Jamie (Level 8) mail warning

If I ever do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please reach out to me!
I don't want anyone to feel Uncomfortable, and if it happens. it is not my intention

About me

Small wimpy body with medium white hair, emerald green eyes and cat ears. Always wearing a light sweater and some simple pants.
After losing to Cassy, she made me use her kitty bomb and now I have longer hair, kitty ears and a tail

Jamie is a shy, inexperienced and kind person, but when he realizes that he is getting made fun of/not taken seriously, he seems like a different Person

My name is Jamie and i grew up in a noble household. My Parents send me to a Magical School to follow the Path of my Mother.
But in that School, I was lazy and childish. I didnt pay proper attention in class and tried to come up with my own Magical Spells.
I was often called a pervert by my classmates since i was often staring at the Girls. All i wanted was them to command me around.
At some point i got expelled by the school for Disrespectful Behaviour and my selfmade Spell.


-Arcane Focus Ring (gifted by King):
Once per match I can focus on my opponent and let them fail their next Hypno/Bondage roll

Special People ♥


Me before I turned into a kitty
Me before I turned into a kitty

Thank you for checking out my profile!

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