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[RP as a girl, IRL I'm a guy, please take that into consideration]

I love sexfights, and after reading tons of lesbian battles I was ready to try the real thing. That's when I stumbled onto EroFights much to my pleasure. I'm a newbie so not confident in RP but I'm willing to try RP. Not into hardcore BDSM, only light humiliation and wrestling sex moves during fights and in victory poses really. I'm a 6'0" amazon made up of tan muscles ready to dominate you. I always go all out in fights with nonstop stamina and I have fun whether I win or lose. But make no mistake, I'm here to dominate and show everyone why I'm Queen of the Jungle.

I mostly play in Lesbian wrestling ring or sometimes hentai.

Jungle Queen's Memorable matches

After going back and forth with Alexi, I was barely able to outlast her and claim the win. For my reward, I left a little mark on her to keep her motivated till our rematch.

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