Claire Dimui (Level 11) mail warning

*door locks once you enter* +private studying+

Bi / Switch

A Mage Demon From a Maiden Tower. Be warn, I don't always play neutral.

--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+--+ --+--+--+--+--+--+
💕 Hair is black in the dark white in the light. 💕

I got someone who love heavy reading and now owns my books are his. I am the Scholar's Bookkeeper Snuggle plushi.

Bondage Spell:

(Gift: Adv Binding 📜 scroll) "thank chu greenie"

Stasis lock, when used, the person hit with the spell must roll a d10 (to decide how many turns the spell will afflicts them)
They roll dice to break free, only a 9-10 roll sets a person free before the spell expires

H-potion: if offer a drink I'll pour some lewdy mix
(Drink action effect, spilling or offering)
You can steal it from me. I love to have one tiny on me during matches 💕

!RP Hentai Rules! (Won't use unless Other consent)


Magic Cock Ring: (I roll 1d8!) ?/?
If an action is done with my hand or mouth around your cock, I can cast this spell.
~ can't use any finishers ~

Seal brakes if you:
Skip while I please you.
When seal is crack 1/1 or 8/8 you can release. ~

Charm kiss spell:. kiss flip a coin, if it lands on tail, you have to let me pick your next move. 💕

! Roleplay mode ! (No rank matching)

Toy: Magic Cock Ring: (I roll 1D8 to set the spell)
?/? Roleplay mode only. User can't cum with out braking the amount enchant on the cock ring.
After climaxing, roll d20 to reset cum_qty 💕 denied your seeds to flow out.

Spell: K.E.E.P. going. Kissing enchanted erotic pleasure.
If a kiss is made or done by me or a player. Roll a d20 and both gain some life points.

-Narmer The Sunderer
"the ring you huff designed...."

Please message as you like. My times I'm around is from 23 - 3

Personal Updates:
July 1st 🕯️ Lost my father...

Support me with a hugs..


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They time out taking too long to respond, it must have been too comfy. 💕 Must be too comfy She force herself ontop your cock. feeling her pussy soaking arousal surge of lust magic seal around your cock into a breeding frenzy, feeling her womb inviting. DemiSmagic Tentacle Retested