Cumdump Brooke (Transgender) (Stufe 16) mail warning

Bratty sub(ish) trans girl who enjoys being a nuisance to wannabe dom(me)s. Will provide resistance every step of the way, but keep it light and fun in doing so. Won't submit unless you prove you are able to tame me, and if you can't...well 😈. Yes, actually trans IRL, timezone UTC+11

Bi, so open to playing with any genders, usually stick to classic but also occasionally play LWR and very rarely interactive.

You can see a more detailed list of my likes/dislikes here

I don't have super bad bottom dysphoria (anxiety about my genitals), but I will be a lot more comfortable if you avoid using overly crass language to refer to my bits 'n' pieces, for example:
(Drake disapproving look) your huge, veiny, throbbing cock
(Drake pointing approvingly) penis
I'm not interested in having my bits played with, so don't expect me to top you.
Having said all that, if you are more comfortable with vaginas, I'm very happy to play with cis actions too.

I prefer to have action preferences active to avoid some actions that make me a bit uncomfortable, so please take that into account. Also, not really into fantasy-based RP, so if you really like your RP delving into the non-human or leaving the laws of physics behind, then I might not be the best partner for you 😅

(I may have a very rare game in FwC with a few very special people, but please to not ask that I dom you, because I'm not going to)

And you can also see the articles that I've written for the EroFights blog here

Permanent rules, or; how I became Bianca’s cumdump forever

Bianca fucked my ass super hard while she made me scream out what I truly am: her cumdump
After failing to redeem myself, she then made it official, that I am her cumdump permanently. To make sure that everyone knows exactly what I am at just a glance, she has locked a collar on me with the word C U M D U M P on the front.

My sensitive ass was my downfall, so I now will skip a turn after any action where my ass is penetrated, too overwhelmed with pleasure to react.

This extends to when I cum, as I must skip 2 turns after failing a cum test.

After trying to fuck her, Bianca has also locked me in chastity. I can only be free during a match if I roll 20 on a die.

UPDATE: after being a huge brat about something during a later match, there was an ultimatum; I could be unlocked if I kept my mouth shut. I stupidly took the bait, thinking this was a great situation for me, even though she said that there would be a different punishment in its place. How wrong I was, as I must now cum during any cum test if my pleasure is over 75. My bratty mouth does not serve me well at times. Even with the cage off, these months in such a small cage have really done a number on my small clit...10 cm long, with those missing two not seeming to come back 🙈

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: aaaaaaaaand yep...bratted myself right back into the cage too...damn it 🙈 after mouthing off some more, Bianca absolutely destroyed my ass, leaving me with what might end up as a permanent gape, and as additional punishment I am now permanently locked in chastity, unable to choose any moves in-game that use my pp (of course, my opponent can, but I guess you're just playing with the cage or something, I dunno 🤷‍♀) Freedom secured 😎

And yet it happened again. She has thoroughly broken my mind and made me highly suggestible to your commands, so I must now roll a 6 to escape hypno (also for bondage too)

-After trying to free myself with a rematch, I couldn’t overcome her. After dildo fucking me to orgasm and feeding my own cum to me, she victoriously drenched me in her cum.
-I hope one of these days I’ll be able to win my freedom…but that day still hasn’t come.
-On my third attempt…well, she still fucked me silly.
-Another match, this one a marathon. Fucking her ass to orgasm gave me plenty of confidence...and hubris. She eventually got me right back and fucked my ass to orgasm twice to seal the deal. After my little escapade trying to fuck her and tease her about it, she has punished me by locking my inferior clit in a chastity cage.

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You grip the base of her member and run your tongue over her quivering hole... she must be close! Rim and jerk her off Her ass has been begging for a stretching, so you don the harness and happily oblige. Fuck her with the strap-on You sample the mouthfeel of his masculine clitoris while you also sneak a couple of cheeky fingers inside Suck and finger him You've worked that man pussy right to the edge, and then over it! He can't resist any longer You get your fingers inside then start increasing the pace, more, and more, and more... Finger him until he cums! You need to cool down a little, so you slow things down with a cold shower. Cold shower You hold her head firmly where it needs to be. You control the speed. Force her to choke on your strap-on Your partner offers you his ass, and you can't wait to have a piece of that. You prepare his anus, sticking a thick dildo slick with lube in it, working his hole so it shouldn't be a problem for you to enter. Stretch his ass with a dildo If you want to fuck, you can't be dressed! You remove everything under your belt, so there is nothing more in the way! Remove pants His resistance finally gives way, and he cums hard... just like you knew he would! He finally breaks

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