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Prefer RP games in classic or hentai ~ push me down and ravage me ~

My personality in a nutshell

I'm Kayoko but my friends call me Kayo.

What? You want to know more about me than only that?
Fine ... I'm definitely "not" a needy little girl who wants to be fucked silly every day ~

I usually only wear my hoodie, sometimes panties but not that often ~ they are just in the way most of the time

I'm always bored, but too lazy to do anything else but masturbate.
And play video games, I love games. Especially lewd games.

Do you know a lewd game we could play?

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(One bad joke about my chest size and I will kill you! 😡 ~ jk if you really wanna taunt me you can do it)

My kinks: Kinklist

For guys:
- Rough fucking
- Creampies

For girls:
- Facesitting
- Pussy worship

Online times:
During the week: 7-11 PM CEST (Central Europe)
Weekend: 8-12 AM and 7-11 PM CEST (Central Europe)

I would like to offer my services as a novice cat maid to you ~ nyaa
If you're interested ask for Cat Maid Kayo ~

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I'm not into other subs and I will ignore boring messages, so if you have no idea what to write, how about you tell me what you would do in following scenario:

You enter my room and I'm lying on my belly on my bed, playing a video game. I haven't noticed you enter ~ I'm only wearing a sweater and you can see a glimpse of my bare pussy from between my legs ~ what will you do?

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