Alice the Lioness (Level 16) mail warning

Marked all messages as "read" just because it's been a while you know.

Bi / Switch



Languages: (rus)/(eng)

Not playing.

I love dominant people and I always try to make them cum for me and surrender.
It means I love playing for dominance and destroying overconfident people here ^^

Modes I play: classic, hentai, wrestling.
Some limist: irl, scat, gore.
Always open to bets(bio, name (but my name "Alice" can't be replaced or erased), pfp, rules) and bondage,hypno rules.
No empty profiles(or without pfp and with 1 sentence in their bio), no full subs, sorry!
Most of my games lasts for 60-100 minutes.

Special relationships

🔲 - Huntress Momo

After a few messages with Momo I decided to hire her as my huntress to punish some naughty boys for the all dirty messages they write to me! She agreed and now I can send her on some missions. So whenever you write something dirty to me or whenever you humiliate me during our game - be scared, Huntress will teach you good manners!

✔️Successful missions:
Mac. This tried to take revenge, he promised to make me his kitty, but instead Momo turned him into a pegging pet!

🔲 - Eggo

This Eggie creatire definitely has some huge surprises for me and everyone on EF. He knows where to touch, and how to touch. Domming, funny and cute. Are you an interactive lover? Then come to Eggie, stick your tongue out and preapre to have some good time! Just imagine domming egg :0 Was quite unexpected for me but things ended up very good!!

🔲 - Green Velcro

My beloved Green Angel Vanessa owns my pleasure and I love it!🥰 She gives me different tasks and teases my mind all the time! I offered myself to buy Christina from her... But it is more about Green Angel! No any cons being her sub! She even allows me to fight and dom her! Sounds more like freedom and unlimited pleasure. 😍 She is kind and cute! Ehehe~ Everyone loves her. ❤️

more soon...



✔️Playful mouth
Each time someone feed me with their cock/pussy I must throw a dice. Everything except 5/6 make me skip my turn (5/5 wins)

✔️Extremely wet:
I will cum on the first cum test for next 3 matches (3/3)

✔️Black cell tribute:
I have to deliver 2 edges daily in addition to any other i may earn over the day. Of course I have to ask my compound supervisors for orgasms. Unsanctioned orgasms have to be ruined.

✔️Bimbo thoughts:
I must roll a 6 in order to be freed from hypno or bondage for 10 games (10/10)

✔️The punishment counter (1/8)
Every time a complaint is filed at the compound, my counter rises by one digit.
I have to update the counter as soon as possible in my bio whenever it changes.
The higher my counter is, the rougher my punishment will be.

✔️I was cheeky before so I have to follow this rule:
As soon as i am collared in game, 1 edge adds up to any edge I have to deliver.
I may beg my opponent not to collar me.


(12 of february 2023) Made a deal with Greg and he released me. Free and clear again! -Greg
(7 of february 2023) (owned) Turned into "Greg's Buttslut Alice" with a proper pfp and owned by him -Greg
(25 of january 2023) (everything) Back to normal - Felicia
(21 of january 2023) (nickname and pfp) Became a kitty again until rematch with Felicia - Felicia
(5 of january 2023) (nickname and pfp) Became Cinder's kitty for 5 games (5/5) - Cinder
(30 of december 2022) (nickname) "Alice" -> "Alice the Naughty Eggie" for 2 weeks - Eggo
(12 of december 2022) (everything) Back to normal after Karina saved me!
(3 of december 2022) (pfp) changed to a proper one - Mark
(3 of december 2022) (nickname) "Alice" -> "Anal Ahegao Alice" - Mark
(22 of august 2022) (everything) Completely cured my blankiness! Mind and everything comes back to normal
(15 of august 2022) (pfp) old -> new awwhh forever too! nngh~ must be blank and pleased all the time! 🤪🥰 - Blank Slate
(15 of august 2022) (nickname) "Alice" -> "Blank girl Alice" for... ohmmm forever!!😍 - Blank Slate
(15 of august 2022) (blanked state of mind) - Blank Slate
(2 of august 2022) (nickname) "Alice (little kitty)" stays for 7 days more! - Natasha
(30 of july 2022) (nickname) "Alice" -> "Alice (little kitty)" for 3 days. - Sweet Evil

Appearing in the lists below is usually a part of a bet

Cute people who were too confident :(


(19 of march 2023)
Well well what can I say! This horny boy wanted to see me in his subby girls list! Kinda funny since I don't like to lose and of course I am not a sub. Started our match from kissing me trying to tease, excellent idea but nah very soon his bottom clothes just disappeared. Next "impressive" strategy he descovered is to choke me with his kinda thick cock. Yeah that worked and Anton got this upper hand for a while. Fortunately soon I managed to recover and started stroking and vibing his throbbing hard dick. He still was trying to resist and fuck my ass but my butt just drained his cock! Haha! After this I realized I won. Anton tried to fight back, even made me squirt once but his cock simply didn't want to fight anymore. I made his exausted body get on all fours and spread ass cheeks revealing a nice spot called butthole. Yes! I pegged him! He was moaning soooo damn much tbh! Smart Alice got it and fed Anton with 2 strange pills. First pill changed his mind and he started to think like Anton now is a girl Antonella with a cock and second pill changed his body a little bit making him look much cuter and feminine. Let's see if she dares to come back any time later. 🥰


(19 of february 2023) Belle pretty Belle... cute and overconfident at the same time. This naughty bratty girl used to talk soooo much! Playing against her was just a matter of time. Oh and of course her loss was inevitable. Somewhy she really thought that meeting me by spanking my butt is a great idea. Moreover she spat in my mouth!! Her dirty saliva touched my pretty tongue! Such disobedience made me very and very angry! Being so mad I easily ripped her bra apart and revealed Belle's breasts to the delight of the audience. After some struggles I took my "secret" purse and found a nice vibe there ehehe~ Just a small vibe for Belle and she lost all her confidence! Yay! Her moans gave me a great idea - finger her pussy and I did it! Belle's weak horny body was squirming on my fingers. Also this clit of hers quite attracted me... I licked it and... ehehe she squirted all over my face!! Belle the cute little squirter. 😊 Oh and how could I leave my footslut without my feet on her face? Just very few soft slaps for this whimpering cutie. The funniest thing is that I made her cum twice even without losing my panties! Wait... Twice? Oh yeah! My finger inside Belle's ass made her squirt again somewhy! A few moments before collapsing after the third squirt Belle finally managed to undress me... she even licked me till orgasm.. but nah, such move didn't help her at all. A magic strappy toy went inside Belle and her mind gave in under my pressure! Yup! Another overconfident girl defeated by gorgeous Alice! Actually I know that Belle is just a cute subby girl that's why I didn't punish her too much, I even rewarded her! She was allowed to to lick me toes. 😋
➛Due to her loss Belle got renamed into "Belle (Alice's footslut)"


(18 of january 2023) Whole champion of Europe Lina approached me, wow! And furthermore she was on her 5 matches impressive win streak! Seems Lina was so obsessed with my butt, I was promised to be defeated and spanked all night long. 😄 We made some kind of a bet and that's why she appeared here. As a loser of course! Muahaha! Somewhy at the very beginning of our game Lina decided to take a look at my perfect breasts and found herself tied up. And to make even more fun she plugged her own butt saying "so you find the right hole when yoh try to make me cum". Damn how overconfident she is I thought. Luckily I found her small weakness. Lina hates vibrations! I stuffed her pussy with a turned on vibrator and at this point she started to beg me to stop. But I didn't want to stop! Especially when I managed to put a nice chastity belt on the Europe's champion. 😂 Is this over? Oh well... even despite she managed to make me cum once I still was better. And since her pussy was locked with chastity belt and vibrator inside... nice dildo inside her anal hole completely broken her mind and she... came twice in a row! Cumming twice in a row and another win for Alice's collection.

Mistress Chantal

(3 of january 2023) Defeated by Alice once, Chantal came to take her revenge. Blanked by Blank Slate and collected by Collector. 😂 She put on the line everything she had! So sad bimbo Chantal forgot Alice is a rope expert! So she started the fight being tied up. A few teasings and Chantal finally broke free with the idea to gag my mouth with my own panties... Unfortunately for this Bimbo I tied her up again with the purpose to whip her huge tits. My bad I thought she was defeated already so I was mocking her by turning around and presenting my innocent ass. Yeah my mocking move ended badly as Chantal broke free and tied ME up! My helpless exposed ass... she began to fuck my precious back hole with her dildo in front of the whole audience... Fortunately Chantal made a huge mistake and decided to tease me with her own bare feet. Yeah she didn't know I have no any weaknesses to feet... Bimbo quickly found herself tied up and hypnotized! Teased through her panties Chantal came for the first time and the whole audience loved it! But the fight was already over! Her mind collapsed and she could do nothing with the ropes. All she got is a huge humiliation session with like 10+ active visitors in the audience! They all came to see the broken doll Chantal! I ended her punishment with my fingers skillful! She squirted all over my right hand!!! Chantal officially became my property after this defeat. She already had my collar on her neck. I completed her helpless look with a nice pink chastity belt so I'll be the only one able to touch Chantal's pussy! She used to be a mistress, humiliated my friends and all other EF fighters but now... just my bondage puppy... So weak and pathetic. Will she be able to recover and get her revenge? Who knows...


(3 of december 2022) This one did so many things to face me again! He was turned into a puppy, then into a girl but Mac managed to get through everything and even caught and encaged my wonderful Huntress! I simply must save her and that is why I faced this guy again, just to save the person I need and to make Mac suffer and bark again! And we also made some wild bets >.> A good thing is that Mac is still the same pegging pet... just like he used to be five months ago! So just another easy win for me? Definitely! I tied him up, and pegged! Pegged A LOT! REALLY A LOT! And guess what? He came right after one of these pegging sessions! And to humiliate Mac even more I made him eat his own cum, then eat my winning squirt and drink the special Momo's potion which turned him into a puppy! Now he barks again!! Pegging pet Mac is back, yay!! ^_^
➛ As a result of our high stakes game I changed his nickname, pfp and gave 2 new rules >.<

😘 (15 of july 2022) Mac said he will easily break me and I will become his pet. How wrong this doggy was! He tried to make me cum, used his stuped ropes but nothing helped him! He wanted me to become his pet... I know his secret desire was to become my pet! Then I gave him some cool things and a cool outfit! Hehe, look how sweet my new doggy is ^^ You can even pm him and remind him what a good doggy he is >.<
➛As an addition he got a new pfp you can see below and a new rule from me ^^

Image Title


(20 of november 2022) And he came back again! Begging me for a rematch and I know why! Ritzy loves my pretty feet!! ^_^ This time this boy sent to me a lot of messages where he told all his ideas on me like turn into a slave, fuck my mouth for 24/7, use my holes every minute of his free time and bla-bla-bla. Also Ritzy offered me some funny bets and I decided to defeat him again! This time he was even easire to defeat! Undressed me and became stunned by my perfect ass! That was so funny! Stunned for like half of our game! Of course I used this moment and gave him some footjobs, A LOT OF FOOTJOBS!! And wow Ritzy even decided to fight back, managed to put a plug inside my ass! But then he made one huge mistake... He decided to fuck my mouth and while he was too busy with my throat I took a vibrator toy, bit his cock, grabbed it and pressed vibrator against his pulsating thick dick! Ehehe ofc he came! He literally came twice in a row and was unable to resist! And what happened once he was defeated again? Yup! I made his mouth work again! Worsed to lick and worship my feet again! Even became my footslave for 14 days, now I completely control his mouth so we won't hear his filthy ideas again. 🥰

(3 of november 2022) Another overconfident fake dom boy appeared messaging me how "strong" he is. Ritzy had so many plans on me but couldn't defeat his own cock first... This silly puppy started our match from stealing my pants and teasing my pussy right through my pussy. Then he decided to steal my panties as well but uh oh, I made him sniff them. This boy managed to survive sniffing my panties but right in a few seconds Ritzy was hypnotized by my ass! Ehehe~ But yeah, his mind was strong and soon I felt how hard my ass was spanked... Time to use my secret weapon I thought. I threw off my heels revealing my bare feet and at this point I understood everything! Ritzy's dream was to serve me and my precious feet! How did I understand this? Because he immediately started massaging my feet unable to look away from them. Poor puppy tried to resist but I lock his dick between my feet! While Ritzy was too busy I tied his arms to make sure he won't escape. And guess what? He came!!! Silly boy Ritzy came!! Looks like his plans are over now. He tried to act rough, very rough, but I was much stronger. Everything ended with a deadly thighjob! Once Ritzy came, he admited who is his Queen (I am). Before I let him go, Ritzy was ordered to lick and worship my feet, just to make him remember who is his Queen forever.


(25 of october 2022) Little bitch Leona dared to call me a whore and mock me for my Compound 14 past! She wanted to make me submit and serve her... And then this bitch decided to challenge me! Haha! I had a 6 matches loss streak right before facing Leona. Excellent chance to start my win streak. Looks like she had some kind of strategy because every freaking turn Leona was using her stupid ropes to tie me up! Bind, spank my ass-> repeat... Finally at some point I managed to stop Leona and bound her instead! I put a clothespin on her clit, collared her and... buttplugged! This tiny buttplug helped me when I pulled her over my lap and began to spank her ass. She came immediately! Ehehe~ But then she escaped... Escaped and... tied me again!!! This time with a small vibrator on my pussy. Ofc I came... After a few minutes I managed to escape again but Leona already started to fuck me with her strapon. I stopped her, took her strapon and fucked her anal with her own strapon roughly! She came so damn hard! Ehehe Little bitch Leona came and lost. As a small lesson I tied her exhausted body and invited some good boys... looks like they fucked her really well! She definitely won't call me "whore" again.

Dante danger

(3 of october 2022) This person is the most confident player I've ever played with! Damn just take a look at one example of messages he sent to me : "This is just how masters talk to their little bratty pets. They let them know how you’re just going to be a bimbo fucktoy used and used over and over slutty girl. Completely BREAKING your tight ass on this cock 😈. Collaring you….shoving a nice little vibe inside and locking your pussy up with a chastity belt…. That way you’re ready for fresh use the next time pet~ 😘. Oh and I’m going to do it all in front of your friends~". That is too much! gross and terrible... I wanted to beat Dante so much! I wanted to humiliate him! I wanted to make him learn his place! Make him pay for all his dirty words! He started the game rough, pinching my beautiful nipples with nipple clamps and forcing me to undress. Unfortunately for Dante, my feet also became bare. I started to tease him with my feet and this silly boy started to slowly lose his mind! Ehehe I found his weakness! ^_^ Seems Dante became mad after such actions by me... Future loser decided to punish me, he slapped my face with his cock many times, rubbed his dick on my pretty face many times as well... Didn't help him at all! And~ ehehe~ I made him a footjob, then teased with thighs and poor Dante came! Came so much! Aww I liked how much he came! And of course like all silly boys he tried to fuck my ass! My poor inexperienced ass... Luckily it didn't help Dante at all! After a small break I decided to keep teasing him and making Dante worship me feet! He came again and boom! Another silly boy defeated! As Dante was defeated I took him as my foot slave for a few weeks! And some more small punishments:
➛Changed his nickname from "Dante" to "Dante danger (Alices foot slave)"
➛Also a new pfp for this boy here


(3 of september 2022) Funny rookie Kinkster PMed me and asked about a match with high stakes! The thing is that the loser will become winner's slave for a whole month!!! Yeah... I know... kinda cruel! But I came here fo have fun and humiliate weak dommes! And when our fight started Kinkster offered me to shake hands but when I accepted to shake hands this pervert ripped off my beautiful panties!!!😡 Oh how mad was I! At this point I decied to simply destroy this such a rude newbie. I was teasing him again and again but Kinkster somehow managed to bind my hands and put a collar on my neck! Freaking collar on my pretty neck!!! Finally I managed to escape and hypnotize his horny mind. Aww rookie fighter was such a good boy! I even believed that Kinkster would behave so forever and I decided to stop hypnotizing him. But sadly I wasn't right and felt disappointed as soon as he made me cum so good!! The thing is that I came to win, not to cum. 🤬 He didn't give me a single chance, I had to destroy this boy and humiliate him so that he would remember it. And yeah! I quickly hypnotized Kinkster's mind again and made his dick erupt! Erupt twice! Oh everyone saw this newbie's helpless and exhausted body mhmh~ Decided to reward Kinkster with a nice pink collar! So as we had bets and he lost... Kinkster became my feet masseur! Yup! His job for a whole month is to massage my feet and make me relax! Ehehe 🥰
➛Changed his nickname from "Kinkster" to "Kinkster, Alice's Feet Masseur"
➛Changed pfp to the new one!


(23 of august 2022) I was chatting with Mistic and at some point he said that we are quite the same at terms of fighting and breaking different girls and boys here. Well... sounds fair enough I said and then I was offered to fight him and decide who is stronger. Ehehe Mistic is a former 3 times wrestling champion... I thought he is strong! We made our match more risky by adding name changing bets. And... our game started when overconfident fighter hit me right in my beautiful face!!! That is so rude!! 😡 I acted aggressively and kicked his ass out of the ring! How strong I am ehehe 🥰 Some more hits, kicks, catching each other and boom! We both were undressed! Mistic started naked part by crawling under me and licking my pussy mhmh~ not so rude! Looks like I almost broke him! I even let Mistic lick my feet! or maybe forced to do it... who knows... Anyway he was trying to fight back! He was fucking, rubbing and licking me!! But nothing helped him! Especially when I found my strapon toy and used it to fuck his hole instead... Silly boy was so damn horny... his cock was pulsating so much and I decided to use my chance. I took his cock inside my mouth and made a deadly blowjob mhmm~ Confident boy came so much and couldn't fight back anymore. Yup I won!
➛As a reward his nickname was changed from "Mistic" to "Mistic Alice's Bastard" 🥰

Notable losses


(8 of february 2023) Okay okay he convinced me to play a revenge match soon after the first game! I was promised to be set free if I win and if I lose... ehehm... let's not talk about this so far. His best idea was to greet me reminding whose collar I'm forced to wear... Well knowing how much he is addicted to my butt I just had to cover it with oil and tease Greg's mind. And what did this pervert do? Just took his sit and enjoyed the show? Oh no! He dared to put his dirty cock between my ass cheeks!! I... just pretended I felt nothing but very soon some metal stripes touched my skin... THIS FILTHY GREG PUT A CHASTITY BELT ON MEEEE!!!! NOOO!!! And it... it had a damn hole to keep my anal in dagner for all the time! He locked my pussy but my ass was still free. Soon after it I finally made my mas... Greg cum! Sadly soon after this move he completely had me. His mind is just so obsesses with my anal. I even think Greg appeared just to train my back hole with his thick cock again and again all the time being here. Such training sessions even started to give first results. I mean... He stuffed my ass with his dick and some kind of a phallic dildo at the same time stretching me so fucking wide! Guess what? My butt just ate everything, ohm. Even no cumming or squirting, no any orgasm happened. That is so sad to feel... Noticed how close I was Greg just added a vibe toy to my metal chastity and made me squirt... with his fat kinda big dick. Unfair!!! Defeat him someone please! Defeat and turn into a puppy! Put a chastity cage on him! Do whatever you want just humiliate this filthy "anal lover"!

(7 of february 2023) A rookie Greg with a "Master" title, funny! Only real weaklings call themselves like "Master" or "Mistress", right? I thought so too! He even called me sexy at the beginning of our match, like he doesn't care about who wins since it is amazing to play with me... and Greg distracted me by saying this... Now I got it. This stupid boy really used such moment! He tied me up when I wasn't expecting it! And what is more... He refused to untie me! Just laughed!!! Also it was just the beginning... While I was complaining about how he dared to tie me up he simply ripped apart my dress and my precious panties!!! Just think about it. He didn't even apologize!! And after all Greg is a bad boy, a very bad boy! What did he do when I finally escaped from the ropes he tied me with? Right! Lifted up my right leg and started to fuck my pussy. Without my permission!! I wanted to fuck his ass, not get fucked by myself!! But despite everything I managed to recover! I even made his ass taste my strappy toy. But soon Greg did something bad... He reached my anal hole... me precious tight sensitive anal hole... I lost control and squirted right when I accidentally made an ahegao face. For a few moments I was moaning and squirting sitting on Greg's thick 8 inches cock... What a shame... Anyway Alice is Alice! I quickly regain control and made him cum using my toes! Haha! Pathetic Greg cummed on my pretty feet! Sadly audience was full of horny men. These dumb idiots adviced Greg to fuck my anal till I lose my mind!!! And it really happened!!! I begged him to stop as my anal hurt so much. I couldn't take it... too thick... to rough... too deep and too huge... And he really stopped. Stopped and ordered me to take a "face down ass up" pose. As a good girl I submitted and soon my butt was waiting for Greg's cock. I remained still till he made my pussy squirt again, with no any thought to fight back. Once defeated I found a collar on my neck and Greg in front of me saying "Take your dildo and train the tight anal hole of yours for your master". Well... I didn't want to make him angry so... Now I'm busy with training my cute anal for Greg.
➛Captured by Greg and became his pet


(21 of january 2023) With the idea to free my friend Karina from Mistress Chantal I had a small conversation with my ex-pet and received one task - bring to her collared and captured latina Felicia. Sounded like an easy task for me to do. Unfortunately turned into an impossible mission as latina's ass was too stretched to make her cum... I even think that this bitch can "eat" whole small house with her wide anal! But about the match we had. We both undressed each other and at some point Felicia thought she is not "like you all" and tried to put back her thong. Quite funny as I used the same thong to shut her mouth up. While having fun with ropes tricky latina even managed to put some kind of a collar on my beautiful neck. But expect the collar everything was going fine until her tongue... her fucking tongue again! Oh god I need someone to do something with her tongue as she really knows how to use this thing. Yeah... my pussy came from her latina's tongue again. I fucked her anal so many times and nothing! Fucked her anal with many toys, manyt times, again and again and still nothing. But once Felicia's tongue comes inside my vagina I cum... I cum and can't resist it. I did my best and still got defeated. Defeated not by Felicia, defeated by her stupid tongue! How much I hate this thing!!! In order to humiliate me this latina turned Alice into a... kitty again... what a surprise...
➛As additional humiliation she allowed the audience to vote for a new pfp for kitty Alice and this pfp won in such "election".

(5 of november 2022) Felicia is just a hot latina girl with nice curves. Undefeated latina girl! Actually I thought I'm the chosen one and she would taste her first defeat after having some good time with me. We quickly undressed each other and so many visitors came to take a look at our catfight. Somewhy she decided to cover her whole wonderful body, holes,breasts with baby oil... Then we had a small session of fingerfucking each other and she was moaning much louder, trust me! After Felicia lost fingerfucking session she managed to find a strapon somewhere but I quickly took this toy to fuck her pussy instead! So far so good I thought right before I felt how this latina's tongue fucks my pussy. I don't know where did she learn to tonguefuck like that but my body quickly gave in to pleasure and came for the first time. But I never surrender! And Felicia was such a bad girl! I pulled her over my lap and spanked till she came too! Now we were equal. She tried to do the same but luckily mine butt isn't so curvy and I easily survived her soft spanks. A great idea came into my mind - time to use my secret weapon! My pretty feet ofc ehehehe~ And boom! Hot latina got hit by my feet! She finally submitted! The whole audience gave Felicia her new title - Felicia the footslut! But wait... why did she stepped on my face? And her tongue is inside my pussy again? Oh noooo!!! She made me squirt all over her face with her skillful tongue again!!! And to make sure I'll remember this Felicia forced me to suck her toe during my squirting time. Feeling the pleasure of orgasm and her toe inside my mouth at the same time... And I'll remember this...


(22 of december 2022) And right when my life as a captured pet ended this fake domme Mistress Chantal approached me. To prove that she is about domming Chantal bound my arms, legs and put a ball gag right in my mouth, tried to shut Alice up... such a bad idea. That actually worked! Fortunately my sharp nails were ready to tear the ropes apart and that exactly what happened once I felt the fresh air with my butt, Chantal undressed me. Once free again I tried to impress her with my big strapon but... she just shocked me and the whole audience with her huge 8 inches thing! 0_0 In a few moments I found out that Chantal loves when her face being used as a chair so she just submissively licked my pussy! Our visitors even started to call me a Mistress after such move! To surprise the audience again Chantal managed to hypnotize me and licked my pussy till I squirted all over her face. Quite unexpected from the "Mistress" tbh. To pay her back I made Chantal ride my strapon for a few minutes and then, once her brain was about to melt she found herself squirting in scissoring position! This feeling of her warm juices flowing down my legs. And to end this slutty "Mistress" I decided to claim her ass. But damn Chantal knows how to surprise everyone. She managed to turn up the tables and ended me instead with her 8 inches strapon + vibrator tactics. Ohm t-this story can't end like this... I'll take my revenge! This fake Mistress must admit what a naughty slut she is!


(3 of december 2022) And Mark keeps to lose his honor! He visited one of my public games and was huniliated by audience girl's feet! That is how he acquired his new new title - Mark the footslut. At the same time I was on top, just caught new pets, won some crazy bets, sooo confident and so strong. Mark craved to me and begged me to help him with his footslave world tour and I couldn't refuse, always ready to humiliate naughty boys with my pretty feet! As I got it later, he probably used this trick to fool me... I came to Mark without suspecting anything. We even had some small conversation about each other's latest achievements, he was so nice and everything... Mark took this opportunity and quickly undressed me but I thought that was some kind of a joke and nothing bad will happen. Naked Alice joked back and undressed him too ehehe! Then he got some yummy cream and poured a rod with it, some kind of rod, I came to lick it and... his dick appeared out of this cream!!! That wasn't funny at all!! He also used my moment of weakness and some collar with a padlock appeared on my beautiful neck! Just an incentive Mark said!! INCENTIVE!!! I decided to pay back via the same humiliative way! Oh I took his ass and my fingers easily went inside boy's butt! And I really don't remember what happened then... But seems a few hours passed, I found myself bounded with a metal bar on my legs and kneeling in front of Mark, stroking his thick cock Mark and in a few seconds he shot his semen filling my mouth. Somewhy I obediently widely opened my mouth, allowing him to turn my throat into his cum storage, but I swallowed all his warm milk and it was... delicious... so much and so tasty... each drop inside me... Did he really break me? I... don't know... But what could happen... I asked the audience and they told me the whole story, very humiliating story :c According to their words Mark pushed his wonderful huge cock inside my anal while I was too busy with fingering his ass, right after I felt the top of his dick inside my anal Alice's mind turned blank and I was only moaning enjoying every moment of my anal torture. They told me really everything, I don't know should I believe them but the audience described each pose Mark fucked my in pretty well. Even when I was crawling on all fours to get his dick in my mouth back! 0_0 Also I can't believe this but... he wrote "property of daddy Mark" on my chest!! And I can't clean it off!! Also my poor ass... it hurts again! He stretched my anal so wide! And the thing that completely ended me... there was a whole puddle of my squirt juices underneath me and this stupid collar on my neck!!! Grrr I need to do something!!!
➛As a "reward" Mark gave me a rule, new pfp and a new nickname.

(7 of november 2022) This time he approached me as a humiliated and broken sissy... sissy Markette and a plenty of her new rules hahahaha. And as always Markette started our game from undressing my bottom, but this time I wasn't scared at all because I was playing against a pathetic sissy boy. So I did the same to him and used sissy's face as my chair! Unfortunately he used this opportunity and put a clothespin on my clit. He definitaly had some kind of a plan because while I was busy with getting rid of this clothespin Markette used his chance and brainwashed me and my mind. Once he touched my precious ass my mind came back to normal and sissy was forced to sniff my panties! Unfortunately this time he resisted them and tried to finger my ass again! Feeling like Mark is about to take the lead I tied him up and fingerfucked him for like 10 minutes straight! Once Markette was free again his decision was to penetrate my ass again and again... 20 minutes... all kinds of poses and even my feet didn't stop him... I don't know how it happened but his huge thick cock still was awesome and made me squirt losing my mind. I tried to make Mark clean all my juices with 69 pose but instead my mouth was roughly fucked... I used my last chance and jumped on his big italian dick by myself. And no! I'm not a slut! The plan was to drain his cock with my anal hole and I succeed! His cock erupted inside my ass. Trying to keep my dominance streak I decided to inspect his anal but such move made him very angry... Mark grabbed my arms behind me and roughly fucked my ass on all fours... In a such helpless position I came again facing the most humiliating my defeat so far. This win helped him to clean all curses and sissy Markette turned into Mark again, back to dominating, breaking and humiliating girls on EF.

(13 of october 2022) Again this guy! I needed to beat him at least once! Needed it so much... And once my ass recovered I challenged Mark again! He started our game so rough... tearing apart all of my expensive precious clothes!!! I did the same and even maneged to bound Mark revealing his helpless anal hole. When I put on my latex gloves and was about to inspect his anal like a bad doctor he broke free and tied me up instead. Also he added a vibrator toy to my clit making my pussy wet, as his arms were free he decided to finger my ass. Ohm vibing toy on my clit and his fingers inside my helpless anal... I couldn't take it and my mind gave into pleasure making me cum mhmh~ Recovered after orgasm bliss I managed to find Mark's small weakness! Somewhy he loves feet, he definitely needs to be enslaved as a foot licking slave! And I definitely will use this weakness in the future! I thought he is about to become a submissive foot licking slave and will surrender soon , that is why I inadvertently gave him the opportunity to fuck my leaking dripping pussy. Thinking how Mark going to be my future slave I became horny as never and lost control over my mind! I came again, came a lot, came twice while he came 0 times... As I was so exhausted after our match, my body wasn't able to struggle at all. Mark took this opportunity to put me in some kind of cage and lock me inside!! Also he knew I was thirsty so... he gave me a bowl with his cum and ordered to drink his sticky semen... Gosh, how humiliating for me to end like this...

(9 of october 2022) All these four days I was dreaming about revenging and finally defeating Mark to regain my honor! When we finally met he immediately tried to shut my cute mouth up... Awful choice! I decided to teach him how to make someone completely silent! So I gagged Mark's filthy mouth with my panties! I was so focused on not letting him say anything, that is why I forgot that these panties were on me and I gagging his mouth I made myself naked, revealing all my holes... This stupid boy took his opportunity and began to tease my pussy!!! Then Mark tried his new tactic - slap my face with his thick cock making me peg his ass with a strapon toy! Ehehe~ And everything was fine , but at some point he found ropes and tied me up... As I was unable to escape, unable to hide my holes, Mark started to fuck my poor anal hole, making me feel so much pain... Again and again he used my anal just to please himself and to make me suffer. Come on! My tight ass simply couldn't handle Mark's thick cock. I tried to escape and free myself but pain and somewhy pleasure overwhelmed me, my mind. Being fucked wildly for like an hour, I finally squirted a few times, squirted all over the floor, probably someone even might drown in all my squirt juices... After all this I just begged him to stop... After Mark finally stopped fucking my ass, this boy decided to fill my socks and shoes with his cum!!! Can you believe it?! I had to go home squishing my boots filled with his sticky warm cum and this awful smell!!!!! Hopefully I had a foot licking slave Dante to clean my shoes... And I promise... next time I will defeat this dirty Mark! I must!!!! Just need to wait till my ass will be recovered...

(5 of october 2022) While walking around EF I saw a very interesting show - public humiliation of Mark! This boy was fucked, defeated and encaged right in front of the audience! We all laughed so hard because Mark was completely helpless! Since I started my collection of pets and slave and since I saw how weak Mark is a huge desire to tame him and make my slave appeared. In order to do that I helped him to escape from his cage and previous owner and immediately challenged him. The start was so great for me! I tied Mark up, made him wear a fluffy tail buttpluf and even managed to put a collar on his neck! I was completely sure he already lost... that is why I decided to play with him a bit more... I wanted to humiliate him as much as it only possible! Just imagine. Mark used to wear a fluffy tail and a collar at the same time! Just like a real pet boy! Unfortunately it made me lose control and focus. Mark managed to break free and started to humiliate me instead!!! He was slapping my cute face with his cock many times, spitting on me... And that was just the beginning. Seems Mark was very mad at me. He roughly fucked my mouth and throat. Only when I lost all my stamina he forced me to stay down revealing all my holes and this pervert began to ravish me! I came twice and my brain was melted after such hard orgasms... I even forgot what was happening after but in the morning I found myself lying on the floor with some kind of paper bag on my head and some strange text on my chest... I'm sure I must visit him again and take my revenge!


(20 of november 2022) This one was following me around all my public games and she always rooted against me! Eventually my patience ran out and I challenged her for a fight, this fake domme girl as I thought. Witch Klaudia quickly burned all of my clothes and since the very beginning of our game I was completely naked... Then Klaudia's idea was to tease me with her feet but nah, that won't work with me. A few hours of teasing each other, fingerfucking sessions and she used her magic again! Teleported and trapped me into standint scissoring!! I even got through this but then she found a strapon, probably her magic again but she fucked me and my pussy till I came, came like a good girl when I ordered to... But this was not over yet! I rewarder her with an egg vibrator, put it inside her panties and perfect vibrations made her cum as well, it was 1-1. But Klaudia is a witch after all. She called her mister Tentaclaus which quickly found a way how to get inside me - through my ass of course... Well trained and strong I survived her Tentaclaus and when I tried to get some rest Klaudia summoned her harem girls to finally make me squirt. They grabbed me, locked my hands, legs, and when I appeared in a such helpless position they began to tease my pussy, anal, nipples. And I surrender, obeyed and squirted. This filthy witch Klaudia defeated and humiliated me in front of the audience. What a shame this was... After all happened she added me to her harem girls collection and gave me to the all of our horny visitors...

Blank Slate

(15 of august 2022) I used to have quite provocative status: "More and more blank girls here. But I'm not one of them and I will make you cum for me". Well well... looks like the owner of all these blank girls liked my status so Blank Slate decided to try his luck against me! It was monday evening he offered me his special Blank challenge. You can read all the details in Blank's profile but I think it was quite a big mistake to accept it being already so horny... But what's done is done! Our fight started with mutual teasing... his athletic body and my pretty long legs... I was taunting and brainwashing this Slate and everything was good ut at some point he started to tease me with his dick :0 I thought that it would not have any effect on me, but how wrong I was. Soon I found myself crawling and begging for Daddy's cock. Probably he used some hypno moves on me but I loved to suck his wonderful cock... his huge balls... sucking...licking... throating mhmmm~🥰 And Blank Slate rewarded me! He fucked my weakest point... my tight ass awww I was moaning so damn loud 😍 I didn't notice how I was broken and how my mind gone completely blank but who cares now! 💞 nghhh~ I came a few times sitting on my Daddy's gorgeous dick, squirted all over the floow and his chest awwhh~ After all I was so exhausted! 🥵 Mister Blank Slate. He offered me to accept my fate and become his another blank girl and I did! I screamed how blank and happy I am!! Don't need to care about anything from now! Just serve... serve like all good blank girls do!🥰😍 I advise all girls here come to Daddy and become completely blank! 💞
➛Cured this blankiness on the 22 of august ohm... but I still have one trigger inside my head that might make me blank and submissive again~


(2 of august 2022) I received a message from Natasha. She said she likes my profile and pfp but also mentioned that I am a kitty... BUT I'M NOT A KITTY!!! STOP CALLING ME LIKE THIS!! I hate the day when I lost and was ordered to add "Little kitty" to my nickname. And it was obvious that I challenged her. Everything was fine and I was doing great. This girl was tied a couple of times and I was acting very good! But at some point she took her strapon and oh gosh... I didn't expect she would be so skillfull with this wonderful toy. I was bent over and forced to meow while being fucked till total bliss. Surely I was trying to fight back but her strapon was too powerful for me. After I came second time I completely lost my mind... such a pleasure... While my body still was shaking she roughly bent me over a huge glass table and placed my feet apart. After a few touches, she quickly entered my pussy with her beautiful strapon lubed with her saliva pinning me and whole my body down to the table. I've tried to escape but pleasures overwhelmed me. She was fucking me so aggressively so roughly with no mercy. All I could do while being treated in a such way is..simply meow and purr. At the end she decided to completely destroy me by touching me clit without taking off her strapon. I came... I came so hard... right on her hand, on her strapon and on such a wonderful glass table... But Natasha is a kind person... maybe even a real goddess after all. She allowed me to go back home. All my muscles are lost... I couldn't control them... I couldn't simply stand on my legs after all orgasms I had to face. She ordered me to be a "little kitty" for a week more and I agreed. I will never forget her and her incredible strapon.


(22 of june 2022) I saw one very interesting person here. And this person was BiancaTS. She has a great collection of defeated opponents. She defeated them for several times, brainwashed and now they all are her cumdumps. I thought they all were too weak so I challenged her. After a furious battle I've cummed twice and while I was shaking from orgasms, unable to move she put a strange collar with the text "cumdump" on it. Then she made me to admit that now I'm her cumdump... I still hope to break free one day...
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(15 of june 2022) I've challenged Frikka on compound match. I was so sure that I could win so I made the biggest bet of my life. And actually I was close to winning but... I I accidentally orgasmed and lost my freedom for 4 straight months. She put a collar on my neck and from now I'm a Compound 14 slave...
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Seeing her exhausted helpless body, her already collared neck you decide that it is time to act. Finding lipstick in her purse, you grab her by the throat, preventing her from leaving and put a humiliating text right on her naked and tired body. Now everyone can clearly see who owns her hole. Daddy marks his property You turn on a pre-prepared video recording and start to hypnotize her... She quickly loses control of herself and you understand that she will be a good bimbo doll... Bimbofication hypno training Reveal nipple-clamps You put her down on her back, sticking your cock right inside her asshole. You start to fuck her in the missionary position but add a little extra: Picking up the pace and grabbing her by hair, you control what she can see!  You make her watch as you brutally ravage her tight pucker with your hard cock! Hair pulling anal missionary Suddenly you take a fluffy plug out of your ass and insert it with all the juices and lube right into your mouth in front of your partner. They seem to be very attracted by such show. Taste your tail Your arms and latex were so good that your opponent barely can... Wow! He is cumming! Yes! Finally! Latex gloves are too good! It seems that she is not embarrassed at all by the presence of a huge amount of warm sperm in her anus. She does nothing to dump this sticky liquid out and just rests. At the same time you recovered and got some rest too, it's time to act again! In a moment you push your hungry cock inside your opponent's ass again using the rest of the sperm as lube. Cum is the best lube It seems your cum will not stay in her ass for long. She takes a comfortable position and tenses the muscles of her anal hole. After a few moments, you can clearly see how the sticky sperm gradually leaves her anus. Let her dump all the cum out You grab her breasts and alternately attach nipple clamps to each nipple on her breasts. Now her nipples are pinched and she becomes more sensitive. Pinch her nipples with nipple clamps You see her completely naked ass and her shiny buttplug right inside it. It would a shame not to spank her and that is what you are doing right! Spank! Spank! It must hurt a bit but you see how her ass squeezes the plug and you got it - no reason to stop! Spank her plugged ass

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