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luck.. or.. ravage.. !?

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

under profile re-construction configurations

Welcome... hope you enjoy this ride...

Well... I'm Amber, 22 y/o please to meet you... who loves to travel/hike around the world with my backpack... and as a matter of saving you time... my nationality is Colombian - no, i do not talk Spanish - but my ethnicity is black, and i am Bisexual by nature with black hair and hazel eyes, i'm 5'2" (or 157 cm) tall and weight 119 lbs (or 54 kg) - and measurements 32-22-37 so my bra/cup size is 32B and yes, they my boobs are real/natural though my pubic hair is shaved/brazilian style. Feel free to ask me anything you want to... bets are welcomed, if agreed upon beforehand... any ideas!? if you are interested DM me...

Previous nicknames in the EF: Amber, African Backpacker🍆

Rules i normally play with...

1. Hypno/Bondage, roll 5/6 (1d6), unlimited turns (if in bondage/hypno while there is a cum/test action then press cum).
2. Every-time I win, I get to change one of my r/k/pfp/pr/w etc, if I lose, you can give me (r/k/pfp/pr/w) a rule, kinks, pfp change, profile change, add weakness etc
3. Every-time a weakness is exploited, i flip a coin... heads i endure and do an action, tails i skip my turn.

Rules given to me after i lost...

None available

Expired Rules

1. After fighting Morky for the next 5 games (5/5), anytime someone ass-fucks me, i roll 1d6, If 1-4, thank them for it... If 5-6, skip your turn and moan like a good butt-slut.
2. After fighting Lele for the next 5 games (5/5), i get out off hypno/bondage if i roll a 6.
3. After fighting Paddy for the next 3 games (3/3), i must roll on every oral cum-test, 5+ i can resist.
4. After fighting Kim🍆buttslut i became a maid to serve for her until i manage to unlock my chastity.
5. After fighting Subby Queen Mary for the next 5 games (5/5), i will start all my games tied (get free on 5+ @ 1d6, up to 3 turns... just in case you try to tie me up after that).
6. After fighting Alex, i started accepting any player's challenge to play against me for five times.
7. After fighting Simon for the next 10 winning games (10/10), i will need to undress myself if there is such action available.
8. After fighting Vincent🍆 for the next 10 games (10/10) i need to undress whenever there is an action for it.
9. After fighting Lil for the next 10 games (10/10) whenever i roll a dice, only 6 gets me free... for 7 turns in each game.
10. After fighting Vincent🍆 for the next 10 games (10/10) if i do a binding action... i roll a dice too, if i roll a 1 or 2... ropes are getting tangled and i get tied.
11. After fighting Kellan for the next 10 games (10/10) anytime someone performs oral action on me... i skip my turn.
12. After fighting Latina Backpacker 🍆 until my owner sets me free whenever my ass is penetrated, i skip my turn.

Change Log

1. Hetero/Switch born like that, but after few fights changed...
2. Bi/Switch changed with more fights around the world..
3. New pfp after fighting Lele
4. New pfp after fighting Kim🍆buttslut
5. Weakness Exploited check around for more info...😊
6. New pfp + rule + status + weakness after fighting Subby Queen Mary
7. New pfp + rule after fighting Simon
8. Fully back to normal... up to you to discover why...
9. New rule + weakness after fighting Vincent🍆
10. New rule + "don't struggle anymore, just suck" after fighting Kellan
11. New rule after fighting Lil
12. Bi/Switch changed after fighting Lil to Bi/Sub with a new pfp
13. New rule + pfp after fighting Vincent🍆
14. New rule + pfp after fighting Latina Backpacker 🍆

Let's see what else will change...

Weakness Exploited/Added by Opponents

There is a rule for this.. so check up to my profile... weakness might be removed according to the time/day being exploited.

1. After fighting rookie Tony, which his profile does not exist anymore, he managed to beat me once in a best out of three challenge and exploit a weakness...

2. After fighting Subby Queen Mary and read her profile streak with 52-60, i thought she will be an easy target for me to conquer... but i was naive and lost... because the first time she managed to flip me upside-down and drilled me with her tongue in my wet pussy which i couldn't resist from cumming into orgasm though without any thought i risked it with a double dildo endurance test and also i tried to handle her roughly from behind but she endured the roughness and i was taken out off surprise when she pulled my hair and pounded me hard, making me helpless just to moan at the sensation of being taken! but she didn't stopped there, she fucked me harder, and harder... making resisting, futile... so the only think left as it turned out to be overwhelming me! who could resist cumming after that?! strapped until orgasm!? ending me up sexually dominated so i learned from her what a cunnilingus is... the game ended with a memorable moment for me... (full ver. mp4)

That's all folks,

and that means... so far so good with everything... so if you reached this point... if you wanna challenge me feel free to do so, but do let me know before starting the game to inform me with "read it", anyways... until next time...

My best regards with a glorious day... Amber 🍆

P.S.: This is still a Work In Progress (WIP) so, if you got any ideas to help me with feel free to tell me in the DMs.

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