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New challenge on profile plus a lost bet. Looking for short game...please at least be competitive

Hey all!

I've been here quite a while now and am really enjoying it. I came from the more fighting/competition communities, hence my avatar.

I've started enjoying Classic more than the other modes, especially with the add-ons like dice rules and bets. I still enjoy Hentai a lot and the occasional Wrestling match. I do need some degree of RP/chat to keep it interesting. Rapid-fire silence gets old quickly. Also, I am a switch and need at minimum some competitiveness to keep it interesting - I do not do well with extremely submissive subs.

Dice games - I love dice games. Usually on a bondage and/or hypno move, your opponent has to roll a 5/6 to resist. If bondage, they have to skip. If hypno, either the opponent chooses or skip (opponents choice). If both hypno and bondage occur, then you break both with a 6, or first try to break hypno with a 5 then roll again for bondage.

Memorable fights
Special kudos to Alexa. We started as Rivals and I even beat her is a best of 3 series. But she was too good to just stop there. She found a weakness in our 4th fight and I should have ended it with a tie. But I got the title belt, and a big head, putting it on the line against her to take back the lead. But I didn't. It was foolish and I paid a terrible price for the loss, but she is amazing. (it's been posted if you want to see) Take careful with that one, but damn.... she's worth it.

I had an amazing match with Selma. I thought she was a tease when I saw her watching some of my matches, but she is a master tactician and knew exactly how to work my kinks and weaknesses against me. I never stood a chance as she became my Queen.

I challenged Lucie and lost. Then foolishly requested an immediate rematch....and lost. She introduced me to betting on matches and the results have been a LOT of fun.

I was about to clear out some bets and Khristina came along and threatened to cage my cock longer. I took the challenge and raised the bet, but soon found out I was no match for her. After cumming to her feet and mouth, she took her prize--my cock and my ass.

I destroyed Shyla but got cocky and we went for 2 out of 3 (2 continues). It was a roller coaster ride and somehow she ended up on top! We both ended up exhausted and damaged after that one...

Past bets
1) I cannot cum until I've done 5 matches. Every time there's a cum test, I have to edge irl. (Done!)

2) For 3 games, if I get locked in chastity, then I have to roll to "steal the key" If I fail, I cannot use an action that uses my cock. Reactivated by Khristina (done!)

Current bets:

1) For 5 games, any time something enters my ass then I have to skip my next turn. (1/4) from Shyla

Olive Challenge
Okay, so Olive kicked my ass.
As a result, she won her challenge and is making me do it instead.
If I lose 5 times before I win 5 times, then I have to strip naked every match before I can attack my opponent for a month!

Wins 1
Losses 1

Bot Breaker Challenge -- Won
I've started a challenge with Lillith after watching her choking on bot-cock when trying to finish off a bot and losing a match (seriously, check the log :rofl:
Loser got a disadvantage for our next challenge and stakes were made. The bots roughed us up, but I showed Lillith her true place--the Bot Slut of EF!

Finally, there should be a couple public matches linked below with some of the other amazing partners on here too.

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