Ellika (Level 14) mail warning

Not enough time for a game at the moment. Just playing bots.

As a result of a loss to Bondageman I have the following rules/items. When I win I can take one of them off, but if I lose, you can add another item/rule. I am also not allowed to cum irl, so if I do so during or after the game I must surrender and count it as a loss.

I have a rule from Wefa that I must skip 3 turns after any bound or hypno action against me unless I roll a 3 on one of those turns.
I have a rule from Timothy that on any bondage action, I must bind myself with one item. My opponent can choose the item.
I have a rule from The Merchant that I must wear my vibrating plug and beg for it to be increased every time I see two naked buttcheeks in an action.
I have a rule from Chad Cocky that on a cock sucking action against me I must suck a dildo, and I need to put on lipstick before the first time

I tried to free Giuly from her predicament, but I lost to Eja and now I have to skip an action whenever I am penetrated in the ass. I need to win (0/5) games or have someone defeat Eja to free me.

My Kinks

Please don't hesitate to message me for a game, I am pretty responsive and hopefully friendly enough :) I usually prefer classic or wrestling modes, though I might do the others depending on the circumstances.

I like banter and rp during games or outside of it, I won't start unless you do, or you say you want it, since I don't want to come off as rude. Also, if you are messaging me, and you say you are up for this from the start I will be much more interested.

I enjoy having consequences for the loser as well. I like hearing your ideas on consequences, but some things that sound fun are having to wear humiliating things, bondage, instructions for masturbating or punishing yourself, etc. Please feel free to propose as wildly as you want, I'll tell you if they are too extreme ;)

And I do enjoy public games too. If you are watching, feel free to make yourself known. I enjoy side bets as well, so audience participation is encouraged (as long as my opponent is fine with that of course).

Lastly, I also enjoy doing games following the actions in real life as much as is reasonable. Let me know if you are interested in that.

Anyway, good luck! You're going to need it ;)

List of toys
- Vibrator
- Plug in Wand vibrator
- Breast suction vibrators
- Vibrating inflatable plug
- Panty vibrator
- Egg vibrator
- Multiple dildos
- Dildo with tube for fake cum
- Nipple clamps with chain
- Sharpie (for body writing)

- Tape (Duct tape or electrical tape)
- Bondage Tape
- Locking Leather cuffs (black or pink)
- Thigh cuffs
- Ankle/Toe binder
- Leather straps
- Locking collar (black or pink)
- Locking "slut" collar
- Latex blindfold

- Locking Ring gag
- Locking Penis gag (deep or shallow)
- Locking shoe gag
- Locking ball gag

Endo is ahead in our series after tying and vibrating me into surrender. I'll even it up next time. 1:2 for him now...

Caerus cock always turns me into a fucking needy filthy slut, he fucks me too good to let me win.

Freya challenged me and fought a close match until she succumbed to my tongue. I put her in a tight hogtie with toys to torment her and made her search through her shoes for the escape key. She was so turned on, she orgasmed five times before getting loose, squirting in her bondage. I changed her profile pic to reflect her true desires.
We met again and though it was close, Freya had her revenge. I was left with my legs and arms locked up, collared and gagged, plugged and tormented with my wand. In order to get out I had to edge over and over, losing progress each time I orgasmed, which I did three times before I was able to get free.

Zia challenged me to a bondage bet. And although the game was close, she won and I ended up gagged, with my legs bound and taped, a blindfold, and my wrists cuffed behind me. I had a vibrator on inside, and I was left to wriggle and squirm, trying to cum, since I wasn't allowed out until I did. It took some time, but I finally came against the edge of my desk and was able to escape.

The next time we played I had my revenge, she succumbed to me, worshipping my body as I tied her up. She had to wear vibrators, a plug, and nipple clamps, as her mouth was gagged with her own stockings and panties. Then she was frogtied with her hands taped up to prevent escape. Then her nipple clamps were taped to the floor for her to struggle.

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Two girls at once are no problem for you. You bind them both up, laughing at their predicament. They are forced to torment each other. Bind and Punish Both You grab some tape and quickly wrap her limbs. Now she won't be able to resist you. Bind her with tape