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*foxing quietly*


Lesbienne / Soumis(e)


My Momma!

This cutie foxo is owned by her purrfect mommy! I'm her cutie foxo pet and she's my amazing momma! Foxo wanting to be the bestest girl of good girls has given all her touching rights up and only mommy can decide when and if foxo will get some rub rub... or some bzzzz... or... other thingies!

Momma is amazing though! Very caring and understanding and spoils her tiny foxo shoooo much! Giving pats and ear rubs... and rubs... plenty of rubs... very important to not forget the rubs!

Sho... unless mommy wants someone to lewd her foxo... I'm her property... her cute pet... I belong to her and nobody else... nobody else can claim me... but my mommy likes when her cute foxie pounces around so she allows me to be dommed by and dom others sometimes!

I'm a good pet... Good fox for My mommy and as a sole owner of my rubbing rights...
She's the only one allowed to make me touch... I'm hers for as long as she wants to keep me... but I do my best to make it forever...

Oh and foxo is marked... wearing a cute black choker on her neck, to show I'm an owned purrfect pet!

I wuv mah momma and am da bestest foxo and I fox supah hard! Can't outfox this fox!

Cool people

for the record: Not all people listed here have a long term thing going with foxo. That's just literally a list of cool people tm

Herrin Melly An alluring succubus that plays with foxo from time to time... but... but no details!!! Ish a secret >/////<

Precious bunny! Precious Bunny momma! Foxo wuvs cuddling and nibbling her ears! She makes foxo blush a lot tho >~< Them tricky bunnies!

The Ice Fox A precious feet-loving cutie! It is so much fun to bully this Queen of brats~ One day she'll admit she's the bottom! Yus yus! I swear!

Hentai™ The Hentai harem overlord himself! He may try to deny it but we all know the truth!

Kaboom Lady YIMI-CHAN! THE OWNER OF DA FOXO POCKET! I WUV! screams, buried somewhere in the said pocket

Krul A sweet precious cutie bean of a vampi Queen! And my handholding princess uwu Foxo wuvs sliding my hands into hers... cuddling up, all wrapped in blankies.... safely tucked in and nuzzled into da soft vampi uwu

A-and... It's not lewd! I think... I mean uhm... L-locking f-fi... well... our fingers >//////<

Another thing of crucial importance

Open for IRL lewding with ladiez

Also Important

Hiiii~! I'm Rae, but more widely known as foxo! Cause that's what I am! A mighty fine vulpes superioris! twitches ears proudly Prowiling vibing and hanging around~

Fox always tries to be friendly, open minded and welcoming! Foxing and chatting with everyone by being a sweet cutie everyone thinks I am! Trying to live up to dis big time >~<

Nyo sure what else to say... Get to know me™
I guess xD

Da kink list

Absolute hall of fame of all kinks evah so glorious OMFG


🡲 I mean this softness! So cozy! And she so sweet and adorable and cute and heart-warming! How could I not! It's da bestest thing evah!

Kinks da foxo wuvs!:
Edging🡲 Gliding on that sweet edge... But within reasonable amounts!
Humiliation 🡲 Not everyone is equal... So know your place~
BDSM 🡲 A broad term, with no specifics...
Pet play 🡲 Will you give me your paw?
Orgasm/control 🡲 Because the sweet desire is sometimes sweeter than the climax!
Bondage 🡲 I'll chain you down so you won't run away~
Spanking 🡲 Bend over cutie~ Let's see just how red can we get that ass~
Name-calling 🡲 You like it when I call you a "bitch~?"
Nipple play 🡲 Let me squish your soft rose buds~
Anal 🡲 There are no "wrong" holes~
Foot Worship 🡲 Worship every inch of your Lady~
Boots/heels worship 🡲 Because clothes can be as sensual~
Breast play 🡲 I want to sink my fingers in those so bad~
Latex 🡲 Nothing like a pretty doll with those charming curves so nicely highlighted~
Spit play 🡲 Open wide~
Mind control 🡲 Be mine on an entire new level~
Hypnosis 🡲 Let go and embrace the trance~
Objectification 🡲 Ever felt like a footstool~? Here's hoping~
Dollification 🡲 A helpless beauty, all happy to be dressed up and played with~
Degradation 🡲 All your mischiefs pulled to the surface and rubbed into your face~
Hair pulling 🡲 Because long hair makes a perfect handle~

Kinks dat the fox likes!:
♦ Pain(love light pain) 🡲 There are many ways to feel pleasure~
♦ Outside 🡲 Touch grass~
♦ Ice 🡲 Sending shivers down your spine~
♦ Hidden public 🡲 A lil thrill of having someone's eyes on you, without them knowing
♦ Body writing 🡲 A certified slut, with a signature on their body~
♦ Wedgies 🡲 Because panties are more than just fabric~
♦ Wax 🡲 If you can do ice...
♦ Armpits 🡲 Ever wanted to be promoted to a towel~?
♦ sensory deprivation 🡲 Blindfolds and other tools of torment~
♦ watersports 🡲 Are you thirsty luv~?
♦ chastity 🡲 No unauthorised lewding~
♦ breath play 🡲 Let me take control of your every breath~

Stuff that fox might be willing to try:

Stuff that is a big nyo-nyo!:
♣ Blackmail 🡲 Just nuh
♣ Social life stuff 🡲 Why... It's a private thing!
♣ Money 🡲 There are things that are priceless...
♣ Blood 🡲 I'd rather not end up in a hospital... Even if nurses can be hot
♣ Illegal 🡲 And I can see why cuffs and policewomen are hot but just not like dis >~>
♣ Scat, and the rest of the "borderline" stuff 🡲 Basically anything that makes you question your sanity.
♣ pictures, videos and voice recordings 🡲 Because I am a shy fox! And I dun want yours either!

I also have done the sex map thingy! It's not the most... amazing thing ever but it does give SOME idea~ Click here to find it!

And obviously da BDSM list™

Still even with all those you're better off discussing with da fox directly!

Give someone the gift of the fox out of the box this year~


Rae can be a bit of a tease sometimes...


And lewd her friends...


Rae does like to doll herself up~ Her appearance is a big thing so you bettah not make her hair oily~!~


Rae is Surely a sexy charming cutie...


And a bit of a show off at the beach...


So whether you get her dommy...


Or Subby side... You'll have a great time!


Sometimes the fox likes to change her cute attire a bit~!


And sometimes foxo likes having her chill time in her foxo residence~

Fox has been on a cover of a fashion magazine! Such a fashionable foxo~!


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