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WELL. First of all HONK to you all. (and if you don't know this come to EF discord)

Hi Hi Anna here. Or as you might know me GG. If you have heard about me don't trust people all you heard are lies!

I'm a girl from Italy. I like SEX! Like, everything about it. I think that through sex ppl could share intimacy and emotions in a very easily way. One of the my goals in life is to spread joy and happiness to others and so I try to do it also here inside this game!

More info about me

Okay so you are here lurking on my profile, congratulations! You just beat 50% of attention poeple threshold!
So, who is Anna? Anna is a woman in her 30s that is really into tech environment.

So, am I a nerd? YES, The kind of nerd the you surely want to have inside you university but I also love live, and I try to be happy everywhere I go, and my friends are the center of my life and they are also my family.

Now let's dance!!

The actual profile picture with lips and red hairs is me.
That's my old Profile picture

I know you want to ask so... Sadly no! I'm not the one inside the photo! She is a gorgereous girl but My body type is similar: big tits, small waist and great hips.

Okay but I want to fuck you!!!

Yeah, I want to fuck you too! I swear! My sex drive is too damn high!

But if you write me asking to fuck straight away, you're probably going to have fun on your own. Why? Because behind every character here there is a person, behind GgGirly there is Anna, who is behind yours? If you write to me trying to fuck me straight away you're probably someone that would not respect me as a person, right?

Why don't you send me a song, or a joke? I love bad puns inside the first message or make it interesting! and we will see if we get along together! otherwise we could catch each other in matchmaking!! I rarely text back on EF. You're better off contancting me on Discord!

Okay but really you are making this difficult, you are sexy how can I fuck that gorgerous body?

Well, you can wait me for me in matchmaking or write to me as I said, but a more appropriate question would be:

How can you have fun with me?

I'm also a super vanilla girl! Having fun and spreading love are the main axes of what I am so surely a gentle and romantic role play would get me in the mood for a game.
I can also be super kinky! I'm a full switch, so I can be both domming or get dommed by ppl, depends a lot on my mood!

I don't find a list of all my kinks particulartly useful because I'm open to try new things so my kinks are not super well defined! I think you should try and find out, right? More important would be to specify what I don't like:

Well I'm not into scat and piss play, gore and illegal stuff, I don't like too much pain and harming myself beyond repairs. I don't like receiving or giving those things

Obviously there is something that I like. I'm usually a gentle domme, I love the mental part of domination, this sensation that subs has towards you to make you proud and satisfy your needs. That doesn't mean at all that I'm only a dom! I like to switch so I'm also a sub and I'm an hell of a sub 😉 ** and that's not all! **I absolutely love to sub to people that I dom! So let's have fun together till we are exhausted, alright?

Some notes here. Like I said friends are my family and people inside EF aren't an exception to this. My heart is big enough to let all those ppl fit inside me:

The boys

Jake He tried to fuck me relentlessly but what he gained was an angry girl that fucked his brains out and he loved it! We got along immediately, we are both two little bitches that like to trade control back and forth! He is awesome at domming just as he is awesome at subbing

My devilish and oldest partner for adventures here - the great Lucifer. We dom each other, we have fun we get off and he conquered my heart and I conquer his in return. He is an awesome guy. An awesome lover that I don't consider as my brother only because otherwise I could not fuck him.

My husbando - I'm his betrothed. He asked me to marry him after masterfully seducing me (--> his words <--). We hold our hands while haveing sex and he likes to breed me all the way and multiple times per day, go to him if you find something inside there.

The great JayJay is an awesome teaser, he conquered my body once through a delightfull shoulders-to-feet massage, made me so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. An awesome dirty talker and lover too. That is a lie is here only because I want to fuck with his GF.

The gals

My Mean bitch Love With Lucifer she conquered my heart and my pussy. Through her eyes, I lost myself in her. She is as mean, gentle and gorgerous in all the way that I love, and she can put me in place as well as beg like no one else for me.

My little girl she really have a special place in my heart, we are both Italian and we talk a lot she is the queen of shit talking and I'm usually busy melting into her arms when she doesn't want to be a good little slut for me! We enjoy switching and I introduced her to domming as she introduced me to sexfights! lately helping me exploring more my subside!

The Countess She comes to me and whisper into my ears secrets that you mere mortals can't even begin to understand. In a night of thunder and rain she came to me, asking that I serve her and make her cum and I gladly obliged. She is a roleplayer, but don't deny her or my anger would fall on you like a thunder from the sky.

My Little sunshine She is my girl. Make me proud all day everyday. She came to me and trapped me inside her secure and safe arms and didn't let me go. I accepted my lucky fate in her warm embrace. She can fill my heart with pride and love so much that I don't know where to put it. And I'm proud to say that I'm a friend of one of the most awesome roleplayer inside this community! If you play with her, well don't bother to put on panties, unless you want them soaked

My little ghostie as much as I don't recognize myself having a Mistress/Master, in her free time she makes me beg and squeal like the little slut I love be for her. She dazzled me like the sun when you go out of a tunnel, a splendid woman, and an amazing girl, kind hearted, polite, mature. I think is the second person here that makes me feel so much proud and I think she is an example to follow for other ppl. Is just sad that I'm the best slut she has, so no chances for you. Oh. And I'm her little polpetta apparently.

Shiky, ohhhh Shiky! She is just the cutest edgetoy I ever seen, I made her my little princess and wear like that with pink panties and some nice pigtails on the head! humping her wand for me and tear apart her mind edge after edge until she is just a little puddle of juices in a room. But sometimes I think I should stay awake that those little feet would not put me on the ground and making me submit let her vent out all that frustration I built up for her. Love the little japan princess so much, I'm gonna take of her for a long time. After a while my little edgetoy finally got a chance to vent and gave me back all the denial and excitement I gave her becoming my little tiny Miss. She was an amazing teaser and denied me!! Till she made me cum while looking at me from the above!

Trophies and such

Well let's say that I fuck him more than he fucked me but finally my Kitty Put a nice collar on me! Treat me like a queen and satisfied my cum hungry needs. Keep it up ♥

From 22/11 to 27/11 I gave to Alya full control over me, and she helped me explore more my sub side with help of some girls. I loved it, might willingly to try it again with her or someone else.


Edges: 130 + idk how many during the gangbang; Orgasm: 5; Ruined: 0

Thanks to: Alis that is contributing a lot into this little game! for her I have to say "I'm a good little needy toy. or I'm a sweet edging slut, I deserve attentions" everytime I edge. and I love it.
Thanks to: Miss Rose Making me edge so much, so fast... I have to hold every edges 10 seconds for her.
Thanks to: Scarlet She humiliated me after I asked her to tell me how much of a good slut I can be and I held an edge for her for 23 minutes!

Some other ppl are special to me and lot of them continue to add into my family. I love you ALL ❤️. I'll try always to lift you up. I will do anything in my power to help. What I want in exchange is one smile a day to make my heart continue beating for you. Thank you very much.

SOOO if you are down there I would like to spend two words about the creator of this game! Because he is doing an amazing job for all of us and now whatever you see around you got it for free so don't forget that, please!! if you like and you feel it, please think about donate something to him through his Patreon or Ko-Fi even something really easy could help him keep his moral high. Thank you very much.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was a long bio, right? See you on Discord! 👋 You still don't have it? Want more motivation?? Well, is the best way to have a game with me, maybe this could help, right? 😜

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