires for her to.*
*Amelia did, in fact, take the occasional look back to the wonderful spectacle of her dragon girl pet wandering behind her like that on all fours... Recalling how their first encounters involved the witness of Cariel's pride of being the self-proclaimed queen of thieves who on both occasions tried to overcome and humiliate the wolf girl was now doing this brought some excitement in Amelia's heart....and maybe some additional feelings as her caged wolfie cock was twitching with great excitement...Though with her chosen was pretty difficult to hear or see such a thing. Once Cariel was on her feet...Amelia had a firm grasp on the binding material....a sadistic smirk playing on her usually cute face.*
Oh....this....isn't for them....Ahahahaha....This
21:22:29 your...MISTRESS....I order you to tie yourself...up...hehehe...
*She chuckles as she goes right behind and Cariel to whisper this seductively into her ears while sneaking the ropes into her hands.*
T-t-tie myself up... *Cariel has a look of worry as she thinks of how helpless and vulnerable she'll be in ropes, unable to take any initiative and forcing her to serve the creatures in the labyrinth instead of beating some sense into them. Shaking her head, the dragon girl washes the worry from her face* Y-y-yes mistress... as you order.... *Grabbing the ropes that her mistress snuck into her hands Cariel sat down as she started to tie up her ankles togheter. After making sure that her ankles are tightly bound togeter, the dragon girl did the same as she started to tie up her legs togheter as well. Once she finished tying up the lower half of her body, the dragon girl struggled for a bit, but finally managed to tie up her arms tightly behind her back, making sure that she can't free herself* I-i-is this good mistress... or am I missing something? *Cariel asked as she used her tail to help stand back up. Even though she was bound and vulnerable, the slave still felt some urge of excitement at the predicament that her mistress had put her through. Being forced to prioretize playing with her opponents feet and being restrained, the dragon girl thought that she might not even make it past the first encounter in her current position, and the thought of how her mistress would punish such a failure excited the horny dragoness even more*
*My furry ears starts to swish about with great eagerness as the look of worry on the dragon girl's face....The concealed cage rattling even more from the building excitement as I had a good idea on the kind of thoughts running through her head. My tailnwas practially swishing about to show off that great excitement I feel from the idea of you basically lacking any initiative in the kinds of encounters you'll be facing here...The idea of being bound while facing Isa's girls like this turned me on greatly as I was eager to see how this will all play out. Once you take the ropes I gave you, I watch you sit down before going over there myself while you started to tie yourself up. I chuckled as you did so...occasionally sneaking a hand in to tease you with my special touches...caresses....the occasional grab on your dragon rear as I caressed it slowly and sensually....loving the way you were struggling a bit in tying up your arms....* Mhhhhhmmm...Looks good....oh...wait...forgot something.... *I chuckled while nibbling on your ear with an affectionate and sensual attitude while grabbing onto some more rope so I can tie your dragon tail...trussing it up close to one of your thighs so it too was restrained* Wouldn't want this being used as well...hehe..
You look so....PERFECT....tied up...for your journey~ *I purred out in a smirk while rubbing my feet close to yours in the most teasing as well...*
*Cariel didn't even try to hold back from moaning as she felt her mistress teasing her body from time to time as she tied her self up. Feeling the nimbling on her ear by her mistress, the dragoness let out some cute moans of surprise, made louder with her surprise at feeling her tail being bound to her thigh, making her completaly vulnerable. Fortunately for her though, she was used to ending up tied up in such restrictive fashion that kept her from doing much. She could consistantly bounce around to move and it took some effort but she was capable of getting back up on her feet. But usually Cariel was used to having other people tie her up, of which she was easily capable of escaping the ropes when need be. But since she tied herself up, the dragon girl knew how tight the knots had to be in order to restrain herself properly and to make sure she couldn't escape by herself, at least wiithout using her tail. But now with her tail also tied up, Cariel would only be set free once her mistress deemed that it was time for her to be freed* B-b-but of course mistress... if I could use my dragon tail that would be too much cheating now... and it makes me so happ that you think... I look so perfect tied up mistress~ *Cariel lets out some excited breaths as she felt, her mistress's feet rubbing against hers, though her excitement was cut short as her (forgot to mention while tying myself up, but I also tied up the big toes togheter to keep the feet from moving) tied up state kept her from moving her feet around, at the risk of accidentally falling on the ground and having to get back up* A-a-am I ready to go now... or is there something that... mistress thinks should be added... to truly make her dragon girl vulnerable? *Cariel asked as she drooled at the thought of being put in a much more perilious and vulnerable state*
*That smirk resting on my face only grew wider once I hear that moaning of yours which you decided not to hold back...My own excitement only seemed to be growing from witnessing how much of an effect all of this was having upon you. It was just so tempting to pounce you down and use you and your tied up body for my own pleasure...But I also knew I had to hold back especially since I wanted to observe you during this "special training" I was intent on putting you through. I was humming some more once I hear those moans and gasps of surprise once I bound your tail, further restricting your movements and making you even more vulnerable to the trial that were soon coming. I was practically chuckling at how you were bouncing around before you were able to get back onto your feet. There was something exciting to having made you tied yourself up as the idea of something self-inflicted was considered arousing to me...but also the knowledge of how much of an expert you were in bondage meant you knew how to tie yourself up in a way that it was difficult to break free now unless I did it myself.* Goooood...hehe... *I chuckled at the excited breaths you were letting out from my foot teases...especially after noticing how difficult it was for you to move your feet with your big toes tied closely together....I snickered as I took a vibrator..and slip it into the entrance of your rear....putting it on a low setting that kept you on edge and arousal to tease but not enough to actually cum... I gave a quick spank to your rear with my tail* PERFECT.....and all ready to go!!!!
*Cariel let out a moan as she felt the vibrator being pushed into her rear, and a even louder one as her mistress's tail spanked her butt* O-o-on my way mistress~ *Cariel drooled a bit as she started to bounce through the entrance and into the halls of the labyrinth. She knew that her mistress would be choosing her destination, so the dragoness bounced around and followed the shifting walls of the labyrinth. Even though the walls moved, the rooms themselves were always in the same place, so she had some more knowledge on where she was going. Trhoughout her journey in the halls, she felt the vibrators constantly teasing her rears, sending some shivers of pleasure in the dragon girl, and forcing her to take a moment to rest and cool down from the pleasure. This made for a very long journey that would usually be just a few seconds worth of traveling for the slave now turned into minutes. It took her an entire half an hour before she finally reached the first room that her mistress wanted her slave to train in. Cariel could only imagine how much fun her mistress was having to watch such a pathetic slut struggling to move around and being forced to bounce around through the maze in a constant desperate need of pleasure as the pleasure she felt was far from enough to give her an orgasm* I reached... my destination... *Cariel told her mistress, knowing that she was watching her from somewhere before the dragoness pounded her body at the door to open it* (do we turn on rp mode and start now mistress?)
(Yep, let's do it^^)
/remove my shoes
/remove my socks
/wear my attached_hands
/wear my attached_feet
/wear my vibrator_ass
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
** Timeout! **
(huh, the game didn't say that it was going to timeout)
*Cariel's moans were still flowing out of her as my wolfish tufts of fluff were practically on a constant state of eager twitching....excited to see this....excited to see how this will all end up...and excited how far my dragon pet will go...A chuckle from me...ringing out in the empty hallways once I hear that louder moan escape once I gave an eager spank to your butt.* See cute dragon whore ....And we'll see how you'll fare this time around, hehehe....~ *Once you made your way into these hallways of the Labyrinth....the entrance closes....dimming the lighting quite a bit as you were left wandering the shifting structure as the walls and tiles shifted about...guiding you along towards your destination...One that was clearly pre-planned whether you knew it or not...I made my way back to my room so I observe you and your progress...I decided to strip myself of my clothing as I decided to be more unrestrained with myself...My nude form...barring the collar caressing my cage locked tightly onto my wolfie cock...Drool starting to drip down the sides of my lips as I watch you led to your destination.....Which had a familiarity to it...with its potent....almost intoxicating....pheromonal fragrance wafting in the air .....As the Succubus from your last journey into the labyrinth appears right behind you as you entered the room....She wraps her arms around you as she give a quick...caress...on your chest...whispering into your ears* Welcome back, little dragon....~ Did my master send you back for have a bit....of fun~ *Quickly, she pulls away as she makes her way onto her lavish bed with its silken sheets...looking at you with a seductive expression of interest resting on her if awaiting your approach.*
(Sorry for taking a bit^^')
(so what exactly am I not allowed to do while tied up? Not attacking with physical means is obvious, but are spells restricted as well?)
(Mhhhmm...I guess spells are still fair game to use since it's not physical)
(okay, anything else mistress?)
(No, that's all for now~)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*tail swishing about*
*Cariel a lot of cleaning ever since her last attempt of the labyrinth, so upon smelling the intoxicant smell of the aphrodisiac coating the room, her mind didn't get melted in pleasure in an instant like the first time* Hey again, no miss Isa didn't send me this time. It was my mistress, miss Amelia, that sent me here for training purposes. *The dragon girl saw the succubus jumping onto her bed, making her sigh. Although she was completely tied up and restrained, the dragoness could still utilize some of her magic, albeit to varying degrees of success. Having attached a magical cataclyst onto her tail, Cariel, just wriggled her tail around for a bit before firing a small fire bolt onto the succubus* Don't jump to conclusion so fast, I'm here to train not to entertain you... well maybe I'm not in the best training conditions being tied up... but still I can somewhat fight back... *Cariel was struggling to keep her balance to stand up, even though she was used to the aphrodisiac, it still made the vibrator buzzing weakly in her ass feel much more powerful, sending shivers of pleasure that forces Cariel to hold back from moaning in pleasure*
another dragon?
This is the same Cariel Jessica
Mhm, Amelia's favorite dragon pet
Hey Isa, does the succubus have any name?
I see, though I apologize I do not believe we have met Cariel ^^
Bull Cocksleeve #3
another one Isa?
You might not know me as Cariel, but you probably know my other character Coral Jessica
*snickers from hearing that name*
Who's the first and second cocksleeve?
Haven't heard that one in a while^^
Yet to be revealed^^
That is a familiar name, yes ^^
*A rather interested glint appears in the eyes of the entity that resided in this domain...Looking and looming over the dragon girl who just entered her room...Her leg crossing over the other as she continues to observe Cariel....The moment you bring up the name of the Wolfie girl...A rather observant smirk appears on her she taps her big toe in the air...* Mhhhhmmm....So that wolf girl...the one occupying your....thoughts the last time we met... Was the one who sent you in this time.... Mhhhmmm... *She lightly snickers at hearing those words of insistence from the dragoness...keeping that same observant look before a sudden bolt of fire made its ways to her...A light scowl appears on her face as she waves her hand into the air rather effortlessly as the flames immediately disperse around her....Despite that scowl...the smirk remains ever present on her she let out light snicker....* Oh really...then why...did your precious mistress...sent you here like this? Seems like she sent you practically gift-wrapped for me...So easy to play with you...I bet you are just getting excited at the thought of getting used by us...Then failing for your mistress so you can earn some more punishment from her....I can practically sense it oozing from your aura, hehe~ Now all of those clothes....are holding you back, wouldn't you say? *Her eyes had a certain shine to it as the clothes on Cariel...dissipates*
(The real reason for it being number 3 is so that she wouldn't even feel like she was number 1 at anything, one and two don't exist despite my insistence that they do^^)
(I'm number 1 :P)
(Honorary, teehee)
(So I can call her Isa cocksleeve #3?)
(Whoo~ We finally made some turn movements....
.....after 3 hours)
*Cariel sighs as she feels her clothes dissipating from her body, if the succubus had at least bothered to manually remove the clothes from her body the slave could come back later to recover her clothing, but now that they were destroyed she had no choice but to manufacture a new set of clothes later* Isa cocksleeve #3, please remove my clothes instead of melting them next time please. Its annoying to have to remake my outfits ea- *A sudden jolt of pleasure ran through her body as she felt the vibe in her ass bringing her close to an orgasm just to leave her on the edge. This sudden rush of pleasured caused the dragoness to lose her balance and to fall down on the floor, her pussy dripping wet. As Cariel panted to cool herself down, her face blushed as she looked up to the succubus* C-c-could you help... me get on the bed... please? *The slave asked as she wiggled her body closer to the succubus's bed, where the succubus towered over her and looked down upon the pathetic display of hornyness by the naked dragon girl*
(It's progress mistress~)
Yo ~
Hey Rathia
hi Draco
Hope y'all are doing well
I'm doing great, how about ya
Good in spite of the cold
:D me too
Go wolfie \o/
*The succubus lets out a short chuckle from hearing those words of the dragon girl and was about to continue some of that light teasing from earlier until she heard Cariel refer to her by that name...For a moment, she closes her eyes as she mutters herself for a brief moment before immediately opening her eyes to glance at the trussed up and helpess dragon before her....crossing her arms and regaining that same calm demeanor and tone of hers* Mhhhmmm...looks like the cute dragon still has a bit of unruly behavior she wishes to indulge in....isn't that right, Amelia's Caged Whore~? *The glow in her pinkish-violet eyes shines even more brightly as soon Cariel was soon overcame with that jolt pleasure...eventually noticing that vibe in her ass the moment Cariel falls onto her face during that loss of balance there....She snickers some more in a bit of a seductive tease.* Mhhhmm...looks like your mistress gave you more gifts before sending you out on a "training" session~ And so...very wet already~ Mhhhmmm, this'll be interesting,~ *She sneers a bit at the pathetic display by the naked dragon girl as she hoists the girl up with unnatural swiftness before depositing her onto the equally unnatural smoothness and silkyness of the sheets as though they threatened to wrap her and smother her in their fragrant grasp...While sitting atop the silken pillow...her eyes flash a bright shade of pink as the same shade slips into the dragoness's eyes as she lightly commands.* Ooohhhh...looks your mistress is here....Why don't you
.....kneel for her...and lavish her with that attention she deserves...?~ *The succubus starts to fade from view as a smirking wolf girl now towers over you...shoving her wolf cock onto your face as if demanding your show of worship.*
last time I saw you two playing with this, my memory was still stuck in the glass-covered display case X3.
*In a tone similar and eerily close to Amelia's...she says* Now kiss the tip of my cock~
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
That nickname doesn't really work... I don't even have a dick... that can be caged... *Cariel is surprised as the succubus hoists her so swiftly up before placing her down on the bed. The dragonness felt herself sinking into the blankets, feeling as if the blankets were also going to wrap around and tie her up. Hearing the words from the succubus and seeing her fade away, the dragon girl knew that the succubus was using its magic on the dragon girl. Although Cariel could usually fight back against it, her state of pleasure caused by the vibrator kept her from doing so. Quickly she found herself falling in the grasps of the spell as she saw her mistress appearing in front of her* Y-y-yes mistress... as you desire... *Carie tries to kneel down in front of her mistress, but feels her body be strangely unresponsive and not moving itself* Mistress... my body... I can't move it... *Even though the dragon girl was unable to move, her mistress seemed to have been kind enough to bring her dick right in front of the slave's face kissing the wolf girl's dick, Cariel felt and urge of pleasure at obeying her wonderful mistress as she breathed in excitement at finally being allowed to touch her mistress's body once more. As she continued to please the dick, a thought crossed her mind, why would her mistress agree to ler her play with her body so easily. Usually it was always her mistress playing and humiliating her slave, just when her mistress was very horny was Cariel allowed to touch her dick, and even then most of the time her owner had her pleasure and fun with her mistress, the minotauress and lord of the labyrinth* (sorry if it took a bit)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Gotta admit, hot game thus far
(No problem) Mhhhmmm...but I bet you wish....that you were given...some form of further please that wolf girl of yours.... To feel more under her control... To let her control your sense of pleasure... Or just keep you away from them as your only purpose is to serve her and Isa's desires... and not your own~ *Her words slither out slowly as though with a dripping venom, intent on further influencing and spreading those desires...those thoughts onto your mind....slowly molding it to a point where even your body starts to feel and experience those desires and sensations. The white-haired beauty knew from the past experience that you always had an intent on trying to resist the spellbinding aspects of her trances and magic....but seeing you almost submit to it in its entirety because of the aura of pleasure induced by Amelia's "gift" made her grin and chuckle* Your mistress is really a generous all of these "gifts" to "aid" you on your quest~ *Once yoi were under that spell, the succubus had a pleased look on her face as she witnesses that look of entranced one while you kiss her dick so willingly...she patted you on the head *
Such obedience....and don't worry about those silly thoughts in your...head...Your wolf mistress desires pleasure and you wouldn't deprive her of not using you and your body on her...That would be quite disobedient...Just relax...and open your mouth...Pleasure...that wonderful wolf cock....
(does the distract them with feet count as a foot action mistress?)
(I would say so~)
(Actually distract them with feet is one of the ONLY feet actions in bad end XD)
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
(Shame there isn't more besides the one in the boss)
(*tries to recall most of the actions*)
Hello, have fun you two~
Thanks, Julie~
just the demon boss, yeah?
also hello Julie
Chastity... yes that sounds like... a wonderful idea mistress... I don't need pleasure.... only you is miss Isa need it... I'm just a pathetic slave... who obeys and follows orders... and not someone who deserves the great gift of pleasure.... *Cariel felt herself being pushed further and further into the the succubuss's trance, unable to fight back as the pleasure coming from the vibrator in her ass keeps her from resisting the spell* Yes mistress wants pleasure... her slave shouldn't deprive mistress of pleasure.... my body serves and obeys you mistress... a-and I'm not disobedient! I'm a loyal and obedient dragon girl! *Cariel opens her mouth as she starts to take in her mistress's dick further into her mouth, unknowing to her that the dick was actually the succubu's dick. Unlike last time, Cariel's mind doesn't even brush over the silky texture of the dick caused by the dick cover on the succubus's genital. As she continues to pleasure her dick, Cariel let out some surprised moans as she felt her mistress's tail rubbing against her feet, sending some moans and giggles through Cariel's body*
Hey Julie and thanks
Only regular boss
The demons just wreck your holes and mouth
well, if there's no specific boss then you can mold them to be whatever you wish, yes?
though you wouldn't get special actions I suppose-
Technically the boss is whoever you have in charge of the dungeon, yes
But I mean, the actions can be interpreted however you want to fit that. It doesn't have to be 1 to 1
mhm, which was what I was getting at, just meant you wouldn't necessarily have like, a mindflayer specific attack or a slime specific attack for example
You technically could RP one, but since BeB doesn't allow for skips, it's all flavor text more or less.
But I get what you mean
*The succubus was delighting in how there was barely any resistance on the dragon slave's some light pats on that vibrator-occupied ass...Snickering to herself at how Amelia basically sent Cariel to be used by pretty much anyone in the Labyrinth...She was starting to wonder if the wolf girl must have been on some form of a horny streak here...probably watching and trying to pleasure herself at such thoughts...Maybe even imagining being in Cariel's place to be used like this..."Amelia" gave another pat on Cariel's head, the same pleasured smirk on her face as she hears those submisssive words.* Good~ Just let your mistress do all of the thinking for you...Just follow your mistress and her desires.... Her pleasure is basically your pleasure...Pathetic slave you may be...but you're my pathetic slave~ Now just keep going...bring me that sense of pleasure I extremely obedient pet...So loyal to the very end~ *The succubus closes her eyes for a moment to feel that sense of eagerness from Cariel and her mouth...She was thinking about why Isa and Amelia went through such lengths to bringing the dragon into the Labyrinth...She notices those giggles as Cariel wiggles her feet...knowing that Cariel's mind was inducing a thought that her feet were being played with while under the spell...* Now...why...don't you present yourself some a good pet...~? That's a true sign of great obedience for me~ *The succbus blew on the air a bit as the wafting fragrance starts to surround Cariel...and flow into her if everything in the room was there for the purpose of ensnaring the potential victims into her grasp.*
Guess it was worth a test~ ^^
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I'm not even worthy.... of mistress's pleasure... a slave obeys and serves... my life and pleasure is to obey and serve you mistress... so I'll gladly pleasure mistress as much as she asks... *Cariel's mind was completely taken over by the succubu's spell. The dragon's girl body, although being tied up and held back by the ropes, had the impression that it was spreading its legs to show it to its mistress.* I'll do anything.... to show mistress... that I'm a obedient... and loyal pet... to the very ends of times.... *The fragrance that the succubus blows into Cariel's nostrils ciment her hold over the slave's mind as any doubt about the situation that the dragonness had were wiped out by it, leaving a obedient and hypnotised shell of the dragon girl willing and ready for the pleasure of the succubus. And yet, although Cariel's mind had given up control to the succubus, some part of her body were still resistant to the control of the succubus, but are being slowly suppressed by the minds submission to the commands of the succubus*
Well it looks great mistress
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Good~ You really...truly....are...a wonderful...treat to this wolfie~ So valuable...with her loyalty and obedience... If I had to pick just one for a pet and slave...then it would definitely be you....~ No other would compare...hehe~ *"Amelia" chuckles while shifting her hand down onto the bound tail to give even more teasing and sensual caresses there...before slowly slipping the sleeve-clad succubus cock out of the dragon's mouth before laying the body of the loyal dragon down onto her back...slowly slipping her length into purple aura surrounding them as some of the energy Cariel may have drained from that futile strike with the fire spell is restored to her...A smirk on her face as she slowly starts fucking the helpless dragon girl as she slowly presses her lips onto hers...slipping her tongue inside while brushing her hands across the ass of the bound keep her mind further ensnared.*
Mhhhhhmmmm~ Your lips...feel so amazing.....Been a while since your beloved wolf mistress...kissed you like this...
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
It looks nice
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keep reading long story*
Your words... bring honour to a pathetic slave mistress... hearing that you would take me as your only pet or slave... I would always gladly... choose you as my one... and only mistress to serve... *Cariel feels some shiver of pleasure as she feels the succubus caressing her tail, her tail tip wagging around at the touches of her mistress's hands. Feeling the cock being pulled out of her mouth, Cariel felt a little sad, thinking that she dissapointed her mistress, but her excitement quickly came back as she felt her mistress turning her over and pushing her dick into her slave's hole. Cariel's body shivered a bit as it felt its energy being drained by the succubus, but the feeling is quickly neglected by the dragon girl's mind. Feeling the kiss on her lips, the dragoness hungrely returns the kiss passionately, wrapping her tongue around her mistress's tongue as she enjoyed the pleasure. Each time the succubus spanked the dragoness's ass, Cariel yelped out a moan, rythmicly to the spanking speed. This new surge of pleasure further suppressing her body into complying to the succubu's orders and words as if they were her mistress's words* It has been mistress.... your lips feel so nice... I'm so happy to finally kiss you again~ *Cariel bathes into the pleasure and enjoyment brought by the succubus, her feet wiggling about more as the succubus starts using her own tail to pay around with the dragon girl's feet*
The only guarantee is that I'm unlikely to ever run out of energy
Very true! But the enemies won't either~
Which means more action, ultimately~
Yeah... I don't think that I'm reaching Amelia, I'd even be surprised if I got past the second encounter
I think she'd let ya get to number 3 at least
Hopefully I'm not kidnapped by the demons if she decides to use that as the third encounter
But I mean, at least I haven't done the demon lore, that encounter would be endless in BeB
RP mode
:D The big green dicks and chains of the orcs are obviously a big challenge for you carial
She did pretty well against the orcs, actually
The drow though...
It was the slime and tentacles that beat me
Well you can surconvent the endless issue of rp mode in the demon encounter by manually messing around with stats
* No points to buy slime bag*
Very true!
Except for the succubus who for some reason breaks all the times, the other encounter can be bypassed with commands (I haven't tested the dlc, demons or mimic yet though)
This is the first time I know can be bypass :0
You can lower their hp stats to skip them
:3 hmm, Maybe I should study beb more. The recent busy schedule has meant that no one has used my beb character after it was created.
I could someday play beb with you Rathia
:D nice to hear that
*"Amelia's* hands seemed to have some unusual quickness....It was almost hard to tell if these were just tricks of the mind...or something that was actually happening in the waking world...And given how powerful...this sensual succubus was along with her enticing spells...She probably didn't need to actually get near or touch induce such arousals from you...As your mind would construct such notions...such scenarios in your such a strength where your body was basically responding to it as well...Granted the introduction of physical stimulation would certainly help along the way.. plus this was also needed so that the occupant of this room would be also getting what she wants as well...It was quite enticing to her at the strength of the desires of the dragon to serve the wolf was so strong that Cariel could no longer tell reality from fantasy...with that hungered kiss she gave back while wrapping their tongues together....The glow still shining on the succubus's eyes as she keeps spanking the ass of the dragon girl while her tail wraps between the toes of affectionate caresses while making light...yet very passionate thrusts inside of her.* Mhhhhmm...I love you so much, my wonderful pet~ Knowing you think such thoughts makes me so happy~ You really deserve that collar I gave you...That wonderful mark of yours~ *A few giggles slips out as light tugs were made on your collar.*
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
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** Amelia, Bull Concubine flipped a coin! Heads! **
Maybe these coins are just weird~
*Cariel was amazed by how fast her mistress's hands were moving. They quickly and efficiently touched and played around with her body. The dragoness mind now stuck in a fantasy world were her mistress was praising and playing with her body, something she had desired for so long after having been stuck in the tentacle glass box. Her body dropped any resistance remaining, leaving her as a completely obedient and serving slave for the succubuss's fun. Each time her ass was spanked her body jolted up in pleasure, giving her a feeling of constant ectasy with each slap on her ass. Feeling her mistress's tail sliding inbetween her toes and caressing her feet made the slave moan even louder with each trust of the dick in her pussy. The light trusts inside of her body felt like a strong penetration for the dragoness who was so sensitive to the pleasure* I also love you so much... mistress... I've been so happy... ever since the day... you gifted me... this marvelous collar... my behavior towards you in the past was unacceptable mistress... I'm so happy that you decided to forgive me... and take me in as your slave... *Cariel's body squirmed in the sinking blankets in pleasure, getting more and more excited as the succubus played more and more with her. Her toes that were not bound wiggled happily as they feel the tail coiling around them while caressing the sole of her feet*
Amelia look hot
Very hot *my tail wags*
I think that the succubus will kill itself more than I will damage it
don't want to be smarter, but when guy you call it incubus
succubus is the female term
Beb is limited to male enemies only
So in rp we act that its a futa
yes that is very not funny
that is cool
I will sit here and watch how Amelia will win
Amelia will win, I'm already inflicted with multiple restraints and disadvantages such as being tied up which makes me unable to do physical attacks
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*The pleasure that the Succubus feels from being able to have the young dragon being practically putty in her hands....and with very little effort done on her part was making her cock deep inside of Cariel...twitch with great pride and eagerness....even as she keeps making those gentle, passionate thrusts which only grew faster and stronger as the pleasure grew quite significantly.... This cocksleeve to the bull had to wonder what kind of impact Amelia possessed on the mind of Cariel to have such a powerful effect....She wasn't aware of what happened....but a quick read into the mind of this submissive dragon reveals that Cariel has been captive to a tentacle glass box...deprived of the attention and touches of her wolf mistress...only occasionally being able to hear her and the Minotauress....whether it was the voice...the footsteps...the pleasured moaning sounds...whilst tentacles keep her worked up throughout those weeks while not being able to truly reach an orgasm no matter what she tried or did...More of the energy was being drawn towards the succubus with each moment inside of Cariel with each thrust taken...Each caress made with her hands and that Succubus tail of hers...whether it was caresses over her breasts...her ass with the occasional spanks that seemed to get stronger with each impact and thrust made...eventually...her tail uncoils away from the feet and toes of the dragon as she brushes her feet over Cariel's....interlocking their toes together....* Mhhhhmmm...yes...that was quite unruly behavior you showed back there...but at least...we're here now....with me as your wonderful....generous Mistress...and you as my loyal dragon slave....
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*She creates another illusion in your mind as she gives another order...flooding into your mind....with a soft, sensual tone* Now...why don't your finger cute dragon~
bug is too noisyX3
Your mistress desires it~
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*Cariel moaned louder and louder as she flet her mistress's dick thrusting faster and faster inside of her. The dragoness finally having the pleasure that she had been desperately craving for ever since being locked in the tentacle box. Even after being freed she had been forbidden to play with herself until her mistress gave her permission, a extra punishment for her failures. Further and further Cariel's energy was being drained, but the horny slave was unable to feel it anymore now that her body had been fully corrupted by the succubus's magic. Feeling her mistress's toes wrapping around her toes sent shivers of pleasure surging through Cariel's body, not having down this with her mistress in so long as she had been only on stool duty ever since she left the glass box, so close yet forbidden from touching those feet. But now that her feet of all things were finally capable of touching her feets the dragon girl felt a feeling of ectasy coursing trhough her body* mmhmm... thank you... for forgiving your dragon slave... and being generous enough to pleasure and play with her... even though was behavior and failure in the labyrinth were unacceptable... fingering myself... of course mistress... as you order... *Even though Cariel's body didn't move, her mind still had the feeling that she was fingering herself just as her mistress had ordered her to. This leads to her pussy getting much wetter as it believes to be receiving more pleasure than it actually is, while also providing the succubus with even more energy from the slave*
*peeks in*
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*"Amelia's ears were twitching upwards within your vision as she hears and enjoys those escalating moaning sounds of yours...her wolfish tail swishing about wildly and eagerly for being so close to her dragon pet~ Meanwhile, in the eyes of the succubus...she could bear witness to that look....that look of relief...pleasure...arousal....a certain yearning...One that she suspects had something to do with the wolf girl she was bound to...It was quite an intoxicating thing to know that....such punishments were invoked upon the dragoness...such punishments that had quite a potent effect on Cariel and her own personal desires...especially if such things had been denied from her beyond constant teases with the intent of working up with no satisfaction of that desire given. As the passionate thrusting continues...her feet continues brushing together with Cariel's as she starts leaning her lips down onto her neck...laying a few kisses there to keep the dragon girl and her mind occupied with these multiple stimulation attempts....*'re welcome~ It's been so long since I got to do this with my dragon slave...Been so long...I almost missed it as much you're so amazing and skilled....with how you're fingering yourself like wonderful...You seem...kinda wet down...there heheh...I guess you have been pretty pent-up....
*As she keeps up the constant thrusting....her eyes just continue shining that pink hue as her cock starts leaking precum into you...As another vision slips in with....Amelia creating a clone of herself to not only use your pussy but also your mouth...with a powerful deepthroating in one quick thrust inside.*
*pokes head inside*
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*Cariel had a look of satisfaction as she saw her mistress enjoying herself so much as she continued to pleasure herself and her mistress's dick. The dragon girl's ectasy grew more and more as she was relieved from her constant pent up frustrations, now finally allowed to let it go and pleasure herself. This was everything that the needy dragon girl could have asked for, to play with her mistress's dick and her feet, her life couldn't be any better than this moment. All the stimulations going through her body kept her from ever breaking free from the control of the succubus* I'm happy to hear... that mistress... missed doing this... as much as I did... hehe, thanks mistress... I learned how to finger myself thanks to your great teachings... and I've been torturing myself... to hold back from the urges... to not break the rules or punishments you put in place mistress... *Seeing her mistress cloaning herself only added to the excitement of the dragoness as she was pleasured and pleasured two of her mistress's at the same time. This couldn't be any better than the moment, but even though her body and mind had given up control to the succubus, her tail cataclyst, a accessory she installed to be able to casts spells more easily was not affected by the succubus's magic. Feeling that its owner was far too gone into a trance, the catalyst released a powerful shock, coursing through the succubus and Cariel's body. The electric spells causes Cariel to snap back just enough that the small break in the succubus's concentration caused by the pain allowed for the dragon girl to snap back to reality. As she broke free from the spell, the slave saw the succubus standing over her, thrusting in and out of the dragon girl's pussy* C-c-could you... maybe stop... draining me... please... *Cariel asked the only thing she could think of as she broke free from the spell and felt the strong draining effect from the succubus's spell*
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*Everything was enticing about the dragon she was currently occupying with her and her eager Succubus cock....her chest was heaving up and down from the excitement at having had her ensnared in this prolonged trance...which was certainly a rarity as most usually tried to resist or fight back in some way....The pure look of ecstasy on the loyal slave's face from her her lips left the mistress of area quite intrigued and more curious about the one she has been toying around with since the first time they met~ Loyalty was certainly a most curious thing...especially with in regards to its effects on one's psyche and inner self.* So wonderful...loyal...obedient to be resisting those urges....So you can keep me satisfied and pleased pet.....~ Mgggghhh.... *Even though she was more or less able to shrug off the effects...that jolt of energy made her wince a bit given how all of a sudden it was especially when so deep into this shared sense of pleasure...Maybe it was because of being so deep into this was why she's able to shrug it off as well. Once Cariel snaps out of that trance....The bullish cocksleeve to the Minotauress...declares as she shifts their bodies a bit so that Cariel would find herself on all fours...* Mhhhhmmm...Sure...but if you get on all the good..obedient truly are...~
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Sorry... but I'm a obidient pet... only for mistress Amelia... not for a succubus cock sleeve... *Cariel's body was bound, rendering her unable to even think about obeying the succubus. This left the slave a bit confused, but seeing how the succubus currently had her dick inside of her, Cariel decided to use that to take advantage of her. Squirming around, the dragon girl started to move her body up and down, pushing the succubus's dick further and faster inside of the dragon girl. This filled the dragoness with pleasure, but filled the cock sleeve with even more pleasure, hopefully enough pleasure to make her cum so she allows Cariel to leave and continue onward with her adventure through the labyrinth, though the looks of pleasure on the succubus told the dragon girl everything she needed to know that she was doing the correct thing to push the succubus over the edge*
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Nggghhhh....Haaaamhhh....~ *The succubus found herself surprised at the sudden display of energy and resistance....the moment Cariel insists on that declaration....The squriming she decided to do as she pushes her pussy over her dick even faster and deeper with each movement and thrust of her hips....Despite her attempts to not seem overwhelmed by this sudden display....the demoness found herself letting out a deep moan as her toes curled while her tip starts leaking rather profusely in response....It didn't take too long before Bull Cocksleeve #3 ended up tilting her head upwards as her corruptive cum...spills out.....This lasts for quite a bit of time as she holds onto Cariel tightly....before it eventually subsides...though...this was done with the intent of keeping herself close give the dragon a reminder of what just happened her tail grazes upon her crotch...where a marking glows rather brightly...She snickers as she pulls out while staring into the eyes of her determined captive...* Mhhhmmm...Hehe...Quite a bit of me...mhhhmm...Wonder if your really being how easily you fell under my thrall...All because of her little "gift" to you...~ *She sneers as a door to a new hallway opens up~*
** Cariel Drache rolled 1d3: 3! **
/dice 3
Quack quack, motherfuckers
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What ever intentions mistress might have... I'm in no position to question her... I merely serve and obey... if this is what mistress has planned for me than I can only accept what she has given me. *Struggling and squirming for a bit, Cariel manages to get out of bed and back on her feet as she bounces out of the room through the newly appeared door. As she's walking to her next destination she feels some heat on her pussy, her body having gotten very excited from the encounter. Deciding to take a quick brake, the dragon girl starts to rub herself against the corner of a table that she finds on her way, relieving her of some of her frustrations while also giving her mistress a great show to watch. Once she felt that she dealt with enough of her pent up frustrations, the dragoness started to bounce once more towards her next destination. As she reaches the door, she feels that her feet are getting exhausted from jumping around so much, and the ropes were starting to get a little uncomfortable, but through her spirit of masochism she presses on as she pounds against the next door to open it up*
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Mhhmmmm~ Such an interesting dragon girl you are....You and that mistress of yours....Mhhhmm...Maybe next time we meet....It'll be when I see you two together, heh~ *The entrancing entity with her white hair and black horns softly says as she looks at you while sitting on her bed....legs crossed looking as though this experience hasn't left her exhausted...though given what happened throughout this entire hypnotic session....It made sense she would be left feeling quite energized by this encounter.... As you made your way out into the shifting structure that was mysterious Labyrinth with its equally mysterious walls...though the gilded nature of it made for hidden beauty of this place...Meanwhile, the wolf girl back at her place was feeling aroused at having seen her dragon pet falling into the trance so easily, having imagined the succubus serving Isa to be very wolf girl herself who was rubbing herself a bit....eyes closed while she moans.....Eventually as the darkened hallways led on....A potent blinding light appears within view the moment the new destination for the dragon emerges....One of a much familiar wrestling ring~*
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
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*Bouncing through the door, Cariel comes face to face with the wrestling ring once more. Seeing this makes the dragon girl let out an annoyed sigh* Really here mistress... I can't even defend myself from these big dumb brutes while tied up. *After complaining for a bit Cariel started looking for the orc leader. Unlike the cock sleeve #3, the orcs left the dragon girl alone since she's a slave of the labyrinth. After jumping around for a bit, the dragoness finally finds the orc leader working out with some other orcs* Hey miss Sheila... mistress sent me to do training around the labyrinth... and since I'm here she also sent me to train with you... so if you wouldn't mind... would you help out... and yes I have to remain tied up like this... *Cariel explained to the orc leader as the slave sat down on a chair to rest for a bit, using one of the cylinder equipement to massage and relax her sore feet after all the walking, her breathing being excited by the vibrator still constantly vibrating inside of her ass*
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*The leader of the orcs turned her attention to the entering dragon girl....a rather intrigued look crossing her face.* Long time no see, little dragon~ *Though a curious one was there as well since it was quite an unexpected sight to see Cariel all trussed up like that with the telltale sounds of a vibrator chugging away softly wrapped in the ass of the dragoness.....Though as curious as she was....she cracks her knuckles as she goes over to Cariel and towers over the bound captive, she bends her over before immediately pushing her orcess cock into her without much warning going for a rough pounding session...lacing her neck with her strong muscular arms....* Mhhhhmm...So the Minotauress' wolf sent you here...? And in this less? Heh...didn't take her the type to put someone at a disadvantage...Not that I'm complaining...makes all the more train you up a bit~ Mgggghhhh....Ohhhhhhhh....Yes~ Been wanting to use this hole...Arregghh...for a while now...heh....~ *Sheila grins wildly as her pace kept getting rougher and faster~*
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*Cariel wasn't surprise by how rough and fast the orc leader was going, she had always been the rougher type of person and very possesive* mmhhmm... could you just... not choke me too much please... It's okay if you go rough... just don't break me too much please... *Cariel asked as she didn't fight back against the trobbing cock of the orc. Upon seeing their leader start to go so roughly on the captive, they started to circle the two of them. Some of the orcs joined in with their leader as they started to pound the other holes of the dragon girl. As they hold her up in the air, the weaker orcs quickly started to cum inside of the bound slave. Now that she wasn't figting back, Cariel felt some strange great pleasure from being used in such a rough and harsh way, making the dragon girl let out some powerful moans as the orcs continued to fuck her*
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*Sheila grinned as she keeps thrusting hard and deep into the well-used hole of the dragon girl....Upon hearing the words and concerns that Cariel stated, she loosens her grip on her throat as she then goes for a powerful pin while the weaker orcs started getting into place by shoving their smaller but still powerful cock into Cariel's remaining holes....starting off slowly deceptively but going for that powerful pounding the orc girls were known for.* Mhhhhhjmmm...fine...little dragon....The wolf and the bull would be quite displeased if they found out we broke their favorite little toy, hehe....But we'll still be roughing you up and cumming quite a lot inside of at least one of those are being turned on by you're so being horny to be bound and used like this~ *She grins with a deep tone in a booming tone near the bound girl's ear.*
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
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mhmhmhm... *Cariel's mouth speech was muffled by the dick of a orc, but as it reaches a climax and cums in her mouth, the dragon girl uses the short brake inbetween the orcs switching places to talk* I probably won't break mentally sso don't worry too much about that... a-a-and I won't deny that... there's some pleasure to being tied up... and being forcefully played with... if we ever had aa rematch... tying me up can be used as a weakness~ *Cariel wasn't afraid of sharing some of her weakness with the orc leader in her state of pleasure. All the dicks thrusting inside of her brought great joy and ectasy to the captive slave. As she finished speaking, another orc pushed its dick inside of her mouth, gagging her once more. To her surprise though, one of the orcs raised up her feets as it squeezed its dick inbetween her foot, making the dragoness give it a foot job and making her feet have some usage for the orcs*
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** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
** Amelia, Bull Concubine flipped a coin! Heads! **
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*The leader was letting out more of those distinctive chuckles...that rang with that deep tone of hers, especially at hearing the delightful sounds of Cariel's muffled words and sounds as one of the orc girls' dick occupies her mouth~ A smirk then grew upon the face of Sheila as she runs her right hand across the dragon girl's body for a brief moment* Mhhhmmmm~ That's good to know...hehe.....I'll be looking forward to such a rematch, little ones~ *She huffs out with a snort as some of that hot orc air curls across the dragoness's orc-pinned body.....With them occupying every inch of her body from her ass even with the vibe in her her mouth....and even her feet....Some that were occupying her ass already started cumming into her deeply while some tried to keep up with movements of Sheila as her bigger form meant that most of her movements were a lot quicker and influenced most of the pace.*'ll be stuffed full by the leave...Wonder what that wolf has planned for you afterwards~
** Cariel Drache flipped a coin! Tails! **
(.........*blinks* )
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mhmhmh... *Cariel expertly uses her tongue to lick the orc's dick that is in her mouth to make her cum early, and freeing her mouth so she can talk* don't worry about stuffing me... I have techniques... to help un stuff myself... pretty useful when you work... in a labyrinth where you can get assaulted... and fucked by a large quantity of monsters... *Cariel started to have a harder and harder time to keep up her conversations the large amount of orcs fucking her made it so that she never had a break and was constantly being used. Even with her great endurance Cariel was struggling to kepe herself straight, perhaps a side effect of the aphrodisiac that had been used on her previously by the succubus. With her feet having being added to the mix to give the orcs a foot job, the dragon girl decided to also play with her feet as she moved it to the best of her capability while being restrained by ropes, and just as quickly as the other orcs the orc that had been receiving a foot job reached its orgasm. Once they left to go rest though, some of the orcs seem to have taken a interest in it as they also started to use the dragoness's foot to get a foot job*
(Jeez, without her picking healer.. that rule is kinda brutal x3)
(It's a slow crawl to victory)
(At least this wasn't a game with energy...and is on roleplay mode u.u I wasn't considering such things...Thought it sounded okay~)
(Though I feell that the inability to use physical attacks because of the ropess might be worse, since its one of the main ways to attack ennemies)
(I mean it's pretty much her getting tied up and used in the labyrinth, which is kinda what the experience was meant to be, no?)
(It is, but I personally think it can be fun to fight back and have the enemies put you down in your place)
(*starts looking at Isa* You're not like thinking of enacting this on me for the funsies, are you?)
(Plus, not even really a footslut and the footwear in that pic is hot 🥵)
(Are you thinking it might be a funsies thing to do?)
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(It's a barefoot sandal if you were curious mistress)
(You're talking to a wolfie whose into the idea of funsies as being railed by demon cocks, Isa...)
(Then again that was probably a rhetorical question)
(Oooohhhh...nice...sounds cool..wish that was easy to do on PixAi...won't stop me from trying)
(PixAi can have issues counting fingers, I think the concept of barefoot sandals is too much for it)
I tried stirrups...and bit of a hit or miss^^')
(stirrup is nice, a shame that it works sometimes only)
(Yeah....I can only just imagine it in my wolfie mind~)
(If I knew how to draw I could manually draw it for you~)
(Hearing such sentiments makes the wolfie heart happy~)
(Glad to hear I can make mistress happy~)
*All of the converging orc girls were happening en masse to such an extent that it was hard to tell how many there were....Then again...this was as much training time for the lesser ones as much as this was "training" for the cute dragon girl whose mind and body were being seriously tested her with being constantly used....Sheila was definitely the one with most energy and endurance here as she wasn't even close to leaking precum profusely out yet compared to her compatriots...She snickered as she patted the dragoness on her breasts...* Hehe...well...I can probably have someone else in mind stuffing you..Maybe a wolf girl....or the Minotauress...Maybe even both...hehe... *The lead Orc girl grinned as her hand went over the crotch whete that succubus' mark was left behind.*
*As this whole scene persisted, it seemed like the orcs inhabiting this gym-like setting were getting faster and rougher as the stench of their sexual activity lingers in the air and has quite the effect on how horny they were getting.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Cariel didn't seem to mind the very large quantity of orcs that never seemed to end. The dragon girl could feel her body being pushed to its limit in term of endurance from being used by so many orcs at the same time. Unlike Sheila, Cariel was already leaking precum as the excited dragon girl was already starting to get closer to an orgasm after her fight with the succubus and now as she's being the main fuck toy for all of the orcs. As they continued to fuck her, Cariel started to wriggle her body seductively, teasing the orc leader Sheila to go even harder on her pathetic holes*
*That delightfully wicked smirk only seemed to linger and grow on the face of the bigger orc who was finding quite a bit of pleasure to be using this dragon with her strong endurance especially since with her dick wrapped by the heated walls of that dragon girl pussy, she could feel that leaking precum as the heightened arousal of Cariel was becoming more apparent with each thrust taken...each second elapsing...As that tease took place, the leader of this area growls out as she really forces the bound dragoness into more of a doggy position as she goes even harder and rough with driving into the inner spaces of the moaning and horny dragon. She started giving some slaps to her ass every second thrust.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*As they continued fucking, the numbers of orcs slowly diminued as they kept cumming in the dragon girl. After a bit, it was just the slave and the orc leader left. With Cariel now on the ground, she could feel the powerful dick thrusting inside of her start leaking as the orc leader was also getting closer to reaching an orgasm* I didn't know... you could endure... for this long.. sheila... oh yes... the spanking... make it harder~ *Cariel moaned each time she felt her ass getting spanked by the orc leader, being too horny to really be bothered by the pain now. As the orc leader continued thrusting into the dragon girl, Cariel started to also hump her body as best as she could to move her self on the powerful dick so that it could reach the best possible orgasm*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Once the group dwindled down to just the dragon slave and the orc who ruled over this gym and training area....there was a certain excitement building within her as the precum of that potent orc essence started leaking out and into the well-used pussy Cariel possesses...Hearing her words, a deep chuckle simply rang out before she answered.* Hrrrrrmm...heh...Well...need to a bit...otherwise...those other sluts...she finds us and decides to bring us...would be easily able to overcome and use that against us...hehe...if we don't endure a bit~....Hehe... *Her eyes had a horny and determined expression in them as she grabs onto the legs of the dragon hoisting them up so she can really drive into Cariel even more...her spanking getting harder...faster....rougher...more constant....* *SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK* SPANK* *SPANK*
*Sheila made sure to shift their bodies a bit so they can face the rest of the orc who were nearby if wanting to make this an exciting spectacle for everyone present...*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
hmmmm... well I remember... handling you... and your orcs pretty easily... when I first came here Sheila... *Cariel's speech was cut short as she the orc raising her legs up in the air so she can properly push it hard into the slave's pussy. As the dragoness felt the spank getting harder and faster, she couldn't stop but start drooling in pleasure and excitement at what the orc leader was putting her through. As she felt her body being turned around to face the other orcs to make a show out of the slave, Cariel couldn't hide her exhibitionist tendencies as her breathing got very excited from being made into a public show by the orc leader. In the moment under her hornyness, Cariel started to move her body around to show off to the surrunding orcs and give them a tease as to what they are missing from having a bad endurance and losing so fast to the dragon girl*
*As she kept moving on the orc dick, the dragoness could feel the erect dick inside of her start throbbing as the orc leader was nearing an orgasm*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Sheila growled out with a huff at being brushed off like that by the slave of both the Minotauress and the wolfie girl loyal to her....but is determined to push the cute dragon girl to her limits before sending her off to the next part of the Labyrinth....Deep moans were sounding out from her vocals as she gotten even deeper into the precious inner spaces...while some more triumphant chuckles were booming from within at how excitable Cariel was in being shown off like that especially with her drooling out in pleasure like that. It didn't seem like there were any signs of the relentless spanking slowing down anytime soon...And the fact she could feel a quickening in the rising chest of the dragon girl the movement she starts showing her off...made the orc leader more excited as her pre just was a stream at this point...With a final growl as she tilted her head up to led out a dominant moan before shoving deep inside to cum deeply into Cariel.* GRRRRRRMMMM....TAKKKKEE...IT ALLL....OHHHHHHHHHH.....YOU....DRAGON....SLUUUT...~
*Once the last of that potent essence finishes up within the rather unspecified amount of time of Sheila letting finally slows to a trickle as she pulls out...with that orc cum leaking out its excess and dribbling down parts of her ass...*
(do you want me to take the chest option to see if we get mimic mistress?)
*She gives one final slap to Cariel's ass* Hah! That was finally release~
(*giggles * Sure...let's see)
Welcome back
*Cariels breathing got more excited as she got relentlessly spanked and the orc leader's dick being pushed even deeper into her pussy. As Cariel felt the orc's constant stream of pre cum, she could feel that the leader was getting close to an orgasm* ooohhhh yes.... release it miss Sheila... release it all inside of this slave's pussy~ *Cariel moaned out loud as she felt the powerful orgasm in her pussy. After a few minutes the orgasm comes to an end as she feels the orc leader letting go of her legs. The dragon girl lets out one final moan as she feels that last spank on her ass* glad you enjoyed it.... miss Sheila... now that we're done with training... I'm going to continue... see you another time~ *Cariel struggles to bounce back onto her feet, before bouncing back towards the new door and her next destination. As she was traveling though, something caught the eye of the dragoness, a lone chest in the labyrinth. Isa gave her strict rules to not touch any chest as they were off limit, but the dragoness's curiosity got the better of her as she couldn't resist checking out the chest as she bounced towards it before opening up the chest*
Had a nice time Rahia?
fufu,of course;3
great to hear
*The orc leader let out some satisfied and triumphant grunts at having let loose in the pussy of the roped-up dragon....those loud moans making her smirk long after she pulled out and hears the words that Cariel imparted before leaving through the doorway....* Sure, see you next time...dragon slave~ Now back on your feet! That's enough resting...That low resistance back there was pathetic! You need more training! *Sheila boomed to the rest of the orc girls as Cariel left for her next destination....Once she emerges into the next hallway to see that chest and let her curiosity get the better of her....the seemingly normal chest...springs open with a massive....array of tentacles as they latch tightly onto Cariel's wrists and and ankles while a tongue starts to emerge.*
*It seemed as though this mysterious entity had no intention of letting her go and seemed intent on dragging her into itself...with its surprising amount of force with its relentless tugging.*
SKRRRRRMMMM.....GRRRRRMMM... *It was letting out some rather unique and almost unnatural sounds as it continues its attempts on dragging her.*
(hey mistress, since this game is likely going to go late until night, do you mind if I take a around 1 hour break so I can get ready to sleep, since then if we go to very late I can go straight to sleep without having to worry too much)
(Okay, sure~)
(thank you misstress)
(You're welcome~)
:3 carial go to bed now?
No, she's just taking a break so she can get ready for sleep and then go straight to sleep once she finishes our game~
(Okay I'm back now mistress)
maybe too night today:3
What the- *Cariel was interrupted as she felt the tentacles grabbing onto her body. Being already tied up, the dragon girl had no way of resisting being pulled into the mysterious creature. Being a seasoned thief though, Cariel recognised this chest trap to be a mimic, which made her more ashamed of having somehow gotten caught by such a simple trap. As the chests lid shut close, locking her inside, the dragon girl started to squirm around to struggle against the tentacles restraining her. Feeling the tongue slithering over her body, the dragoness knew that this chest was some sort of lewd trap, one that she wanted to get out of before it was too late. Either way it would be too embarassing to fail to a mimic of all things. Using her tail catalyst, Cariel utilised a electro spell on the mimic, sending a shock coursing through it. The slave could hear some strange noises coming from the mimic, which she assumed to have been sounds of pain because of the shock, but it doesn't seem to be enough as the tongue starts to slither into her private parts to play with the vulneable and defenseless dragon girl*
I don't know if mistress, is here at the moment or not
hmmm, Maybe she didn't notice,or maybe she asleep :3
I'll just wait for a bit more, if she doesn't come back I guess I'll also head to sleep
AME~~*Shout loudly*
Well I doubt she went to sleep, since she would have warned me if she did so
I shot her a discord dm, hopefully she sees
So it's time to pause the game, I guess it's about three o'clock in the morning in US
Me and mistress share time zones, it almost 2am
indeed too night
It seems that mistress isn't coming back for now
hmm,time to sleep cariel
Yes miss Rathia
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(I'm checking on the room every once in a while mistress, so if I don't answer immideatly that might be why
Okay, I'll just leave my next part then~)
Hmmmmmmm...? *Amelia who has been watching quite a bit of all this happening to her cute dragon pet, ended up blinking at the sight of Cariel actually getting close to the chest and attempting to check it out of curiosity before it ends up springing to life and latching onto that bound slave of hers who was basically dragged into the chest with barely any made on its part. It was almost difficult to tell whether it was due to how strong the Mimic was with its tongue and tentacles, or if that was from how exhausted the wolfie girl's beloved servant was from being constantly teased by the vibes in her ass, the trance she fell into easily from Bull Cocksleeve #3, the constant and nearly endless fucking she just received from Sheila and the rest of the orc girls, and there was the fact that she was rendered helpless by rope bindings said wolf mistress insisted the former dragon thief tied herself up with. Even though there was a bit of groaning from the wolf who was watching, she couldn't help feeling turned on at the at notion of Cariel being caught up in that trap...being constantly pleasured with no signs of relenting or stopping.... In fact, it was quite reminiscent to that time the dragon was trapped in that glass box, filled with tentacles that kept her on edge throughout her three weeks that the wolf imposed as the duration before eventually releasing her. The tongue with its unnaturally incredible length and flexibility was wrapped around every space and inch of her body it could reach. It was writhing around her as it remains latched onto her squirming form. There seemed to be some unusual qualities attached to the saliva that was secreting from the tongue as it appears to be functioning like an aphrodisiac, enhancing the sensations felt by the dragoness while raising her feelings of pleasure and desire sharply as it drips and slides across every inch of her body. After letting out an unusual shriek from that jolt of electricity, the Mimic became more relent with its tongue by continuing to rub and caress any part of her body it could reach including the private parts of the vulnerable and defenseless dragon girl*
(welcome back mistress)
(Thanks~ Hope you slept well, sorry about connection just kinda went down for a bit last night so I couldn't really say anything until it was too late)
(I had a good night of sleep, how about you mistress?)
(That's good to hear, I slept pretty well my cute dragon pet~)
(that's great to hear mistress)
(and don't worry, as your loyal pet and servant I'll wait how ever long it takes for mistress to come back)
(Thanks, your wolfie girl mistress is happy to hear that a lot^^)
(And your happyness is my happyness mistress)
(shall we continue then?)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Cariel felt the tongue slitering all over her body, licking and playing with her genitals, fucking the dragon girl. Cariel felt the tongue of the mimic intensifying as she released the jolt of electricity on the mimic. The dragoness tried to struggle against the mimics tongue, a usually pretty easy task for Cariel, but it was a near impossible task now that she was also tied up by the rope, keeping her body from doing any violent movement to fight back against the mimic. Knowing this, the slave stopped trying to struggle around so much. Taking deep breaths and preparing herself for what the mimic is about to do to her body. Maybe if she stopped resisting the mimic would lighten its grip on her body, allowing for her to take it by surprise by struggling much harder in one swoop. But until then, the slave had to deal with the tongue slitering across her body, bringing her much more pleasure than she'd want to admit and with the tentacles gagging her, there was no way for her to try and call for help to her owner to come and save her, so Cariel also started to mentally prepare herself to spend a few days in the box until she could be found and freed by someone.*
(Supah tempting to use the test~ Wonder if we should flip for it to determine if I use it or not^^)
(If you use it, I don't think I would succeed at resisting it)
(From one box to another would be a very interesting ending^^)
(*nods head* The chances would be not impossible but really, really low to resist)
(With my luck, I prefer to consider the odds to be impossible)
(*giggles* So coin flip or just do the test, teehee?^^)
(you can just do the test mistress)
(Okay~ Just need to type my next part first before I click it^^)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The rather unusual entity just keeps letting out its rather unnatural....rather deep guttural sounds as it just intensifies its powerful motions and caresses around the dragon girl's body....continuing to secrete those potent fluids around Cariel's body...It was hard to tell which parts haven't reached her body... though one observer could safely assume that since she was completely bound and covered by the writhing and unrelenting tongue of the Mimic, it most likely doused every space and crevice of her body without mercy as if intent on putting her in a more impossible situation for her to be able to resist. One has to wonder if the wolf girl may have intended for something similar to her last entrapment to randomly appear for her to check this out and end up in this rather perilous situation. The moment Cariel stopped resisting and trying to fight back...the Mimic plunged further into her openings...thrusting in and out of the highly aroused dragon girl....intent on making her cum...and further entrap her body in its weakened state...It let out yet another powerful...almost unholy sound as it attempts to push her over the edge into the orgasm she was most likely desiring by this point.*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
*The mimic's tongue was just what the dragon girl needed to finally be pushed over the edge and to a orgasm. Letting out some loud muffled moan, the dragoness starter to cum on the mimic's tongue, letting it eat and absorb it all. Cariel 's body squirmed around in the chest as she came from the chest for a few moments, enjoying the pleasurable sensation of reaching the ever so desired orgasm that she had seeked. Once she was done though, to her surprise, the mimic tightened its grip around her body, having gotten a liking to her cum and not wanting to let its prey go away. As Cariel tried to cast a spell of hers, she felt her magical energy being sapped by the mimic's tentacle that was thrusting inside of her mouth. As she realized that, the slave tried to squirm as intensely as she could, but no matter how much she tried to fight back the ropes binding her body kept her from ever putting up a fight against the mimic*
*Once the dragon girl hits past the edge she needed to break over, the mimic could feel that potent essence being let loose by a heavy shake and rumbling happens from deep within the chest seemingly having absorbed the dragon girl's cum and starting to show a feeling of immense desire to bind itself closer to the individual who let out this tasty fluid in the first place...seemingly with the intent of desiring some more if possible...The hold became truly unrelenting as the tongue starts pushing a tighter grip over her than before...Any attempts to be shaken off by Cariel was met with little effect as though the magic spell just dissipated before it can have any effect as the energy was drained away while continuing to thrust into her....
at every space and area it could reach possible....While all of this was happening....there was a bit of rumbling as if the chest with Cariel inside was seemingly being moved to a new area...Within an instant...a blinding light shines down onto the trapped and bound dragon girl while her wolf mistress came into her vision...Looking quite amused...with her arms and legs crossed...tapping her big toe on the edge of the chest...*
(mistress, if you're seperating your messages, could you use end turn to tell me when its my turn?)
(End turn)
*wolfie girl mistress tail swishing about back and forth *
*Cariel felt the strange rumbling happening to the chest, as if the chest was being moved around. But the dragon girl's mind is quickly taken away from that as she feels the tongue pleasuring her body once more. As the dragon girl squirmed around in pleasure and to try and break free from the mimic, she's taken by surprise by the sudden light shining down on her. As her eyes got accustomed to the new light level, the dragon girl could see her mistress, standing next to the chest looking amused. The slave knew that if her mistress was here then it couldn't mean anything good for her* mmmhhm mhhhmm... *Cariel tried talking, but was reminded of the tentacle in her mouth that was gagging her and keeping her from talking. Trying her best to squirm around and get her mistress attention, Cariel was interupted abruptly as she felt herself reaching another powerful orgasm by the mimic's tongue pleasuring her full body*
*Since the last time they met, the brown-furred mistress was completely clothed....Though in her current state, she was now completely in her more natural state....fully nude and showing off her natural beauty to her dragon pet....She had her eyes closed for a she made a slight clicking of her tongue...Feeling fairly amused at how Cariel was practically at the mercy of the Mimic and its potent tongue as she reaches yet another orgasm while attempting to speak through her muffled tongue....
With a deep chuckle, Amelia opens her eyes as that bright crimson glow intensifies as she looks down into the eyes of her dragon pet....With a snap of her fingers...the tongue stopped its constant writhing and pleasuring the tongue slowly pulled out of her mouth...Without saying anything...the wolf stomped her foot down onto the body of the entrapped dragon...before lifting it up to make tapping motions on her cheek and lips....A devious...almost sinister glare and expression resting on her face...*
Seems I arrived at the end
Looks like someone's....been having fun...down there....~ *The devious mistress says while bending close while her caged wolf dick makes a light tapping sound from her movement.*
(End turn)
And least the Wolfie and Dragon had fun
Yessh, lots and lots of fun^^
Tehee....what an understandably lovely ending ^^
Heehee...Well, she was trapped in a some sorta box the last time^^
When she played with the lovely Minotauress ^^
*floofy tail continues swishing about*
*Feeling the tongue being pulled out of her mouth, the dragon girl spat out some of the liquid excramated by the mimic. Looking up at her mistress, she saw the sinister glare and expression on her owner's face as she looked down at the bound dragon girl's body* I-I-I'm sorry mistress... I've been a dissapointing failure to you once more... I wasn't capable of even fighting back a simple mimic... I've truly been a dissapointment as your slave... I-I-I understand that I deserve punishment mistress... so I'm ready for the worst.... *With the tongue retracting from the dragoness's body, all that kept her tied up where the ropes that she had tied herse;f with at the beggining. The slave looked at her mistress's caged dick, knowing that she likely had some punishment planned that would involve forbidding the dragon girl from reaching an orgasm for a long time*
(end turn)
I seem to be quite good at ending up trapped in box in beb
*Even with that sinister glare and expression resting on her face...There was the occasional slight chuckle popping for a moment or two, especially at the sights and sounds of her dragon slave and pet spitting out some of the special secretions the Mimic let loose on and in her...Showing almost no sense of care...or maybe with the knowledge that the Mimic with its potent tongue wouldn't be targeting her...Amelia gets into the chest and stands right on top of Cariel's body. She gave a few light slaps to the side of her face with her foot...keeping it close enough to tease but not quite enough to actually reach and give it even a simple kiss...*
It really is shame...though...I thought that my feet would make a great motivator for actually do your best down there.. Not only did you not make it to the end in time....So you could at least give me the chance for some pleasure...You end up getting your own...Not once... *Holding out two fingers to her while sneering...* But you got to do so twice....while I'm still caged here...I was even tempted to let you fuck me with a strap-on if you made it....
But guess that was asking to much of you...Weird...I think you did better when my beloved mistress was assigning you this...Hope this isn't some way of saying I'm a terrible motivator...Hmmmm...Now what shall I do with my beloved pet...I say with a finger held on my chin...My foot resting over your my other hand was stroking my cage..looking though I was deep in thought....but it was clear I already had an idea in I was just simply relishing in keeping you in suspense.*
(End turn)
*lets out a few cute giggles as my tail continues wagging...humming cutely to myself *
*Cariel held back her urges, not wanting to get her mistress any more angry at her than she already was as her marvelous feet slapped across the face of the dragoness. She felt the weight of her mistress crushing down her body, but at this point having her mistress sit down on her naked was more of a reward than punishment* I-I-I'm sorry mistress... I dissapointed and failed you mistress... even with your amazing motivator... I only did worse... I'm a discrace as your pet... I deserce any punishment you may have in mind.... just please forgive me for not being good enough... *As her mistress's foot rested on her face, Cariel had to put up a insane effort not to pull out her tongue and start licking her feet, knowing that she had already caused enough trouble and doing so might just make the situation worse for her. Seeing her mistress thinking deeply, the dragoness already knew that her mistress had a punishment prepared for her. But even so, the suspence of what her mistress had in mind put the dragon girl at worry*
(end turn)
*It was almost tempting to let out some more of my deep chuckling at seeing those clear urges coming from you with my foot so close to your face....It was just so delightfully amusing to me to see you like this....and maybe even cruel and quite wicked of me to know your strong attachment to my feet after being away from direct involvement with them for a long time....Your attachment which was why I kept you around...valued you so much despite how I acted towards you...and even found myself lusting for that attention as it really has been a while....I placed my toes right under your chin so I could lift your head up so my....
piercing red glare would stare down into your wolf tail swishing about...though it seems less out of playfulness...but one of great its's probably been a while...since you last seen...More specifically you seen this during our second encounter back at the marketplace when you tried to blindside me in an attempt to humiliate me out in public....I closed my eyes for a moment while crossing my arms...* Well...Even if you aren't the best...You're still one I value quite a bit with that loyalty of yours....we'll just have to again...and again...and again....hehe... *I chuckled as I opened my eyes...showing an expression that I indicated both a warm feeling but also that I was relishing in tormenting you like this...
* Mhhhhmmm...You're probably wondering what I'm doing here....well...My actions will answer that for pathetic slave...hehe...
*I turned around as I looked down at your crotch....rubbing my foot over it..enjoying the feeling of your dragon pussy cum and juices rubbing onto them...going extremely fast over it....*
(End turn)
*Cariel didn't put up any resistance as her head was lifted up by her mistress's toes. As her glare crossed her owner's piercing red eyes, Cariel had a look of worry as she saw how her mistress's tail swished about behind her indicated to the dragon girl that she was in trouble. Last time she remembered seeing her mistress like this had been in so long when she truly messed up, so seeing her mistress looking like this sent some shivers across her body* Y-y-yes mistress... enough training should make a useless slave... such as myself... useful to deserve serving your greatness.. mistress... *Seeing her mistress relishing in tormenting the dragoness indicated to her that her mistress wasn't completely pissed off at her. Feeling her mistress's feet starting to rub against her pussy caused the dragon girl to start moaning out loud, feeling much more sensitive because of the mimic's essence that was coating her body. Her face of great pleasure showed to her mistress, that Cariel was getting very close to an orgasm, getting there even faster as her mistress uses her feet to pleasure her slave*
(end turn)
*It was quite an innermost relief that even with those failed attempts within the labyrinth and bascially succumbing to your own pleasure when encountering most of the inhabitants of the maze...that you were still responding quite well to me with the lack of resistance displayed when I held your fsce up with my toes and then started rubbing my toes over your pussy....At the same time, there was a bit of a sadistic streak in me for relishing in inducing such shivers from you with my seeming coldness and treatment towards you...I tapped my foot some more over your body...* Mhhhhmmm...Good to know....Your loyalty and determination....are personally your saving graces...among some other things...heehee~ *I simply stated...enjoying the sight of your pleasured and horny expression on your face while you moan from impromptu I went even faster....and vigorously...intent with making you cum....and hit another orgasm....*
(End turn)
I-I-I'm sorry... that these are... my only good... qualities for you choosing to keep me... mistress... I will try my best to serve you better... in the future... so you can have more reasons as to why I'm a good slave to keep around! *Cariel breathing got excited as she felt her other mistress's foot tapping her body while her other foot continued to rub her pussy. Suddenly the dragon girl moans mmuch louder as her pussy releases her cum in an orgasm. The dragon girl's orgasm doesn't seem to last so long after she orgasmed twice, but it still releases a nice stream of cum on her mistress's foot* As she finished climaxing, the dragon girl breathed heavily as she started to calm down as best as she could while her mistress continued to rub her foot against her pussy*
(end turn)
Hehe... Even if they seem to be... your only good... qualities you're probably the only one I would choose in keeping as my beloved pet...slave...servant....and footstool... but excited to see you'll be doing your best... in giving me more reasons... to show why you're a good slave for me to keep around! *That sense of excitement you display with your breathing was also making me excited as my caged fat wolf dick was rattling that structure quite significantly from my own excitement...My wolfish ears twitches happily from hearing your moaning sounds escalate and grow louder with each strong stroke I made with my toes over that beautiful dragon pussy of yours....A slight moan pops out of me once I feel your cum streaming onto my foot and toes. .rubbing my toes eagerly as I feel the cum all over my toes....*
Mhhhhmm...Do you have any more state of arousal for me to...invoke here with my cute toes...There's a good reason I'm cute pet~ *I declare while continuing to rub your pussy eagerly....panting and drooling as I did so.*
(End turn)
T-t-there is the state... of endless... tormenting pleasure... on the edge mistress... I-I-I hope that its a good answer for you mistress... *Cariel was moaning out her answer from the constant pleasure she was feeling from her mistress playing with her vulnerable pussy endlessly with her foot. Hearing her mistress moaning as Cariel moaned, indicated for her that her mistress was also enjoying this, maybe not as much as Cariel but still enough to be getting horny, and maybe more forgiving towards her slave. Cariel in her state of pleasure could only think halfly as she didn't understand what her mistress had planned for her or why she had asked the dragoness her question about the state of pleasure that was yet to be explored by her mistress's feet on the dragon girl*
(end turn)
Mhhhmmm~ Gooooood~ Being on the edge is nice.... Especially with my cute feet....and pretty toes...involved...That'll just lock that memory in...Nice and tight for you...hehe... *I chuckled in a slightly ominous manner as I rub my heel over the marking on your crotch which starts to glow in response....While my feet continue pleasuring your pussy and you to the edge...A pinkish....bluish glow starts surrounding them as a chastity belt starts materializing over your crotch and pussy....A slightly wicked smirk appearing on my lips once the glow starts fading as the structure becomes more visible...My toes tapping it with great amusement. I turned my head around to look at you again.*
(End turn)
*Cariel looked worried as she saw the strange light coming from her crotch as her mistress rubbed it with her foot. Her face fille with dread as she saw the chastity belt forming on her pussy, locking it out of any pleasure. But yet, the dragon girl felt excited at being locked and forbidden from any kind of sexual pleasure by this chastity belt. She breathed in excitment as she felt her mistress tapping her cage with her foot* T-t-this cage will work... as great punishment mistress... I-I-I'm sure that I will learn... how to be a better and more useful slave... for you with this mistress... *Cariel seems to get excited at the thought of her mistress controlling her sexual life once more* (end turn)
*There was just a sadistic sense of pleasure I derived from seeing that expression of worry appear on my cute dragon pet's face as all of this vague and ominous stuff started occurring even as I continue using my toes and feet to pleasure you...But a giggle did pop out of my drooling and panting lips from sensing that excitement overflowing from your distinctive aura... A proud look from your words as I continue tapping eagerly.* Glad to hear you think so~ Mhhhmmm...wonder what else we should do here...I'm thinking I should...keep you in here for a bit...for failing against a simple mimic...hehe...After seems to have...bonded with you...hehe... *I chuckle out with that same wicked expression resting on my Visage*
(End turn)
K-K-Keep me in here! *Cariel was surprised as she heard her mistress's words. Immidietly the dragon girl felt the tongue of the mimic that had been inactive start moving agains as it starts making its way across her body while avoiding her mistress.* Y-Y-Yes miss... I will entertain the mimic... since I lost to it... and since it bonded with me so much... Cariel felt the tentacles coiling around her body once more as one of the tentacles makes its way back into her mouth to deepthroat and gag the dragon girl* (end urn)
*(end turn)
Good girl~ That's why I love keeping you around~ *I purred out while turning around once again to face you more directly as I tap the toes that you came on right across your face and your lips that were now being gagged by the tentacles resuming their position within your mouth in a powerful deepthroating motions...rubbing so I could smear some of your cum all over your face so that my scent and yours would linger on your face so you could inhale that throughout your time in the chest...I pull my foot back up so I can hungrily slurp up the rest of your potent essence moaning happily and lewdly as I did so before showing off my foot back to you..pristine and clean..aside from my dripping saliva some of which slides onto your face in a dripping motion..before I finally hop out of the Mimic as it starts writhing around your body...* Just one more thing...I need to get some special things for you first...before finishing up here~
(End turn)
*Cariel let out some muffled moans as she felt her mistress rubbing her foot against the dragon girl's face. As she spreads her cum on her feet, the scent of her feet and the dragon girl's cum invade the nostrils of the dragonmess who starts drooling in response. Watching her mistress lick her own feet made the dragon girl jealous and sad that she couldn't be the one cleaning up her mistress's dirty foot. Feeling the saliva dripping on her face, Cariel let out multiple moans of excitement while her mistress jumped out of the mimic. The slave looked up curious as her owner started to write something on her bound body* mmhmm mhmh? *Cariel makes some confused muffled noises as she tries asking her mistress what that is* (end turn)
*It was quite an arousing sight to see you so aroused...moaning as you were muffled by the tentacles of the Mimic....Showing signs of jealousy from me cleaning up my own dirty feet right in front of you like that....chuckling at how you were practically moaning with excitement from me letting my saliva drip off from my foot and onto your face so shamelessly....I started using my glowing toes to write something on your body...One of the first phrases was "Amelia's Footslut Failure" and the other statement was "Wolfie's Sealed Treasure Whore" before going off for a moment...and immediately coming back with a I open it and dump the contents all over your body...A shower of various valuable land onto you and other spaces of the chest...But there was something quite familiar about these...If your memory was still clear...this was the same bag you used to nab my special stuff from my Hot Springs....and the very same stuff you stuffed into the bag...*
Since you're in a "treasure chest" I think it would be fitting to put some there in with you...Recognize these...? Hehe...I kinda wonder if you kept that special necklace I gave to you as a gift from our second encounter....It truly was a gift... As you really caught my interest back there... So fitting...You were trying to nab my treasures...And now you're my here^^
(End turn)
mhmhmmh~ *Cariel felt excited as she felt the treasure being poured onto her body. Looking around the pool of treasures, the dragon girl spotted the necklace that her mistress had given her after her encounter with her mistress. She made a mental note to remember to grab it when she'll be left out of the chest. As she feels her mistress writing useless foot slut and Amelia's treasure whore the dragon girl felt a sentiment pf pride of being used as an object and being rediculised by her mistress in such a way. Being called her mistress's treasure brings excitement to the dragon girl as she sees her mistress closing the chest, leaving her tied up with the mimic in punishment for how ever long her mistress felt that it was needed* (end turn)
Despite how I treat you... You really...truly....are my special treasure, Cariel~ I'm thinking it won't be as long...I don't want to deprive myself of pleasure by keeping you in here long, hehe^^ *I giggled as I smiled my first genuine smile during this whole development and encounter with you here after sending you off on your special "training session" in the labyrinth...loving that excitement on your face and aura once I pour the treasure into the chest and onto your body...That sense of pride emanating from you once I finish writing those words on you made me let out another cute wolfish you a pat on the head with my foot...before closing the chest...with an audible click.* (end turn)
(do we end it here then?)
(Yes, I think it is a good way to cap it off! ^~^)
(How did you like it?^^)
(I liked it a lot, how about you mistress?)
(Sorry for taking longer than intended)
(It's okay mistress)
(I definitely loved it a lot^^)
(Kinda had an idea
of what to plan and do...if we got the Mimic ending^^)
(hmmm, that's great to hear mistress~)
(As I recalled our first two games involving treasure and stuff, teehee^^)
(I'm not sure, if you want to publish this or not)
(I don't mind publishing it mistress if you desire to publish it)
(Hope I did well as the Minions...Its kinda new to me still to plat as multiple characters)
(you did great mistress)
(Besides that one BeB with Isa)
How long has this game been going~
Hearing that means so much to me^^)
(You're welcome mistress)
(And sure, I would love to publish this
(I'm pleased to always make you happy)
As I had a lot of fun here ^~^)
(Glad to know you always have fun playing with me mistress)
(I'm always happy that you find you a bit of pleasure from this as well my pet~)
( much fun^^)
(Also hope you'll get some good this was one of the few times I actually did a post game part^^)
(I don't think we woulda got to do this last night)
(Don't worry about me mistress, you're cute pet runs on just a few hours of sleep and is always full of energy~)
(*giggles* That's good to hear)
(As a side note,
I was thinking 6 or a week in the box, this time around~ ^^)
*6 days
(Yes mistress that sounds good)
(Anything else to say before we leave?^^)
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I forgot to click the ending ^^')
(Silly mistress)
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