Leilah (Level 5) mail warning

Wanna try and turn this kitty into a mindless preggo doll?

Not super active. If you wanna play, get my attention, dont just say "wanna play" thats boring. Introduce yourself, why you came, and at least one weird kink :P

Cute catgirl with hidden secrets. Switch leaning sub, enjoys domming but is easy to turn the tables on. Currently more in a subby mood- but youll have to work to break me. Enjoys almost all kinks, including many considered obscure, bizzare, weird or even gross. :3 Love making bets

Current Rules
-Enjoys 5/6 endless hypno/bondage. Bondage skip, hypno opponent chooses. Escape separately, hypno first. Stack 2 of same to increase difficulty to 6.

-Very weak to pets, must roll 5/6 or skip if petted

NEW- Got a current craving for impreg, so have made some rules, see below

-BJ Addict: Every blowjob cum test that comes up I must take it, 7 wins to remove. 0/7

General Interactions

Tamed by EvilThorn after a close fight- broke a previous winning streak (pretty sure he cursed me to lose)
Dominated effortlessly by Shaco
Rorshach stuck me in chastity for three days, but was merciful and gave me the key.
Previously brainwashed by Neo to crave his cock and be weak to pussy fucking, but broke out.
Brutally dominated by Dion

--Reorganised profile; interactions to have more detail going forward--

After a tough back and forth at the start, Moe turned the fight on me with some tight ropes and rough rutting, bringing me to a climactic finish. Not content with humiliating me in the fight, he took ownership of my body and made sure to use it in every degrading way he could think of, before throwing me out like a piece of trash

Bet Interactions

Brainwashed into being the 'Perfect Pet' of Alyx, programming me to succumb to her in pleasure and obedience. Also chose a new, more fitting profile picture for my current state of mind.

Zexal beat me and gave me a new rule. BJ Addict: Every blowjob cum test that comes up I must take it, 7 wins to remove.

Impreg Interactions

If you wanna knock this kitty up, let me know- maybe you could put a bun or more in the oven! There are two ways to impregnation- Bet and Cum.

If you wanna make a bet for it, go ahead! If I lose, you batter me up, regardless of the specifics within the game- though its always fun to describe it!

Otherwise, if you don't wanna risk any penalty to yourself, we can use cum rules! To impregnate me with your thick seed, you need to cum in my pussy at least once during the match! To make things fair, if you make me cum from your cock in my pussy, there's a 1/3 chance it counts! (1-2 on /dice). Additionally, I need to cum twice! It's a reward for giving me a good fuck, not something to happen every game!
At the end of the match, we roll a dice depending on how many times I got your fertile seed in me!
| 0 | No cum, no dice! |
| 1 | /dice, 1 wins |
| 2 | /dice, 1-2 wins |
| 3+ | Auto-impreg! |
(The game over also counts for our orgasms, and if you get one that mentions breeding, you get auto-impreg! However, you only get it from the first options, rerolls dont count)

If you manage to knock me up, then congrats! We'll use /dice to determine what you give me!

Number: Roll twice and add together. 2-8: single, 9-11: twins, 12: triplets.
Gender: Roll once. Odds: Girl, Evens: Boy
Name: As the breeder of this little kitty, you get to name them!

| DOB | Gender | Name | Parent | Cause |
| 12/10/21 | Girl | Belle | The Living Legend | Enraged after I cheated to win a wrestling match, he pinned me and pumped load after load into me until he knocked me up. |
| 12/10/21 | Girl | AJ | Alyx | Managed to put a baba in me with just a single squirt of cum during an intense back and forth |
| 15/10/21 | Boy | Jonathan | Raymond | An intense match with a lot on the line, this was the first of many potential breedings |

| 15/10/21 | Girl | Ally | Raymond | a lovely finisher to our brawl, he pumped a second one in
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autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Feminization, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Cuckold, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Armpits, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Hardcore BDSM
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