Ethan, Jilly’s Expert Alchemist (Level 7) mail warning

"One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

Bi / Switch

Current Theme
Coming Undone - KoRn

In the bustling streets of EF City, Ethan stands as an enigmatic figure among alchemists. With a height of 5'7", he carries an aura of quiet determination, his obsidian eyes often twinkling with curiosity behind a pair of sleek, wire-rimmed spectacles. Ethan’s potion brewery, nestled in the heart of the city, is a haven for seekers of elixirs both rare and potent, swirling scents and sights filling it's walls. Aromatic herbs hang from the ceiling, and glass jars brim with colorful liquids, emitting a symphony of fragrances—lavender, mint, and a hint of cinnamon. The bubbling cauldrons fill the room with a warm, earthy aroma, teasing the senses.

When Ethan taps into his Sentinel Form, a remarkable transformation occurs. His appearance alters subtly, his eyes taking on an ethereal glow. Vines and tendrils sprout from his skin, intertwining with the environment, and mushrooms of various shapes and sizes burst forth. In this form, he gains control over these mushrooms, commanding them to grow, shrink, release spores, or even form barriers.

Ethan's Sentinel Form enables him to communicate with nature, particularly the fungal kingdom. He harnesses their collective power, manipulating their growth and properties for defensive shields, offensive strikes, or intricate networks for reconnaissance. He can emit clouds of spores for camouflage or distraction, utilizing their properties to heal or to induce temporary alterations in perception.

His brewery serves as a nexus of alchemical experimentation and fungal mastery, a place where the mundane meets the extraordinary, and where the fragrant concoctions mingle with the mystical essence of his Sentinel Form..

His personality is a blend of introspection and affability. Ethan often spends hours experimenting with new potion recipes, his mind entrenched in the arcane nature of alchemy. However, when interacting with patrons or fellow alchemists, he radiates warmth, always willing to share his knowledge or offer a thoughtful ear to those in need.

Female Sentinel Form
Male Sentinel Form


Sera's Symbol, The Ring Of The Phoenix

Gifted to me by one of my first pets whom I helped show the city to. As a condition of her release, I asked for a symbol of our bond. I hope your future endeavors are forever enjoyable, my dear.

Flower Crown Of Nature, given by the Forest Mother, Merriah! A symbol of my Sentinel-hood

Ingredients and Potions!

Currently in my possession.

1000 Redits (Dispensed by Day, met Red, I'm rich!)
Potion of Superior Intelligence
Edgeslut Hair (Jillian's, specifically.)
Hu-Cow Milk
Bull Cream
Cream of Femboy
Dragon Essense
Phoenix Ash
A Secret Blend Of My Herbs And Spices
Powdered Dragon Horn
Dragon Milk
Demon Tears
Lamia Scales
50,000 Dragon Eggs

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