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Bi / Switch

Lilith refers to a species of half-girl, half-deer. Her species often lives in forests in harmony with nature. Moreover, creatures can have more from a deer or from human.Lilith second.Her body is human, except for the horns,deer tail and features in the form of her penis."although it still has more of a horse in it"And also Lilith often visits cities, getting to know people. Sometimes she likes to get to know people better, left them a mess.Her cock is a real beast in terms of stamina, 10 inch"But if you strongly excite and all 11-12 inches" he easily finds his way into any loins and does his job .Although some still manage to cope with him and milk her dry, making her more obedient.Pink flesh, and its entire length is covered with dark spots, from the base to the flattened tip.
Bite mark on the neck, received in one of the matches
on the left side of my penis is a tattoo in the shape of a heart. It's magical and this place is insanely sensitive, any action there drives me crazy
Likes to fight other futa.If I lose, I'll be glad to be on your list of broken victims. Otherwise, hehe, you will know
Although she looks weak, her body is strong, her legs help her to run at the speed of almost a horse.She is stronger and more enduring than an ordinary girl. And her penis is hardy And very unusual, haha After all, her Kind has the features of deer and horses.
So be careful or it's a huge trouble to end up right in your ass.
Detailed games or rp with competition. Possibly dirty talk
Dislikes: tickling (I don’t know about others, but I find tickling annoying. Nasty things:scat,gore etc.
Julie (Sera's Edge Slut)🇫🇷At the beginning, I thought she was just an ordinary girl. We started our match and everything was going pretty well, I hit her beautifully, but soon she successfully climbed on me. And I can say that she was able to milk my beast with such ease, she rode on me.And soon I just could not stand it, pushing again, under our screams, I filled her uterus with a huge amount of sperm. And we didn't stop there, she continued to play with my dick, I tried to answer her by touching her pussy, but soon she gave me a wonderful handjob. She easily caught and tamed this stallion, finding every weak spot, after which I had to obey and finish, having already filled her stomach.Defeated and exhausted, I was happy to have sex with such a girl, and as a dominance, she left a bite mark on my neck. And also the rule
(Every time I meet a kitten girl (just a Neko character, or activities involving dressing up as a kitten)I have to skip two moves since she acted like a kitten in a match and I'm weak to them now)
Another fight, I was confident in myself and again it played a cruel joke with me. Although she was cute, she was able to pull herself together and fuck me, and then destroy my orgasm "although I myself asked". Now I and my penis are her stallions, and she is my mistress. And now on the left side of my penis is a tattoo in the shape of a heart. It's magical and this place is insanely sensitive, any action there drives me crazy
After that, I fought Erika's succubus.. She said that she could water me dry and mark my cock, but she was too weak in front of my stallion. So not only did I fill it to the brim, but I also got a little heart tattoo. But with a twist. Now my dick is always attacking the weakest points
wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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Your penis is too vulnerable. Your clothes no longer protect you, and the attacks of your opponent are becomming more vigourous. You take out your cage and quickly lock your cock in, keeping it safe. Maybe. Lock yourself up