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On a hiatus, recovering from a rough defeat against a returning veteran in the Mixed Wrestling Ring

Name: Gabriela Garcia

Alias: The Latina Bombshell


Age: 26 years old

Height: 5'9

Weight: 155 lbs

Former Lesbian Wrestling Champion

Former Mixed Wrestling Champion

Ring Attire

Casual Attire

Comfy at my home ^-^

Pool time!!

Chilling before a match

Bathing in a river♡

Entrance song: Like a G6 - Far East Movement ft. Dev, The Cataracs

Match List:

Title Matches:

Defeated Nathan Williams and won the Mixed Wrestling Title. In a hard fought rematch against Nathan, I pushed through the athletic hunk and conquered him with a combination of my fighting moves and my sexual charms!

Defeated Countess Sasha and won the Lesbian Wrestling Title

Challenged Shirley the Teacher for the Lesbian Wrestling Title. Having completely dominated the smaller curvacious latina in our first encounter, a Classic Sexfight, when I claimed her panties as a trophy, I thought I would easily won the title again with my size and weight advantage. Shirley delivered the wake up call on me, and she delivered it hard! Over and over she abused my body with a plethora of wrestling throws, holds and pussy fingering, leaving me broken and moaning on the ring until she finally finished me off with her masterful skill with sextoys - destroying me with a a huge strap-on and a potent clit vibrator! At the end she left my broken, naked and vanquished body on the ring as she left with her recovered panties and the successfully defended LWR Champion Belt.


Notable matches:

Johnston in a Classic Sexfight. He destroyed me to a 2-0 score without even breaking a sweat, forcing me to cum twice with his rough and merciless assfucking.

In a very competitive and close match, I managed to dominate and defeat him, taming his sexy muscular body.

I thought the young and petite Freya would be an easy prey for me to win the Guardian of the Hill title, but her superior sexual skills delivered me the wake up call - and she delivered it hard!! I was fucked so brutally that I ended up collapsed on the bedroom floor, barely conscious and unable to prevent her from collaring me as her new pet.

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