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Now you see me…….…..and now you don’t…….have you noticed? I’m not all there….but I can be.

Read on if you dare

There is a place full of mystery and debauchery. It's not far and all you have to do is look out for a white rabbit. Find it, and if you are able to summon the courage to follow it, then go down the rabbit hole. Let your desire guide your way and you might just find what you’re looking for: a big dick that sets out to redefine the limits of pussy-pushing and ass-expanding. A dick that sometimes has magical qualities that make girls stutter and stumble before it is out to play.

Mischievous smile

Only a few find the way, some don’t recognise it when they do...some don’t ever want to recognise it because they're afraid that they'll find Wonderland - a place where imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality - and someone with just such a big dick.

I'll let you in on a secret....I fit that description...but I am one of those cats that live to make sure girls stay regularly satisfied. I'm the real deal and I didn’t get into sexfighting for the fame; I am a pure EF junky who loves making slutty girls squeal with my strength, stamina, endurance, and don’t forget: equipment. To always make sure that girls get the loving they’re in it for, to make sure they fall for the passion before being destroyed by the aggression and making those inquisitive enough scream to do it all over again …and again, and again.

So...do you dare to enter Wonderland and confront me?



As you may have caught on, I can be very competitive and have a propensity for long descriptive RPs. Deep down I'm a pleaser, so whatever you give me I'll follow through on, whether it be romance, awkward shyness, pure dominance or rough and raw verbal abuse and sex. I've even been lucky enough to find girls who will play a "choose your own adventure" with me on Discord for a couple of days or even weeks. However, real-life seems to catch up with me at the end of a chapter and I find it hard to open a new one after an interruption of a couple of days.

I am very comfortable with public matches, but I like the aftercare to be in private or on discord. I lean towards my dominant side. Although there are some gorgeous girls on EF that have tried to push me into my submissive mindset, I often find myself switching back and forth during matches. I tend to be an awful brat and find it difficult to relinquish control.

There is only that has successfully made me switch to fully submissive in a match and that is GG. Her warm - yet firm hand - knows how to tickle me and to her, and only her, do I lovingly respond to as kitty. 

To all others, I'm a big BAD cat with sharp claws and soft paws.


Don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'll probably reach out to you if I see something interesting on your profile or we've met in the public chat. This doesn't necessarily mean I'm asking for a match. I've had fun on dm with some of you lovely girls for months(!) without having a match.

A response is always appreciated, even if it states "Leave me alone". At least that way I know where we stand.

The Wrestling Ring (TWR)

Thankful for finding this community, I rolled up my sleeves and picked up one of Illusions side projects to contribute. If you have questions, remarks or suggestions on the Mixed Wrestling mode, post them on discord and tag me or Pavel (@Pepega), or dm us directly. Hopefully we can help.

In my journey to make to make it work, I came across Allie: "Mixed Wrestler Extraordinaire". She was willing to help work through multiple test sessions to solve bugs....and to exchange some "thoughts 😏". I don't know how she did it but whatever the outcome, Allie ended up on top and I just couldn't manage to defeat her. No matter how hard I tried, she left me helplessly cumming on the mat each time.

Notable people

BDSM Stacy => If you ever wonder how wrong a bet can go, there was once a contract to fight with souls at stake...I lost my profile and my privilege to dom.... We have formed a truce...but I mean to go for "Round 3"


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