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Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

<3 RP <3 (Male IRL)

open for any bet/adding rule for looser~ !
If you loose you'll finish on my Wall of shame so be carefull~ ;)

dice bet : 1-2 Profile change (pfp, name, gender etc..)
3-4 Adding/changing special rule
5-6 Kink change

How I look !
I'm doing 1m73
for 62kg
a 14cm cock....
almost no muscle and strengh, but really flexible~

Rule for Classic game !

Bondage and Hypno can be escaped with a 5 or 6 on a 1d6
Being in Bondage means skipping, while being in hypno means your opponent can choose your actions or make you skip
Hitting a 5 or 6 on the first escape roll, reverses the action on the attacker, both hypno and bondage
Bondage and Hypno stacks on each other, after being free from hypno you can roll bondage the same turn
Hypno is cleared after cumming and it prevents the reverse on bondage, can't fight back if you are already hypnotized.

Sometimes I play with LvL hypno !
Every hypno action add 1 lvl
for every roll dice6 if get a 1 on result, you gain 1 lvl ! (for exemple, lvl 1 --> lvl 2)
After hitting a 5 or 6 (depending on your lvl hypno) you completely break free ! you go back to lvl 0

lvl 1: have to hit a 5-6 to be free
lvl 2: opponent choose the action for 2 turn
lvl 3: opponent choose a little rule for just the game,
lvl 4: you can choose the action of your opponent when it make 2 as dice result
lvl 5: you choose all the action of the opponent (only 1 redraw per turn) and you can only escape with a 6~
lvl max: you can choose what the opponent have to do (be a full dom, or be a full sub, and at the end you can add a special rule who don't count for the bet~)

Shame loose...

(0-1)I challenged GMN thinking that would be an easy loose, it was a good start, both of us fighting nicely, until I made her cum, I was thinking, it's done ! but then, she taked advantage and made me cum !, I tried to fight back, but she quickly get back on milking my cock, and I wasn't able to the end she just played with my virgin ass and put my cock in cage...

(0-2)After challenging James I was thinking about a really easy game ! but somehow...she use some hypno move...and put me in trans for soo much longer...than she was able to make me cum twice...he enjoyed fucking my ass and have fun adding all these rules at the end ! Hypno... and caged... I'll have my revenge soon !!

(1-1)lillith She had her revenge while I was as a male...she hypnotize me for so long that I almost don't remember about the match..I just remember cumming from her hand...and then cumming from her feet..and that was all...when I waked up I was changed into a sissy slut with someting written over my right chest..."lillith mare" what a shame !...

(0-1)I challenged Aria Aoki thinking it would be a tough fight !...I was completely right...the begining was equal ! but when I wanted to get advantage with my hypno ! it completely turn back on me...she used me for so many rounds ! that she almost made me cum...lucky me I was able to come back to my mind before cumming ! I fucked her in Full nelson unfortunately...she turned my move against me, and decided to fuck me like that...but I wasn't able to hold and just came all over myself !...when she was catching her breath ! I've taked advantage of that ! and milk her cock dry~ she wasn't able to hold~ the end was a kinda tough~ she was under my hypnoze~ and I was thinking that would be the end.... but it was my end indeed !...she break free from my hypnoze and just pushed her cock so deep in my ass ! that I wasn't able to hold... she then end the fight by breeding my tight ass...filling all with her sticky hot thick cum....

(1-5)one day Bimbo Slut Hannah came for a fight, she easily take me down and force me to put a cage on my cock...after that she usualy come to me for a fight and I beat her ass !! one time...until then she come to me really often, and always win, finishing me easily, using hypno to force me to cum...I almost don't remember how many time I lost agaisnt her...and she always add more time to keep me in this weak sissy form ...

(0-3) I was searching for a fight, and Cutie Tifa came to me, as a strong male, I was thinking it would be sooo easy to beat her slutty ass~ but was quite the opposite...she made me cum easily the first time, and after making her cum, she taked the upper hand to finish me...I was a little ashamed, but didn't say my last words ! I challenged her for a revenge ! and she accepted~ but I didn't know she would take me to her ring...the fight was really intense ! but at the end she made me cum a last time...and I was completely exhausted...the result was...painful she peg my ass a few time while I wasn't able to do anything !!...this little bitch....
for the last game ! she came to more time, but this time I was as a little sissy...I tried my best to make her cum ! and manage to make her cum once !!...but she made me cum quickly 2 times...this time I never saw someone that cruel...she pulled out a massive XXl strapon...and forced me to do humiliating thing while recording....before punishing me with her massive strapon >< ass keep feeling it !!....and it hurt badly ... she wil pay for that !!

(0-1) Alexit's been a few week, that he came to me for a fight~ he was so cute ! almost begging to get break~
and finally, we maked a match, it was really easy at the beging, we were almost equal in strength ! he tried to make me cum several time, but he was never able to !...until he used a trick and he made me cum first !...after that cum I've made him cum like a bitch ! and at this moment ! he rushed my cock, again and again and again...I tried to hold as long as I could ! but...he finally made me cum a last time! ...and he make me become his bitch for a full Week !!...TTss...what a shame to loose against such a weak bitch ! ><

(0-1) Against Maluka the tiger She looked so confident ! she quickly tied me up at the begining...I wasn't able to break off this chains...when I was about to break free, she hypnotized me and force me to stay like that a few more minuts... when I was back to my mind, I quickly break off this chains and jump on her ass, fucking it hard until she came~ as a revenge, she grabbed my ass and fuck it...I wasn't able to hold much more... after that she never really stoped...and even after some struggling she get back on my ass..and this time she made me cum another time ! ..but I still had some energy I pushed her in the bathroom and made her cum another time ! after that she tied me up and stroke my cock several time..until I wasn't able to hold.... after that she just used me...again and again, for hours and bred me really badly! >< What a shame....><

Wall of Shame

(2-2)Alexa came to me, thinking she could beat me
at first it was a really nice fight, untilI push my cock inside her tight little ass She couldn't help but play with her cock and came like a bad bitch, the end was really quick~ at the end I've decided to Simply use her for my pleasure~

(2-0)FutaFighter asked me for a wrestling, she had the lead at first by making me cum stupidly She forced her feet to my face and stroke my cock badly... but then I've taked the lead by making her cum like a stupid dog by fucking her in Full nelson
after that I only had to play a little with her until she was done~ I've made her my little suckdoll~

(1-1)lillith she came to me while I was a sissy, and she was hoping to make me become her personal slut, unfortunately ! she was so confident, that the game turned to be Super easy~ I made her cum one time with my hand, and then she begged me to play more with her cock~ she tried to stuff her ...huge thing inside of me, but unfortunately for her, I slip off her grip and stroke her massive cock with my feet and hand, and I ruined her orgasm~ she then become my litle slut~

(1-1)Matt came to me, thinking he could stop being a caged sissy~ by making me loose~ unfortunately for him, I've pound his ass soooo many time~ that he always beg me for more~ what a the end I had so much pity for him that I removed his cage, he instantly jumped on my back and fucked me ! after pushing him off me, I stroked his cock with my feet, and hewasn't able to hold~ he creamed all my feet~ and became my footlicking slut~

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