Adam Hex (Level 14) mail warning

Self-proclaimed strongest witch on this site!

Bi / Switch

What you see is what you get! He may hate to admit it but Adam has the build of a femboy, he’s quite short only standing at around 5ft2 and only weighing just over 100lbs! He has a very thin frame with thicker hips and a 6inch (much bigger if magically enhanced) cock!

His outfit depends on the setting!
Witch attire
Sissified(like that would ever happen..)


A proud and mystical part of the hex twins~
He has quite the skill with magic, from standard binding, erasing and movement spells yet he specializes in all the ways to melt the pretty little minds of all his opponents! Yet even without his magic at hand he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve~

He is VERY confident, meaning he will generally take any challenge head on no matter how daunting! In battle he loves some good dirty talk! When winning he tries his best to utterly break and ruin his opponent, when losing, he gets quite bratty!


After a duel long ago with his Sister Sarah Adams magical abilities has been enhanced yet it came with a heavy cost. While his mental power flourished his physical body did the opposite, leaving him with a petite, femboy-ish body with very particular “weaknesses”.

Now he roams the streets of EFCity, looking for any other magic users to challenge and defeat to grow stronger in hopes of overpowering his sister and taking the full extent of his power back!

Magic system!

Adam is always looking to add to his collection of magical powers! After each battle he may take or lose some sort of magical ability chosen by the winner! They can affect his hypnosis abilities, effectiveness of certain moves or disable modes all together!

Base powers

•Summoning shadow clones, tentacles, ropes, etc
•Spirit fire
•Self empowerment
•Body shifting
•Matter manipulation

Powers lost

Powers gained
•Evoke Lust
After an amazing and heated battle with Samantha Adam learned how to evoke additional lust in his opponent! (Magically of course, he could do that just fine before as well~)

Additional rules
I need training! I won’t be able to fucking anyone in the ass until they fuck me first. (2/5 wins)


Has a heavy preference for hentai fights, but sometimes decides to try something else!

Trash talk and Rp is encouraged! Loves lots of rp in matches, weather that be more mystical/magical in nature or just plain sexfight rp! Along with rules/bets too!

Mostly in it for a good competitive match!

Even though hentai is his preferred game mode, Managed to acquire GOTH!

One of the top holders of the hentai titles!

Sister/Alt accountSarah

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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