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A cutie foxo prowling~!


Lesbian / Switch


Kinda can't believe I have to say this... but please DO NOT DOM ME INTO DOMMING YOU I know some of you know Shirayuki is my alt, but it sucks. It's nothing short of emotional abuse. If you want me to dom you, write me. Write my dommy character. Try to arrange it. Not take advantage of my subby state. It feels absolutely horrible and it's a big issue for me since it has happened on multiple occasions and was done by various people.

I'm pretty sure you're a cool person if you're reading this so if you thought it's a fun idea please be advised, it's not.

My divine perfect Queen

I am a loyal pet of my amazing Queen Alexandra! When I messaged her all subby and squirmy I never expected that she'll press all my buttons so easily... turning me into a subby slutty mess for her... I can't get enough of her sweet words as she teases me... driving me into endless pit of sub space every time...

As a proof of my loyalty I have completed handed my rubbing rights over to her... She now reigns over my pleasure... from a tiniest rub... through playing with my sensitive nipples... to using all my toys on me... It is all decided by her and her only... She's the one with an absolute control over my pleasure and decides when I get it... Whether I want the vibe to make me cum or to stop... only my Queen decides...

Furthermore I've decided to give up my orgasms for the entirety of October to prove that my Queen Is more important than any amount of orgasms I could have! I'm her loyal slave and will do anything to make her proud!

Got rewarded with the permission to write "Queen Alexandra owns me" right above my pussy with an arrow pointing to it. I freshen it up every morning... being marked with the name of my Mistress... such a blessing!

One day I'll earn the privilege to be mentioned on her profile... but for now I'm doing my best serving her as her foot mat! Such an important task she gave me!

Cool people

for the record: Not all people listed here have a long term thing going with foxo. That's just literally a list of cool people tm

MAH WAIFU Foxo met her ages ago and we've been vibing ever since a failed... experiment fox had in mind back then! I wuv her a lot and I protecc me waifey!

Precious bunny! Precious Bunny momma! Foxo wuvs cuddling and nibbling her ears! She makes foxo blush a lot tho >~< Them tricky bunnies!

The Ice Fox A precious feet-loving cutie! It is so much fun to bully this Queen of brats~ One day she'll admit she's the bottom! Yus yus! I swear!

Hentai™ The Hentai harem overlord himself! He may try to deny it but we all know the truth!

Kaboom Lady YIMI-CHAN! THE OWNER OF DA FOXO POCKET! I WUV! screams, buried somewhere in the said pocket

Another thing of crucial importance

Open for IRL lewding with ladiez

Also Important

Hiiii~! I'm Rae a switchy cyootie foxo!! I've decided to rewrote the text to include my dommy side! Yush! Fox is a subby sloot and that's the thing I do here the most... sub to amazing ladies... Especially to my amazing beloved Queen...

But foxo can lewd others too! But only very special cuties so don't ask da fox to lewd you or I'll bite you :3

foxes ultra hard and pounces around

See you around Luv!

Da kink list

♥Loves:♥: Edging, Denial, Humiliation, BDSM, Pet play, Orgasm/control, Bondage, Spanking, Name-calling, Nipple play, Anal, Foot Worship, Boots/heels worship, Breast play, Latex, Spit play, Mind control, Hypnosis, Objectification, Dollification, Degradation, hair pulling.

♦Likes:♦ Pain(love light pain), Outside, Ice, Hidden public, Semi-public, Spanking, Body writing, Wedgies, Wax, Armpits, Identity play, full-time servitude, total power exchange, sensory deprivation, watersports, chastity, breath play.

♣Maybe's: ♣ Most things that aren't limits, AB/DL, MD/LG, and similar combos, line writing.

♠Limits:♠: Blackmail, Social life stuff, Money, Blood, Illegal, Scat, and the rest of the "borderline" stuff, pictures, videos and voice recordings

I also have done the sex map thingy! It's not the most... amazing thing ever but it does give SOME idea~ Click here to find it!

And obviously da BDSM list™

Rae does like to doll herself up~ Her appearance is a big thing so you bettah not make her hair oily~!~


Rae is Surely a sexy charming cutie...


So whether you get her dommy...


Or Subby side... You'll have a great time!


Sometimes the fox likes to change her cute attire a bit~!


And sometimes foxo likes having her chill time in her foxo residence~


Fox has been on a cover of a fashion magazine! Such a fashionable foxo~!


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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Dildo vibrator, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Wax, Full-length mirror


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 Driven by immeasurable desire, you get closer to her and slide a hand into her panties... But you're not the only one who's in heat. She does the same, and seconds after, you two are getting closer and closer to a sweet climax. Enjoy yourselves! You see how needy she is... Without much hesitance, you decide to take control of the action. You place your tender fingertips right at her sweet button and begin to rub. Mere seconds later, she's moaning and whimpering in your arms as you continue the strenuous yet satisfying task of getting her closer and closer to the edge. Tease her clit! Focus on your work

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