Tsunade Doctor Love Senju (Level 2) mail warning

Name: Tsunade senju
Sex: female
Age: 38
Eyes: brown
Hair: blond in either pigtails or a ponytail
Height: 5,10
Weight: 160lbs
Nationality: Kioto,Japan


Tsunade is usually a calm and collect person while she was at work. But the moment her doctor's coat when off and her shift was over her personality would chance by about 180 degrees.

As while off work the real Tsunade would appear as the blond was quite vain and proud of her good looks and the skills she used to pay the bills to go to medical school. The fact that she knew that almost everyone would stare at her when she walked by also caused her to prove she was better then anyone else in the looks department whenever she came across someone who was able to archive the same effect she had while walking into a room.


While she was young Tsunade had thought she would end up working for the family business and to be honest that was enough for the blond at the time. It was not until her little brother got ill and was in and out of the hospital for a year that she wanted to become something else when she was older as her drive to become a doctor had likely started then.

When she told her family of her choice to become a doctor they were supportive but also told her straight away that their was no way they could afford to send her to medical school. So if she wanted to reach her dream she either had to get a scholarship or earn enough money to be able to pay for the education she needed.


While the Japanese woman was a good student she was not good enough to earn herself a scholarship and had to turn to the worlds oldest profession to pay the bills. At first it was difficult for Tsunade to use her body to earn money but after a while she got used to it and started to enjoy the fact that both men and woman could not get enough of her body. IT was during this time that while she was accompanying a client that she was introduced to erotic wrestling as she was taken to a underground club where she watches as the fights in this club were fvsf or mixed as she got hooked on the sport.

Favorite moves

Breastsmother , Headscissors , Headlock , Boston Crab , Torture Rack , Boobplex


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Attack someone with an Chair Chair Shot You attack the front while someone from the audience or your partner goes from behind Double Team You grab both of your opponent's legs and spread them before placing one of your feet on top of your opponent's sex, and rub it up and down to pleasure them. Gaspedal After grasping your opponent by the chin, you get behind her, and fuck her from behind as you lock the poor victim in a Camel Clutch fuck. Camel Clutch Fuck