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Now you see me…….…..and now you don’t…….have you noticed? I’m not all there….but I can be.

Halloween tournament !

Halloween is nearly upon us and I’ve revealed my true form. I have come far in the tournament, but alas the nefarious Anna Karen-ina eliminated me from further participation. Do you think you can match her accomplishment?

Be aware though, Wonderland has become a dark place since the Halloween tournament has started...the trees have lost their leaves, the sun no longer shines and the rabbit has grown fangs. It has become an eerie place with a thick scent of sex and echoes of orgasmic cries. The teaparty has been disbanded and all that is now consumed is the constant flow of genital fluids....

If you dare venture forth...follow the pumpkins with the grin. There you will find the rabbit hole. It's not a pleasant place to enter now with all the cobwebs and recent infestation of bats.....


However, if you are able to summon the courage to go down the rabbit hole, let your desire guide your behaviour and you might just find what you’re looking for: a big dick that sets out to redefine the limits of pussy-pushing and ass-expanding. A dick that sometimes has magical qualities that make girls stutter and stumble before it is out to play.

Mischievous smile

Only a few find the way, some don’t recognise it when they do – and some… don’t ever want to, because they're afraid that they'll find Wonderland, a place where imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality - and someone with just such a big dick.

I'll let you in on a secret....I fit that description...but I am one of those cats that live to make sure pussies and assholes stay regularly satisfied. I'm the real deal and I didn’t get into sexfighting for the fame; I am a pure fuck junky who loves making slutty bitches squeal with my strength, stamina, endurance, and don’t forget, equipment. To always make sure that girls get the deep dicking they’re in it for, to make sure girls fall for the passion before being destroyed by the aggression and that the girls will scream to do it all over again …and again, and again and again.

And to top all of that, at our special Tea parties, I always brew up enough sauce, so if you lose, your hot face will be smeared with a massive viscous victory shot.

So...do you dare to enter Wonderland and confront me?

For those wondering....I'm not a kitty (except to GG)! I'm a big BAD cat with sharp claws and soft paws that's into rp, bets and new things to explore

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