Weiss Schnee (Level 9) mail warning

Looking for games with RP, also open to bets! Feel free to DM me~

Hi! Weiss Schnee here, welcome to my profile!

A quick rundown on me- I am a competitive, bi switch that is newer to the world of RP. I aim to kick butt, take names and have you scream my name as you submit to me and orgasm to your hearts content.

I am looking for more competitive matches, I am usually a very demanding dominant who will tease and degrade you... Although the same could be said for my submissive side, if you can manage to get me there! I am happy to play with anyone, regardless of sex or gender. I I am a bratty sub who will talk back and whine if I don't get what I want. I love being spanked for my disobedience.

I am not into straight submissiveness, I believe it has to be earned, if you PM me with something along the lines of, "Can you dominate me" or "Can you torture me, Mistress" the answer will be NO!

I get quite a few messages on here, so please be patient with me in getting back to you, I try to reply to everyone, but I may miss one or two messages on occasion. Whilst I do have a good amount of time due to the nature of my work, I do like to just relax and watch matches sometimes, without participating in the crowd too much.

Well, Ice Queen, what kinks and RP are you into?

I'm glad you asked! I love fighting for dominance in the arena... I am very keen on ass play, feet (women's), bondage, public humiliation (with the right person, if I am comfortable.) Sex fighting, service (dom and sub), Sex toys and oral pleasure.

My limits are straightforward. I'm not interested in incest, gore, bathroom play, death, anything underage or CBT.

Notable Matches and Relationships

Katrina-After days of trash talk between the pair, tough words exchanged, neither wanting to give an inch believing they would taste defeat. A steamy session on the mats later and I was trapped in a full nelson and impaled, anally riding her lovely strap-on to a humiliating orgasm. I was beaten physically, mentally and sexually after a very close match. I am now the lovely Katrina’s needy, slutty pet, signified by my crimson red collar around my neck.

After showing the lovely Zia the ropes of hentai mode I got my ass kicked and I am now her pet, she also controls my orgasms (Sans Katrina)

We have had two more matches which I was able to come out on top and completely dominated the goth cutie in our first two matches, putting her in her place (under my heel!) and tying her up at her request! (How adorable is that!?)

Meer- After numerous exchanges of fighting words between the two of us, we finally meet on the mats for our first of two title matches! I managed to come out victorious, humiliating her in front of the crowd, pinning her legs and forcing an orgasm from my tongue! She was tied up, gagged and fucked with out mercy to orgasm. She was nice enough to worship my pretty feet and clean up her mess!

After begging for another title shot, I granted it. Once again I managed to have my way with her, playing with her as I easily made her cum her brains out by pinning her legs under my shoulders and using my tongue to force an orgasm for everyone to see! She's my lovely little cumslut on the wrestling mats!

Alya- After some trash talk back and forth we meet on the mats as the GM of the Lesbian Wrestling Division challenged my to a title match, the lovely Alya started off supremely confident only to end up a mess all over my ice blue dildo and making cum stains all over the mats! She was fucked senseless after the match, with the wonderful Meer providing some assistance to force multiple mind blowing orgasms out of our GM!

Ellika- My title reign came to a crushing end at the hands of this adorable cutie! she dominated me throughout the whole match and had her way with me, forcing two of the most mind blowing orgasms I've ever had on the wrestling mats! To add more insult to the crushing loss, I wasn't able to get her to orgasm once, I'm clearly no match for her... for now~ I was passed around to the crowd and fucked senseless, barely being able to stand up straight and walk out of the arena, with my very bruised ego in tact and my pride all but gone.

Lola After a back and forth match I was clearly no match for this cutie on the wrestling mats, I was forced to have 3 blissful orgasms as I begged for mercy and was fucked senseless by her girthy cock. I was spanked hard and threatened with much more punishment if I didn't submit and obey her commands!

Alissa- I challenged this adorable cutie in a match on the wrestling mats, looks can be deceiving, she's cute and feisty! In a back and forth match we exchanged pain and pleasure, both girls not wanting to give an inch and be the first to orgasm... I managed to trap Alissa on the mat and use my girthy strap on to force a hard orgasm from her. A short while later I was put in the same position... cumming from my own ice blue strap on! After recovering I managed to the lovely cutie multiple times and spread her legs while fingering her needy sex for and breaking her, all the while riding her face for another orgasm of my own. After the match I gave her an ice blue blade, something to remember me by <3

After some intense teasing by the lovely Jasmine I began reading my previous losses to her, edging multiple times and grinding my needy pussy on my wand, at her question of riding my dildo I agreed and fucked my needy submissive ass while having my wand on my needy clit… I was made to orgasm and squirt hard multiple times begging for each orgasm, I was completely owned and humiliated, as all good girl submissives should be~

“I tried to dominate Hope, but his cock was just too hard to handle and even when I tittyfucked him, he still came back and fucked me into submission”

Whilst I am fairly forward online, I am fairly shy IRL due to having some social anxiety, whilst I don't mind public matches I do not want my offline personal life to be affected by my online RP.

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