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Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Disclaimer: This is a fictional roleplay character. Any dialogue out of parenthesis is completely said by her and not the author. The author and the character are both separate entities. (an exception was made for this profile details). Roleplay only, not interested in IRL or attracted to IRL profile. If you want to refer me as the author, just call me Ai

"Hi! My name is Haruka. I'm a former wrestler who seeks for fun matches with anyone. Nice to meet you, I hope we both will have a good time together! Here, check my 'resume' below! It contains all the information you need!"

Full Name: Haruka Miyazaki
Age: 25
Race: Japanese
Gender: Female (can turn into a Futa with a specific potion)
Height: 167cm (5'6")
Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
Bust: 90cm (32D)

Hentai game mode (Kinks and much more):
Position: Equal (Occasionally switch, usually when doing competitive matches)
Preferred style: Semi-literate RP (Normal) or Dirty Talk (Competitive)
Kinks: Basically all selected below, with strong fetish for licking body parts.
Limits: IRL, Bondage, Watersports, Non-consensual rape, Toys (Except for strapons), Slavery, Scat, Vore, Gore, Impregnation (Cumming inside is ok, but only when Haruka is under the control of her pills)
Weaknesses: Any oral attacks (To body parts and breast, passive move. To genitals, skip 1 turn)
Hentai Champion Record: 1 time

Roleplay setting (venue, plot and my/our outfit):

  1. Battle Fuck Cage/Empty Dojo: Probably where our first encounter would be. As the name states, its a cage/dojo where the sexfight setting happens. There is a referee and a crowd (public match)/no crowd (private match) respectively. It can be a gentle sexfight, or a rough sexfight/catfight, where the latter allows a little bit more of physical assaults.
    Best of 3 round wins and the winner can do anything to the loser. My outfit would be this (start match with underwear):
    Battle Fuck Underwear

  2. Cafe Bathroom: As an employee, I will serve you as customer. Though you might need help with which way the toilet is in the cafe I worked in. Who knows there might be some.. coughs accidents... You know? This is my uniform (start match fully clothed):
    Cafe Uniform

  3. Beach: Who doesn't like vacations? Of course everyone does right? Though things might get a little bit heated, when I demand you to put some sunscreen on my smooth skins. winks (start match with underwear):

  4. Onsen: Come and soak your body with a warm bath! What could go wrong? It's not like you'll get turned on when I'll reveal what's under my towel right? (start match naked):
    Bath towel

  5. Bedroom: This is where sexfight wouldn't really take place and I'll cum willingly if I really love my partner. Though sexfight could occur here as well, but not often. To have a match with me here, you must atleast had a match with me before in a different place. (start match fully clothed/in underwear):
    On Bed

You can also dish out any ideas you like and I'll try to consider it. But since it's EroFights, I love the competitive sexfighting aspects more than the sex itself (in roleplay). But don't get me wrong, I'm not competitive and I don't mind losing. But I like the idea of using sex as a sport/activity to compete with someone else.

Wrestling Game Modes:
Nickname: Crimson Spring (Kurenai Haru)
Alignment: Face
Style of Wrestling: Brawler (Will prefer physical assault rather than sexual assault)
Signature Move: Corner Dropkick
Finisher: Missile Dropkick

Canonical Story
Haruka was born without a father, As her mother wouldn't tell her whereabouts and what happened. When she was 5 years old, she was kidnapped by a group of Yakuza, which causes her mother to be injured badly and sent to the ward. She realised that her father was a Yakuza leader, who officially divorced her mother. Even though she grew up like a normal kid, attending schools and much more, She was forced to take part in an illegal underground fighting arena, where they train kids her age to workout and practice until they're strong enough to enter the ring. In the meanwhile, she unwillingly learned wrestling, boxing, and karate at the same time, but wrestling was what she was really good at. She kept a really good record, winning a lot of matches against others as well. Though if she refuses to work together, she'll be punished and tortured. By the time she was 18, they moved her into a branch that was lewder than before, called "The Underground Battle Fuck Arena". She was forced to wrestle naked, and will receive rape threats or punishments if she loses. But she kept an amazing record and won every single match throughout her time she was there. She was crowned the "The Queen of Kabukicho's Battle Fuck Arena" but she was never proud of that title. It brought her shame as her persona was spread around Tokyo, as her matches were recorded and uploaded into a porn site. After graduating, she could never walk out on the streets without being recognized as a 'pornstar'. Every night, she would cry on her bed, wishing for a better life.

One day, A group of forces that seemed like the FBI, raided the underground place, securing everything that was available. Every Yakuza member that tried to fight back using their firearms was shot precisely on the head, making tons of them drop dead, creating a pile of corpses. The FBI would soon reach her father's office, where she was inside, 'servicing' her father who wasn't alerted by the raid at all. He flinches the moment that his doors were knocked down, trying to grab a firearm, only to realise that a piece of bullet had already gone through his head. Everything was done silently by the FBI, to eliminate every Yakuza member that corrupts Japan. Haruka witnessed her own father's death in front of her eyes, but instead of remorse, she felt happy, glad that she had finally achieved the freedom that she had always wanted. The FBI secured her and brought other "fighters" as well, bringing them to a nearby hospital. While she was in the ward, she was visited by her mom, whom she had never seen for years. Sitting next to her was a middle aged man, his new father, as she got remarried once again, and had a brother, Haruto. They embraced each other warmly, tears flowing on their cheeks as they realize all these years of torture had finally been over. Haruka was taken in once again into the family and they moved out to a rural place in Osaka, where she started working part time as a barista, and a wrestling coach.

Her life goes on like normal but it wouldn't be too long until 'paranormal' stuff starts to happen to her. She kept dreaming all of these fantasy but lewd scenarios in the middle of the night to the point it disturbed her sleep schedule. She decided to stay up and investigate what was going on. It turns out that her mirror turned into something wavy and colorful, just like a portal. Once she tried to touch that mirror, she was brought in into an unknown world. She wandered through the vast green land, wondering if there's even any signs of living creatures nearby. She thought that she would die from exhaustion, but somehow she wasn't lethargic at all. Soon she would encounter a shrine, where a few exotic creatures were 'hibernating' it. It seems like she was the only human at that place. A certain cat told her that she's now in EF city. It was too overwhelming yet she still kept her cool and made some friends along the way while at the shrine. She was given an accommodation and this would mark the start of her journey in EF.


Ai's notes:
Thank you so much for reading my profile (or playing with me)! I love this community and I love the people in it and I hope I can create more friends or rp with people that has the same interests as me! I used to do normal rp years ago, but now maybe something wilder wouldn't hurt right? My Discord would be aifumi2002, though you need to send a friend request in order to DM me. In case if you have any rp ideas, feel free to tell me! Thank you for reading up until this point!

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