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Mating season ~ <3

Hetero / Switch

Hello and welcome to my profile, thanks for stopping, dont mind the mess. I'll get around to it... if I remember, feel free to message me to rp or for a game. Always up for some fun :)

Current Rules: If anyone hugs me I have to roll a dice 3-6 nothing, 2= I think of Bella, and get feral. And 1= I let them hug, skip or hug back

Out on a normal patrol in EF city, unbeknownst to me, I had encountered and conquered a reigning champion and earned the title. Upon arriving home was a little piece of mail from Mel inviting me to a challenge for my recently acquired title. Not sure how word spread that fast, I replied and set up a time to try and put her in her place. Seeing her Mel Challenge I thought.. why not have one spectacular showdown for titles. The only thing more spectacular than the fight was how easily Mel handled me. After many many failed attempts to break free from her soft lips, sitting on my face in 69 she rode me twice to let me enjoy finishing deep inside her. Record 0-1 7/31

Another day of strolling through EF city, met my match when I bumped into Akira. Ran into some trouble getting a good hold of her long enough to make her submit. She managed to pin me a down and tie me to, leaving me at the mercy of her relentless assault. My cock was no match as I finally unloaded my everything it had into her claiming her victory with ease. After another loss I came back motivated to break her in, using everything I could I managed to get the upper hand and land my final blow, forcing her to cum on my cock and breeding her as my prize. Unfortunately my luck ran out as I lost again against her tight ass, she collared me up and I have become her pet. Record 1-3 8/21

Ran into Violet a cute little witch that wanted to make a deal for my soul. Not thinking much of it I agreed and enjoyed mounting her, though after having her take my soul I have been having this strange sensation of being poked from time to time...

Special kittens: My good kittens, my doors are always open for you, <3

After a long bout of messy sweaty plapping, this cute little kitty Sasha has become one of my favorite little kittens and one of my longest! Going back and forth again and again, ultimately letting lose and just enjoying the time with this sexy slut. She is now my good little kitty and I am her feral breeder. Being such a needy kitty, she sometimes has her Hands full when teasing a bit too much. Noise complaints are heard almost daily, even the occasional sighting from the balcony for all to see, everyone around is familiar with her purrs and the sounds of Plap Plap Plap and the Screams of ecstasy.
Always a pleasure to have this cute little kitten crawling into my bed, she is so needy and feisty, loves nothing more than to be mounted, bred and cuddled until the next round! Leaving her a house key and keeping one too many pairs of her panties, I wait for my cute little kitty to come snuggle into my bed... just not too long <3

Samantha Is my owner, she tamed this feral kitty after a long night. Unable to resist her smell or taste, I eagerly pounce onto her when given the chance. Though I "Might" listen to her commands, she has a hard time giving them when she accidentally riles up her kitty. As a good pet, I make sure to give my owner exactly what she Wants and anything she needs. Cleaning up the mess that is made as well and making sure my toy.. I mean my beautiful owner... is taken care of. If you ask nicely, she may let you play with tamed and submissive kitten. Mmmeeeeoooowwwww

Current Pets:

Queen Nocticula graced me with her presence, unaware even the queen knew of me. Challenging me was an easy task in her mind, but soon came to realize she was in over her head. Overpowering her and using her like a breeding toy, she ended up begging me for more all night long. I lost count of the amount of eggs were fertilized, I'll enjoy breeding my queen ~

Erika This cute little kitten decided to challenge me to a match, it didnt take long for her to be mounted and bred. Breaking her in easily, she submitted and is now my good little breeding pet, such a good little kitten, though still needs to be properly trained ~

Hailey This cutie found her way with me for her first match and was excited to play. Though after taking a look at my profile she quickly realized what she was in for, betting her self up as my pet if she lost. She put up a good fight, that is until I hammered down into her cervix. She started begging and mewling for more until I bred her again and again, now she is a happily bred little kitten who is probably still humping my pillows...

Leilah Caught this cute little kitten early in the morning, invited her in and made a bet. She bet that I couldn't tame her with the offer of becoming my pet. It didn't take long for her to be on her knees mewling for more a bit too easily hypnotized. After toying with her we both came but she hypnotized me thinking it would help. All it did was send me into heat, flattening her onto her belly and putting her in her place, breeding her until her pussy molded to the shape of my cock. I just couldn't help myself after staring into those gorgeous eyes Purrs

Selene This little puppy came in looking for a challenge and bet she could tame me offering to be my pet. Her ass being trained and sensitive already, I told her I could make her submit without using it. Taking her chance she came at me with all she had, though it was clear that she is just too small of a puppy to resist. She was mounted, pinned, bred and collared as her mind broke again and again by the smell of my musk and pheromones. Puppy was screaming to be bred so I made sure to fill her up again and again

Nicole is a very good little breeding pet, after putting her in her place twice in front of an audience, I decided enough was enough and finally broke her in. Dominating her body and mind she ended that night with her holes stretched and her womb claimed. After she challenged me to a rematch with her spiteful attitude and sharp tongue. I had to teach her a lesson, breaking her in easily as I stretched her tight little ass and only used my fingers to pleasure her tight little pussy. After making her squirt on my fingers, I bred her and placed a tattoo on her womb, claiming her as my little breeding bunny.

Lily What a record, barely any wins and yet still trying her hardest to win a game. She was so eager to get a win but the poor girl just couldn't break the hypnosis and ended up on her knees collared and leashed. Using her like a toy I completely dominated her body and mind. She became a good little whimpering pet by the time she came for the second time, knowing she still had not made me cum once, she had no way to win. Still trying her hardest though, she realized she was going to end up as one of my girls and accepted her fate. Eagerly deepthroating me to make me cum hard, and for her hard work I picked her up and made her cum in a full nelson before finally breeding her.

Fit-Girl Challenged me to a fight and said she was looking for pets of her own, thinking she could make a pet of me and show my harem how to tame its master she put up a good fight. Although in the end she ended up squirting as I stretched her ass and came all over my cock when I stretched all of her holes. Becoming my newest little pet to add to my harem, she is a feisty one that I will need to keep a tight leash on ;)

Lily Found this cute little demon out late at night looking for a match. Took her in and had her purring like a good little kitten, begging for more. She got me riled up and spent all night long making her my little breeding kitten, she eagerly awaits on her masters orders, she might be a succubus in training, but she seems to already be a well trained pet.

Slaves: Any of my pets may use my slaves when ever they like how ever they like.

Kaitlyn This naughty fluffy little kitten used to be such a good girl, but she started to act bratty and full of herself a bit too much. She even told me she bet she could easily beat me in a match, she was so confident that she bet herself and her freedom. She may look like a cute small little kitty, but really she is just a bad little kitty who loves to get punished. She is such a pathetic little plap slave that she surrendered her match almost as soon as it started. Dripping too much to control her own needy cunt she begged to be bred and claimed like the good little slave she is. Having to teach this slave a lesson she wont forget, I took my prize in full, changing this little kitty for everyone to see. Breeding her again and again, leaving marks all over her body, making her tail longer and fluffier before dying it dark black with bright stars all over it that ends in a cute little heart. Her thighs have scratch marks that form every time she cums or when I cum in her. Her womb tattoo, ears, and cheeks are covered in star marks, even her pupils have changed to tiny stars. Being covered with "Plap slave" "Breeding bitch" "Femboy cumdumpster" Along her thighs and ass. She has started to learn her lesson, though still needs lots of punishment, locked in her cage, she may come out when she starts being a good girl again ~

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