Haruna (Level 6) mail warning

Prefer RP games, I am mainly a dom, but somtimes I can sub.

Hello my Kittens,
I am Haruna or Haru for my pets.
sigh I know this is such a bother, but let's get introductions over with.
I'm a dominant women that likes to see submission and the desperation in your eyes for my approval.
I like cute things, so my pets are usually girls, trans-girls, or fem-boys.
Although I like cute things, I am willing to see some basic males, but I might get disinterested quickly.
After playing for a while, I am not so against playing as a sub. At first I felt little to no emotional connection towards subbing, but after having more experiences, I felt more emotionally ready for it. BUT this does not mean that I am easy pets, I still have more fun making you my plaything. If you want me to play as a sub ask me before because I am still predominantly a dom.
❤️As for my cute toys I will shower you with love.❤️

My Kinks

I hope you will send me an interesting message. If you don't know what to write how about telling me what you will do in this scenario:
You entered my room and see nobody there. You can only hear the sound of what seems to be a hair dryer, then suddenly click. The sound of the hair dryer becomes more faint and you hear foot steps coming from a door to your left. You look over and see me in only a white collared shirt with only one button fastened leaving my cleavage in full view. I give a light smile and start to tease you a bit by giving you full view of my chest. (What will you do?)

Want to play a game? Well I am still thinking about them. (Work in progress. Thinking this will be just a daily task space or a game idea space.)

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