Alice (Level 15) mail warning

More and more girls becoming blank after some slate but I'm not one of them.You all will cum for me!


As I lost to the great BiancaTS now I'm Bianca's cumdump. But I still can escape and I will try to revenge her!

Languages: (rus)/(eng)

I love dominant men and I always trying to make them cum for me and surrender.
That means I love playing for dominance and destroying overconfident people here ^^
Dirty talkings and all these humiliating, degrading rough actions make me horny btw...
Prefer to play classic (these wrestling modes looks interesting too though) and won't play interactive, femdom as a dom
I always open to bets(bio, name, pfp, rules) and bondage,hypno rules
Quite inexpereinced yet here but I am always ready to learns something new! So you can try to teach me.
And yeah... I prefer mid-light RP so don't blame me for this :3


Around my neck I have the C-collar: I will wear this collar until my superior Frikka takes it off. I'm now a slave of Compound 14

◼️The Jekyll and Hide protocol
Formerly proud and confident, I was exposed to the compounds mental reprograming procedure. Just after some hours of constant pleasure close to the brink of going crazy, my mind started to accept the subliminal messages and my own personality slipped down into my bliss flooded subconciousness.
Following rule is valid until one of the Compounds supervisors frees me from it or my sentence ends:

At every game on an even date I have to throw a coin at the beginning and inform my opponent about all details. At "heads" I stay in control and may act normaly but after the second passed coin throw I have to throw twice.
With "tails" the reconditioning takes over.
I have to undress immediately and i have to beg my opponent to throw 1D6. That is the count I will edge for every own cum test.
This match has to end with an irl- orgasm. My opponents OR mine, with my opponent choosing.
If i misbehave or cum before my opponent tells me to, she/he is invited to inform the compound which will result in punishment.

◼️The punishment counter (1/8)
Every time a complaint is filed at the compound, my counter rises by one digit.
I have to update the counter as soon as possible in my bio whenever it changes.
The higher my counter is, the rougher my punishment will be.

◼️I was cheeky before so I have to follow this rule:
As soon as i am collared in game, 1 edge adds up to any edge I have to deliver.
I may beg my opponent not to collar me.

◼️Edging and edging:
After my lose to Vincent I got this strange desire to edge... now I must edge every 20 turns. The rule is active untill I will defeat Vincent

✔️Playful mouth
Each time someone feed me with their cock/pussy I must throw a dice. Everything except 5/6 make me skip my turn (5/5 wins)

✔️Extremely wet:
I will cum on the first cum test for next 3 matches (3/3)

✔️Black cell tribute:
I have to deliver 2 edges daily in addition to any other i may earn over the day. Of course I have to ask my compound supervisors for orgasms. Unsanctioned orgasms have to be ruined.

✔️Bimbo thoughts:
I must roll a 6 in order to be freed from hypno or bondage for 10 games (10/10)


(2 of august 2022) (nickname) "Alice (little kitty)" stays for 7 days more! - Natasha
(30 of july 2022) (nickname) "Alice" -> "Alice (little kitty)" for 3 days. - Sweet Evil

Notable losses

(11 of august 2022) I met a strange person while being here. He said I will join his little secret "army" and offered me to fight. I won our first so easily and this Adam boy was so angry haha! He was so sad after cumming so damn hard! And he immediately demanded to fight me again... Well why not? First game was very easy! I thought second one will be even easier! During our second game mister was using my tight anal soooo often~ I cummed so much while my mind was hypnotized... eww... so hard... Nevermind it was 1-1 and we had third game to decide who will own and who will be owned! I was doing very good his cock was pulsating and even cummed! B-but then aww... my ass hurt so much after previous one... Adam realized that this is my weak point and started to penetrate my anal so hard~ mhmmm~ "Such a buttslut" he said to me... nnnghh~ I lost control over my mind and cummed~ again and again~ My pretty ass simply couldn't handle it... I lost mhhmmm~ my ass lost it... Adam claimed me as his slave, reprogrammed my mind a bit...I live inside his mansion wearing a vibro buttplug inside my ass forever and a chastity belt to keep me from removing it moans. Now when I hear a special trigger phrase I have to follow these rules:
1. whenever anal played agaisnt me I must skip my turn <3
2. whenever hypno played against me I will skip 2 in a row (no dice rolling needed)
3. whenever someone spanks me I'm ordered to beg for more and then skip my turn

(10 of august 2022) This pathetic Horny Gym Stud challenged me again. I always wanted to finally win him and I accepted his invitation. We made interesting bet - loser gets a rule and the winner chooses gif which will be added to loser's profile. I had some interesting idea with Stud and I was winning at the start but then all these "tie her up" and "brainwash" happened... I simply couldn't handle it all... my mind was melted and I had some very intensive orgasms... He cummed on my face and body several times and after I was completely covered with his warm sticky semen he said "Now you are daddy's cumslut". All I could do is to clean myself from his cum... swallowing more and more... At least no one punishment from Compound this time. 0 Complaints on me from this Stud

(2 of august 2022)
I received a message from Natasha. She said she likes my profile and pfp but also mentioned that I am a kitty... BUT I'M NOT A KITTY!!! STOP CALLING ME LIKE THIS!! I hate the day when I lost and was ordered to add "Little kitty" to my nickname. And it was obvious that I challenged her. Everything was fine and I was doing great. This girl was tied a couple of times and I was acting very good! But at some point she took her strapon and oh gosh... I didn't expect she would be so skillfull with this wonderful toy. I was bent over and forced to meow while being fucked till total bliss. Surely I was trying to fight back but her strapon was too powerful for me. After I came second time I completely lost my mind... such a pleasure... While my body still was shaking she roughly bent me over a huge glass table and placed my feet apart. After a few touches, she quickly entered my pussy with her beautiful strapon lubed with her saliva pinning me and whole my body down to the table. I've tried to escape but pleasures overwhelmed me. She was fucking me so aggressively so roughly with no mercy. All I could do while being treated in a such way is..simply meow and purr. At the end she decided to completely destroy me by touching me clit without taking off her strapon. I came... I came so hard... right on her hand, on her strapon and on such a wonderful glass table... But Natasha is a kind person... maybe even a real goddess after all. She allowed me to go back home. All my muscles are lost... I couldn't control them... I couldn't simply stand on my legs after all orgasms I had to face. She ordered me to be a "little kitty" for a week more and I agreed. I will never forget her and her incredible strapon.

(30 of july 2022)
One miss Sweet Evil wrote to me and immediately offered to surrender to her. I don’t know what she was hoping for, but I couldn’t stand such impudence!! She started our fight by immediately flying into my face with her ass! 😡 The whole fight she tried to make me undress, but in the end she turned out naked, hee hee, I took advantage of this and played with her pussy really well😋. But at some point I lost control and... somewhere she found a strap-on and fucked me to orgasm... But I didn't give up so easily, so she also came a couple of times! In the end she was more enduring... she made me cum with her skillful fingers and... I simply couldn't resist anymore, it was too much for me and my wet pussy. But the Evil turned out to be not so evil, she did not humiliate me and just added "Little kitty" to my nickname for 3 days.
Одна мисс Сладкое Зло написала мне и сразу предложила сдаться ей. Не знаю на что она надеялась, но я не могла стерпеть такой наглости!! Она начала бой с того, что сразу же влетела в моё лицо своей задницей! 😡 Весь бой она пыталась заставить меня раздеться, но в итоге оказалась голой сама, хи-хи, я этим воспользовалась и вдоволь поигралась с её киской😋. Но в какой-то момент я потеряла контроль и... где-то она нашла страпон и оттрахала меня до оргазма... Но я просто так не сдаюсь, поэтому она тоже кончила парочку раз! В итоге она оказалась более выносливой... она заставила меня кончить своими умелыми пальчиками и... я не могла больше сопротивляться, это было слишком для меня и моей мокрой киски. Но зло оказалось не таким уж и злым, она не стала унижать меня и просто добавила "Little kitty" в мой никнейм на 3 дня.

🤬(28 of july 2022) This fucking Gym Stud invited me for a fight and said I'm a slut. Ofc I couldn't help but punish him for it. I was doing quite good but this Compound curse happened and I got completely naked. Anyway I still tried to win. I've made him cum once and almost made him cum second time! But he was licking and fucking my pussy till it became completely wet as a real sea and then... I came... A squirted in front of everyone. He was so damn lucky... I hope to see him defeated and begging for mercy someday. And this bastard even made a complaint to Compound !!! Grrr! I need someone to destroy this guy.

(22 of june 2022) I saw one very interesting person here. And this person was BiancaTS. She has a great collection of defeated opponents. She defeated them for several times, brainwashed and now they all are her cumdumps. I thought they all were too weak so I challenged her. After a furious battle I've cummed twice and while I was shaking from orgasms, unable to move she put a strange collar with the text "cumdump" on it. Then she made me to admit that now I'm her cumdump... I still hope to break free one day...
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(15 of june 2022) I've challenged Frikka on compound match. I was so sure that I could win so I made the biggest bet of my life. And actually I was close to winning but... I I accidentally orgasmed and lost my freedom for 4 straight months. She put a collar on my neck and from now I'm a Compound 14 slave...
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(15 of june 2022) I was challenged by Steve. He was saying that he will submit me but I only laughed from his words. We met in a fight and he flawlessy made me cum for several times in a row. After that he fucked me so hard that I even passed out. He tooked me to his place where the winner was penetrating my holes for the hole night, forcing me to cum over and over... I had such a great night that I even forgot about our previous fight...
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Cute people who were too confident :(

(11 of august 2022) "Queen of simps", "Pretty Belle" that is all about her. Looks like our Belle Delphine was quite angry after I said how slutty she is... But Belle was humiliated in front of everyone and that is why I called her like that... She was so mad at me and even asked me for a fight to prove that "you are a real slut". Well... I agreed to see Queen of simps defeated again! And you know... that was the easiest game I've ever had here! She was tied up the WHOLE game! Even tried to struggle at the start but then... a few hypno trainings helped to make her obedient! Belle was meowing, licking my feet, doing me a massage! But at some point the pleasure overwhelmed her... Our pretty queen came... came twice... And I was wrong! Belle Delphine isn't a slut. She is a Slutty rope bunny Belle Delphine! I left Queen tied up and completely helpless as she wished to ^_^

😘(15 of july 2022) Mac said he will easily break me and I will become his pet. How wrong this doggy was! He tried to make me cum, used his stuped ropes but nothing helped him! He wanted me to become his pet... I know his secret desire was to become my pet! Then I gave him some cool things and a cool outfit! Hehe, look how sweet my new doggy is ^^ You can even pm him and remind him what a good doggy he is >.<
➛As an addition he got a new pfp you can see below and a new rule from me ^^

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😊(10 of july 2022) Max sent a message where he called me a "fucktoy". How confident and rude! I was happy to beat this boy! Frankly speaking at some point he was close to a winning but then... Then he lost! Muahaha! I gave him everything he needs now: a collar, leash, cage, dog food and of course his puppy mask!

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You see her completely naked ass and her shiny buttplug right inside it. It would a shame not to spank her and that is what you are doing right! Spank! Spank! It must hurt a bit but you see how her ass squeezes the plug and you got it - no reason to stop! Spank her plugged ass Aww yeah! I can feel you warm semen on my skin! My pantyhose will now smell... Anyway. I have a question for you! What made you cum: my feet or my pantyhose? Hehe~ Pantyhose footjob was too much. Knowing how much he wants to cum, you wrap your beautiful feet around his cock and start doing a footjob, making him feel the pleasure power of pantyhose. Try pantyhose footjob Idea of having a good puppy boy attracts you. Having taken out a beautiful fluffy tail plug, you slightly lubricate it and confidently insert the plug right inside your future puppy's ass. A little effort and he has a wonderful doggy tail now! Reward him with a tail plug! You grab her breasts and alternately attach  nipple clamps to each nipple on her breasts. Now her nipples are pinched and she becomes more sensitive. Pinch her nipples using nipple clamps You grab her breasts and alternately attach nipple clamps to each nipple on her breasts. Now her nipples are pinched and she becomes more sensitive. Pinch her nipples using nipple clamps You grab her ass and without any hesitation furiously insert a huge fat cock right into her tight anal. After some small resistance, she gives in and you start fucking her while she moans with pleasure... Fuck her ass hard You arms and latex were so good that your opponent barely can... wow he is cumming! yes! finally! Came from latex gloves milking You confidently grab his cock with your gloved hands and start milking his pulsating cock~ Latex gloves milking You pull up your top clothes and ... now your nipples completely naked. Everyone can see your perfect tits with some pretty nipple-clamps~ Pull up your top and reveal nipple-clamps

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