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Please READ MY BIO before you choose to play with me.


This is the official guide to Scarlet's brothel, useful if you want to better know the place and to better roleplay with her and her sex workers!

Here you will find in this order:

  1. Generic infos.
  2. Brothel's environments.
  3. Our sex workers.
  4. Our couples
  5. If you want to play with me
  6. Casino mode
  7. VIP Pass
  8. Contact us


Our employees are separated in two categories:

Staff members: part of Scarlet's servitude. They were not defeated in a sexfight and they don't have sex with costumers. Usually they serve food and drinks, strip, pole dance, sing and do other tasks like these.

Sex workers: people who Scarlet defeated in a sexfight and that now earn money for her. She usually takes a percentage between 60% and 90% from them.
They are workers, not slaves so even if they have to be absolutely loyal to Scarlet, they have free time, a personal room and other bonuses depending on their place in the sex workers hierarchy.
It goes without saying that sex workers are booked by clients to fuck and do anything sex related depending on the client's requests. They have to always be nice to clients unless told otherwhise.


Scarlet's house of lust features a vast number of scenarios to better suit your personal sex preferences! We will list them here along with some real footage.

MAIN HALL: It's the first room upon entering, right beyond a short entrance corridor. It's An open space with tables, sofas, platforms for lap dancers and a stage for all kinds of shows. We also serve food and drinks.
Staff members work here, although they may act with lust we kindly request you to not harass them too much, at least physically ;)
Our customers are free to use their booked sex workers in this hall if they want to.

Pole dancers in the main hall

PRIVATE BEDROOMS: Located upstairs. The ideal if you want to enjoy our services all by yourself or with very few people of your choice. We have smaller or larger rooms, fournished in all kind of ways and equipped with all kind of sex toys and accessories.

Private bedroom fuck

PUBLIC RESTROOM: Not a real one, toilets here are just props, please keep that in mind. The entrance to this pretty wide room is located in front of the showers' one. Here our customers can rent and use sex workers for degradation!
Light violence, submission, humiliation, bukkake, gangbangs, insults and many other sexual practices are allowed and welcomed here!

Degraded sex worker

LOCKER ROOM: Sex workers have a bathroom in their own apartments but showering and changing themselves there will take away a little bit of their personal earnings. That's why we equipped Scarlet's house of lust with a locker room and showers! Changing outfit in this room is free but clients are free to roam around, grope, fuck and harass sex workers as much as they want.

Locker room tittyfuck

SHOWERS: they are located next to the locker room and have the same purpose. Clients can also order sex workers to clean them or to shower in the same box.

Inviting in the shower

HOT SPRINGS: If you want to relax with a suggestive and sensual experience, our hot springs are perfect for you! The thermal spring on which our structure stands allows us to have all kinds of water pools: hot, warm, flavored, aphrodisiac... choose the area that suits you best and enjoy it with whoever you want! We have three separated zones, the main one is for both boys and girls, the other two are girls only and boys only.

Girl relaxing

WALL OF SHAME: where our cheapest sex workers are, prices are affordable here and you get do satisfy your sexual urges however you want. Sex wirkers are introduced and locked through a thick wall and and each half of their body is treated as an attraction of its own, so it's not rare to see someone getting used by two customers at once.

Wall of shame


sex worker

They will be listed along with their sexual preferences: M(Males) F(Females) T(Transgenders)


Milly M F T
Eleanor M F T
Freya F
Kaga M F T
SydneyH18 M F T
Blake Belladonna M F T
Natalia M F T
❃Delilah the gothslut❃ M F T
Enola F
NovelLover F T
Grace Hammer M F T
Lilith, the succubus ♡ M F T
Winnie M F T
Mia, the Catgirl F T
Fey F T
Sara M F T


Nathan Williams F
LightNH20 F
Stef F
reddd F
Chris F
SexFighter Trevor F
Henki F T
Max F
Lucas112 F
Gorgeous George F
Johnrow F
Rin () M F T
Caldra F T


Hisoka () M F T
Devin F T
Alex M F T
Arenei, the Loremaster F T


group sex

People that work for Scarlet as a couple, open to threesomes and group sex. They'll be listed in couples, feel free to contact them!

Anna and Drake
Aria and Romantic


As mentioned before staff members work here but are NOT available for clients' sexual relief. There will be listed some of our most notable staff members:

Our receptionists Cynthia and Rose

Our bartenders Lexie and Isabel

Our singer Bridget

(I don't use other players' characters, so during a game I'll use these special sex workers listed below. Feel free to choose one and set the roleplay using this page, expecially chapter 2, as a giude to better suit your personal tastes).

Special sex workers are part of my servitude that wanted to willingly work as a sex worker, they'll do whatever clients tell them to do.

Our special sex workers catalog:



casino girl

We finally finished our casino floor and we're more than happy to announce it's now open to all customers!

RULES: In this mode you start with 100$ and you can bet against one of our girls, you both draw dices and if you win you'll get double the price you betted but if she wins instead you'll lose your money. Your earnings will let you buy rewards, if you reach 0$ you'll lose and become a sex worker yourself.


Win and fuck her: 600$
Win and rough dom her: 800$
Win and get a VIP pass: 1300$
Win and get a GOLD VIP pass: 2000$


(VIP and GOLDEN VIP passes are obtainable by doing sensational things, it could be a really good suggestion, a fight won without cumming or a really intriguing roleplay).

VIP PASS allows you to freeroam throughout the whole facility (Scarlet's office, private bedroom and throne room excluded) and to use staff members as much as you want (Elizabeth, Valentine and Scarlet excluded).

GOLDEN VIP PASS allows you to do anything from above and grants you access to Scarlet's office, private bedroom and throne room. You can also use Valentine, Scarlet and Elizabeth once.


Feel free to contact us whenever you want to:

(Give me suggestions to add rooms and activities)

(Share with me and only me your match log if you fought roleplaying in the brothel, reading it would make me really wet. Do it only if you want)

(Willingly ask to work here)

(Share your opinion about my work, I'd love to know what you think about it)

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