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"I could have sworn she was just.........w~where are you, Honoka?"

Bi / Switch

Issac was never truly sure of his origins, memories of his childhood were lost from his mind, perhaps by choice, or perhaps due to an accident he had. He grew up in the forest among the druids and wildlife, but never really saw nature as his calling, so he went and traveled the world, and found his true passion, writing. It started as small-time poetry, longer poems, and even a couple short stories.While he worked as a courier during a particularly frigid and cold winter, he found a guitar. His poems became songs, and his topic of writing? Love. He hadn't found the warm embrace of another until he traveled on an expedition where he was introduced to the world of competitive intercourse. Now he longs for matches, not for the fame or money, but for the opponents. When a lover leaves an impact on him, he often dedicates a small piece of writing to them. Maybe you could get him to recount one of these tales? Payment in the form of Tobacco for his pipe or story of your own would surely suffice.

what better voice for a mage than the red ogre himself?

Wifeys and Hubbies

I typically don't like to be controlled, but perhaps through kindness you may gain my loyalty

Gavi has taken care of me several times, and well...she tamed me, per say, I am now ~her kitten.~ after spending more time together, we both discovered an even stronger affinity for one another, and well....she's my first wife and the first ive married. I will never forget all the things we've done, and the hapiness she brings me. As My family expands, I will always love her~.

Alex Don't even get me started on this little shit~ I met Alex when I was delivering a package, and thing lead to another~
A Catboy's Touch When being ridden by Alex, Issac must skip his turn

Saikou This little feral kitten made me his mate, im not....used to letting someone have so much power over me....
Only Natural For The Hunter When Issac is put into a mating press by Saikou, he has to skip his turn

Ethan Ethan was my first husband, and although I love all of my spouses Equally, they each have a special place in my heart. Ethan is my shield, hes is one of the very few I will allow to do the protecting for me...

Carolus is a fucking jackass...who I love. He may be my bitter rival, but he's done something for me that one can only repay with the dearest companionship....asshole~


*The KingI was hired to..well....conduct a job against his interest, but after a long back and forth, he affirmed my own insecurities over abandonment and well...I found a job in his court as a mage.

The Goddess Us greeks are appreciative of our Gods, and Relaari is no different. I serve my patron goddess with pride

Some might call him an old soul, but being a singer by hobby, you may even be able to get him to sing a tune to you, these are some of his romantic jingles





OOC I guess???
Im pretty new to this site, but Ive been role playing in the form of warhammer inspired DnD for a long time now, so don't think im a total dunce! I do prefer to pair most sex based rps with actual stories, but Im open to quickies here and again. If you want to just chat feel free to DM me. Im fluent in the long lost (thank God) language of amino, so don't be weirded out if I use )) and Quotation marks in and out of roleplay.

P.S. if you have any advice about how I could improve my rp skills or character please feel free to DM me.

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