Catra The Champion (Level 1) mail warning

Nationality: Ethernia

I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking that I did not earn that belt , and I either stole or bought an fake for myself since what can I ever accomplish. Well you be wrong as I earned this belt as sure I did not go to the top right away , and had some tough battles to be fought to win it.

Chair Shot

However with each battle I got stronger , and learned something about myself


Like for example can be used against you in the most erotic way possible as you would never think about hair the same every again after seeing how this one gal beat me.

magic hair

Still I improved greatly with each win and defeat


And Finally I won this by beating the hag who earned it , and did so without even having to get erotic with the hasbin

IWin the belt

Now the champ is here , and nobody is going to stop me

Champ is here

My Roster

Hinata Shy Deviant Hyuga
Tsunade Doctor Love Senju
Yang Fuck Long
Catra The Champion
Princess Twilight Sparkle

(images are by an amazing artist called Great-Dude. Will delete if I found out he is against them being posted here)

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Attack someone with an Chair Chair Shot You attack the front while someone from the audience or your partner goes from behind Double Team You grab both of your opponent's legs and spread them before placing one of your feet on top of your opponent's sex, and rub it up and down to pleasure them. Gaspedal After grasping your opponent by the chin, you get behind her, and fuck her from behind as you lock the poor victim in a Camel Clutch fuck. Camel Clutch Fuck