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Hana vs Ruck

Twitter Thread from Alpha Tau Omega: “So ASS slut Hana Song showed up back at our frat today, demanding to fight Ruck again. We were just going to spank her and show her out, but Ruck offered to fight her – I guess he had plans for her already!” “It didn’t start great – never seen Ruck quite like that before, begging under a girl’s heel, trussed up and edging into a fleshlight…” “but like any good ASS slut she knows how to take it hard. We forced her down – with a little help from her sister Caroline – and just look at her squirt!!” pic of Hana’s orgasm face “Did I say take it hard? I meant take it hard -and take it everywhere!” pic of Hana cumming with Ruck smiling next to her, hand on her throat – two guys still fucking her and Caroline licking her clit “Better luck next time… Sister Hana!!” pics of Hana dressed in a [slutty nun costume](, and then a spectacular action shot of her cumming in it, red-faced and soaked, as the crop connects with her ass

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(I wondered if you'd find me 😂)
[I did~, I see you no longer have the belt but we can still have a good match]
(hi! it's your revenge fight... what do you think? My bedroom? Alpha Tau's fight circle? An invitation back to your place? The girls told you you can't be the enforcer anymore if you can't beat me?)
(just throwing out ideas)
(yes, I always have fun playing you!)
[I was thinking Hana would come to you, perhaps Alpha Tau's fight circle would be fun. Candy is still sulking so it's up to Hana to try and regain some lost honor]
(sounds good! any of your girls come to root you on? Maybe Caroline's here anyway 😂)
[We can just say it's Caroline there, Hana came over in a bit of a spur of the moment decision lets say]
(ok, great)
[Should I start us off then?]
(go for it!)
*Hana steps into Alpha Tau's arena, wearing her iconic outfit of a black latex leotard with a fashionable jacket on top. After the battle with Ruck and Candy had gone poorly, the now pink-haired president had been sulking in her defeat, unable to tend to her duties. Hana felt that it was her responsibility as vice president and Candy's best friend, to get some revenge on her behalf. Even if things had gone poorly last time she was confident she could beat the older man. Stepping into the ring she met the rival man's gaze with a fierce glare*
*I shake my head - I couldn't believe it when the brother called and said who showed up, and I can barely believe it now* Hana... are you sure you want to do this? You don't just want to stare at the yearbook photo and rub yourself, thinking of the humiliation? *walking behind you, slipping a hand under her skirt as the crook of my arm slowly closes around your throat - laughing as I realize you're not wearing anything underneath* oh Hana... you just came here to get fucked, didn't you... well, we can help with that --
*Hana quickly swats away your groping hand, pressing herself against you. You feel her tits press against your own chest as her fingers slowly descend to find its prey, nails gliding along your crotch.* You may have caught me off guard last time...but I'm fully ready to make you squeal this time.... *Her hands squeeze against your pants, grabbing your cock through them* And I'll make sure this cock won't everrrr be able to ruin a woman again... *she adds on with a deathly grim threat*
*leaning into the stroking... and then pushing you back, giving me a bit of room.* ok, Hana. *ripping off my shirt, and tossing it to the side - stepping out of my pants.* you want to come here, making a huge deal about how prepared you are... *kicking everything away* let's go, then. what does dommy miss hana have in store for me?
All in good time... *Hana leans down and strips off your last remaining garment* I've told you...your pleasure now will only make the loss and pain sooo much worse *She whispers into your ear with a hiss, slowly stroking your cock before squeezing it tight as she adds on the final threat*
*wincing as you squeeze - seeing some of the boys look uncomfortable as you strip me bare - and leaning over to grab the back of your shirt* big words, from a girl from a disgraced sorority. *pulling up, getting you off my cock as you lose your shirt* what do you even think happens if you win here? Alpha Sig's been revealed for what they are - a bunch of needy sluts whose ditzy pink-haired president is the worst of all.
*Hana shoves your hands away in anger, revealing handcuffs that she had hid in her jacket pocket and sliding them around your wrists* We will rebuild our honor...starting by hanging up your body on our house pillar and letting every desperate woman have their way with you! *She pushes you down and presses your heel on your cock, alternating between stroking it and pressing hard against the throbbing shaft*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 4! **
*this is not how I expected things to go - cuffed and naked, struggling to get out from under your foot as you tease me. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to think of something else, but can't hold back grinding a little into your foot.*
What's wrong huh? Can't get control? What happened to making a puppy HEEL *Hana digs in again, rubbing her heel against your balls, looking down and giving you a look of utter disdain*
*I gasp - struggling again in the cuffs, trying hard to get out before anything more embarrassing happens...*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 5! **
*breaking them just in time to sweep out your other leg, knocking you to the floor. Flushed as I realize how hard you've gotten me, I call for rope- and in seconds, have you trussed up on the mat.* looks like -- *wiping a bit of drool off my mouth* - someone needs obedience training again --
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 6! **
Ngh I don't fucking think so! *Hana grunts, throwing her shoulder back at you as you lean in to begin your own attacks. This gives her enough time to pull the ropes off before they can be tightened, in the process her leotard falls from her shoulders to expose her bare tits.* I hope you didn't think I'd roll over onto my back and let you do as you please~ *Reaching out to grab your now fully erect cock*
*flinching as you stroke my cock, now much more sensitive than it was just a minute ago. Looking over at your jacket and seeing a whole set of cuffs in there.* Not on your back, Hana... *grabbing your wrist and twisting it behind your back - locking it together with the other one and grabbing your hair.* On your knees will do just fine --
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 6! **
(uh-oh, Hana came to play)
Hghhh *Hana lets out a growl as you pull her hair back to face you* *Spitting in your face and lunging at you and sitting down on your neck before freeing herself.* I hope you remember this one Ruck...the sweet dessert that sent your mind down a cliff~ *Hana reaches into her discarded backpack she brought to reveal a can of whipped cream, spraying a small amount into your protesting mouth, before silencing it with her pussy; juices spilling in after.*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 3! **
*I try to fight you off until I taste... cream. sweet cream. warmth on my face - forced to swallow... the sweetest thing ever. Wanting more - tasting it on my lips... and licking at the warmth- throbbing, licking, moaning.
Hahaha~ don't think I've forgotten your order, a Korean latte with extra cream~ *Pulling out another object from her bag she reveals the collar and leash you gave her last time* Remember this? Do you really want me to wear this again?~ *Hana holds it up to her neck posing for you as you can only stare from underneath*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 6! **
*licking hard... and then grabbing at the leash. Pulling your hands down as they hold it.. then forcing it out of your grip and attaching it over your screams and kicks.*
puppy just can't help being a puppy, huh... *wiping the cream off my lips.* I don't have a crate for you - but something almost as good -- *I call out, and two brother help pick you up - wrapping ropes around your wrists, ankles, and especially your breasts. Taking my time, walking around me and teasing your nipples as they harden in the bondage.* oh, hana... *jerking a little on the leash* you just couldn't help teasing - and now look at you... Alpha Tau's horny little suspension slut --
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 3! **
Ugh hahh! HEY! *Hana screams as the open collar is suddenly pushed against her neck, she can do little to react as suddenly she's swarmed by your brothers roping her up and suspending her several feet in the air as you had done to Candy* UGH FUCK! Leet me go! Using the same dirty tricks huh? *Hana struggles mid-air, her perky nipples hardening from the friction of the ropes and your teasing*
says the girl using cream to hypnotize me again... ooh, look at that -- *pulling your crop out of your backpack* someone had ideas... *trailing it along your nipples - under your skirt...jiggling it in my hand, always seeming about to crack it against you, but never doing it... letting the anticipation build...*
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 4! **
Ngh *She has no proper response, instead trying to free herself from her suspension bondage. However you can see her body tense up as you find her crop, any attempts at movement only result in the threat of you cracking the whip against her pale skin. She tenses her body in anticipation, only to find you holding back at the last moment, leading to her confused tensing and relaxing of her body, unable to free itself.
*grabbing your hair - holding your head up as you swing softly in the air as someone from behind slaps your ass. I look into your eyes, pulling you up slightly - your bound tits bouncing against my cock.* Now hana - I'm kind of fond of you girls after all this... so tell you what. You give three boys in here a nice sloppy blowjob- and I'll let you go home. I'll even send your clothes back over tomorrow. *tapping your crop against your pussy* how does that sound?
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 3! **
*Hana responds with a violent struggle as she continues trying to free herself* As if I would settle for subjecting myself as your toy, I wouldn't have challenged you if all I was going to do was service you bastards and leave! *Hana spits back venomously, not afraid of your threats*
*grinning - tossing the crop to the ground and grabbing your hair in both hands* fine, then -- *forcing myself down your throat until I feel the back open up* we'll have you service us - and then we'll figure out some more fun to have with you!
*Your violent grab rips Hana from the restraints and down onto the mat, Hana looks up at you with fury* Why don't you fuck a fleshlight if you want a toy? *She spits as she pulls herself off your cock, grabbing one from the edge of the ring and using it against you* Doesn't it feel SO GOOD~ *She smiles sadistically, using your big cock against you as you feel your tip press uncomfortably against the fleshlight that's just a bit too short for you*
*the groan you here is genuine - forgetting to hold back while I fuck your mouth, I can't hold back in the toy, either. moaning as a brother sees me in trouble, and tries to jam a dldo into your mouth - only for you to grab that and start sucking suggestively on it as you look down at me.*
Mmm you wanted me to service you boys well c'mon, I'll give you my best work~ *Hana smirks devilishly as she makes a show of pleasuring the dildo, followed by gripping hard with her hand and mouth, even giving it a few light taps with her teeth* Mmm any takers~? *She pulls off the dildo and stares at you*
careful what you ask for, Hana -- *grunting and pulling the fleshlight off, before tugging hard on the leash - forcing you to the ground. I straddle your face - one hand down on the ground as I pound into you. Each gag driving on me on harder -- harder -- tears coming out of your eyes, pulling hard on the leash to force you down another fraction of an inch... before a loud snap is heard - the collar breaking in half*
MMM! UGH! GUH UGHH GUGHH GU! *Hana grunts against your cock, saliva and tears spilling down her cheeks before the snap of the collar finally gives her the mental wake up to push you away and catch her breath. She lets out a cough as more saliva runs down, wiping it away with her hand and looking up at you with a teary, but furious expression* Looks like your "puppy" is off her leash now....
ooh - well... *trying to calm my cock down as you stare me down* what's my "outside dog" gonna gonna do to me? Besdies slobber all over my cock, of course..
*Hana can see your raging erection is distracting you, taking the brief opening to pull your legs out from under you before locking your hands up* She's going to squeeze every last drop out of that cock.... *She drools over your cock like you say, before pumping hard* And make sure you can't enjoy a second of it..... *She add on with a grin*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 2! **
you... anhnhh!! *I struggle in your hand before realizing how terrible an idea that is - groaning in pleasure and trying to calm down. Not let you stroke me into a happy haze... not think about how sexy you look above me* let me -- go ---
Mmm what do you mean...I'm just servicing you like you asked~ *Hana smirks, wrapping her sloppy lips around your cock, before spanking your ass. She continues at this pace sending shivers down your spine with her mouth while making sure you don't get too cozy by slapping your ass and even occasionally your balls*
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 1! **
*I feel you push my legs up - exposing me completely as you go to work. Each spank driving another shiver out - each suck pulling out a groan - until I'm almost jelly under you, moaning and jerking into your mouth. My mouth forming a soundless whisper:* Hana.....
Mmm yes?~ Gonna beggg~ for me in front of all your brothers? *Hana smirks as she sees your precum leaking down your cock, she uses her thumb to rub it into the underside of your cock* That's it....more...leak more you horny bastard~
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 1! **
*I start to say something - but it's lost in a moan. on cue, a stream spills out of me, dripping down your thumb as I shake - my balls tightening under the heel of your hand*
Ohhh my~ so much...we can't have it spilling everywhere now hm? *Hana grabs the tight and short fleshlight again, pushing it against your cock and letting you feel the warmth and dampness of your own precum as Hana spins the fleshlight around your cock, your tip pressing against the base of it* Hahaha, looks like I'm milking YOU like a cow~
** Ruck rolled 1d6: 4! **
[I believe you're free now with 3 turn limit]
(oh lol)
(well the next action won't be terribly dom anyway --)
*the pleasure- the humiliation - it's almost too much -- it IS too much. Thrusting helplessly into the toy, I spasm - barely noticing I've broken the cuffs when the edge hits, and you pull it off, leaving me streaming precum and humping the air.*
Mmmhm~ *The sight of your whimpering body and spasming, leaking cock is starting to fill my body with sadistic pleasure. I strip off my leotard and am now fully bare before you, letting you worship and eye fuck me to your heart's content* Is this really the same man who claimed to have "conquered" Alpha Sigma Sigma?~
*I look up at you - my mind coming back to me now as the pressure on my cock eases. the groaning stopping - a growling instead, as I stand up, looking at your powerful, naked body.* Every fight has -- setbacks... *pushing myself to my feet, grabbing a long length of rope* but real fighters -- *using it as a whip against your pussy, making you yelp before looping it around your wrists, tying it around your neck for good measure, and holding the rest like a leash* - they don't give in... *tightening the ropework as I lean over you - panting and grinning, then shoving into your tight Korean pussy.*
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 1! **
*Hana's hands smirk as they reach out to block your seemingly sluggish attempts to bind her once again, only to be caught off guard as you hit her pussy with it like whip, sending her reeling to the floor nursing her damaged pussy* AH! Ngh h-hey! *She can only protest as you quickly manage to rope up the injured Korean before pushing her hand aside and thrusting yourself into her pussy.* HA~ AHHH~ *Hana moans as her stinging pussy is now filled to the brim with your big, leaking cock* NGH fuck....
aww - what's wrong now, Hana? *flicking the rope against your tits, whipping each nipple and savoring each little moan* forgetting how to speak from a little hard fuck? can't decide whether to beg for mercy - or scream for more?
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 6! **
Aghh! Nghh n-no..j-just focusing on this! *Hana throws her ass back at you, knocking you off balance and onto your back* Ngh now it still... *Hana says rubbing her pussy into your face as she worms herself out of the restraints*
mmmmmmpmgpmh -- *smothered by your warm pussy - moaning as I still taste a little bit of the cream... but able to keep control of myself, tossing you off, the bottom half of my face covered in your juices.* you can focus on whatever you like -- *grabbing your ankles and shoving them back, exposing your dripping pussy to everyone - running my throbbing cock up and down your slit, teasing you, before pushing back in.* I've got you now, horny girl - and I'm not letting go until you SQUEAL --
Hughh I-I'll never fucking squeal for you pig.... *Hana grits her teeth, cursing her flexible body, before trying to fight back from under you in this position* Haaa mmm m-my way too good huh? Mmm you couldn't pull out if you tried ngh cocky bastard~ *Hana's pussy tightens around your cock just as she says, you feel yourself straining to maintain the same thrusts as her pussy seems to squeeze the life and energy out of you*
*groaning as you taunt me - my cock throbbing like mad as you start thrusting, too. I see the flash in your eyes, how close you know you are -- feeling it start to overwhelm me, wanting so bad to cum inside you. I push harder down on your ankles - holding them with one hand as the other starts roaming your body - flicking your nipples - working your clit - changing every second, not letting you get used to anything, just fondling your entire shaking body while we fuck like mad*
Ughh ngh still r-resisting hm? *Hana grunts, thrusting up as much as she can to try and throw your hands off her clit and pleasure your cock* Mmm how long do you think mm you can hold me down when you cock is ngh ready to burst! AH~ *Hana lets out a loud moan as you bit down on her sensitive nipple*
how *groaning* long? --long enough -- *you feel two soft hands on your heels, taking over for me, as I slump back* -long enough for her to help. *you look up - and Caroline is finishing tying up your feet and hands, as I crawl over to the Alpha Tau toybox- grabbing a dildo and a wand.* Long enough for you to forget - you have no friends here... just a slut sister who knows her place - and a pussy that's DYING to cum.
So give in, Hana -- *pressing the wand against your clit, as I start working the dildo inside you* - let everyone see what kind of a slut you truly are --
and CUM!
Ngh ahh! C-Caroline w-what are you doing h- ? *Hana's eyes widen as Caroline was supposed to be getting disciplined in the A.S.S. basement, how had she gotten here? Hana couldn't think on this for long before she felt a wave of vibration pressing against her swollen clit* NGHHH FUCKKKK! AGHHH! You ahhh! Cowardly.... ughhh~
is resisting cumming (61% chance of cum) => Came!
FUCK AHHHH~ No nooo NOOOO! AIEEEEE~ *Hana let's out a squeal as her hips thrust against the clit, only adding more pleasure as she cums all over the mat*
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 3! **
Ahhhh haaaa~ *Hana's eyes roll back as she twitches, unable to even to begin freeing herself from the restraints she was now trapped in*
ooh... that looked like you ENJOYED it.. Hana... *keeping the wand on your helpless clit, as Caroline pulls back on your bindings- lifting your hips further up.* is it starting to come over you, Hana? That no matter how angry you get - how unfair it feels... *sliding my cock up and down your leaking pussy, before pushing the tip of it against your ass-* you're just my little fuckpuppy... *whispering* and I'll do whatever I like to you.
*sliding in, inch by inch, as you cry out -- Caroline whispering in your ear about what a cute fucktoy you make*
** Hana [Alpha Sigma Alpha] rolled 1d6: 5! **
UGHH n-no s-shut up shut up SHUT UP! *Hana manages to kick away Caroline and free her self from the restraints, but you still had a firm grip around the curvy Korean. Your words echoed her own thoughts almost perfectly, as she thought of how unfair and cowardly it was to make her cum this way.* You're just mmph i-insecure about your own haa abilities?~ *Hana taunts before she feels your cock brush up against her clit and then into her tight asshole* UGhaaah?
*I curse as you break Caroline's bondage - but smile as I see a stronger pair of hands grab your ankles. I pull back as my brothers force you down - one pinning your ankles down as he settles above you, thrusting on your face - one sitting just below him, rubbing his cock against your heaving breasts.... and another, helping me away and then turning back to you, jamming his thick cock into your soaked slit. You hear high-fives - mutters of "alpha tau, bitch!!" - but the biggest humiliation is Caroline's soft tongue, licking eagerly at your clit and fingering your ass as the rest of your holes are filled.*
MMMGHHH ughh ahh? H-hey! You!! You can't do this! MMM! *Hana screams furiously as the boys pin her down onto the mat, the tough Korean not tough enough to fight off 3 fit men and a horny Thai tongue on top of that * MMppph~ this isn't fair! This isn't FAIR! *Hana is screaming to herself in her head as the 3 frat bros have their way with her like she's some desperate whore* UGHHH MMmm haaaa!
*I tap one of them -- ready to take back over. The pressure on your throat subsides, but only for a second, as you see me settle over you - my hand on your throat.* Oh? And coming back here - trying to get some dignity back when your whole house is shamed -- THAT's fair?? *pressing a little harder* no - what's fair, Hana - is for you to stop fantasizing about being a tough, Korean enforcer -- and start enjoying your new role in life. *straddling you, and starting to pump back inside your mouth.* As a slutty- Asian-- FUCKTOY!!
is resisting cumming (34% chance of cum) => Came!
UGHHH GAHHH~ *Hana lets out a panted breath as the frat bro gets off, only for your strong hands to choke her again, her tongue spilling out of her mouth* GUGHH N-NO! MMM NOOO! *Is all the desperate Korean is able to scream out*
[Sent a dm]
*Hana's face was red as a tomato, her short hair splayed beneath her and her bangs a mess in her eyes as she looked up at you with a mix of hate and humiliation.* Mmmm gughhh ahhhh gahh~ *Hana let out a gutteral noise as her pussy lost all control with the loss of her breathing, her eyes rolled back and saliva drooling down her open mouth* GUHH N-NU NO!~ *Saliva foaming slightly as what little air could get through your strong grip left her mouth*
*giving your cheek a little slap - leaning down and smiling next to you, as our house social media coordinator takes a picture of me with you at the moment of orgasm.*
you'd think... *dragging my cock against your face as I sit up - all the other boys leaving you.* what I did the last few times would be enough... Caroline, you can leave her alone -- *shooing away your sister, who won't stop licking up your orgasm*
but it looks like you need another lesson. Maybe a more... personal one. *I nod to a brother, who gets a key for the specialty closet.*
it's just as well you came here, Hana - in fact, I was counting on it. See, Caroline's been sharing all kinds of fun details about you girls. I guess if you don't want your secrets leaked... don't punish and alienate someone who's obssesed with your enemy... *hugging Caroline as she comes over, leaning her head on my broad shoulder*
*almost musing to myself* so obsessed with giving out lessons... using a long, thin crop to enforce discipline... where else could that come from, really... *reaching into the closet to pull out an outfit- your eyes struggling to focus, slowly realizing what it is*
*Hana's eyes are unfocussed and teary, she struggles to catch her breath, slowly crawling to her hands and knees to look up. All she can see is a black and white blur at the moment, but as the words slowly seep into her ear and her vision clears she begins to realize what you are holding. * N-no noo! Noo no no no! *Hana begins to hyperventilate, crawling backwards as you slowly approach her holding a sexy nun costume.
oh, I think yes, yes, yes.... *two people holding you down as I start to dress you in it.* see - you have this image of yourself as an enforcer, Hana - but it's really a lie, isn't it? you'll buck and cum for cock, or a quick pair of fingers, just as easily as everyone else. *you're gagged for a minute as you scream, the habit and shirt pulled over your head - someone sitting on your thighs as the stockings are pulled up and sensible shoes slipped on - until you're released, standing up on shaking legs.*
now everyone can see through you, Hana - *the photographer clicking away* - just a dripping whore playing make-believe... *pulling out a yardstick from the closet, too, and creasing it against your barely-covered ass* in need of some discipline.
Mmmm hmmm~ noooo noo *Hana whimpers against her gag* I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'll behave! *Hana moans as she's forced to wear the sight of her trauma, letting out a yelp and stumbling forward as you spank her thick ass with a yard stick. The tight leggings only accentuating her huge thighs even more; strong, muscular, and utterly useless*
you'll behave... "what"? *spanking you again - and again - driving you toward a mirror - making you look at the ridiculous sight. Your tits spilling out of the shirt - your cum still leaking down your legs, darkening the leggings.*
AH! I'll behave ahh~ Sir! Headmaster! Ruck! Anything! *Hana babbles out as she whimpers before her own pathetic sight, already ruining the costume with her curvy body, wet pussy, and slobbering mouth* Mmm pleaseee no... no more~ *She begs, trying to look away*
mmm - ruining that nice new outfit already -- *dropping the yardstick, and grabbing your crop* bad girl, Hana -- *grabbing your habit and hair with one hand, and smacking the crop against your ass with the other. remembering what Caroline told me the nuns said* - it's the devil made you do it, Hana -- you need to let the devil out of you... *smacking you harder and harder, your pussy continuing to drool*
Ahhh~ haa...ahh y-yess... AH! AH! *Hana yelps with each hit, getting more and more painful yet driving her closer and closer to cumming. All the thoughts swirling in Hana's head overwhelmed her senses, the outfit, the constant reminders of her punishment, the pain and pleasure she felt in her crotch, she was ready to burst from it all* AHH~ YES AHHH Mmmm it's coming out! IT'S CUMMING~ *Hana moans, her mind completely shattered and drawn into your words* AHHHHHIEEEEE~ *Hana squirts out onto the floor in front of her and all over the mirror, her white leggings completely soaked dark, her screams pierce the room as if she's being exorcised. Hana lets out a series of screams and moans before falling back against your hand, still gripping her hair and habit* AHHH ahhhh~ haaaa~
*it couldn't have lasted more than a minute... but the puddle under you looks like you spent all night cumming. I hold you up, barely, as the room cheers -the camera never stopping its clicking through the whole thing.*
*turning to the room* what do you think, boys... is she clean? Or is there more sin in there?
*the chant comes up* - MORE SIN!! -- *and you're tied down in front of the mirror - the wand forced against your clit, each movement pushing it harder against you. I kiss your forehead as you start to tremble again, whispering* Don't forget - I offered to let you off easy... *turning away - thinking - and then coming back.* Enjoy your night, Hana. And the next time you feel like challenging me.... just check our social feed from tonight." I pat your cheek, and walk away - leaving you to the vibrator and the mirror.*
[End there?]
(end! chat more in dm)
(amazing as always)
[Thanks, you as well~]

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