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Message me for bets and fun!


Hi, I'm Erika! I play mostly if you reach out by PMs instead of matchmaking, so just reach out if you wanna play with me! I'm a competitive girl who loves a good fight for domination/submission! I'm really only into girls, so sorry guys. I look forward to adding more subs to my collection (;

Jennifer is my main girl! I started off as her personal foot slave and she also collared me as her pet for a little bit but she doesn’t know how to win against me anymore!

Alex made me her subby slave. She collared me and marked my body, and vibed my slutty body into breaking. I have never felt as humiliated as she made me feel....

I had previously beaten Freya and tried to dominate her again. But she was relentless and made me keep cumming all the way to defeat. I was so humiliated and couldn't keep up with her. She made me her slut and now has me spread out for her use and for everyone to see....

My Good Subs

Carmilla and I had some very close matches, but she couldn't resisted and squirted everywhere for me. She now gags and cums on my feet while wearing a collar that says "Erika's foot slave" for me to remind her who she worships.

Shiky is just the cutest ever! So after I defeated her by making her cum helplessly to me, I made her my cute little cum kitty.

Diana needed an introduction to the good bets of EF, so I gave her a good one. She tried her best to win against me, but it was just not enough. After a brief struggle, she came helplessly on my strapon and couldn't stop humming for me! I claimed her as my pathetic whore.

Missy fought hard but I dominated her. She is my first slave and is a great toy to have. I made her cum so hard and broke her. Now she serves me as my little foot slave <3

I have taken ownership of Trixie and she is now my slutty puppy. I have collared her and taken ownership of her slutty puppy body, which I now control.

Madison lost to me twice, and she was the biggest squirter I had ever encountered! She had the most powerful orgasms I've ever seen and I now humiliate her by proudly having her pink for me as my slutty little pig <3

Gina tried to challenge me but I made her cum faster than anyone she has encountered before and she couldn't even think straight after that. I made her my anal slut and she is so grateful to serve me.

I’m happy to say that I’m the first one to get a win against Steph! By her third time cumming she had covered the whole mat by squirting, so she became my humiliated, squirting slut.

Domor tried her best to go against my will and resist cumming, but being the true slut that she is, she can't help but cum on my command.


I'm open to almost anything, but feet are my real weakness :3 I also love pet play and body writing

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