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Wrestling (Alt)

There is plenty to say.
But first of all, this is my wrestling (ALT) so you know the plan.

I'm quite submissive at times...but overall I AM a switch. SO, I expect my opponent to stand up and respect me as I do to them in the first move:


But if you insist on being such:

Bad bitch


I will bring pain to you...and I don't hold back on sexing you down either!:



And fiiinally finish you off and make you mine! (I really mean it):



  1. I am up for being or taking in a pet. Multiple if needed. Unless being a slut is your preference, I will ONLY play outside a wrestle with a pet or a slut of mine. Wifey works too of course.
  2. You can impose rules on me as I see many people doing. So I have no notable "weaknesses" yet you can exploit except one: I WILL skip or listen to your command of one move of choice for me if you stick a strap-on in me after my first orgasm. It would be unfair to escape the moment you finally try fucking me mid-match...if you can and if it's a fair move.
  3. Anything else you can come up with, ask...I'm into sayin' yes quite often.

Matches [victory|loss]

Amanda: [1-1]

Nagisa: [1-0]

Jess Matthews: [1-0]

Rainy: [0-1]

Tamamo: [1-1]

Lyanna: [1-0]

Anna: [1-0]

Alexi Ng: [1-0]


5/6/2022- a frustrating time it of the closest matches i've had. Tamamo is so lovely in the ring! she almost fucked me without giving me a chance to get a simple lick in at the end. I admit it was due to some frustrating features...but I won't complain about losing to her too good! Mwahhh...lovely match!

5/7/2022- I made Amanda submit to my dominance. We had a VERY close back and forth once she started using suuch dirty moves to get out of a few struggles. In the end, she wanted to be mine so I claimed her as my pet!...She has quite a few weaknesses have fun beating her <3.

5/8/2022- Nagisa hard fight...she never once gave way. Don't be fooled by her status...she WILL try to fuck you up. Hmph...but I managed to abuse her mind...convincing her to try harder. Too bad she couldn't handle it as much as I did! Outlasting her! Fun wrestle...hope to roughen her up again much more.

5/9/2022- Amanda kept coming at me....nonstop. She wouldn't give way...showing her defiance our entire time on the mat! She's a pet hard to tame...managing to get her Miss to cum enough to give way to her slutty side. Making me show SUCH a side to her...hmph!~

5/9/2022- Jess Matthews was a nice little exchange of blows and rubs at first. But once I caught onto her, she couldn't handle the rough nature I presented to her once we got on the ground. I showed her girly cock and ass a lovely time...abusing them both whenever I could. She sprawled out beaten only having made me cum lightly was a lovely match though...she's good on her feet but melts on the ground hehe

5/9/2022- have you ever been so close that all you need was a literal point of energy to overwhelm your rival into submission? That's exactly it...but Rainy was too much anyways...she completely finished me off at the end. RNG hurts, but I won't complain...losing to such a sexy...nnh. Let's meet again won't be so lucky next time! <3

5/9/2022- I rematched Tamamo everything went well until she tried making me cum apparently worked. But that moment was short-lived as we exchanged so many more different positions and fucked each other crazy. It was a heated match...especially when I managed to nearly break her back fingering her (lol!). We are rivals in the ring...and winning against my cutie kitsune in the end this time was well beyond satisfying. It was a long match I'd love to do many times more!

5/11/2022- it was a match that took a while. Lyanna was lucky until the second last move lol. I managed to gain enough of an edge at the end to finish her with a messy orgasm. I wish she was more open to a fair encounter...but I won't complain about getting time in the ring with SUCH a cutie. Close, not exactly as lucky as she claimed me to was a messy encounter after all. Oh well, a lovely way to end the night...<3

5/12/2022- Anna and I had a tight match all the way until we got on the ground. We got ourselves naked quickly as we couldn't hold back much longer. But the moment I made her cum first...she fell like jelly in my arms...only fighting back when I REALLY forced myself onto her (literally). It was close...she's lovely on the mat...but careful, her bratty attitude will aggressively take you down!

Pain but not the heavy bondage kind (clamps, intense gaping unless it's by a fist, etc), rough sex as/with a pet or slut or rival, forcing a sub to be occasionally dominant and them knowing when to give way, a fair fight whether by wrestling or rougher, spanking, cum-stuff and making a mess, plenty more etc.

Scat and waste (duh), ageplay, money-pig (whatever you call it), complete dominants (more of a dislike than a limit it's just no fun if someone doesn't give way unless FAR into an RP), violence on a very high level (honestly tolerable since I like certain hobbies, but it gets dumb at times sexually. If you wanna fight that hard, there are places for that elsewhere), breeding, IRL stuff (sorry, no point in it...from here), and latex.

Background (for those interested in such RPs)~

I am mostly...if not considered entirely elven. So I am adept in the art of magic.
But there is this misconception that those, so good at magic, have no skills in the art of being physical! Well too bad, the elven race I was so lucky to be a part of, has a trait of having "inhuman" strength on the level of small deities.
Don't be fooled though...I learned from a certain someone how to fight a fair I never really go all-out at once. It is a strategy to keep myself going for long periods of time if my rival fighter can even last that long.
As for the kind of magic I have, it's mostly cloning and dispelling insanely strong magic and hiding my true figure. Could have some more, who knows shrugs. Just do not look into my eyes for too long <3

LWR match rules

1- if your opponent sticks a strapon in you or restrains you (pinning or choking or being lifted into the corner) and has more energy than you...for every point of advantage or disadvantage, THAT is the minimum roll needed to respond or else you skip. Example: you get a strapon impaled inside you, the person has 6 energy left and you have 2 must roll at least a 4 to escape and retaliate or else you have to skip. But if you get impaled by a strapon, your opponent has 2 energy and you have must roll at least a 4 to escape or else choose a move of recovery

Opponent = 8, You = 6...the minimum roll is 2 or else skip

Opponent = 6, You = 8....the minimum roll is still 2 or else you recover

~THE maximum roll difference is 6...nothing more! lol~
~If it IS more than 6, the result is automatic. If your energy is higher then you recover...if your energy is lower then you skip~
2- if you reach 0 energy from having a wrestling move used on you, you skip the next turn. But, the next turn you must roll a 6...or else skip again. The next turn after that, the minimum roll is 3. But if you fail the first roll and succeed in the next you have to choose a move of recovery.

3- if three wrestling moves are used on you in succession, you have to skip the next turn. But if the third move is a hold or pin, the second turn after your skip you have to roll at least a 4 to escape. Third turn whether you fail or not, you play normally.

~you do not need to accept all of these at once...unless you wanna go all out and have them'd have my utmost respect~
~One or two rules are fine~
~these rules are here to get people to start recovering BEFORE reaching 0 energy, know when to take damage and handle it from the bottom, or acknowledge their rival fucking them instead of instantly fighting back as if nothing went inside~

Thank you for scrolling all the way down...and if you read all this, I will kis...suplex you more properly <3

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