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Looking for dominant women to have some RP fun with :)

Lesbienne / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Hello, I'm Madison. I love roleplaying and honestly don't care about winning or losing games as long as we're having fun. I also don't live alone so if I seem to vanish from a game for a few minutes, it's probably because someone doesn't know what privacy is and I need to hide the window. I'm pretty switchy, but lately I've found I'm having a lot more fun being a sub for whoever I'm playing with. If you have any ideas for RP wagers, feel free to ask. I'm down for almost anything, the more humiliating the better ;)
Just a head's up btw: I probably won't play with you if you message me for a game unless I've been paired against you before. I also don't really do femdom/interactive unless, again, I feel comfortable enough playing with someone, I prefer to keep things in RP if possible.

Freya dominated me the whole match after I said I would claim her, after she kept fucking me again and again I realized what I really wanted was to be claimed by her, she happily obliged and put this collar around my neck. I am now her's.

After a close match against Erika I eventually gave in and squirted all over her fingers. I am now her slutty little pig. I have now lost to her twice in a row and I'm grateful to be her slutty little piggy. Oink oink...

Mistress Carmilla beat me in the ring, and after edging and denying me repeatedly while making me worship her feet, I happily accepted my place as her obedient foot slut. After playing and losing to her again, she collared me and decided I would be whatever kind of slut she wants me to be.

I thought Anneliese would be an easy challenge for me, but in the end she was too strong and I couldn't even make her cum once. She thoroughly dominated me and I'm now her slutty bimbo piggy, eager to spread my ass for her anytime she wants to use me.

At first I thought I was Sara's goddess, but after losing to her repeatedly I've finally accepted that I'm nothing but her slutty doll. I happily make myself cum for her by humping her foot and leg, and I've given her full control of my body. She's started this by giving me a lovely tramp stamp that says "Piglet" and I look forward to whatever else she wants to do.

After losing a game to Lojack, I became her pet for a few games. But the very first time she made me cum in the first of these games I gave in completely and am now her permanent pet, happy to wear her collar.

Sara (a different Sara btw) and I played a few games, and after losing our tiebreaker she put a collar around my neck and made me her kitten

Jazzy managed to beat me three times in a row and I now wear his cute pink collar around my neck as his slutty pet. After beating him though, I was reminded just how much fun domming can be and now he wears my collar too. We're now each others' pets :)

I chanced upon Gale as I was walking one evening at the EF Resort, and after stopping to talk with him for a bit I decided to spend some quality time with him... back in his room. It didn't take very long to learn my place under him and he quickly made me his cute little kitten.

Alex made me cum with just her tongue and put this brat in her place. The second time we met I gave in to her almost immediately, gladly offering myself as her pet and earning myself a nice violet collar that reads "Alex's Pet Slave"

Horny Slut submitted to me very early in our first game together, and after making her cum with my strapon fucking her fast and hard, she now wears a nice pastel purple collar with a bell and tag that reads "Madison's Little Pet"

After several great games with Neo, he offered himself to me and I gladly accepted him as my pet. He now wears my collar and I hold his leash.

Emily's Slut absolutely humiliated me, making me crawl around to kiss her feet.

Isabells beat me so easily it made me realize how much of a hypnoslut I am, I absolutely NEED to be reprogrammed and mindbroken...

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