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IRL teasing and denial, Present yourself, take your time

异性恋 / Switch

Hello everyone,

I'm a space cowboy strong guy with a bit of belly., i jump from planet to planet looking for the next experience. I'm a kind guy but don't get too cocky because i can't control myself when i get too aroused.
I love pound my partner in the ass, so you better prepare yourself.

08/11/2022 - i became hentai champion after a 1hp winning against Claire Dimui

IRL playstile:
I like to tease beyond the rp, beats, sound, dice, commands. Everything this game have to offer is welcome, feel free to join me ( i won't force none into my realm XD )

-i edge on tests, and action with overload increase.
-if you feel like the action requires it just tell me.

Feel free to pm me.

Special games:
YouWishYouKnew made me so proud i let her cum non stop countless time after she pleased me 73 edge.

wc 是异性恋
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