Blaise Cameron (Level 4) mail warning

Always up for a Hentai/Wrestling Games! I can play Classic ones but I prefer the other two!

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind being milked, making my opponent squirt like a bitch, as long as we both have fun, and have a good fight~

I play by hypno/bondage rules, I prefer to roll a dice and get either 5 or 6 then wait three turns, makes it more believable, ya know?

I’m kinda a rookie right now, but that don’t mean that I’m weak, you better believe that, I’ll still give you a hard time~ I don’t mind losing to girls but that don’t mean I just don’t let them win, I’ll fuck a girl back into place if they’re not worthy enough to tame me~

Shaco, my master, for now at least.
Jana my beautiful and brutal mistress, after beating me in a wrestling match easily, practically one-sidedly, she claimed me as hers, and I obey her every command~

Slaves: Lauren is my lovely pet~ I plan on keeping her and use her to my pleasure~

Victory’s: Three
I gain these two wins from defeating my slave Leilah to prove that her first win was just luck~
I won against Lauren effortlessly as she was easy to be keep hypnotized and bound up, shortly cumming two times for me to win~ Now she’s my sweet pet~

Loses: Seven
Anna (the shopgirl spy) was easy to dominate at the beginning since she was rookie but at the end I angered her and she forced me to cum all in her face. (Working on link)

I lost to Lielah our first match together, however that match seemed to be more based on luck than anything~

I lost to Shaco twice for trying to keep my first slave Lielah who now owns me, and her. I tried to fight him again, only to cum, not even 60 moves ;-; Help.

I almost won against the Hentai Champion Kayoko however I could last until the end and exploded inside of her, I was so close too~

I lost one-sidedly to my new mistress Jana, it truly was one side, she had her way with me, only making me cum whenever she wanted me to~ She had fun with my body as she outclassed me in every way, it was unbelievable~ I only managed to make her cum only because she allowed me to, and because she was at her limits. In the end, I was under her foot kissing it as she called me trash, and was still wanting to play with my weak body~ I love her so much~

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Vibrator, Fleshlight, Cockring, Collar, Leash, Shackles


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