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Open to most anything. Please at least be competitive.

Hey all!

I've been here quite a while now and am really enjoying it. I came from the more fighting/competition communities, hence my avatar.

That does translate here as well. I'm a switch and love the competition in the games. To that end, I have it set that I cannot see your options as I prefer the surprise. It's fun to take control, but usually also the threat of being overtaken. I've fought enough great fighters here to learn that a sub does not necessarily mean that an opponent is going to just lie down. Of course, if you're planning to just lie down and get fucked, then we may not be the best match, tbh.

I've found that I prefer the competition in the Hentai matches (who knew?!) and now the wrestling ring. Hentai gives more broad options for competition, but seems to also involve more roleplay as well. If we're getting into the RP and you start hitting the right moves, I may have to skip a turn to recover. If you keep doing it... well, that will be dangerous for me! Feel free to do the same if you find that fun, and I will find your weaknesses as well.

The wrestling ring really brings out the more competitive side of things. I enjoy both rounds and have found that it can lead to some interesting scenarios and RP, but that one is more about the match usually.

I do enjoy at least some roleplay during the matches and sometimes afterwards. If not that, just be friendly and chat about the moves and descriptions. Rapid fire matches are only so good once you've seen it all, and the bots can really accomplish that anyways.

Dice games - Alexa introduced me to those to help with some of the more neutral moves in the wrestling ring. It adds a fun element (though the dice hate me.

But really, I'm up for about anything with the right partner.

Speaking of right partner, some of you all are AMAZING.

Special kudos to Alexa. We started as Rivals and I even beat her is a best of 3 series. But she was too good to just stop there. She found a weakness in our 4th fight and I should have ended it with a tie. But I got the title belt, and a big head, putting it on the line against her to take back the lead. But I didn't. It was foolish and I paid a terrible price for the loss, but she is amazing. (it's been posted if you want to see) Take care with that one, but damn.... she's worth it.

See ya around!

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