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I am a cross player.
English isn't my main language, Sorry if I type too slowly. I'm doing my best!
I'm still not 100% on top of what is expected/accepted/frowned upon, and the last thing I want to do is hurt someone. So please tell me if I did something wrong.


A bit about my character:
“Show no mercy! Accept no mercy!”

Grace is an enthusiastic hot headed fighter. She is incredibly competitive, and believes she’s the protagonist of her own shounen anime. She’s here to prove that she’s the best, and even though she has no experience, she is extremely confident that she can take down anyone and anywhere.

Grace sees every sexual activity as a form of competition. Fucking is like fighting, and she fights to win! She’s not at all into nice caring love, and it’s hard for her to comprehend this kind of thing.

She is also somewhat of a size queen. The bigger it is, the more shaky she gets on the knees. No size is too great for her – she just sees it as another challenge to be conquered!

Grace would never admit it, but she is a switch. And even when she loses, she will get wet and excited about the humiliation of her lost fight. She haven’t came to terms with this side of her, and it only shows up when she loses her composure and control over the situation.


My style of game:
My favorite kind of games are games that start with quick RP and some trash talk, and then a long proper RP after one side wins. That RP at the end is my favorite part, and it feels earned after a really competitive game.
Speaking of, I'm all about the competition. I love the plays that happen when I win and when I lose. But I rather play with someone who is also a switch. Winning is not as fun when the other person is just a sub that lets me win.

I prefer having RPs that don't involve IRL actions. Sorry, I'm not into instructions and the such. So I only play the competitive games (Classic, hentai, wrestling).
I rather have the fantastical world of infinite possibilities that is the RP, to the realistic immersive world of Instructions.
Both types of play have their advantages, but I Especially love the plays with unrealistic elements.


My biggest kinks:
I enjoy being on the giving and receiving end of those kinks. Take this as my full consent to add these kinds of kinks into plays with me. Just be mindful of my limits!
+Beating up (punches and kicks, not just slaps, mostly into sensitive areas such as breasts/genitals).
+Non-consent play & rape fantasies.
+Hardcore Degradation plays that include taboos such as sexism. (Please take into account that things said IC are not representative of my IRL opinions!).
+NTR/Cuckold (difficult to do in a 1v1 play, but I figured I'll let you know it's there on the list).

I know that those kinks are usually a hard limit for people. As is shown in rule #3, I will never take part in an extreme kind of play without full consent of my partner, and only in a private game.

I also like other things, so don't feel bad if you're not into my kinks! I have a bunch of kinks, so we can still have lots of fun!


Hard limits:
-Gore (anything with blood, mutilation, or any permanent damage to people)
-Toilet (scat / urine, nothing of that sort!)
-insects (haven't seen someone adding them to a play, and I don't want to see it happen. Sorry if that's your thing. Must be a hell finding willing partners)


Other characters that are connected to me: (Or how i like to put it: "The Grace expanded universe")
Lisbeth Rose Is my sparring partner. After she won a fight against me, I vowed to get stronger and get her next time!


Consequences from a match:
This is a special thing! If this is your first time reading my profile, please read this part last, as it doesn't indicate my usual style of play

Morrigan, from the Scarlet's house of Lust Beat me. Hard.
I now work for her as a sex worker. While on the job, I'm a stupid girly submissive slut.
If you want a broken cock sleeve to violently take out your frustration on, tell me in a DM that you want me in the Scarlet's house of Lust.
Otherwise I'll assume it's for a normal game!


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