Leila Marigold VS Catherine the Witch : History listed publicly (43 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

Leila Vs. Catherine, The Witches Duel

One an exceedingly tall Futanari, The other a half-succubus, half-witch, who will win in this (surprisingly less magic-based than you'd expect) duel of wits and tits?

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So we meet again.
Indeed, after a month and a half long canonical break due to a headache lmao
It WAS a pretty big headache.
Fair enough. Shall we start this witches' duel again~?
THAT WE SHALL! *dramatic pose*
MAGNIFICENT~ *poses dramatically as well and throws sparkles into the air*
I hate sparkles… They’re impossible to clean up.
(One little detail though, since our last match I've remade the underground sex arena concept into just a normal, magically enhanced sex dungeon with a few... Tentacle-y features~)
(Well, if it’s magical, you can’t really call it normal, can you?
And fair, fair. Never really got the appeal myself, but right now we're not in character so we don't have to worry about cleaning up whatever void the Erofight's chat system exists in. And true, true lol
In character and out, glitter is annoying.
You wanna do this in Roleplay mode, or normal mode?
But, I should probably refrain from ranting. And I think it depends on the game. Considering how I believe that this is intended as a role play opportunity, I’d say RP mode.
Alrighty, roleplay mode it is~
(Expect me to take five hours finding the one stupid action that works for what I wanna do, and then giving up and selecting the next best thing, only for the action I wanted to pop up five seconds later lmao)
Don’t mind the abject reality bending as consequences outside of our own design cease to exist
(I have never, in all my many years on this earth, found a statement that I vibe more with.
('Tis truly a vibe.)
(*dramatic lute strumming* And so, our story begins)
(You wanna kick thinga off, or want me to do the honors?)
(I shall do it)
(*things, thinga lol)
(Take it away, my fellow witchy friend!)
*A knock at the door. Catherine stood, arms crossed behind her back as a breeze kicked up leaves and her coat*
Anyone home, dear Leila?
Grrk, ghuh? Oh, right... *Leila stretches, slowly sitting up out of her chair* Today was our rematch. Well, not that we got to have much of a match in the first place... Dumb human physical needs... *Leila mutters to herself as she drinks her magically infused coffee, spurring herself awake, and using magic to fix up her appearance* Coming, dear~
*she smiles and brushes a strand of hair from her face, making sure she knew where she left her bike. Granted, it was unlikely it would change, but she had accidentally teleported once or twice.* Lovely! How are you this fine day?
*Leila opens the door fully, allowing Catherine inside* Pretty good, cutie~ Ready for the match, er, rematch of a lifetime~?
Always, and forever. Good news! I doubt that I’ll get another headache like that ripped of a one last time… Long story short, a demon. Real nice chap, but I told her she couldn’t stay. So, I had to fight her for a battle over my own head, great times. Anyway, I brought brownies! I heard from a friend that you like your sweets. *she pulled a small Tupperware from behind her, what she had been holding behind her back, and offered her host a baked good*
Well, that's... Interesting. I recall reading a story about a young boy who went through something similar, but he had a demonic goddess or something trying to seduce him and steal his soul or whatever. Anyways, if you've brought brownies, I'm afraid you've already won the match, and my heart, dear~
*Leila sets the table, and the two witches sit down to eat. After a bit of banter, the brownies are *cough cough* 'magically' gone, and Leila gently takes Catherine's hand to lead her down the stairs.*
So, any hidden tricks I should know about that you’ve added since our initial spat? Any hidden panels that will spring out and trap me? Any secret tiles that will drop me into a pit of tentacles?
Hmhmm, I enjoy a good fair competition, so I'll tell you~ There's two 'special' parts of the room. Most of the room is just normal sex toys, bondage gear, the expected stuff for a sex dungeon. But, in the very back of the room, there's a dropping floor that leads to a sort of... Punishment room, for the loser. I won't spoil what's inside, but try not to get stuck down there, I can't get you out until you've satisfied anything and everything in that pit, otherwise we'd both get stuck in it. Also, there's a portal to the Tentacle Pit, but you don't need to worry about that~
Ah. Inter dimensional travel, my favourite. *as we enter the room, i warily eye the back of the room, a bit worried as to what mass of unyielding hunger that awaits the unfortunate loser lies beneath the floor. But, the rest of the room seems (more or less) normal* It’s a nice place you have going here, Miss Leila. I may just have to come back some time.
*As Leila finishes her explanation, the two witches reach their destination, and Leila pushes open a much fancier door than last time, covered in red studded leather with a rather phallic handle, and the two step into the dungeon proper, a decent sized room with black, tiled flooring, dark crimson walls and ceiling, and various bondage facillities line the walls, with a single, king-sized bed in the middle of the room, shaped cutely like a heart.* Why, thank you, dear~ But for now, focus on the present...
*Leila wraps on arm around her partner, using the other to brace them against the wall* ...And strip~
*I grin and push you off me with an outstretched palm* Please, you’re going to have to try a little harder then that. *The pose I end in conspicuously seems to give you a good viiew down my shirt neck…*
(Oh god, all the GIF’s are corrupting horribly.
Hehe, don't worry, I'll be doing more than just trying~ *As you bed forwards, Leila decides to bed the opposite way to 'stretch', flashing her rather plump rear in the process*
(Yeah, that happens. Try reloading the page)
(Also, one little detail that may not be as important unless we get sex toys more heavily involved, despite most depictions of futas having only a dick, Leila has the full package, a pussy and a dong.)
Wow… You look… pretty. *for a moment, she’s taken aback. She’d forgotten how her friend really looked when she bent over like that. It was, of course, hot. Without much more words, she immediately grabbed onto Leila in a hug. It was good to size up your adversary.*
(Complete package. That’ll be an extra 12$. Thank you for choosing! Custom-printing all your required humans since 20XX)
Oh, my~ How sweet~ Trying to soften me up? Or are you just trying to cop a feel~?
*Before you can answer, Leila quickly hugs back, pressing her slowly hardening dick onto your stomach and crotch*
Maybe a bit of both. But have you considered what I could gain from getting so close? *without much ado, I grab your bra and remove it smoothly.*
Same goes to you, cutie~ *I spin you around, grabbing your breast and giving it a firm squeeze with one hand, before moving my other hand down to massage your wettening folds*
*After a moment of this, I force my way out of it and push you to the wall, where I chain you up and remove your clothes* There we go! Nice and safe~
Using my own equiptment against me, and so soon~ I like your style, dear~ So, in respect to my guest, why don't you make the first move~? *I pretend to weakly struggle in my bonds, 'accidentally' shaking my now un-supported assets in full view*
(Also, remember, while it may not be worth it to abuse the feature for an exact action, you can reroll for free in Roleplay mode, so use it if you absolutely want or need to~)
Don’t mind if I do! *I bend down and give your lovely dick a kiss, making sure to linger on it long enough to make you squirm*
Mmm~ That feels good~ I'm extra sensitive right now, so pwease be gentle~ *I give a smug smirk as I put on an overdone 'innocent' voice as I push my hips forward, rubbing my dick along your face*
Oh hush up, we all know you’re not so innocent! I know it, the tentacles know it, the things in your basement know it, so stop pretending. *I stick my tongue out at you as I masturbate your cock*
As a wise woman, me, once said, MAGIC!
Ah, w-whatever do you mean, sweethear- ah~ *I play along for a short while longer, enjoying the submissive pleasure, before breaking free in a spectacular feat of... Okay yeah I just uncuffed myself using magic... But for your clothes, I can't say the same~* Now then, let's get those annoying but very sexy clothes out of the way, shall we dear~? *I cast a quick spell which removes your top and bottoms, before unhooking your bra and sliding off your panties, making a show of it for myself*
(Figured I should mention, I have it down that my character is 5’7”. So she’s a bit more then a full foot shorter then you)
(And yeah, I noticed that lol. Leila height nerf in the next patch lmao)
(She'll still be tall and sexy as ever though)
Oh. Would you look at that! I’m naked now… Whelp! *I shrug and immediately crouch down to start blowing you. Being naked won’t stop my plans for world/witch domination!*
(Erofights, fuck!
(Ah, my favorite websites; Erofignts, and Erodightsmeangyfix)
(Welcome to the world of a chat system with no editing or deleting messages lmao)
Mmm, that's much better~ I think I like you right where you are. *I lean down and brace myself with one hand, using the other to force your head down onto my cock in time with my thrusts*
(*angry screeches*)
(*angry muffled screeches, you mean, it can be hard to talk with your mouth so full~)
*I take my hands and wrap them around your back, squeezing your nice, ample ass and start to look up at you, taking the lead for the moment*
(Erofights please, why did you give me nothing be pussy targeting options while I'm getting a blowjob? Do you think I'm a witch or something? Oh, wait a minute... Heheheh...)
*as you continue your assault on my dick, I decide to give your pussy some attention too, casting another spell to make a phantom hand appear under your pussy. Just as you notice it, I make a sudden upwards movement with my fingers aboce your head, only for you to feel the same movement of fingers sliding quickly into your pussy moments later*
(Oh. That’s ominous. That is very ominous.)
*startled, I immediately glare up at you, and cast a spell to summon tentacles on your rear, a myriad coming forth to my aid*
(One very important note is that because I'm free for basically the whole day up until 5:00-5:30pm, we can finish this whenever if you absolutely need to go to bed if/when it gets too late for you.)
ahn~!? Well, well! Using tentacles against the (self proclaimed) Tentacle Witch? You really know what I like, dear~
*In retalliation against your retaliation, I once again cast a phantom body part spell, as you feel the fingers in your pussy disappear, feeling slightly victorious for a moment, before you feel a much lewder sensation of my tongue lapping at your clit*
(A RETALIATION AGAINST A RETALIATION? Damn, is this inception, because my Brian is starting to hurt)
(*my brain! fuck!
(Oh gosh not again, no more headaches!)
(No, that was a figure of speech)
(I know, is joke)
*I push you down from the waist and tie you up, grinding against you gently* This is real fun, huh?
(Is joke? IS JOKE? Don’t you know? We live in a post-joke society. Everyone gets offended at something, so we’re just going to… not)
(Dang, sorry, I forgot we lived in the Era of social media. I'll never do the funni again, instead focusing all my power on horni)
(Not the horni! Have you no mercy?!
Mmm, it's about to get even better, dear~ *I shuffle underneath you on the bed, getting into a better position to thrust more freely, as I begin fucking you back from below*
(No mercy for the weak, dear~)
*I begin to ride you, taking full advantage of the situation* I have no doubt about that. And my, my, you’re quite the ride~
(Thems be fighting words!
Mmm~ And your far too tight of a fucktoy to resist, my dear Cathy~ *I once again break out of my binds, using the power of conveinient Erofights physics and plot relevant magic, and flip you around to pound your other hole doggystyle)
(Is Cathy a good nickname? I've never been too good with them, and I always pick names too short to have interesting ones lol)
(Cathy works! It’s not actually that uncommon for someone to refer to me as this*
(Good to know lol)
*I take the chance to teleport a short distance, push you down and begin to milk your cock from behind* Oh, IM the toy?
is resisting cumming (7% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(As a quick aside, as a femdom fan, this gif is incredibly hot to me. The way she so daintily uses only three of her fingers, as if the futa isn't worth all five, how she so causally leans on her ass as if she were a piece of furniture only fit for resting on and milking, her smug, knowing smile, her body language in her back and in one of her legs being flopped over the over so casually as if, once again, she were simply relaxing on a comfy bed or couch, and best of all, the way she pinds the futa tp the ground with nearly all her weight, focusing the weight of not her waist, but her thighs on the futa's head, and pinning her down with her knee instead of giving the futa the satisfaction of her perfect crotch being on her head... Pure bliss. Plus, the futa looks like she's already long since melted, and the girl's just drawing out her pleasure for her own sadistic enjoyment. Pefect. Also I wrote this thinking I was waiting for the test thingy but I never clicked it so I kept writing LMAO, enjoy my kinky yet easily distractable mind)
(OOOOOF that is way longer than I thought it was)
Ignore it if you'd like, it's a tangent related not to the game)
(No,no, this is valuable information)
ahn~ You sure know, mmm, how to milk a girl dry, Cathy~ But, so do my tentacles~ *As I attempt to summon some tentacles to aid me, I feel an edge coming on, and have to brace myself, leaving out a vital part of the spell... That the tentacles wouldn't go for me* Wait, no! Urgh, stupid... Eh, whatever, I like em anyways.
*I don’t respond, a little preoccupied with keeping my mouth shut against the probing tentacles. This goes on for a minute or so, until I manage to counter-spell them. Immediately, I push myself onto your dick, obviously more than a little hot under the collar*
Ah, heh, feeling a bit hot and bothered, my little Cathy~? You're lucky, so am I~ *I respond in turn, flipping you onto your side and fucking you roughly*
I-I think you’ll find some parts of me aren’t so little. *I laugh and mount you, reverse cow-girl style* Such things like my horny…ness. Yeah, heh, that sounded bette rain my head.
(Back, sorry)
is resisting cumming (48% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(Okay wat)
(uhhh, did... Did you see that?)
(See what?
(In every possible way I should have lost the cum test there, I'm literally at max 'cum overdrive' (which btw is still such an amazingly overdramatic and anime-sounding name for 'being pent up and horny'))
(So uh, there goes my idea of cumming and then surprising you while down...)
(Anyways, xd)
H pfft…
*Leila, without saying a word, somehow manages to edge herself just long enough to summon some tentacles to aid her in flipping the situation around on you, thought she does squirt a bit of pre-cum at the same time*
chose to cum!
(Wrong action.
(Oof, weirdly it's even a 'personal action' for someone...)
(Also, why is someone’s signature move just in a random move pool?)
((Damn my overzealous fingers.
(Aranei, get your stuff together lol)
*I cum hard and fast, stumb,ing down from the tentacles to look up at you, before I get distracted by a certain something.*
*hastily pulling out after you cum, as not to do so myself, I notice you near immediately staring hungrily at my dick, and decide to distract you before you make any dangerous moves. Moving into a sixty-nine position, I beging eating you out*
*I push off of you and immediately summon the chains down towards you, pulling you back towards the wall*
*Once there, I take a strap on and start fucking you* Guess who~
Ahn~ A huge, mmmf, s-slut~? Ah~ *I attempt to be defiant, but opening my mouth proves to only hinder me, as I notice and begin to be aroused by my own moans and erotic noises*
I wouldn’t sing victory if i were you *your cute moans spur me on*
*Quickly falling prey to your sped-up thrusting and large strapon, I cum forcefully, splattering my large, pent up load against the wall, watching in a state of bliss as the puddle slowly drips down the wall into a dirty pool on the floor*
chose to cum!
(Yet another hot image, I won't go into detail here again though, otherwise we'd be here for another hour lmao)
(It does look quite hot
*After rebounding by allowing you to continue for a few more moments, I weakly cast a spell that only manages to undo my hand restraints. Pushing off your strap-on slowly, still in a slight state of bliss, I spin around and grope your crotch, right underneath the large plastic pussy-pounder. Sneakily, I also take off the device, and toss it away, as I push against you and tease your clit*
(Sorry for the delay. Bathroom break
(It's fine)
(Don't think either of us are into piss play, so taking bathroom breaks is much berter than not~)
*I moan quietly and return the favour, taking full advantage of our situation sitting near each other to take your cock*
(I’d say I wa Shinto, but that’d be… Taking the Piss. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHH
Mmm, you've been kinda quiet for a while, getting close again? Here, let me make you more... Comfortable! *I heave you up, gently placing you down with your ass in the air where it belongs, before crouching down over you... And pounding you into the ground*
Keep dreaming. *I say, grinning like a madwoman. Quickly, I push you over and onto the ground where I start riding on top of you*
is resisting cumming (11% chance of cum) => Came!
*Surprised by this sudden secondary assault, I find that I'm not quite ready to both dish out and receive yet, and my dick is still very sensitive. I cum again, pouring my seed into your tight pussy*
Well, wasn’t that satisfying? *I rode it all out, before dismounting you*
Mmm~ m-maybe... *I back up, slowly regaining a bit of balance, before sneakily summoning a devilish tentacle assault on you from behind*
chose to cum!
*unable to resist the sudden assault, and already being greatly weakened, I cum. When the tentacle things finally let’s me down, I collapse, exhausted*
Well, I'd say... *I take a short break to breathe, before continuing* I'd say it's fair to claim I won, my dear Cathy~?
S-shut up… But yeah. *I lay flopped on my back, looking around for my clothes. Hoping to get away without seeing what lay below the surface*
Oh, you must be wondering where your clothes are. Wellll... Look to the back of the room~
*I point to the reffered sectipn of the room, and as you look, you see your clothes neatly piled up in the center of the trap door*
*In a moment of delirium, I stumble over to the back of the room. And then I realise just what I did* Oh, you clever sap…
I suppose now would be a good time to explain what's down there. If you haven't guess with my obvious affinity with tentacles, it's a type of tentacle monster. Not just any tentacle monster, though. I called him 'Big Red', because he was the largest natural tentacle I ever saw. I grew quite close to him, and decided to seperate him from the tentacle dimension and let him grow his own body. He's gone a while without any food, so be prepared to feed him a looot of your bodi
*bodily fluids... More specifically, your 'juices~'
Oh, one last note... When I say his tentacles are big... I mean their width is about two times wider than my forearm. Have fun, you two~!
W-wait what.
*before you can voice any more concerns, I pull the lever (kronk) and dunk you into Big Red's room, smirking as I hear the sloshing, slimy sounds of his approach. You don't get out for a long while, and when you do, you seem to have gained the abillity to take slightly bigger insertions than before~*
(Scene, end)
Tada~ So, what did you think? I enjoyed that match quite a bit, persobally
(Fin. Oh god, I can just imagine her stumbling out of there, simultaneously mighty pissed and satisfied. T’was great.
Lol, good to hear. Yeah, Cathy may take a few weeks to get back to having tight holes~
But hey, after she's out, Leila bakes hersome tentacle shaped cookies, so it's all good lmao
All fine and dandy.
We shall have to do this again some time, no?
Sure! You need your rematch after all~
You fine with the replay of this being public?
Or would you rather keep this match our little secret~?
It did end quite embarrasing
*ly for you, after all
(Accidental sends are the worst :T)
Oh, yeah, it’s fine.
I suppose this is where we part… For now.
Yep yep. I'll send you a few more messages after this though, so look out for those~
Until we meet once more, Miss Marigold.
I’ll take a look-see.
Until we meet again, miss The Witch (lol)
SMOKE BOMB! *dives out window*

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