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Hetero / Dom

Hey there~
whats up?
Thanks for checking out my porfile.
I am new here, a friend told me about this place, so here i am, making Erofights unsecure~

Well, i am sure you dont wanna know my lifestory, so here is a little bit about me for your fantasies:

Maybe i add more later if i get asked sth a lot.
For now i hope you get a picture in your head what i look like.
Btw. sorry for my english. Its not my first language.
Oh and i probably struggle a little with my messages. Please dont judge me to hard, i will try to write better ones 😅

I have to apologies to some of you.
I got a lot of messages in such a short, what I didn't expect. Now I lost track of some of you. I may forgot to anwser some of you,as I maybe clicked on read but didn't message back. Sorry for that 😥
Just hop in my dms and remind me!
And for those who I forgot to add on discord, or who want to add me there: marcx028 = username.

🔴 = no messaging / playing (Gone for a longer time or working on my profile)
🟡 = no playing / just messaging (Working on my profile or wanting to chill around)
🟢 = messaging / playing (well......horny~)

i will add those to my notes so everybody who wants to know what i am up to sees it right away.
they might not always be correct though...maybe i forget to change them from time to time 😅.
got a much to do in the last time and hope this helps so you know why i dont anwser or take so long.
And again, you can always just text me again if i dont replie, you message maybe got swallowed by the other Dms.
hope to see ya~

Some time ago one of my good girls made me experience my subby side a little and i explored it with some cute women around here. Excitet where this leads me, but still i will be your dom boy 😏, no worries my pets~
But for those who want to see it, just asked~
Doesnt mean i will always show it, i either am very comfortable around you or you realy tingled it out of me. Good luck with that~


  1. ///
  2. ///
  3. ///
  4. ...

come find them out~


  1. Blood
  2. Long lasting pain
  3. Gore
  4. Bathroomstuff
  5. Feminization
  6. Forcefully change my profile


I heared a lot about the different gamemodes and gamestyles. And i will test them all, promised!
For now i can jsut tell you, i am open for anything.
But i will play competetiv most of the time.
Though if you are lookign for someone who gives pain to you and realy plays rough....i have to disapoint you, this one wont be me.
Mostly i will be more gentle then rough, but if you need a little spanking to behave, i will do that too~

I have some great RP going on and enjoi them very much, so feel free to ask me for one.
BUT the thrill of playing competetiv, with some stakes makes the game so much fun.
So i love playing with women that know what the want and know how to get it~
But no worries if you are more submissive~
i wont turn you down ~

Just recently learned about dice rules. The sound like a lot of fun and if you want to play with them just let me know.
Now that i played with it a little, if you are up to anything IRL related to add to our games, jsut tell me~
It is great fun to spice the game up this way, and not only jerk yourself~


What i find very interesting are the bets cursing around here. Seems like a fun way to spice up the game. I am down to try them as long as it doesnt include my limits. Though i dont know what dirty minds you all have, so basicly everyone can say NO when playing with me and not liking the bet, just tell me.

Katha: cant fuck my partners ass until i win 5 agmes (0/5)


A little fun goal would be to get my own harem, so i try to win and make you a part of it. Ofc feel free to submit from the beginning and beg me to become a member here. I will try to play with the members here more often and make them enjoi their time with me~
Currently I am thinking of an emoji or sth to give to my slaves. So everyone can recognize in their profile, that they have fallen for me~
Since i get asked this a lot: there are no obligations for any of my pets/slaves/toys.
you only get prioritiesed over MM and i make sure to let your dirtiest fantasies become true~

Higher Ranks

I got some messages from my harem and women that are not in there yet about higher ranks in my "kingdom".
So now i am building a rank system where new ones, as well as my pets i have can play for higher ranks. If they win against me a lot, i have great fun with them or if the stand out from the others in a way they can reach higher ranks and therefor get higher priorities and maybe even get more intimite things to know about me.
I hope this will be a fun addition to my profile.
Best of luck to you~
- Evelyn = Hells gatekeeper
- Cyntia = Personal assasin

Important / favourit people

In this section of my profile i will talk about people which are important to me. And noo, i dont mean my parents or someone like that (they got a much better place in my heart ❤️; maybe this sounds a little kitschy, but i can also be a softie 😅). People i like because i either have soo much fun with them, they are my rivals or even became my friends will be metioned here.
A lot of my girls get a little jealouse and want to be mentioned here, but i cant just give you instructions on how to get to this part of my profile.
Because where would be the fun about it?
I can just give you a hint: its hard for full subs to end up here. The more feisty you are and the more challenging and teasing you are, the more interested i get in you~
But it depends on the person and how i get along with you, if you end up as one of my favourit person.
Dont be mad if you arent mentioned here though~

Marie was the first person i texted here. She was very kind and sweet in Dms, but feisty and kinky in our match. In the end i was able to defeat her and make her a member of my collection. But i just had so much fun with her that i had to put her in here.

Evelyn didnt make it easy to claim her, But finaly i managed to~
She is doing a great job as my pet and additionatly she is one of the rare people that can realy tickle out my sub side.
Both ways sub or dom with her are great and i always have fun with her!


Well..... I can't only win.... Sometimes I got bad lucky and I maybe loose a little bit.....
If my oponent likes that and wants to Rub under the nose, we end up here..... Be my guest and enjoi my humaliation....

Chris found me in MM and we made a deal that the looser will either get listed in my harem or, as I am doing right now, has to explain how I lost.
Well it starte very even as I thought, Chris was in chastity so she mainly jerked me off as I teased her a little. My hypno and bondage were no match for her and she quickly escaped just to tie me up and fuck my poor ass and plug me.
She made sure I was a squirming mess bevor she made me bust my first load.
After I made her cum from anal I got hope again, but it got shatter imidiatly as she just jerked me so hard that my balls shot out a nother huge load for her.
She put me in chastity and gingered my prostate till I was a total mess.
And now we are here....
GGs to her. She definatly deserved that win.... Maybe.... 😝

I texted Mia and she replied almost imiaditly.
First I though it would be an easy win for me.
After some licking and teasing she was so hrony for my cock that she unlocked me.
The problem was.... I was pent up. She used my cock and I managed to fuck her to an orgasm from behind, just to be sucked to my knees and cum all over her face and as my luck careers on she abused my break after my first orgasm and made me cum just directly afterwards again with her skillfully mouth.
And to make the next girl get such a big load as well, she caged me again and fingerered my ass to make me desperat! Maybe worked a little....
No I want a rematch! This time she was lucky! Next time I will win!

I saw Ellika online and for the first time and texted her right away. We quickly talked about our game and when we can play. Bevor i should meet her i made Evelyn enjoi her time with her owner and told her about the upcomming game. Naughty as she is she wanted to watch. After some problmes at the start, we managed to play, while Evelyn was watching us. I started of strong, made her cum after she teased me and used my own pet agaisnt me. I very hopefull, or better i already saw the win for me. After my first orgasm short after i still thought i could win, because my succubus pet and i made her moan louder and louder. But i wasnt expecting her to catch me of guard that hard. She managed to survive my cumtest and took the chance to ride me hard. Not expecting it i started moaning and pulled my cock out, jsut to cum all over her. As a humaliation, she left me on the bed and made me watch her making out with my pet.
Since we all hade great fun thoghter we decided to paly toghter time i may be the viewer.....


Now for those who got so much time and patience to read all of the above to get here, well congratulations? You wasted a lot of your time to read such a bullshit, haha.
I the last time i get a little bored. As much as i love roleplay with my good girls, i am seeking some competition as an variety to it. To spice it up for me and my partner, i was thinking of some challenges i wanna add here, so we could go with those in addition to bets or dice rules.~
hope you like this ideas~

1. Orgasm on the line
For those of you, who like IRL added to your game, i think this will be a great fun~
We decide bevor the game starts about soem edgerules for the game (like edge to every cumtest, if you fail edge again). No cumming! if you cant hold it, ruin and keep going~
the winner decides in the end if and how the looser might cum~
(up to 24 hours)

(please let me know if you have anything you wod like to see on this profile)

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