Kevin (Level 16) mail warning

See profile for bets. Please at least be competitive. Open on style. <1 hr games tonight

Hey all!

I've been here quite a while now and am really enjoying it. I came from the more fighting/competition communities, hence my avatar.

I've started enjoying Classic more than the other modes, especially with the add-ons like dice rules and bets. I still enjoy Hentai a lot and the occasional Wrestling match. I do need some degree of RP/chat to keep it interesting. Rapid-fire silence gets old quickly. Also, I am a switch and need at minimum some competitiveness to keep it interesting - I do not do well with extremely submissive subs.

Dice games - I love dice games!

When a bondage and/or hypnosis move is played on you, you have roll a 5/6 to resist. If failed, perform action as below. Re-roll at the beginning of each turn.

Bondage While bound, you skip your turn unless you have something you have an action that you can do bound and makes sense in context (usually not)

Hypnosis Your opponent chooses an action or skip (opponents choice). Some opponents will enable auto-skip (just skip each turn like bondage).

If both hypno and bondage occur, then you break both with a 6, or first try to break hypno with a 5 then roll again for bondage.

Optional rules
Turn limits If discussed, bondage and hypno can have a 3 or 5 turn limit. If you roll a 1, that roll does not count towards the turn limit. (Default: OFF)
Stacking If hypnotized while hypnotized, then you go deeper and have to break both. It should be discussed if a 6 breaks everything, or just 1 level. (Default: OFF)
Gags, chastity devices, etc When in doubt, roll a die. 5/6 escapes the device and allows usage of that body part. On success, may roll for any other devices. Alternatively, may skip a turn to remove any roleplayed devices. (Default: ON)

Current bets:

1) Patience I cannot undress my opponent until I am completely naked myself, or am ordered to do so under hypnosis. (4/5 wins or 6/8 losses to remove) Thanks to Just another girl

2) Love Oral Whenever my cock is sucked (regardless of who does the action, I must roll to resist hypnosis (1/5 wins). Thanks to Lauren

3) Deep hypnosis I only escape from hypnosis on a roll of 6 (1/10 wins) thanks to Bente

4) The Marvelous Miss L So, now, after such a wonderful session with L, any time someone plays a threesome or audience participation move, I get reminded of her and have to roll resist hypnosis. If I fail a second such roll during a game, I begin to crave her strap and start begging my opponent to fuck my ass. ( 1/4 wins or 1/8 losses) Thanks to Just another girl

5) Race to strip I have to take your clothes off as fast as possible in a match, unless my opponent put those clothes on me. (1/5 matches) Thanks to Ashley

6) Bondage is a exhausting When I get tied up and try to escape, I have to refresh my actions before rolling to escape. Thanks to Kate

Past bets
1) I cannot cum until I've done 5 matches. Every time there's a cum test, I have to edge irl. (Done!)

2) For 3 games, if I get locked in chastity, then I have to roll to "steal the key" If I fail, I cannot use an action that uses my cock. Reactivated by Khristina (done!)

3) For 5 games, any time something enters my ass then I have to skip my next turn. (Done! Reactivated from Shyla, done again!)

4) If I am bound, I have to skip the first opportunity to get loose (5/5) because of loss to Vivian

5) If I'm fucked with a strap-on, I will flip a coin. If it's tails, I have to moan out the name of my opponent and skip the turn (5/5 matches) due to a loss to Cinder

6) If I am placed in chastity, I have to roll a 5 or 6 to escape from the device unless my opponent releases me. Otherwise, I am obsessed with getting it off and have to use my whole turn trying to remove it (skip action). This lasts for 5 matches (5/5) or 3 wins (2/3) thanks to Vivian

7) Alluring tits When tits are exposed, I have to roll to avoid hypnosis thanks to a 2-for-1 bet with Nixa (4/4 matches)

8) Weak ass Whenever my ass is plugged, I have to roll to avoid hypnosis thanks to a 2-for-1bet with Nixa (4/4 matches)

9) Ava's Fucktoy I lost a match to Ava. Then lost a double-or-nothing. Now, I'm her fucktoy for 14 days (through 1/23/2022)

10) Passed around well... Nixa fucked me over and over. She even gave me another chance and I lost. Now, when I'm done being Ava's fucktoy, I have to serve as Nixa's FuckSlut for 2 weeks (through 2/8/2022)

11) Ropes admirer -- Anytime I put someone into bondage I will stop to admire my work first and roll a dice if less then 5 then I am too amused by my work that I skip my next turn. (5/5 games or 3/3 wins) Thanks to Vivian

12) Mistress Jewel's footslave I fought Jewel. Unfortunately, she was able to back up her trash talk, dominated me in the end, and pegged me into submission. She gave me a rematch, but it didn't go well for me. I came to her feet again, showing that I'm a foot slave as well as a loser. Update 3 Now, she's beat me a 3rd time and I didn't make her cum at all. I'm now permanently her bitch. Update 4 Jewel went soft and no longer deserves pets.

13)Frikka's beautiful feet: Since I lost a game to Frikka, I will roll a dice every time a feet action is played (opponent or me). On a 1 or 2 i have to skip my turn. This rule is valid until i win 5 games. (5/5 wins)

14) Weak to hand jobs -- I have to dice roll for handjob cum tests. For medium or lower chance you cum on 2 or lower. Anything higher you cum on 4 or lower. Ignore this rule for "not a chance". (5/5 wins) Thanks to Lindsay

15) Weak to blow jobs -- I have to roll for blow jobs. For low or higher chance, I cum on a 3 or less. (5/5 wins) Thanks to Lindsay

16) Embarrassing loss If I lose without making the other person cum at all, all my current bets reset. This lasts until you are out of rules, or 30 games (30/30), whichever is shorter, thanks to ANOTHER loss to Lindsay. Resets:4 (at 2nd, 7th, 10th, 13th game)

17) Weak to partners If I face a cum action (low or higher chance) where more than 1 opponent is involved, I have to roll. I cum on 3 or less. (3/3) Thanks to Lindsay

18) Cross dressing surprise If I'm forced to put on a bra or panties, I have to skip a turn. (3/3 wins) from Lindsay

19) Hard to Resist a Decent BJ on a blow job cum test that is decent or higher, I cum on a 4 or less (3/3 wins) from Lindsay

20) Special weakness I have to roll for any cum test including "Specials". I cum on a 3 or lower. (3/3 wins) Thanks to Lindsay

21)) Deep Hypnosis a hypnosis roll of 1 or 2 gives option to choose action. If that is already being done, then will not a 1 or 2 will autofail next roll (3/3 wins)

22) Distracting cock cage A chastity device gives me a -1 on all rolls. I get it off with a role of 1 or 2 (3/3 wins) from Lindsay

23) Nixa's Cum Slut Nixa conquered me again. I have to serve as her FuckSlut for 3 more weeks or until I beat her (through 3/10/2022) - I won! (2/25/2022) - Lost again... renamed for 1 month (3/1/2022).. Won! (3/10/2022) Lost again -3/27/2022 -4/10/2022, again 4/11/2022--> won 4/19/22.

24) Mesmerized by pussyAny time a pussy is revealed, I go into a trance... (I'm immediately hypnotized!) This goes away after 4 wins (4/4) Courtesy of Khristina - Reactivated by Khristina for 4 wins, plus I must include "weak" in my name. (4/4 wins)

25) Karoline's prefect mouth I couldn't resist Karolines perfect breasts and intoxicating mouth, covering her with cum as she milked and sucked me dry like an expert. Now whenever I face a cum test from a blowjob, I have to roll a d6 and cum automatically if It rolls a 1. (3/3 wins)

26) Caged cock - if I get put in a chastity device, I have to roll a 6 to escape it or I cannot use my cock. (3/3 wins) Thanks to Lindsay

27) Caged from the start I have to start my matches in a chastity cage until I win twice (2/2 wins) thanks to Lindsay

28) Critical Fails- Anytime I roll a 1 in bondage/hypno, I have to reroll my actions before skipping (10/10 wins) I lost a double or nothing against Lindsay for this one.

29) Playing dress-up I have to skip anytime I end up in some cute outfit--maids, cat boy, anything like that for 3 wins (3/3 wins) Thanks to Lindsay

30) Foot fetish - I've had trouble with feet lately.. I just can't resist them. I have to skip to admire them when feet are used (3/3 wins) Thanks to Jade

31) Weak to anal If I have a cum test with something fucking my ass, I have to roll a 4 or higher or I will cum. (5/5 wins) Thanks to Nixa

32) Good boy If your partner calls you a good boy when you lick their pussy, roll a dice to not fall into hypnosis (3/3 wins) Thanks to Cindy lou

33) Love Bondage When first bound, I also have to roll to resist being hypnotized. (3/3 wins or 5/8 games) Thanks to Felicity

Olive Challenge -- Lost
Okay, so Olive kicked my ass.
As a result, she won her challenge and is making me do it instead. I went 4-5 in the challenge, so now I have to strip naked every match before I can attack my opponent for a month!

Bot Breaker Challenge -- Won
I've started a challenge with Lillith after watching her choking on bot-cock when trying to finish off a bot and losing a match (seriously, check the log :rofl:
Loser got a disadvantage for our next challenge and stakes were made. The bots roughed us up, but I showed Lillith her true place--the Bot Slut of EF!

Memorable fights
Special kudos to Alexa. We started as Rivals and I even beat her is a best of 3 series. But she was too good to just stop there. She found a weakness in our 4th fight and I should have ended it with a tie. But I got the title belt, and a big head, putting it on the line against her to take back the lead. But I didn't. It was foolish and I paid a terrible price for the loss, but she is amazing. (it's been posted if you want to see) Take careful with that one, but damn.... she's worth it.

I had an amazing match with Selma. I thought she was a tease when I saw her watching some of my matches, but she is a master tactician and knew exactly how to work my kinks and weaknesses against me. I never stood a chance as she became my Queen.

I challenged Lucie and lost. Then foolishly requested an immediate rematch....and lost. She introduced me to betting on matches and the results have been a LOT of fun.

I was about to clear out some bets and Khristina came along and threatened to cage my cock longer. I took the challenge and raised the bet, but soon found out I was no match for her. After cumming to her feet and mouth, she took her prize--my cock and my ass.

I destroyed Shyla but got cocky and we went for 2 out of 3 (2 continues). It was a roller coaster ride and somehow she ended up on top! We both ended up exhausted and damaged after that one...

I stopped logging here due to the logging of bets above. At the same time, I want to remember these earlier matches as well

Finally, there should be a couple public matches linked below with some of the other amazing partners on here too.

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