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(cross gender character) "I beat the shit out of people and I know things. That's what I am good at"


"So, you are reading my bio, huh?
What do you want to know?" (light a cigarette with a zippo) "My life? What for? It's nothing of your business."

"Asking again? You are a curious one, aren't you? " (puff a cloud of smoke) "Whatever, I am a private detective. My work is to know everything about people and to separate good ones from bad ones.
What for? Good ones need protection, bad ones need a good old beating. And, belive me: i know how to beat the shit out of people who deserve it"

"Do you want to face me? Try me, but don't be too cocky: I could seem skinny and weak, but I have put down bigger opponents than you. You are warned"


A tall woman with an athletic but slim body, way stronger than it looks like. Short black hairs and black eyes. She usually dress with lather jacket and jeans and always wear a studded collar or a studded bracialet. On her back there is the tatoo of a shadow dragon protecting a red rose, while on her chest, on her hearth, there is the tatoo of a burning heart whith the words "Forgive me, Seductress, you didn't deserve what I did to you".

Lisbeth is not a bad person. She likes to fight to test herself and others, but she will never humiliate or overbeat her opponent , unless she is forced to do it. So, if you want our games to be "rough", please ask me before the game, so we can put boundaries, safe words and anything that can help us both to be safe. Just, please, PLEASE, keep this in mind: it's all new for me and I can make it wrong, so, if you want something or don't want something, tell me and if I do something wrong, stop me immediately. I have already hurt the feelings of someone and I don't want to do it again. You don't deserve this, I don't deserve this too. We are both here to enjoy a good rp, not to have regrets.

Thank you for have read all of this.)

*Also, remember: this is a cross gender character, meaning that she is a woman, but the player is a man irl. Think about it before messaging me. *

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