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Hey there Cindra!
Well hello stud.
How are you today?
I'm fairly well. How about yourself?
No complaints on my end! Ready for a good match, though!
Since this is our first time playing, anything in particular you'd like to discuss ahead of time? Or include in the match?
Nothing really. I'm more rp based, than quick match if that's alright.
Sure, I'm not in any major rush. I usually enjoy some good back and forth banter
Hi there Luna
Sounds good. If yoiu don't mind me asking which state. I'm a Southerner myself.
That strapon suits you well
I'm in NC. Mind if I ask the same?
Some don't consider us south for some reason but. We know the joys of sweet tea, grits, and a lazy Sunday after church.
Thank you.
I usually think of Texas as it's own thing, and OK as a sort of extension of that... that's probably offensive to Oklahomans, so apologies haha.
I do enjoy all of those things for sure. Loser has to make the winner some barbecue with all the fixins, including cheddar grits?
It is highly offensive to us. But it's also something that we understand. Our typical response would be. "Bless your heart. Your not exactly wrong but fuck you."
Oh my sweet stud. I'm going to break you like a wild stallion when I win.
That strapon makes me a little nervous, I'll admit. But I'm betting it's all bluster. That confidence will break real quick once you're bent over in front of me
Now Tyler you should know that we Southern gals are steel wrapped in silk.
I guess I'll find out if Oklahoma gals are cut from the same cloth
It's rude to make a Lady wait.
Without further ado, it sounds like you're ready. Come here and kiss me
I smile "Not bad lips stud. But I still require reverence."
"Reverence? No no, let's get those thoughts out of your mind. You need to submit and serve... don't think about anything else"
I shake my head. "Submit and Serve. That is what I'm owed."
I laugh softly and reach down to grab the outline of my bulge. "The only thing you're owed is right here. And I'll give you more than you can handle*
I laugh. "I'm owed your cock? I'm glad you know your place. I will gladly take ownership of what I am owed. Such a good boy already knowing your place. You get a reward for that."
I watch intently, staring a bit too long at your chest as your shirt falls away. "That's not a bad idea at all. Let's get a little more comfortable here" I step back and follow suit
"You wish to be my slave. To obey all of Mistress Cindra's orders. To giver her ownership of your body and heart."
hey goddess cindra
hey all
Oh. Such reverence. I appreciate that.
*bow down to salute you *
"Serve... slave..." I shake my head, fighting off your mind tricks. "No, no. You're going to feel so much better once you realize I'm in control here"
"Do you feel as though you are in control? A strong man like you putting his hand around the neck of a Lady?" I ask as my legs rub against yours. "Does that sound like the kind of control a proper gentleman should exude?"
I move my hand gently from your neck up your chin, bringing my fingers to your lips. "I do feel in control. I'm not going to hurt you, don't worry. But I will soon be in control of your whole body... these lips included"
hello ~
"We'll see." I grab a dildo from one of the chests around the 'ring.' "Would you like to do this to me? Although I don't know if you could go that deep in my throat."
I bite my lip as I watch you work the dildo with ease, then give you a smirk in response to your taunt. "I bet you're quite eager to find out how deep I can get down your throat. Why don't you be a good girl and drop to your knees so I can show you?" I start removing my shorts, giving you a clearer view of my bulge
"Oh my dear stud. I will not be the one going to their knees. I can see it in your eyes already. You want to fall to your knees before me. To be my favorite slave. To provide for your Mistress with the sweat of your brow and the strength of your back. And such strength is shown in your body. You don't need to try so hard to be 'dominant.' A man should care for his woman and your submission is the purest expression of that care."
sometimes i feel like those gifs work on me :o
That's not a bad thing.
I shake my head and try not to listen, but my eyes are drawn to your chest again. "No... that's not... that can't be right..." I get lost momentarily in the sight and your words, letting my mind wonder what's under that bra
Hi everyone!
Looks like we have quite the match here
ok the gif is gone i can look again :o
Nice to see some great RP going on
"Why wouldn't it be right my stud?" I smile and run my fingers through your hair. "You're already down to just your underwear in an attempt to please me, to prove your worth to me by showing me the size of your manhood. That is a good start, but not the only thing I'll judge you on. How good can you suck your Mistress' strap-on for instance?"
Hello. Glad to see another RPer enjoying what's going on.
I feign still being under your trance, but gather my thoughts and approach you slowly. "You're going to just have to keep wondering about that. But I'm tired of wondering what's under this bra, so excuse me while I..." I quickly reach around you and pull you close, unclasping your bra before releasing you and letting it fall to the ground
* Leans back in seat, pulls secret popcorn out of coat and starts munching *
Oh wait, ignore my last thing. I meant to say: "bra go bye-bye"
"Such a naughty boy. Touching let alone removing a lady's unmentionables without her express permission. I'm sure your mother raised you better than that." I tease as I walk around behind you and grab your ass. "Nice and firm. I bet you can't wait fo me to have my fun with it. Tell me are you a virgin back here? Or has it seen plenty of use as other women have tried to tame you stud? Did you enjoy it? Does it make you aroused thinking about those hard plastic cocks entering your body?"
"Talking about how our mothers raised us, as you ask me such personal questions? A man doesn't kiss... or peg... and tell." I quickly spin around and reach down, pulling your bottoms and panties off in one swoop. "Oh, well hello there. Talk about an ass.. I like what I see." I gently squeeze your cheeks in retaliation
"So you know it's called pegging and there is something not to tell? Shame I won't be the first but it's fine." I smile and reach up to cup your cheek. "And as for mothers mine told me to find a man who would treat me like a queen. Who would worry about my pleasure, and provide for me. Are you that man? Do you want to be? I've gone a bit further than my mother expected, but I like a man who is brave enough to serve his wife. Who can take his pride and give it to a woman and serve me as a slave. The rewards are many, and deeply pleasurable; for I am a kind Mistress. You seem like the right kind of man, and I would be so dissappointed if you aren't."
I don't realize I'm typing so much iuntil I post it. I swear
It's great! The detail is lovely
"I think I'm just the right kind of man for you. You talk about deep pleasures... I intend to show you just that. I will treat you like the most glorious queen around once you've submitted yourself to me. Just enjoy the sensations... the pleasure..." I reach down and let my fingers gently tease between your legs
No need to apologize at all. Go with what feels right =)
"I think you don't understand how this works. I submit only to my desires. You also submit to them. Also, my whims, orders and my body." I grab your hair gently and pull you down so that your face is in even with my backside. "Now worship your Mistress stud. Kiss my here and know this is where you belong. It's so nice isn't it. Can't you feel the worry and the stress just flow away from you? Let me carry it for you. You work so hard and I want to help you carry your burdens. Just give them to me for now and follow my instructions."
So many people watfhing the math in silence. I hope your not getting swept up in the brainwashing ;)
using my time to read instead of typing haha ^^;
Not many people i saw in public use this many details so i'm learning a bit
Your strength surprises me as I'm guided down to your back, and I have to admit the view is... enticing. The first seeds of doubt creep into my mind... such confidence. Wordlessly, I lean forward and spread your cheeks, planting a long kiss in between them. Though I also reach around and begin to increase the pressure of my gentle teasing, noticing just how wet you're getting
Fair enough. I'm a muck/mush player so I'm used to a pure text medium.
Cindra seems like an excellent one to take notes from!
O-oh wow, this is, um, an intense match
H-hello everyone!
Hello. Welcome to EF cindra, ill say feel like home butby the look of the match you already comfortable here😅
"Mmm. You're submission brings me so much pleasure my stud." I say with a long, sensual moan. "YOu should be proud of yourself. Few men that I have met are strong enough to lay their desires aside to bring pleasure to their partner first. To consider their needs above their own. Not that it means theirs will be ignored, but Women are blessed with the ability of multiple orgasms. Shouldn't that mean that men should strive to give as many as they can before selfishly taking their one or two? Shouldn't the Woman get to decide when it's time or her lover, her strong submissive stud to have his pleasure?"
Thank you for the welcome and I'm very comfortable. I've been on haitus for a while so I'm really just returning.
Oh, that explain things😅
Well, enjoy your prey- Ehm, i meant, your match😜
I pull back, removing my tongue from between your cheeks. "Now you're speaking my language. See... I fully intend on making sure you get as much pleasure, as many orgasms, as you can handle. In fact, I daresay you're getting pretty eager thinking about that too. Let me taste how ready you're getting." I grab your hips and spin you around, leaning forward to plant a kiss softly in between your legs
Now now. Prey is such a apt but strong word. Do you mean to imply that sweet southern me is a predator?
"Oh! Good boy. you're tongue feels so nice." I reach out for a bottle and slowly start to cover my body in an oil that tastes like cherry. "Don't worry you will have your chnce to give me all the orgasms I and you desire after you submit to me completely. It will be your reward for giving me such a thoughtful and precious gift."
Well, you do look like you are hunting here... and predators can be sweet too, for reference see any great cat when they are full and dont try to eat your face😅
Hmmm. Wolves did become man's best friend. I think I prefer that.
"Such sweet words... it almost makes me want to submit right here. But I'm a sexfighter... you're going to have to earn my devotion!" I begin kissing up your abdomen, savoring the view and taste of your glistening body. I let my hands return to your lips, letting a finger slowly begin to curl inside of you
Yea, but wolfs are pack hunters, and i still hope you will give tyler some chanse and wont make this match a gang bang😜
"WHy do you feel the need to fight so hard my sweet stud? There is no shame in surrendering to me. Aren't you so tired of putting so much effort into everything. Submit to me and you can just let go. Rest and relax your body and mind, enjoy the pleasure I can give you and feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you have earned it. Surrender to me and become my champion and know that going forward, win or lose in your future fights. You will be able to come to me and find pleasure in my touch and your service to your true Mistress."
Shhhh. Some pack like to hunt with only one hunter visible. So the other can swoop in for the kill.
Its a trap!
"Mmmm... you... you're persuasive, you know that?" I return to kissing up and down your body, but that doubt begins to creep back in. I pull back briefly and observe your body, from your head to your heels... 'Could I really give in so easily?' I think to myself
I reach over to the dildo I discarded earlier and rub it against my pussy to get it nice and wet before presenting it to you. "Taste me my sweet stud. Just let go of the tension in your body." I tap your head to draw your gaze back up from my heels. "We can use your tongue to shine those later if you desire but for now focus on my words. They are your new gospel. YOu can already feel the stress leaving your body can't you. Imagine how it would feel if you gave in completely instead of just this partial submission."
I almost find myself instinctively opening my mouth to accept it, seduced by your words... but the competitor in me springs forward, pushing the dildo aside and rising to my feet. "I'm imagining it alright... and I'm imagining how good it will feel when your willpower breaks, and you give in to me. Perhaps you're used to men who grovel immediately at your feet, but I'm more interested in... other parts of you." I reach out and gently pinch your nipples, beginning to knead at your breasts
I smile and reach up to remove one of your hands from my breast andbring the dildo to it. "Go ahead my sweet stud. I know it can be terrifying to surrender when everyone expects you to fight, but it can be freeing too. You try so hard to be a dominant force in these fights and that is okay but if you work so hard to do that it will become lonely on the mountain. Fighting for yourslef will always end up feeeling hollow. But fighting for another is always rewarding. So please, for your own sake, just give in to me. I swear I won't abuse your trust. Don't you want to taste my sweet ambrosia from this dildo?"
Oh wow! <3 I didn't miss the match. <3
Looks like it's a really great one.
The algorithym really wants me to brainwash him.
I was finding that too when I played against a bot?
The only actions that add pleasure that I have gotten have been brainwashing
Not complaining really, but I'd like to mix it up a bit.
Mhm, I totally feel that too.
Tyler is just easily hypnotized I think. 💙
"I... I..." I can't bring myself to say anything, but your words are clearly having an effect on me. As hard as I may try, it's so hard not to imagine what that would be like... and how pleasurable it would be. For the briefest moment, I open my mouth and lick it, tasting your juices... while my hands continue to wander around your body, this time reaching behind and giving your ass a few gentle squeezes as well
I like to think I can resist a bit of it, but this has been a lot of brainwashing... who am I?!
"Such a good boy. Doesn't it taste so good? Doesn't it feel so good to obey your Mistress?" I say in a slow, calm voice. "Just let go my sweet stud. Just let all your thoughts flow away, a clear, calm, mind is the best way to experience the pleasure you will have from surrendering to me. YOu're doing so well but now I have my first challenge for you. It won't be too difficult but I promise it will feel so good to obey. All you have to do is call me Mistress Cindra. That's it. Mis-tress Cin-dra."
Who you are doesn't matter. Only Mistress Cindra.
I can almost feel my mental willpower crumbling to your words as you try to coax my submission out of me. And it's getting so hard to fight it... maybe it's not worth it... "I... yes, Mistress... Cindra..." Having spoken it aloud, I open my mouth wider this time, submitting to your plastic cock as I continue to try to regather my thoughts
Hello everyone :)
Damn Cindra... you really have a way with words ^^
Making me all subby just by reading... <.<
"There you go. Such a good boy. Doesn't that feel so good? Head focused on the pleasure your mistress provieds. YOu're mouth so eager to serve that you started to suck my strap-on without even being ordered to. Your Mistress is very pleased with you Tyler." I reach down and slide my hand into your boxers. "So pleased I won't punish you for being clothed whil your Mistress is naked. Now empty your mind and focus on the pleasure you are about to feel. It would mean a lot to me if you came as well. Dirty your boxers with your seed for the last time. You have a beautiful body and I will love to watch your muscles flex under your tanned skin as you obey and serve me."
Ther you are Axel. I was wondering when you would appear to be swayed even in the audeince.
So you were indeed the Cindra I remember ^^
I had a little doubt since it had been a long time :)
But I have memories of some quite evilish dommy things you did... <.<
is resisting cumming (25% chance of cum) => Came!
I had to go on a bit of a haitus due to real ife but I should be back now.
I'm glad you remember.
Something like locking someone in chastity
then putting the key inside an amber strap-on
and use it to peg him with its own key O.O
(and I'm glad you're back ;) )
Damn... thats...
Was it amber? or was it resin?
resin ^^
"Mmm--hey, wait!" I feel your hand sneak into my boxers and grasp my cock, slowly stroking away... and I offer little resistance in my altered mental state. I'm surprised at how turned on I already am, without any direct stimulation... which makes me think maybe your words have been right on the mark. "No... I can't..." I feebly try to pull away, but your hand is wrapped tightly around my cock. And as good as it feels... it's hard to think about anything but the pleasure. I begin to moan onto your strapon, my hips begin to buck against your hand as my mind melts further away. I can only loudly moan onto your strap-on as my legs begin to shake and my cock stiffens and twitches, beginning to unload in my boxers and all over your hand
I was looking for the exact word :)
I remember I wanted it clear so he could see the broken key every time he lubed it up with his mouth.
Now I remember what I wanted to play with you, back then... 👉👈
"Very good boy. Let out all of that strong seed for your Mistress. Fill your underwear with your sticky cum." I say before wiping my hand on the strapon before allowing you to suck it some more. "Doesn't that feel so good. Can't you feel how right it is to submit. Can't you feel the stress just leave your body as you submit?"
I pull away briefly to respond. "Yes, Mistress... that felt so good..." In my post-orgasmic state, I couldn't even imagine resisting at the moment... so I return to your strap-on, enjoying this moment immensely
We'll have to make that happen someday
Definitely ^^
(Can I DM you some time ?)
Thank you, Mistress Cindra *^.^*
hello miss cindra ;)
I smile and reach over to the side to grab something from another one of the storage boxes as my hands roam your body. A then start to play with your cock, first cleaning it of all the spent cum before I continue to tease the sensitized organ. "Such a good boy. You're already mine aren't you. You offered me your cock at the start of our match. It was at that moment I knew how badly you wanted to be my sweet, stud, slave, only your own head getting in the way." There is a soft click before I lean down and start to lick the now caged cock. "Well now I'm taking true ownership of it and you. No longer a stallion but still my stud."
You're welcome Axel.
Hello Nick
how are you??
I am doing well. How about you?
im god and so horny..i would love to serve you
now im so hard ;)
"Hey, what are you--??" I begin to protest, but it's too late. Too late to avoid the clicking of the cage around my cock, and too late to even pretend to protest. "It's... I'm yours," I say as I continue to lick and suck your strap-on. Even if I wanted to fight back at this point, which is unlikely, you've taken such complete control it's hard to even begin to formulate a response
Hmm this game has too much latex, chastity and butt stuff for me ~ but hope you enjoy yourselves
I smile and shift around on the bed so that I can sit against the headboard as I watch you suck my strap-on while your cock starts to awake in it's new prsion. "Don't worry my sweet stud. That cage is not totally permanent. I will let you out when I wish to use your cock and your behavior has earned you such a pleasurable reward. I know that doesn't sound great for a fighter such as yourself but I will give you many opportunities to earn it."
So long Caldra
redrew a set of actions
I smile and keep my eyes glued to you as you sit against the bed. "Yes mistress... I will do my best to earn everything you're willing to give!" I crawl towards you on the bed, my mouth kissing anywhere I can reach, up your legs slowly... until I grab you and begin gently turning you, planting a few kisses on your ass cheeks
"Mmmm. Such an eager boy. So willing to serve. Nice and submissive." I let you lick my ass for several minutes before I roll you on your back and bind your arms and legs. Once that is done I shove the dildo deep into your ass while teasing your caged cock. "Does it hurt to have your big cock locked in such a small cage my slave stud?"
Kinky game you have here, love that action)
"Ooooh! Fuck...!" Tied down, helpless to resist in any way... I can only relax to the best of my ability to accept the dildo as your work it deeper in my ass. "Oh fuck... oh fuck..." I begin moaning loudly. "Yes... it's so tight. This feels so good, I know my cock wants to be free..."
redrew a set of actions
With my arms and legs tied up and my cock caged, I can only lay there and let you handle my ass and cock however you please
I let go of your caged cock and push the dildo in deeper. "Oh? YOu like how tight it is on your cock? To feel my ownership so completely that it barely allows you to even get hard? Is that what I'm hearing my slave? Could it be that you don't want to be my stallion or stud. But instead my gelding boi?"
Some 1 is in quite a bind
"No! No....oooh. I'm... ohhh... I'm your stallion..." In between my moans, as my ass gets gaped and my cock begins to strain against the little cage, stiffening as much as the cage will allow... my body seems to betray my words, getting more and more turned on as you use me like this.
i am soaking wet
cough couhj
i just had to say that
sorry everyone
you're not alone <.<
That's true ;)
you two are also wet
Well, you could say that
Well, that game is hot... of course everyone watching is affected
Btw hello musashi, havent seen you before
"Are you sure? You're cock seems to disagree. Don't think about what you should want. Instead clear your mind and listen to your innate desires. The ones that send a shiver of excited fear through you when they whisper in the back of your mind. Let that come to the forefront." I look at your bound form and dangle the key to your chastity over your face letting it touch your nose and lips a few times. "As my gelding I will break this key so that you never have to be free of that cage. Your big cock will likely shrink from it's captivity but that won't matter. You'll be taught to cum from serving me and from your ass being played with. I'll have to find a stud to enslave, but you won't be forgotten. You'll lick the seed of a better male from your Mistress' body. Maybe even in time submit to him as well but that I won't force. You'll work tirelessly just for my smile." I place my ass against your cage and wiggle a bit. "Cum for me if that is what you are to afraid to say you desire."
I would like to know who wishes they were in Tyler's place right about now.
I wish)
That's very hot.
Well... except from the being left behind part...
As a real possibility - no way, as a fantasy situation... maybe 0///0
(I mean without the neverending chastity and cuckolding)
I promised not to leave him behind. I'm not that cruel
I been here for awhile~ just got out of my ~ bondage vibe punishment from a match and finally free to suntaaaan!!!
"Oh Mistress Cindra! I... I don't... I want to be your stud...!" But as I listen to your words, the images flood my mind. Watching you snap that key, and realizing my fate. My ass constantly in the air, being trained to cum just from that sensation. And watching as you break other, superior challengers... ones who may have a lot more fight, and stamina than me. The sensation of your ass gently rubbing against the cage certainly doesn't help these thoughts, as even behind the cold metal, I feel the pleasure begin to build again
is resisting cumming (8% chance of cum) => Resisted!
But I dig deep. I'm not a gelding... I'm a stud. I can hold back! "No... I'm not... giving in... like that!" I steady myself, averting my gaze to your feet and calming the pleasure for the time being
congrats on the release 👍🌅
Thank youuuu~ I celebrated by leaving ~ some ppl I'm puddles ❤️
That's a relief ^^
Freedom ! \o/
I smile and nod before reaching down to my heels and sliding them off. I then pick them up and place them on either side of your head. "I believe I said earlier that you could lick them to a shine later. Well. It's later." I smile and tighten the straps a bit and go back to teasing your caged cock. "That was close wasn't it? But something either scared you too much or is a limit for you. Which one is it fear or limit. And what was it? I'm not a monster. I'm a Mistress and even my slaves, whether stud or gelding, do have a safeword and respected limits. So go ahead and tell Mistress. What it was."
I turn my head and begin to slowly lick in between my speech. "Oh, it wasn't a limit, Mistress. It was tempting, truly... so maybe just a fear. I think I have much more to offer you... I may not have been able to resist your words and touch today, but I'm no pushover. I'm a stud... your stud." I rest, continuing to lick up and down your boots
Damn Cindra... you got me from feeling afraid, to aroused, then to safe in three posts <.<
and I'm not even the one playing... <.<
Yea shes good...
The roleplay is just amazing 😍
they've both been excellent storytellers 😃
I smile and sit down between your legs and start to play with my pussy while teasing your cage with my foot. "Well then. We'll just have to see if you can stay my stud. I plan on having a full stable, as it were. And as far as I'm conserned there will be the Alpha chosen by who pleases me the most and then the rest of you to fight out the heirarchy. So who knows. You could still wind up at the bottom."
I'm probably that into it because Tyler makes me feel I'm the one writing >.>
I have a serious question for you Axel. Is there one match in your memory where I did not make you feel those three things?
no Mistress...
Yea, we are all transfixed by cindra but tyler is also putting in his A game (well, at least from the literary point of view) and didnt get enough praise for it
I frown, though continue my work on your boots as I try to steal a few quick glances down to watch you rub yourself. "I'm honored to be a part of the stable, truly. Though as you know by now, I'm a competitor at heart... so I'm gunning for that Alpha role. I will do everything I can to please you, Mistress Cindra. I'll show you!" I can't help but gently buck my hips against the restraints and your foot
Y'all are super kind. I'm just following where she leads. =)
Tyler has definitely been my best rp partner so far. Always kept it interesting even when for every turn I could only brainwash
Evening all, just scrolled through the logs to this, props to you both! 👏
Nah Tyler
don't be so humble
you're awesome mate ;)
I am thoroughly brainwashed, that's for sure ;)
Well we all are so don't worry about it <.<
True that😅
I let out a giggle and shift so that I'm now laying my head on your muscular thigh. "It makes me happy to hear that Tyler." I say, the warmth of my breath ghosting over your cage and balls. "I'll be interested to see if you can handle it. No doubt once it starts building it will be harder and harder to stay on top." I slowly insert a finger into your ass. "And if you displease me I will make sure you lose as punishment. Or even if you do please me. I might force you to the bottom because I find it appealing to watch you languish as the bottom bitch."
"I'm not a.... ooooh!" I moan again as your finger intrudes my ass easily, still slightly gaped from the dildo. And feeling your finger curl up expertly to find my prostate and begin massaging it... I can't finish that sentence. I may not admit to being a bottom bitch, but with your finger massaging my prostate, I may feel like one. "Oooh... whatever you... oooh... want.... ooooh! Mistress Cindra..."
is resisting cumming (29% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Once again, I take a few deep breaths and steady myself. If I can't even resist your finger, how can I ever hope to climb to the top? "I... will climb to the top... and be your main stud!"
"I'm sure you'll try your best." I say as I continue to tease your cage. Once again shifting so that now my feet are in your face now that my boots have shined. "But even if you don't make it to the top I won't discard you. You'll always be able to serve me. And besides. Even if you don't make it to the top, maybe being the bottom won't be all bad. In order to lick me clean you'd have to be there sometimes and get to watch as a better man pleases your Mistress. Wouldn't that be fun?"
I'm transfixed by your feet in my face, and lose my focus. So hard to keep claiming I'm a stud when I'm tied down, caged, and admiring your feet in my face. "I want to be the one to please you! But yes Mistress... that might be fun..." My cock strains even harder against my cage, clearly indicating that the idea excites me more than I'm willing to let on
redrew a set of actions
I smirk. "Your cock won't let you hid from me my slave." I tease as I give it a good shake. "It's straining it's cage so much it would have broken a plastic one. Go ahead and tell your Mistress the truth. You don't have to be afraid of it. I won't think any less of you no matter what. If you want to be a gelding and serve my stable of studs as well as me that's fine. If you want to forget your humanity and be my furniture that is fine. If you want to say goodbye to masculinity and become a sissy maid I still won't be ashamed to own you. So be honest with me. I won't let you cum again until you are."
"Mistress, I..." I trail off, not even entirely sure how to respond. What do I want? "I want... I want it all. I want to serve you, please you... I want to taste you and feel you lose control on my face, or fingers, or my cock if you will it. I want to serve whoever you want me to... even if that includes others in your stable. I want you to use me, showing me how strong of an orgasm submission can provide. I want whatever you want... I trust that you know best." My cock continues to flex against my cage, practically begging for release
redrew a set of actions
I smile and nod before getting up and waving to a member of the audience and pointing to a strap-on for them to take. I undo the bindings from your arms and legs. "Get on all fours my sweet boy. I'm going to let you start by serving one of the people who have watched your downfall with your mouth while I stretch out your ass."
Which of you ladies would like to be it.
"Yes Mistress!" Excited to be free from my bonds, I eagerly climb into position on all fours, my caged cock dangling between my legs as I spread my legs and hoist my ass in the air. I open my mouth eagerly as I feel you settle in behind me, waiting expectantly to be filled from both ends. Any hint of struggle long gone, I remain in this position as I feel your strap-on slide into my ass... eliciting another loud groan
I-I'll pass ^^'
<3 I can't believe this match is still going
"Such an eager boy." I say as I adjust my position so that one of my legs is on your back. "Not an ounce of resistance left in you when it comes to me is there?"
What a great pair. <3
I'll admit. I'm extending it a bit to find the perfect final action.
It's a fault of mine
One of the reasons i prefer rp mod if there is a clear dom😅
"None, Mistress..." I moan again as I feel your legs across me, hoisting my ass even further in the air.
I didn't know there would be a clear dom when we started.... my mistake lol
It's okay. You're not the first ;)
I keep fucking you as the other dildo is presented to your mouth.
I eagerly suck away, giving in fully to the pleasure coming from both ends. "Mmmm! Yes... Oh fuck, yes!"
I smile and pull the strapon out of your ass and roll you onto your back. I then place my foot on your caged cock in triumph. A good deal of my weight on the metal and sensitive balls underneath. "Cum under my foot slave. Cum in your place under your Mistress' heel. Scream to the heavens who owns your heart, body, mind, and soul. Who sealed away your pathetic cock and who defeated you without cumming once!"
Mental note to myself - if you play with cindra dont flatter yourself, there is not such thing as "too early to beg for mercy"
I mean. YOu're not wrong I suppose.
The worst thing is when you're a prideful sub...
so you start as a switch... but then the girl ends up submitting <.<
Now I know at least my stupid pride wouldn't last three turns *^.^*
...been there, dobe that. I mean i really am a switch, i just enjoy more subbing most of the time😅
chose to cum!
"Oooh fuck! Fuck, yes... Mistress!" I don't even try to pull away, spreading my legs wide to allow your foot easy access to whatever you want to step on. Seeing you standing powerfully atop me, pleasing my cock with your heel even through the confines of a cage. My cock fills the cage as much as possible, straining fully against it as the pleasure builds. And as it does, I hear your last sentence... my cock, which I've taken so much pride in as a sexfighter, completely captured, sealed away by you before I could make you cum once. And rather than be discouraged by it... I feel myself approach the edge, realizing how right you are. I deserve this. I need this. I... want this. "Yes, Mistress! Mistress Cindra, I can't... I can't hold back... I... I'm cumming!"
When you like getting dominated by force, but then end up being the one dominating >.<
My cock tries to stiffen to release, but can't in its confines... but it clearly begins to twitch as my cock begins to dribble out, coating the cage and your feet. I moan loudly with each rope of cum that shoots out of my cock, clearly accepting of my place under your heel
I pull my foot away as you announce your orgasm, ruining it. I look down at you with a smile as your seed weakly dribbles out of the cage and over your balls. "Good slave. I hope you enjoyed that last orgasm because it is going to be quite a while before you get to the level where you actually deserve another." I taunt I take grab a latex suit from a closet and put you inside of it while you are in your post-orgasm state. "Now lets get started. First lesson. Even if you are locked up you can still bring Mistress pleasure. After all I love fucking the asses of weak men like you."
"Lesson two. Humiliated will be your natural state."
Gosh, amazing finish Cindra!😍😍
Thank you.
Best action here.
Oh wow 0///0
"Yes Mistress. And yes Mistress..." Clearly learning both lessons quickly, I blush as I realize my situation... forced into chastity, my cock caged, in front of all of these people... And yet subserviently, I get back on all fours for Mistress
I mean tbh : is it really possible to have a full orgasm while caged ? ^^'
Depends on cage, I think
I don't know. You'll have to experiment and tell me I think
If it's like in the gif it's easy, as for myself
Lucky ^^
And yeah, amazing finish you two !
<3 A wild RP. I didn't know character limits on posts could go that high. <3
👏👏 to the both of you
Thank you all =)
Well done
I smile as I keep sawing in and out of your defeated ass. "Look at the crowd slave. I bet before you thought you could take any one of them in a fight and come out on top. Do you still feel that way? Or are you a weak little gelding who is eager to serve your Mistress and whoever else she decides?"
Yea truly gg
Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Best show you can image before going to sleep)
My head looks up to survey the crowd before hanging back down in defeat. "I'm weak... I thought I could take you, but now I don't know if I can take any of them..."
Anyways, I'm definitely happy to see you back :)
"Good boy. Let you pride as a fighter be destroyed." I say with a harsh spank to your ass before I pull out of your ass and stand up. "Because only then can you be built back up into a true stud worthy of the title. Now it's time to go. Crawl behind me, don't hide your cage or your gaped hole."
I'm glad to be back.
"Yes Mistress... ooh!" I moan again as your strap is removed, and quickly crawl on all fours behind you, my cage clearly dangling between my legs and my gaped hole clear for all to see
(Good Match!)
(Agreed!! Really enjoyed it, and hope you did too!)
(I very much did. Can't wait to play with you again. Maybe you'll earn some time out of the cage.)
(Happy to play any time we're both around. I certainly hope I can earn some time out of here!)
(So Since I can't get that bbq with all the fixins you promised. I'll take a very detailed retelling of this in your bio if you think that's fair.)
(I will certainly see what I can do ;) I still want some bbq though...)
(Well you'll have to find that yourself. Can't help you. I've got to get going though. Stay golden ponyboy.
(Have a good one, Mistress!)
Is there a way to make this one of the logged games in the Watch tab?
When you go to it in your logs
There will be a box to click at the top
Both participants need to click it
Thank you.
You're welcome - lovely show.
Thank you good sir. I do have to go though

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