Victor (Level 12) mail warning

Looking to compete for dominance. Quick games with lots of trash talk. (30-60mins)

Bi / Switch

Height: 5’4
Weight: 165
Hair: black
Eyes: black

Love domination and humiliation. Let’s see who is the alpha and who is the little bitch between us.

Active rules:

BONDAGE SLUT: (0/5 orgasms) Jamie
when I get a cum test while in bondage, I MUST cum. Lasts until you orgasm 5 times in bondage.

Notable Wins: had to erase most due to a punishment

Matt is a rookie who got beaten 3 times in a row each time barely even making me cum. I let him know 2 different times that he wasn’t man enough for me then finally I had to really prove my point so I put him in chastity to claim his tiny little cock as my property. To further prove my point I gave him the Horny Slut Rule to remember me by lol

Biggest Losses:

1-1 Adam Hex
Write up coming soon.

1-2 Jax
We made an irl bet in a best of 3. Loser had to ass fuck themselves irl for 5 mins to remember the dominance of the winner. It was a back and forth but he ended up winning in humiliating style as he was able to get his chastity off then lifted me into the air for a Full Domination finisher that left me cumming hands free before I could do anything about it. Then he got my girl from the crowd and made her doll me up so I could blow him before he threw me onto the bed and fucked her right over me plastering my sissy face when he was done. He wants me to let the facial dry till the morning so I’ll have it still on my face while I get my 5 mins of ass pounding punishment irl. Dam him! I’ll get him back for this. It’s not even close to over!

0-1 vs Selina
She kicked my ass and fucked it too finishing me off with help from her friend who sucked my balls while she rode me in cowgirl. She humiliated me afterwards by making me her cock sucking slave and giving me an anal weakness rule.

Completed punishments

New pfp by Christian for the next 8 day

Completed Rules/Challenges:

THANK YOU SIR: (7/7) Christian
Whenever my opponent fucks my ass I need to say "thank you" to my opponent and skip my next turn.

for the next three games, anytime someone fucks my ass, I have to roll, and skip turn if less than 5

For your next three games, you have to roll a 6 on a die to unlock your cock. Until then, you can't use any moves involving your cock (though your opponent can still use your cock)

SUBBY RULE: (5/5) Adam Hex
For the next 5 games I must change my role from switch to sub and give the winner a write up describing my defeat.

anytime you get a cum-test: your opponent rolls dice /6. 4+ press cum otherwise test. Always need to skip next action after cumming/or not.

After being sissified and dominated for a match I have effectively lost my manhood. I’ll Be a female for the next 5 games.

Everytime im fucked doggystyle I must roll a dice. If 4 or below I must skip my turn for the next 5 games

Anytime I get a blowjob cum test I must instantly cum for the next 5 games.

STRIPPER RULE: (5/5) Mandy
For the next 5 games I must do any action available that removes my clothes until I’m completely naked

Whenever I’m penetrated anally I have to skip a turn for the next 5 games.

Anytime a cum test is anal I must cum until I win 5 games with this handicap.

Become a women for 2 weeks

whenever a hypno or bondage move is used I need to roll a 6 to get free.

Whenever my opponent fucks my ass or pussy I need to say "thank you" to my opponent and skip my next turn.

Good boy rule: (10/10) eggo
Any time somebody plays with my ass, I must say "I want to be your good boy" for the next 10 games

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