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Reading my profile after we are meeting in a match, or we’re about to? If you want the TL;DR: Likes Bets and will bet profile pic and bio space if you win, and likes special rules (bondage, hypno, any other you like) if you want to play with those!

Want to get my attention? I love pics of "how I'll end up" if I face you, so offer one of those and I'll respond so you can send it! If we play and you win, I’ll probably use it for a profile pic! Bonus points if the girl in the pic is tied and bound and/or getting roughly dominated! But you can also change the pic or send a different post-match one if you change your mind.

Current profile pic and name are decided by: Sean!

Preferred modes are Hentai and classic, and both wrestlings slightly behind those. Not very interested in Interactive or Femdom, sorry.


None! Care to change that? ;)

Battles and Bets

Chris was on a five game winning streak before I decided to come and put a stop to it! And put a stop to it I did!... changing the streak from a 5 game winning streak to 6 as Chris fucked me senseless and made me his bitch. On the plus side I didn't leave empty handed, Chris let me know that "Chris's slave girl" has a nicer ring to it as a name sometimes.

Erika introduced me to bets and profiles, then challenged me to one! I managed to get her to cum once early, and maintain control most of the fight! But as hard as I tried, I couldn't finish off in the end and her strapon completely defeated me! I couldn't stop cumming and Erika rightfully claimed me as her pathetic whore, unable to resist her.

I saw Coltar wandering around and decided to take him for a fight, thinking I could drain him with my skill. Through the help of his tentacle pets, he showed me just how stupid I was. Coltar took the first round, forcing an orgasm out of me with his tentacle pets destroying each and every hole I have. I managed to catch him by surprise after this, squeezing a spurt out of him with a skilled handjob that caught him my surprise. Probably thinking I was getting too confident, he bent me over his bed and yanked my hair while fucking me senseless, humiliating me by forcing me to cum almost immediately after I got revenge.

Mia seemed pretty new here so I figured I could take an easy victory from her. The match was pretty back and forth, but eventually Mia won out by some roughy vibrator torture making me cum. Apparently she didn’t feel satisfied at that point, after winning she tied me up and starting fucking me roughly and forcefully, ignoring my desperate pleas as she filled my pussy over and over. I collapsed in exhaustion, happy to be released... until she clasped the collar and leash on me and dragged me down to her basement. After stuffing me in a cage, I became her first of likely many breeding slaves.

Bondageman defeated me in one of his bondage battles by making me cum irl in the middle of the game. Just the thought of being tightly tied up and fucked roughly in the ass by his big cock made me lose all control of myself and made my pussy cum hard.

Alex defeated me in probably my most embarrassing fight yet! It started out pretty equal, but eventually Alex found my weakness for hypnosis. At first I broke out of his hypnosis after a few minutes, but he tried again with more knowledge and kept me deep in hypnosis for hours! I couldn't fight against anything he did afterward! He quickly took advantage of me, tying and taping me up like a decoration. Then his thick cock ravaged my ass, breaking and stretching it to his will as he found my anal weakness as well. Afterwards he decided to relax a bit, and force my head onto his cock in a choking deepthroat as I squirmed and struggled against his grip and the hypnosis. Finally, he ended it off my trapping me in a mating press, toying and degrading me until he finally decided to pump my pussy full of cum. I finally escaped hypnosis after the creampie, but it was too late. So late in fact, every time I see a spiral now I start to feel a bit... woozy...

Dion managed to soundly defeat me in battle. Being a far superior mage, he used his magic to command ropes and tentacles to keep me bound, subdued, and teased constantly as he used me to his will. No matter how hard I tried, the difference in skill was obvious as he single-handedly forced me into sex slavery!

Bianca seems to be making a collection of cum dumps, so I thought it'd be fun to fuck with her and milk her senseless, so I challenged her to a fight. Instead of walking away victorious, I'll be walking funny for a while after her thick cock ruined my ass and poured a huge load into it, before shoving a plug in to keep that stuck there. But I'll be back for revenge soon!

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