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Shrine of the Goddess Lena's Remembrance

brief overlook on the history of the shrine.

A shrine build in the lands of Dragonia after a deal was struck with Draco. This shrine is dedicated as a small tribute and homage to Lena a goddess from Thendromarch mother of kitsunes. Build with magical materials it can resist almost any attack rebuilding itself if damaged but always inactive due to being severed permanently from the one it is dedicated to. Owner of the shrine is Kaylie a shy and timid kitsune who spends most of her days away from the shrine only showing up to clean and tidy up the place a couple of times during the weeks.

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Kaylie's outfit if you see her at the shrine.

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The shrine consists of three building the largest being the shrine itself with a small courtyard housing a spring and a small yard a gazebo made for enjoying time outside. The inside of the shrine is an open room with an ornately carved dark oak wooden alter in the middle, holding a bell made of a shiny metal called shine'ellar a metal gifted to believers of gods in Thendromarch to always be able to speak with their gods wherever in the world they might be this one however has lost its shine being a mat silver colour instead of its normal golden shiny look.

The other two buildings are the main residence of shrine personnel having a modern kitchen a shower room alongside an outdoors hot spring and 5 rooms all but one being vacant.

The last building is the guest house having similar facilities housing 6 guest rooms a bathroom along with a modern kitchen for guest to use freely. Everything is always stocked being replaced with magic once used.

Residence who have a room at the shrine

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Shrine maiden and owner of the shrine.


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A lovely girl who found herself in an unkown world embraced and accept here at the shrine.

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