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Hey, I'm super new here and still finding my way around and as a result, I know my profile isn't great right now, but I will get on it soon. I'm planning to update this all as soon as I have a better grasp on what this place is like :)

I'm up for both RP games and non-RP games. I'm happy to do bets as long as the details are discussed before hand (As I'm pretty new to learning how bets work). I'm happy to use bondage/hypnosis rules (roll a dice to escape). I'm probably up for other rules too but these are the only ones I've encountered so far.

I am very much Sub more than I am Dom. I have learned that I can tap into a form of dominance when playing competitively, but it's still a more... 'submissive' form of dominance. So I'm happy to be 100% the sub in a scenario and I'm 100% happy to be competitive but I'm still not comfortable being completely dominant. When playing games with a heavy RP element, I will try to stick to what I believe is within my capabilities at that time in the RP. This can sometimes cause me to seemingly lose on purpose, but I'm just acknowledging that I have stamina based and physical limits and am trying to stay true to them. - This can be even better if we play a blind game, as neither of us have stats to show what a move is capable of.

I'm not comfortable sharing real pictures of myself or using voice chat or anything similar, sorry.


Anal Acceptance - I must thank my opponent before skipping my turn every time they play with my butt. This is due to my defeat by master Harry. I must do this for the next 8 games (0/8) or I can stop if I manage to make someone cum using an anal action. (0/1) - Recieved 17/05/22

Exposed - I must pick any moves that result in me losing clothing if they present themselves to me. This is due to my complete domination by Master Kevin This is to persist for the next 5 games (5/5) or, if I manage to win 3 games before completing 5, I may be freed sooner (2/3) - Received 30/03/22 - Completed 13/05/22

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